Democrat Senators Want the Government to Harass Virtual Charter Schools

Public schools across the nation routinely fail to provide an adequate education to millions of children in their care. Even so, Democratic senators are putting a priority on scrutinizing virtual private schools, requesting that the government investigate them for supposed and failings.

While the move is not surprising given the fact that public school teacher unions across the states are among the DNC’s most dedicated sponsors, it is a slap in the face to millions of parents across the nation who have chosen to educate their children outside the public-school system.

The impetus for this sudden call for an investigation is a report released by the Center for American Progress, which claims that virtual schools have a lower academic outcomes and graduation rates than regular public schools. However, those who have automatically embraced the report’s findings have clearly failed to take even a cursory look at the source.

While the Center for American Progress claims to be an independent, non-partisan policy institute, it is in fact a liberal institution run by ardent Democrats. Current chairman Dom Daschle is a DNC member, while CEO Neera Tanden has worked for former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The organization’s founder and first president was John Podesta, the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign. Major donors include left-wing investor George Soros and a host of assorted left-wing foundations and corporate entities. In short, the CAP is hardly a source of unbiased, accurate information.

What is more, the report fails to account for basic facts about virtual private schools, which is not surprising considering the fact that the Center for American Progress did not bother to ask educators, providers or parents of online charter schools for information prior to compiling and releasing the report. Had the report included all pertinent information, it would have noted the fact that the students who enroll in online charter schools are typically those who are behind academically for one or a number of reasons.

K12 Inc., one of the online schools named in the CAP report, recently noted that fewer than 15% of all its new students were performing at grade level when enrolled. In fact, Two-thirds of the school’s students come from areas where there are no brick and mortar charter schools. Connections Academy, another virtual schools, reports that many of its students enroll because they are struggling academically, experiencing health problems, want to escape school bullying and/or have experienced educational challenges in the past. Both educational institutions also note that their students have a higher than average mobility rate, which is known to be a negative factor affecting graduation rates.

Furthermore, Connections Academy recently released its own report which found that, when student mobility, demographic factors and other pertinent factors are taken into account, there is no difference in reading and math proficiency rates between the virtual school and its brick and mortar counterparts.

When public schools fail to offer a basic education, public school officials clamor that more money in order to properly educate the student in their care. When this happens, many people don’t question whether the entire public-school system is fundamentally flawed but instead feel that an increase in tax-payer money will automatically solve problems. However, the same standard clearly does not apply to virtual private schools who dare to infringe on the public-school system’s supposed “right” to educate every single child in the country.

When it is shown that private schools may not be perfect, liberal activists claim that parents should not have the right to choose any type of virtual private schooling as an educational option for their children. The cries to investigate virtual schools based on flawed data is nothing more than an attempt by liberal politicians and activists to limit parental rights, forcing parents back into a public-school system that, in many cases, fails to provide many children with a solid education in basic academic concepts.

~ Conservative Zone

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30 thoughts on “Democrat Senators Want the Government to Harass Virtual Charter Schools”

  1. So basically what it boils down to is the Nazicrats want all kids to go through their progressive liberal indoctrination camps with no other options for schooling, thereby poisoning the minds of all children, isn’t that nice.

    1. And it’s not like we don’t pay taxes for public schools that we don’t even use which is outrageous to begin with. They are getting their $$$ but that’s not good enough for them. Now they want to tell us where we can send our kids to school.

      1. I have friends and co-workers who live in Delaware, and are constantly complaining of the “school tax” levied on the homeowners of a given school district! ( Taxes vary by district) especially the guys who have no kids, when renters don’t have to pay any school taxes!

        1. I grant you that renters do not receive a bill from the government for school taxes. I do say that the owners of the building where the renters live do get that bill and that is considered when the owner decides how much rent to charge their tenants. My belief is that ALL citizens must have the absolute right to determine how and where to have their children educated. The current public school system has devolved from a “reading, writing, and arithmetic” culture to a training ground for future Progressives. Even though the public school system continues to pour more and more money into the pot the children are becoming less and less able to compete scholastically with other countries.

          1. Bill, you are right. Now it is time for those parents and homeowners to demand a look at where exactly all that money went. I just read where national ACT scores in math were the lowest in 14 years. That means Common Core math does not work. What else are they wasting money on to dumb down your children? They replaced history books with ones that do not mention civilian resistance or successful revolts. They took away organized sports, unless it provides a profit. Took out drivers education, art & music programs. We hear from teachers they do not get paid a living wage and there is no money for supplies. Just where did all that money go?

    2. Charter schools are not held to the standards that public schools must meet. Most problems with failing schools rest on the ‘no discipline ‘ parents. When parents are involved, students excel.

  2. The demo slime want to control the schooling of our kids; so they can “change history”, hide facts that made America great and mold the population to their way of destructive thinking, just like Hitler did!

  3. Just another socialist attempt to brainwash our youth. Obama, Clinton Soros Podesta the DNC I find these people all despicable mean hateful controlling Marxists. They must be defeated in Nov.

    1. Tim, you are right they have brainwashed our kids. And they all need to go to jail for their attempted coup. BUT…we have another very big problem. What do we do tens of thousands of students who have already been brainwashed for the past 10-14 years? They don’t know what sex they are, they are offended by everything, they can yell and riot but do not know the reason, only that someone told &/or paid them to. They are poor at math, cannot tolerate someone different and complain about the little things. Wouldn’t work out in any Representative to Customer jobs. They cannot handle confrontation and have no decision making skills. This makes them useless in a management position. Manual labor is beneath them, so they are basically unemployable. Unless we get them immediately retrained in tech colleges, then hands-on work, they will the dredges on Society the Dem/Liberals had planned on. I believe these useless workers and the illegal alien rushes are an attempt to over-load our society so much that it is forced into Socialism by the designers of this travesty.

  4. over the last two decades, public school funding has more than doubled, yet results remain stagnant

    school unions are pure POISON when it comes to indoctrination,, oops, i mean education

    Unions served their purpose during the early and mid 20th century, but they have far outlived their purpose – employers long ago realised that happy, well paid employees are vastly more productive than “indentured slave workers”

    now the unions themselves have become worse than the monster employers of old

  5. Democrats don’t want an educated populace.They need brainwashed,dumbed down and uninformed as a voter base.Smart people will see thru their LIES,destruction of law and order and VIOLENT mobs.We do not have a Democrat party we have a Communist cabal with Marxists ,Muslims and WHITE ELITE

  6. Does any one doubt that the teachers have what is best in mind for teaching, and although many great teachers exist, the union protects tenure, and once a teacher crosses the line, he or she can not be terminated. It is obvious that many good teachers move to the private sector because of tenure, and lets not forget that if a public teacher is found to be conservative and maybe wants the students to be free minded, that if not tenured, their contract is not renewed. I once heard the president of the AFL-CIO union made comments on the last election and that he deemed the secretary of education as big obstacle to progressive teachings, and he would back the effort to make all teachers responsible to teach every thing, except civics, and Government , and to not have any thing to do with religion in any schools. He very much sounded like a communist propagandist of the Stalin days. Education is not to open the mind and be able to debate things, as now the progressives shut down open speech and people of Christian back ground are either censored or fired. Many good teachers whom want freedom to do the best in classes have moved to the private sector because of critical treatment at the hands of public schools and unions. I noticed that the schools in Portland, Or. had rallies agaist the secretary of education, and the school made all participate in the march( reluctant ones were demonized by bullying tactics) and buses and students on tax payers money and paid teachers by tax payers money were given the day off to demonstrate. Some schools were challenged by the parents because they brought up the use of tax payers money and children were used for political reasons. Unfortunately, public schools have become the basis of political posturing and young minds are being taught the rules of radicals!

  7. One of the major problems has been and is an ongoing insistence that all teachers must join a teachers Union and usually the teachers choice is limited to the local Marxist National one available. It makes for a VERY powerful union and if you want a contract in any school district you have to be in a Union. THIS IS NOT NEW AND HAS BEEN AROUND AT LEAST FIFTY YEARS.

  8. It is way past time to investigate Public Schools and public school teachers and their propaganda agenda. If it turns out to be propaganda based, cut federal funding and let the DNC fund the schools. This is all headed for the Second American Civil War.
    Are you ready to give your life to save this great country? It should start at the top with the heads of all the socialist media companies and with the likes of George Soros. Eliminate the traitors first and go after the mob.

    1. Retaining or eliminating federal school funding should not be based propaganda or any other similar factor. Federal school funding should be eliminated along with the Department of Education. Schools should return to being local matters. Education is just one of more than a dozen federal alphabet agencies that aren’t in compliance with the constitution.

  9. Of course the DEMOCOMMUNISTS only want children to “learn” in THEIR “indoctrination centers”, other wise known as “public schools”. That is why they control HOW and what is taught, and what is intentionally “left out”.
    The American people need to WISE UP and FLOOD the voting booths this November, to vote for a straight REPUBLICAN TICKET, (and watch for “changes” when you vote on those “touch screen” SOROS company machines) Otherwise, prepare yourselves to live in a country run by RAMPANT MOBS of anarchists, LOSE you “crumbs” (bonuses and raises), expect more rampant regulations, more “freedoms” removed, and your TAX bills INCREASED. This is not my “personal opinion” this is being said right on NATIONAL TV by DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are running for office. They are no longer hiding their EVIL “intentions”.
    So unless you want to end up living in a country like Venezuela, GET OUT AND VOTE.

  10. Government schools should be shut down and home schooling or private schools and online schooling should be the norm. I hated my K12 public school education and upon graduation in spite of my high school offering to provide a letter for me at Cal Polly , I decided to obtain my degrees in Electrical Engineering , Business Administration, Law and Master computer Science in home study correspondence schools. My employer paid for most of it and provided me a 55 year career in engineering. My degree in Business allowed me a parallel occupation when I incorporated a company which lasted for some 15 years. My accomplishments got me in Who Who’s in America, Business, Engineering, International Professional Tennis, and International Intellectuals
    American brick and mortor schools have become some of the poorest among the advanced countries today, and the most expensive. Most of a persons schooling should be done by their parents. My dad taught me hunting and fishing, gardening and animal raising in our back yard, and obtained for me paying jobs since the second grade. I feel that these paying jobs have been the most important part of my life for teaching me the importance of working to increase my skills and providing for my family and wife of 63 years. I retired at 74 years of age. Upon retirement, I painted my three two and three story houses and tared and graveled two of them. It is not time to paint them again.

  11. I graduated from high school in 1954. I worked three jobs during high school because I left home to be on my own at age of 15. When did I have the time to study or do homework getting up at three in the morning before school to to begin working in the produce market unloading the large trucks of 100 pound sacks of onions and potatoes, getting to school at 8 in the morning, going out for sports after school in track and soccer, and working the weekends delivering for a florist shop, and during my summer vacations working at the Navel shipyards on the victory ships. Still I majored in math and shop in school, and getting mostly A grades. In sports I was the Student body elected Athletic Manager and President of the athletic society, where I had to sell the tickets to our school. football games, which were rate top in the country when I attended school.

    I was lucky to get four hours of sleep at night, and in the Homeroom class I would scan the pages of the homework assignments and often get 100 % on tests because of a photographic memory. In my shop classes I was assigned to be shop formen helping the students to perform their assignments. While working my engineering assignment for my employer I often worked 12 hour days, often 6 and 7 days a week. I cannot imagine that everyone is not like this in our American Capitalist economic society. In my years of employment, I did not belong to a union, or pay union does, and worked unsupervised.

    I know that there are persons that can do more/better than me, but where are they ? I began courting my wife to be when 12 years old and we married at 19years of age. American is a most wonderful country which to live, and so many persons do not take advantage of our freedoms.

  12. Public schools today do not educate, they indoctrinate! Pres. “W” Bush saw this and created the “No Child Left Behind” debacle, yet untold millions of public school kids cannot count change at a fast food counter without the POS display telling them how much to hand back! Private and charter schools, on the other hand, teach kids how to think on their own, which is magnitudes more important than rote “learning” as practiced in public schools! The Deep State does not want free thinking, adaptable citizens, they need docile, suggestible drones to carry out their plan for the “New World Order”, and free thinkers will be able to put the kibosh on their plan at every turn! No wonder leftists don’t want anyone to miss out on the brainwashing public schools hand out to them daily!

  13. Socialist Democrats need all private schools to be done away with because as long as there are private school the Socialist Democratic Party can’t stuff their agenda down our futures throats. They don’t care if all the private schools shut down even if America doesn’t have enough schools & teachers to cover the gigantic influx of students. What they want is to have our future (children) molded into a group of inferior moral & mindless zombies just like the Hitler Youth Movement in the 30’s. The Democrats say they are for children, families, & the little guy but that is a crock of horse manure because all these Socialist Democrats are is Fascists who want to do away with the Constitution & have America become a Dictatorship run by Fat Cat Liberals like Bernie Sanders & Hollywood Elites. This way they can enslave the Middle-Class to pay jacked up taxes for their programs & not have to worry because they will deem us not qualified to vote or have any say in politics unless we promise to only agree with them.

  14. This is just another case of “Democratic civility”. As an example of Democratic run schools, Detroit Public Schools spend over $11000 per student, and have a graduation rate of 25% of those entering ninth grade. ( Study by Dan Rather) Charter schools are about children LEARNING!

  15. Yeah, we can’t have some schools concerned with actual education. What we really need is to disconnec public schools from leftist control. It will require a major rat killing though….

  16. The reason is because they’re actually educating students rather than the trashy indoctrination of the communists thus making it difficult for the Dumbascraps to gain control they’re after.

  17. Of course the Nazis/Communists want NO other schools then the Communist brainwashing institutions.God forbid we get some educated smart citizens,that would be a disaster for this Crime Syndicate,nobody would vote for the criminals

  18. The report is just like the dumbocraps nothing but lies and misinformation. If the government wants to control children’s lives then let them give birth to the kids they want to control until then get your nose the hell out of how we raise our children. These loony nosy liberals want to indoctrinate children into their belief system just like Hitler, Mao, Stalin did.

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