Canada Introduces “Gender Neutral” National Anthem

On January 31, 2018, Canada’s Senate passed a proposal to render Canada’s national anthem gender neutral.

Two years ago, the House of Commons approved a private member’s bill that would modify the lyrics in “O Canada” by changing “in all thy sons command” with “in all of us command.” Mauril Belanger, a Liberal member of the House of Commons, first introduced the bill. He died in 2016 after a battle with ALS.

In 1980, “O Canada” formally became Canada’s national anthem. Over the next three decades, 12 bills were introduced in the House of Commons to eliminate the gendered mention of “sons.” Until now, all efforts have ended in failure. Senator Francis Lankin, Independent-Ontario, sponsored Belanger’s bill in the Senate. After the measure passed, she was ecstatic.

The Senator said, “I’m very, very happy. There’s been 30 years plus of activity trying to make our national anthem, this important thing about our country, inclusive of all of us…This may be small, it’s about two words, but it’s huge … we can now sing it with pride knowing the law will support us in terms of the language. I’m proud to be part of the group that made this happen.”

Former Paralympian Senator Chantal Petitclerc, Independent-Quebec, expressed jealousy of the Canadian athletes who will compete in the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Having received 14 gold medals for wheelchair racing, Petitclerc stated, “I had the privilege to be on the podium many times and I never had the chance to sing ‘In all of us command,’ I can only imagine what they’ll feel when they’re on the step of that podium … it’s an amazing moment.”

However, not all of Canada’s lawmakers shared Lankin’s and Petitclerc’s excitement. Several Conservative senators fought the measure. To overcome Conservative dissent, Lankin introduced a controversial motion on January 30, 2018 that ended any opportunities for debate and effected an immediate move to vote on the bill.

Before the vote, Senator Leo Housakos, Conservative-Quebec, defiantly stated, “When a majority of individuals decide to shut down discourse in this place, democracy dies. We need to be very wary of tools that muzzle debate … that is the fundamental right you have, to get up and speak on any piece of legislation, none of us have the right to take that away.”

Senator Don Plett, Conservative-Manitoba, has long opposed the measure to make the national anthem of his country gender neutral. After the measure passed, he shared his view that the people of Canada should have been allowed to vote on the matter.

“Clearly, I’m disappointed,” he said. “It’s been a long fight, I believe the Canadian public wanted a say in our national anthem, just like they had in the great Canadian flag debate. This is an issue for the Canadian public to decide not just a couple of Independent senators.”

As if changing the national anthem wasn’t enough, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is apparently on a quest to modernize people’s vocabulary. On February 2, 2018, Canada’s youthful leader had the audacity to correct a woman’s wording after she asked him a question at a town hall event. The unnamed female asked Trudeau if Canada’s government could relax restrictions regarding volunteering with religious associations.

The woman, who was reportedly associated with the World Mission Society Church of God, said, “So, that’s why we came here today to ask you, to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislation so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind.”

Instantly rebuking her, Trudeau said, “We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive.”

The crowd of adoring fans clapped following the Canadian Prime Minister’s comments.

On January 23, 2018, Delaware State Representative Gerald Brady, Democrat-Wilmington, introduced a bill that would make the state song “Our Delaware” gender neutral. Justifying his desire to strike out the two male pronouns in the song, Brady stated, “Social mores have changed and these simple modifications are a response to that…We are constantly adapting, amending and modifying things to contemporary circumstances as society changes.”

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37 thoughts on “Canada Introduces “Gender Neutral” National Anthem”

  1. We have definitely entered the world of “crazy” with all this fuss over gender-neutral rubbish. There are certainly more important issues to worry about; drugs, immigration policies, crime, economy, to name a few. “Socialist-leaners” want to push the ridiculous issues rather than the issues that matter.

  2. Exactly what they deserve for electing a ski bum for their PM. Should have learned a lesson after we elected (twice) a commie “community organizer” for president.

  3. PEOPLEKIND? Really? Spellcheck says that’s not a proper word.
    The proper word is HUMANKIND, or possibly HUMANITY.
    But I suppose those words are now politically incorrect, as they include the letters “MAN”.

    Daddy, this bullshit has just got to stop.

    1. Socialism is guaranteed to make commoner candy asses out of the stupid that let all the asses in their so called government control their lives and dictate their own whims & ways that indoctrinate them into a no brainer existence & no future ! This is the type of stench being pushed by dem lbtard asses that support bo’s treasonouswhims & ways created in a muslim hell … !

    1. Read your bible, there’s no hidden meaning, He hung and died on the cross for your sins”, He created man & Woman. He took a rib from Adam and placed it in womans side, that’s why men have 1 less rib. If you’re in doubt about what you are count your ribs or take a look during your shower, that should answer all your questions..

  4. Canada is a socialist humanist country. They vote for things like having homosexuals in boys and girls scouts, penises in little girls bathrooms, support of religious schools with strings and rules attached, letting in Muslims who pledge to Allah in their hearts and not Canada. In fact they like to settle Muslims right on our border across from U.S. military bases. By removing sons they are saying they are humanist and anti God whose son was Jesus and that God is a Father to Jesus and mankind not a Mother that is Mary. I am not Catholic but I can read between the lines especially when it is a so called gender movement being pushed by LGBT who wants us all to be genderless so no one can object to anybody screwing anybody and anything screwing anything. I live on the border with Canada and we get their Muslim women in full cover including the faces covered in bunches with men accompanying the women in our stores. The women follow the men like puppy dogs and never talk. It is indeed strange. It is too bad that Canada and it socialism humanism doesn’t care enough about women to do something about the control factor of Islam over women but is more interested in pushing LGBT genderism on women and little girls in bathrooms and girl and boy scouts. Creepy Canadian country attitudes.

    1. Does “mankind” also include women? I have also thought that Jesus never used words like “hunamkind” or “mankind”. Those are words that we made up; NOT God. A long time ago in our OWN history, women were “property”; they could not inherit anything from their fathers (only sons could). The only jobs women could get were seamstresses and teachers; they had to give up those jobs once they got married. They had to do EVERYTHING the husband told them to do. That is what I call “white slavery” of the worst kind. Jesus NEVER taught that to us. ONLY MEN THOUGHT OF THAT.

  5. Canada, and too much of the US, had become too infected with wimp ass progressive liberal Democrats who have a history of screwing up everything their wacko members attempt to “fix”. Their special appeal is to the drug induced and the ignorant. Neither group has much idea about what is happening or cares which makes their deranged minds easy to control.

  6. Ah that’s what happens when a country elects a kid to do a mans job. Really change two words for two different words,to say that’s jackass thinking is a huge understatement. In all our sons command, to in all “of us” command. Also Young Trudeau, thinks “mankind” should be “people kind” Really I have lived in Canada for decades,still have friends living there, and Nobody thinks the kid Trudeau has a lick of sense, I suspect their right on the money.

  7. So sorry to see that this has happened, but I fear it’s going to continue as time goes on. I’m just waiting to hear how they want to change America’s Pledge of Allegiance and our national anthem. Leave it to the liberals!

  8. As I have Canadian descent in my family tree, all I have to say regarding making Canada’s national anthem gender neutral is PICKY, PICKY, PICKY, and I’ll continue to sing it in the original form, MISTER Trudeau (you don’t deserve the title of prime minister in front of your name).

  9. I don’t like the Canadian or the Limeys. We fought them for our freedom. Canada took our draft dodgers. They no friends of ours. Oh yes, they like the preverts and the anthem did’t really mean anything. Yea the libs want to change the Star Spangled Banner here. Over my dead body, I would fight for that Flag, so did Dad and lot of my dead brothers. Oh yes! Mounties can not hold a candle to a TEXAS Ranger !!!!

  10. GOD is gender neutral. You can’t even see God. You can’t even talk to God. If anyone has talked to or see God, please take a picture to prove it. I hear God is a ball of fire!

  11. This foretells the priorities Canada will pursue under the guidance of boy Trudeau. They don’t have to provide for their own defense. They can focus their talents on sporting events, gardening, subsidized theater and music, and reading. No need for testosterone there!

  12. Why don’t they just go all out and have us sing to ‘all our LGBT and 57 genders but no white men (except Justin) command’. That will inspire the troops.

  13. if our friends to the north are stupid enough to allow this, it shows how far left they have really gone. my concern is how much of this stuff is going to start affecting our anthem and other things we have held dear.

  14. So Canada wants to change their National Anthem. What is the BIG DEAL? We, who live in America, should not be complaining about something that does not affect us. Just because they want to have a “gender neutral” anthem should have Americans all in an uproar. By the way, someone on here tell me that they have SEEN AND TALKED with God. You cannot see God. God loves everyone regardless if you are gay, lesbian, LGBT, straight. He loves us ALL and for WHO WE ARE. So get over it, guys. let Canada change their National Anthem and let America stop sticking its nose in other countries business’. We have our own business to deal with.

  15. I was born in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, they say, so I’m well aware of the history of the founding of our nation. We also visited Valley Forge, site of a long winter for the Revolutionary forces, many times, as well as Gettysburg, site of a crucial battle in the War Between the States and Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address. Our country has learned well from its many wars and from the peace between the wars. We are all one race, but my skin is a lighter shade than that of one of my son-in-laws. We have some grandchildren that have different shades of tan. We all love the Lord and thank Him for the blessings of living in a land of freedom. Now living in Greater Cincinnati.

  16. I may have started with recognizing the leader at the podium of any gathering being called the Chairman. If the person standing is wearing the dress of a typical female, and speaking with a feminine voice, I did not hesitate to call her Madam or Madame Chairman in deference to her need to be properly recognized. I did not like learning to call all such persons as a piece of furniture! Chair has to go…

    So, its time to eliminate as my Church voted to do, all pronouns must be reduced to a gender neutral sound perhaps of the letter X. Then we can pray to our X in Heaven, and X’s X, our Lord Jesus Christj

    Why can’t some learn that pronouns are not demeaning or lacking in socially acceptable manner. A person wearing a dress with a face full of a beard is tough, I agree. HeSheIt made it so.

  17. Canada’s Liberals are the first Dictators ever elected in Canadian History. Typically Canadians can now look at losing free speech and parliamentary debate being eliminated on anything the majority of Canadians do not want or question.
    As we watch the Free Trade negotiation it behooves Americans to realize that Canada is frustrating negotiation by including socialist liberal demands in the negotiations such as guarantees of equal wages for female employees regardless of merit, insistence of support for abortion. Limiting use of imported materials to not be used in military or other ventures Canada does not want their exports used for. IN other words Canada is looking at trying to control American thinking and to restrict American freedom. So much for “Free” in Free trade. Canada just lost a Military Helicopter contract with the Philippines by the Canadian government interfering and insisting that the military helicopters cold only be used for search and rescue and non-military applications. Canada a nation with less than the population of California trying to impl;ose socialist dictates on pother nations via trade – nothing more than a suicide trip

    kitary , trying to include

  18. Why are they stopping with this gender neutral crap with humans? Lets have this gender neutral for living creatures. They have feels to.

  19. is there a god? genesis says in the begining god created the heavens and earth and the earth was covered with water .and void or lifeless. he put water above the firmiment. that water fell for 40 days and nites the flood.1908 russian scientest ate frozen mamoth meat in siberia science sayes about 10000yrs old .frozen food scientest tell us those huge animals needed to be frozen completly through or they would have rotted from the inside from ambient second or so.get that frozen all the way through in one second .they still had food in there mouths,what could cause such extreme cold? who on earth knew these things we didnt know scientificaly untill recent years.god said if i had no witnesses the rocks them selves would cry out my truths . no i havent seen god .but there are things in the bible no man could know. pannama rocks a ny park ancient sea bed exposed lifeless. just like genesis says.

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