California May Actually Split into Two States

Would you support the idea to split California in two states, one for the conservatives and one for liberals?

Well, in the recent past, trouble has been brewing in the nation’s largest and most populous state as several individuals push forward ideas to have the state split into two. As a hub for the liberal-minded Democrats, conservative rural counties feel underrepresented by the legislature and would love nothing more than to declare independence from the rest of the state.

Paul Preston, a Yuba City native in North Carolina, is one of the big dreamers of “New California”. In his opinion, Paul says that the New California state would give a better representation of California rural and conservative areas, unlike the urban and left-minded California coast that represents bonds of tyranny.

California’s Central Valley, confederate flags (which are listed as a hate symbol) are growing in demand at souvenir stores, and confederate imagery has become common in immigrant communities. For a long time, California has been a Democrat stronghold with the party currently having a grip on 80 of the state’s 120 legislative seats. It is seen as the national leader in resisting President Donald Trump, but these recent fractions within its walls have left it in a highly polarized state.

The great rifts in the state have played out in the open with clashes between Trump supporters and haters resulting in violent conflicts particularly during the electioneering period. There have been fierce battles between rival groups and neighbors with dueling campaigns being fronted to set new boundaries and separate the nation’s richest and economically stable state.

Ross Patterson, another New Californian supporter from Yuba City (a northern area that predominantly voted for Trump) said “I’m just waiting for that day when the federal government will come and take this state over”.

While California’s rich tradition of progressive activism has been thriving over the years, right-wing anger and backlash has been brewing among the state’s conservative areas. California contributed heavily to the launch of the free speech movement, the passing of groundbreaking policies on marijuana, immigrants’ rights, gun control and environmental control. However, most conservatives in this state have little say on the polices implemented, and therefore feel misrepresented.

Some conservatives have also pushed for the northern California to be split and named the State of Jefferson. Additionally, there have been other campaigns compounding California’s woes, including one to split California into six states, making Silicon Valley a state on its own, and another one pushing for California (Calexit) to separate from the U.S. and become its own country.

In recent months, conservative fury towards the California government has been fueled by the decision to pass a law meant to protect illegal immigrants and reduce the cooperation between local authorities and federal deportation officials. This is a thorn in the flesh for the far left as immigration is one of the key pillars in Trump’s agenda.

“Assisting criminals makes you a criminal too. Hampering the cooperation between federal and local authorities is only making the enforcement of federal laws more costly. Such disagreements are causing us taxpayers money” said an angry Tom Reed. Tom has been involved in the New California and Jefferson efforts, and says he was utterly aggravated by the state’s decision to impede cooperation between state and federal authorities.

Garcia, an activist in Tulare County, said the Trump-fueled rage against illegal immigrants has resulted in a more open racism. “There is a visible kind of aggression even in conservative counties where out of nowhere, you see your neighbor waving a confederate flag, something that never happened before” he said. Even in far left areas like California, white and far right supremacists have now grown in presence and are becoming more overt.

All these efforts to separate California or have it separate and become its own country may ultimately fail to materialize, but it’s a clear picture of the true state of affairs in California. It’s actually a “resistance within the resistance”. And with Trump’s ascension into office, the drift between the right and left in California is only likely to intensify.

~ Conservative Zone

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58 thoughts on “California May Actually Split into Two States”

  1. Whatever is accomplished, it is prudent to isolate the ‘Ports’ of International shipping. The free open passage entry of which the USA depends for trade.. The Ukraine battle rages for that reason.

    1. jeff session the whimpy finally got little spine strength to apply black exusurper/eric law they used on sheriff joe of ariz. now just send in federal troop to enforce trump immigration agenda on those libs illegal criminals. afterward go full throttle on this black exusurper, killary, dnc cronies for fraud and felony scandal

    2. The trade deficit is sucking over half a trillion dollars out of our economy every year. China is half the trade deficit that reduces the demand for about 50 million jobs and makes our taxable economy too small. Since 1998 and renewal of China MFN, the trade deficit has been driving the Federal deficit. Let the container ships go to other ports!

    3. Separation is a GREAT idea but it will likely not happen. So just nuke everything from LA south to the Mexican border. Double the nukes for Hollywood !!!

  2. And a very simple fix for this particular problem, would be too drill holes every half mile or so along the San Andreas fault line to a depth of 500 feet. Then plant low yield nukes in each hole and set them off all at the same time. Problem solved!

    1. tsixbits6- Maybe if we wait long enough an earthquake will split the San Andreas fault and we won’t have to worry about all the weird stuff they are doing. Everything from San Diego to the northern state line will fall into the Pacific Ocean.

  3. It would be a shame to isolate Orange County and leave them in liberal land. Moreover, San Bernardino County is the biggest county in the US and it is pretty conservative except for the west end where it adjoins LA County. They should just include that part of San Bernardino County in the LA Basin in LA County and then do the same for Riverside County. But, that still leaves Orange County isolated in liberal land. Tough nut to crack unless you want to look at redrawing county lines.

    1. Create corridors or as mentioned redraw county lines. withdraw military bases & govt, agents .ICE,BORDER PATROL FBI,ATF etc. from the Silicon Valley,L.A.,S.F.Hollyweird, rogue area’s.
      plant them in conservative area’s so they may help with employment/law enforcement, the wealthy elites I’m sure can support themselves & their “CALIFORNIANS” without the farm country or the fed govt.. then Moonbeam can stay governor 4 life. since they have so much money in CA, (6th largest economy in the world) by their bragging they should b fine. I wonder how much the “CALIFORNIANS”,wimpy PC police force will cost them? Perhaps they can get the CRYPTS,BLOODS & MS13 to keep law&order, after all these r well established well armed well organized groups. I,m sure 1 or more of these groups can b convinced 2. uphold Moonbeams edicts.

  4. When George Wallace decided that Alabama didn’t have to obey federal snivel rights laws, JFK sent in the troops.

    A similar action is LONG overdue.

    Trump needs to send in troops to let these snowflakes know that the law is the law. Too many of them believed the Obama/Holder Doctrine, namely you don’t have to follow any laws you don’t like.

    1. I agree! Send in the troops!! Just how long does someone have to commit crimes before they are held accountable for their actions? If it was any other subject the feds would have already taken care of it!

    2. Yes x Time to Separate the Men from the Boys x Which Rule or Law governs the USA ???? x Simple and One need not be Political or clueless or birdbrained – Just plain COMMON SENSE

      1. That is the best plan I have heard yet. I think it would totally legal. Hopefully POTUS starts that going .

  5. Americans (that leaves-out obummer and the illegals): It would be much better, for California RED not have an isolated district, but collectively all RED districts adjacent to each other.
    THAT SAID, the Great American Wall along the border with messico will have a different path. It will proceed Westerly along the border with messico from Texas, to New Mexico, and to Arizona, then stop when reaching “kalifornia”, The Wall will then proceed, going North, to “wall-off” the Eastern border of California BLUE, stop when reaching “Oregon”, go Easterly then North to encompass the Eastern borders of “oregon” and “washington state”, then stop when reaching Canada.
    This new path for the Great American Wall will “wall-out” “california BLUE”, “oregon”, and “washington state” , as those three will be their own “country”, following their HOPEFULLY SOON secession. NO LOSS to the REAL U.S. ! NO, the REAL U.S. will NOT provide foreign aid to the new “BLUE country” !

    1. Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington are both conservative. If Cali is successful in dividing, conservatives in OR and WA will likely both want to follow suit.

  6. I would say take all the progressives liberals and move them to the part of California that’s most likely to fall into the sea . May be a good bath will wash away the stench or wash the Marxism right out of them!!

  7. Kick em out entirely. That is except for those who love our country and obey the laws. That leaves out most of tinsel town.

  8. I think we should march all the liberals/commies/demovermin into the Northeast corner of the CONUS, wall it off with a mile wide kill zone and let them have their little commie utopia. The rest of us will rejoice and MAGA!

  9. I think if they are going to split it you need to not have a spot out in the middle of no where. That makes no sense. Also the area on the edge should all be taken into the decided state.

  10. I think if they are going to split it you need to not have a spot out in the middle of no where. That makes no sense. Also the area on the edge should all be taken into the devided state.

  11. Tim Draper’s plan was interesting. West California, South California,, Central California, Northern California, Silicon Valley and Jefferson are the proposed six Californias. Would never happen! But, it is conceivable that South, Central and Jefferson might split from the rest. This is the proposed “New California.” Possible national compromise would include basing Congressional representation on “citizens” and not “persons.” This distinction would cost California six house seats, but it would add two Senate seats. It’s estimated that “New California’s” population would equate to 27 electoral college votes: more than any state, with the exception of Texas and Florida. California has 55 electoral votes.

    1. Why not x Divide California like Berlin or North or South Korea x In fact this should be done with Iraq, Afghanistan, especially Syria x Let the West ( US / EU control one side n the East control their side ) and this way there is no similar killings n proxy wars x The West/EU rehabilitates their Area and you will have something LIKE BERLIN or South Korea – same to be done with Libya which was not a problem until destroyed by the last Admin x

  12. check out “The State of Jefferson” . We are well on the way into splitting the state, Those of like mind are more than welcome to join us. We have already worked the financials and have a constitution. The current government of California will not co-operate with anyone so we have a suit filed in the federal court and are awaiting a court date.

    1. You think there is resistance to the formation of the state of Jefferson now? Wait until it goes before the U.S. Congress. Liberals will use every stalling tactic in the book, and then create some new ones, before they allow Jefferson to exist. Some Republicans will also oppose the idea of separation.

    1. Yes split this state so we can tell the Brown shirts to “F” off….. Democrats have had control and forced laws on us we do not like of need….

  13. Best idea yet and great for the country….Divide Ca. into a conservative state and a liberal state, and ensure that it will never become a one state again, because when the liberal state goes completely bankrupt throuh incompetence, internal fraud, and overall ineptitude, the conservative state will not be held responsible to bail them out.

  14. I am sick and tired of these destructive California liberals, they responsible for turning this golden state into gutter state. Push all of them to Maxico , let them then enjoy the real face of liberalism.

  15. I am sick and tired of these destructive California liberals, they responsible for turning this golden state into gutter state. Push all of them to Maxico , let them then enjoy the real face of liberalism.

  16. SEND IN THE NATIONAL GUARD! Those shielding ILLEGALS are guilty of CRIMES AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. All illegals have broken the law just by being here…….AN INVASION!……..Trump offered them a “path”, but Demonscrats & Hollyweeders don’t want to give up their “CHEAP SERVANTS” & off-the-books labor force. Its actually an attack on the USA, from within and without……..So, defend with the troops………it was done in the ’60s.

  17. The west coast has belonged to Satan for a century. It’s full of ungodly people. It’s going to go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah very soon. Maybe fall into the ocean or whatever goodness has in mind.

  18. It will never happen! I’ve been hearing this “divide California in two” argument all my life (I was born in Calif. 76yrs. ago and have lived here all my life). As long as there is more money to be made by keeping this state whole, it will never be divided. Besides, when did you ever know a liberal to give up money and power willingly?
    As long as liberals control the major population areas of Los Angeles and the Bay Area, they control the rest of the state, much as they do nationwide.
    The illegal alien issue is all about money and cheap labor. It’s the modern form of slavery, and Democrats are making huge amounts of money off this cheap labor. Russian television is even saying the liberals are getting very rich off the sweat of the very people they claim to protect.
    13 Southern states tried to secede from the Union, and you all know what became of them. Calif., apparently, has been able to do it without a shot being fired! This state has legalized marijuana, protected known alien criminals, as well as those who have knowingly broken the law by entering this country illegally, yet they still demand federal money be paid them; talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
    Lyndon Johnson sent federal troops into the south because they refused to integrate the schools there. The only way Trump is going to get this state to behave is to declare martial law in Calif., send in federal troops to inforce federal law, impose a curfew, and arrest all state and local officials, including judges and attorneys.
    Anything short of that, and the state, and, eventually, the country, is lost. One state after another will follow suit, each wanting to “do their own thing”. NO MORE AMERICA!!!…..or, rename the U.S., the Socialist States of America. Your choice.

  19. Agreed that the idea of two Californias has a lot of emotional appeal, however realistically the practical problems involving such a move could take years to resolve. For example, the State now has overwhelming debt obligations . How will those be allotted? Who gets which of the current State owned facilities, from schools to highway equipment to port access, etc,etc, etc. Like it or not, there is a an almost insurmountable interdependence among the various regions of California, regardless of the politics involved. Personally, I would be 100% in favor of such a separation, if it could be done in a fair and equitable manner, which in the long haul it could benefit both factions

  20. I am all for splitting the whole country.One half conservative and the other liberal.Let them each have there own govt and Presidents and run them each like a separate country.Then we will see who comes up on top of the other in success.I am so sick of listening to the opposition and there bellyaching.This way everyone can be happy

  21. That would be a great idea. But is doubtful that they could make an exact division along political lies. So some people may have to consider moving based on their political preference.

  22. Perhaps California is just too big to manage what many feel is control by the majority left wing snow flakes in the big metro cities. Unfortunately splitting will never happen, but perhaps it would be prudent to change state laws in all 3 western states. I am aware that in Washington, two counties control the state, and that is unfair to its people. So much power concentrated in less than 1/5 of the states boundaries, and the same holds true in Oregon, 2 counties control all of Oregon. I sure would be in favor of perhaps something like a electoral college where each county gets 2 votes, or lets say 3 votes for those two largest counties, and 2 votes for all others. Instead of splitting the states, make each county have equal power regardless of the population. Something similar to our national elections in the electoral college. If our ancestors realized how so much power could be given the largest population states, and elections could be controlled by very few states, then maybe something should be done at the state level. Oregon is a failing state just like Ca. and Wash., the democrats control every largest county in all 3 states and if there is a chance that they may lose because of growing population in certain counties, they change the voting (precinct)boundaries to still keep power in control of the two major or three major counties so they never lose at state level in legislator election. Like in maybe Ca. , Wa. Or. the counties made up of rural or less dense populations is controlled by the big cities. Eastern Oregon, Washington and California have no say where money is spent and rules of environment and agency controls. It has become a huge issue, because the democrats rig the votes by selective Precincts.

  23. There are many good American people with good solid ethics that are living in these so called swamps. When I hear about proposals such as above, I cannot help but to say no. A better idea is to make it a tiny place where all the politicians who do not support the president and who obstruct immigration enforcement are given a choice: either step down from office voluntarily or the federal government will convict them of their crimes and send them to a maximum security government camp somewhere in California. Drain the swamp and California will once again become one of the most desirable places to live in this great country of ours. And while we are at it, let’s drain the swamp in Oregon and Washington and get them back to sanity. Or perhaps it will occur naturally after California’s swamp is drained. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon and I would not want to move or to no longer be a part of America.

  24. Just get rid of the whole worthless state. Build a really high wall between California and the other 49 states.

  25. It seems clear that the liberal coast and far Southern California should be separated from the more rational remainder of the state, which has been politically oppressed by the more populous coastal cities for decades. If this doesn’t happen, there will be no place for more rational people and California will experience a major out-migration of these people, to California’s demise.

  26. Almost every state is like California. Where the hard working honest people live, there is no population. The large Cities are where the lazy people & the freeloaders live. California used to be Republican, until Old Man Brown became Governor. Then he invited all of the freeloaders to move to California, & they could get on welfare rolls fast. That started the trend, & it just kept getting worse. And now of course, We have Jerry Brown, a chip off the Old Mans block, who not only continues the same B.S., but adds to it. typical Democrat, Give everything to the people, so they won’t have to work, & they will vote for you. I wonder what school these politicians go to, in order to learn how to lie, cheat, steal, & smile while they are screwing you ? Oregon, Washington, & many other States are just as bad, as Mexifornia.

  27. bullshit start shooting these fucking illegals and God damn Democrats are fucking up my state they suck donkey dick.

  28. I wouldn’t mind California splitting, but I I’ve lived here all of my life in Anetolope Valley and in Santa Clarita and we’ve always been Republican part of los Angels county and the way they split it up the state we would be in Democratic hell! There should be a vote decides and if the majority of your city and county.

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