California Passes Bill Allowing Violent Criminals to Walk Free

AB 1810, a measure that was tucked into the Omnibus Health Trailer Budget Bill that California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed, has dangerous implications for every single citizen in the state. While the bill was passed with little vetting or input from the public, it has the power to change the way the justice system in the state works by allowing violent criminals to go free on flimsy evidence suggesting that these criminals may have a mental health condition that could respond to appropriate treatment.

AB 1810 states that a defendant who claims to suffer from a mental health issue can be granted a pre-trial diversion if a judge agrees that the defendant’s mental health conditions played a major role in the crime in question. The trial can be postponed for up to two years, during which time the defendant is required to obtain mental health treatment. If the defendant complies with the treatment program in question, the court would practically annul the charges against the defendant. The case would be thrown out of court and the court would be obligated to restrict the defendant’s arrest record so that the general public would not be able to obtain information about the person in question. Any defendant can ask for a mental health diversion, including murderers, child rapists, sex traffickers, kidnapers and mass shooters. There are no exceptions blocking certain people from applying for this form of specialized treatment.

What is more, the court is not allowed to consider a defendant’s past criminal record when deciding on a pre-trial diversion motion. To make matters worse, a defendant who applies for a pre-trial diversion can do so on the basis of a single psychiatric report that the prosecution will not even be allowed to rebut. Given these facts, it is no wonder that district attorneys throughout the state are furious over this new bill. In fact, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan went so far as to call the bill the most irresponsible piece of legislation the state of California has ever seen.

It is not hard to see why legal experts and concerned citizens in California are up in arms about the bill. Literally any criminal could walk free with no criminal record by simply stating that he or she has mental health issues. Flimsy conditions can serve as an excuse to get charges thrown out of court, including depression, schizophrenia, paraphilia, bi-polar disorder and anxiety disorders.

There does not appear to be any stipulation in the bill that would prohibit the same criminal from using the mental health excuse more than once. California’s District Attorney Association is attempting to limit the damage that could be done by this bill by negotiating with the governor to sign an amendment that would ban defendants who have been accused of dangerous crimes such as murder and rape from participating. However, the proposal does not fully limit the damage that AB1810 will wreak on the state’s justice system.

California’s AB1810 bill has the potential to cause a drastic increase in crime throughout the state as first time and repeat offenders alike will have an easy to use loophole that would enable them to walk free from jail with no criminal record. These offenders will in many cases continue to have easy access to potential victims as law enforcement officials and members of the general public will not have access to the offender’s record.

How and why such a bill could pass in any state is beyond comprehension. While many criminals do have mental health problems that need to be addressed, there are ways and means of addressing them that do not put members of the general public in continual danger. AB1810 strips away important safeguards by not allowing judges to weigh up a psychiatrist’s report against other evidence when deciding on a defendant’s fate. It takes away a prosecutor’s right to submit evidence, and does not take into account that even defendants with a valid mental health condition may pose a danger to others as they are allowed to roam free while obtaining treatment.

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29 thoughts on “California Passes Bill Allowing Violent Criminals to Walk Free”

  1. it’s time we returned to 49 States (maybe even fewer)

  2. The peeplez Republik of kaleefornia is led by people like Mad Max and snowflake Jerry Brown. All of them combined have 2 brain cells left and both of the brain cells are playing hide and seek all the time. Say goodbye to a once great state. You fools elected them so now suffer the consequences.

  3. California is a state of stupidly and ignorance that prefers to allow violent criminals to remain on the street and lock up all law-bidden citizen who protects themselves and their family from attacks, rapes and murdering of children, all thanks to the this governor and his butt kissing democratic party bowing to kiss the asses of illegals and muslims. Time the National Guard was sent in to enforce the law along with every law-enforcement officer and ICE. This moron needs removed from office asap, all criminal removed from the streets and sent to a deserted island with only what they have on their back nothing more. There they can kill each other. No supplies of any kind goes with them, no tools, no weapons.

    1. Suffer not to Kill or hang a Commifornia libtard running toAZ, N UT CP ID WA and OR now that Taco benders have taken over, and from their stupidity to try to take over America.

  4. AnarchoTyranny… Keeping the productive citizens afraid that they need the government to “protect them” while allowing criminals free reign to terrorize them to further convince them while milking them of every possible penny and stealing their rights to property and self-defense. It’s the perfect closed-loop system.

  5. This is “par for the course”, in California. I’ve spent quite a few years there. This is a “crazy” law, that I am sure had very little, if any public input. Is this Jerry Brown’s legacy?

  6. I’m sure the snowflakes out in California have reasoned that the violent criminals – murders – rapist etc. are merely expressing their inner feelings and should be given the freedom – no – encouraged to do so. Or it could be possible that the violent criminals are just in a gender identity crisis and need help finding themselves.

  7. Remember folks you get what you vote for.Just got back from LA and it is a disgrace,dirty,and tent camps smack in downtown

    1. I live in California! No I didn’t vote for that crap! I support Trump! You guy’s don’t get it? You throw people on your side under the perverbial bus in California! You know These Socialist Commie Globalist Libtard’s sold us out to the Chinese. It’s a run away Government! Run by the Looney Toon Demonrat’s! Who have committed voter fraud and illegal election tampering! Just like gun right’s legislation? Illegal unconstitutional law’s being forced and shoved down our throats! Many people I’ve talked to never voted for Hitlery Clinton! You didn’t see how many Cities we’re at the Trump meeting in California? Against Jerry the Clown Browns open boarder garbage? Alot! Police etc.. Mayor’s etc.. It pissed me off that these Commie Bastard’s are dictating things period? But. What’s even worse? Is hearing bonehead’s talking crap about all Californian’s being Demonrat’s? That’s a stereotype statement! No! We are not all Socislist Commie Globalist bastard’s and Traitor’s to America and the Constitution! You guy’s are no better than the Demonrat’s!

  8. What a farce! Every criminal has a mental health issue or he wouldn’t have committed a
    crime that harms another in the first place. How unfortunate that California is creating such an unfit environment for tourists and especially for its sane citizens. A tragedy!

  9. This just proves what I have said for years…California is the world’s largest insane asylum.
    They need to build a wall around it, since no one will know who’s a violent criminal and who isn’t, Just don’t let anyone out. Too bad they can’t round up all the California expatriates who have moved to other states, and are ruining them, and send them back.
    Some of those are as bad as Muslims about wanting to turn where they move to into the same kind of s**thole they left from!

    1. I am one of the Californians who escaped from that sh*$show and am glad to have left. I don’t want to have that crap where I live now. I left for a reason and I would rather be dead with my guns in hand than go back there. I have plenty of family that left and feel the same way. Unfortunately I still have a few family members still there and hopefully they get out soon.

  10. There was a time in some US cities that the moffia controlled their government. Through bribes, blackmail, and extortion they controlled law enforcement, court officials, judges, and even Senators. It appears to be happening again in California. Why else would such anti-law enforcement measures become law? For what other reason would the safety of the citizens be placed in jeopardy? We (law abiding citizens) have been led to believe that street gangs are comprised of kids (teens) on drugs, fighting among themselves over “turf” and drugs and nothing more. We fail to see them as the “new moffia”. We fail to see the control they have over thousands of people all over the continent. We fail to recognize that they are not controlled by children but by ruthless criminals who have made millions off of the misery of others and they are powerful enough to use the same tactics as Carlo Gambino, Lucky Luciano, and Al Capone. I can think of no other reason for passing laws that give so much power to criminals, laws that allow laws protecting citizens to be broken and lives to be destroyed with no consequence to the law breaker!

  11. The Purge will begin in California!!! I live in California and at almost 70 I am too old to move or I would. It seems that our state government is trying to give the state back to Mexico what with being a sanctuary state. All is not right here at home.

  12. Something that seems to have passed with little notice. The more than passing strange provisions are the creation of elected representativesm, who one presumes could find themselves “unelected”, perish the thought, as such might necessitate these former elected things to seek honest employment.

  13. Gov. Jerry Brown is mentally unstable and needs to be removed from office. How much pot and coke did he use in his past? The idiots in California love him because he fits right in with the rest of the population.

    1. i hope the violent criminals perpetrate their crimes upon jerry & the rest of the demoncraps in califa-ornia, then walk free

  14. It might be cheaper and safer to let all violent criminals go in California and to lock up all sane people for their own protection. The prison population would be lower because there are more insane people there than sane.

  15. so you can commit murder and walk free – but don’t pay your traffic fines and go to jail??

    this makes insanity look like genius

  16. It is irritating to me to see so many people lump the entire population of California citizens into one group. You need to understand that our state legislature is dominated by the bay area and LA. Unfortunately, those two areas have more representatives then the rest of the state. I think we should be giving our county board of supervisors more attention. Especially the charter counties. Get the county boards up in the business of the state legislators. Your voice has more power with the county boards. And the county boards have more pull with their state legislators. Get involved in your local government and demand it take action to address the impetus of our state legislature

  17. My sympathy to the sane Californians but it is too late to save your state. Moonbat Brown allows illegals to vote So you are out numbered. If you work for a living you are just supporters for the illegals, the lazy, and the insane. You really have no choice move or die. The violent criminals will come for you and anything you own they want. Your children are in danger of rape or being killed. You have no weapons so you are just sheep for the slaughter.

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