Democrats Are Losing Yet Another Voting Demographic

The reality that America is becoming great again under Pres. Donald J. Trump has been an absolute nightmare for Democrats, and another voting demographic is trending Republican.

A recent poll released by Reuters/Ipsos shows that young white Americans who predominately voted Democrat in the 2016 election are switching affiliation at a significant rate. Reuters, one of the few news organization that holds its staff to a standard of impartiality, conducted a three-month poll earlier this year. The survey mirrored one done during the same time frame in 2016 and the numbers have changed significantly.

In 2016, young white Americans backed the Democratic Party at a percentage of 47 to 33. But with Pres. Trump and the Republican economic policies in full swing, the voting interests of this demographic have vastly changed. Approximately 9 percent of white voters between 18 and 34 have shifted their allegiance to the Republican Party.

Young white professionals are graduating from college and technical institutions to find a vibrant jobs market rich with opportunity. Those already in the workforce are discovering robust wage increases and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act sparked thousands in bonuses as companies enjoy rising tax incentives. The key words for white professionals have been “economic growth.”

The GDP growth rate has been gaining steam and 2018 second quarter estimates are hovering around 4 percent. Some are claiming it could go vertical to as high as 4.5 percent, which would be the fastest growth since the Great Depression. Others have it as low as 3.8 percent, which would still far outpace the sluggish Obama-era economy.

During Obama’s last three years in office, his one-time quarterly high was only 3.2 percent with an annual GDP growth rate of only 2.9 percent in 2015. In 2016, the average dropped to a job-killing 1.5 percent for the year. What’s even worse is that in the first quarter of 2014, economic growth was in the negative at a minus 0.9 percent.

Under the Pres. Trump and the Republicans, young white voting professionals are staring at a forecast that runs between excellent and record-setting. The swift pace of the economy has presented Millennial voters with real opportunity. Higher paying jobs are emerging, companies are expanding, and the Democrats want to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Under the current administration, immigration reform and border security have become top priorities. Although the left has pressed the issue as racial in nature in an effort to divide hard-working citizens, the facts have surfaced that illegal immigration suppresses wages.

Open borders policies have been advocated by Democratic leadership that includes U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Front-runners for the Democratic nob for president in 2020 also support mass illegal immigration. They include the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris and others.

Open borders and mass illegal immigration cause the most damage to non-college educated workers. Illegals are willing to undercut minimum wage standards and take jobs away from U.S. citizens. With the economy booming, it would be against working Americans’ interests to basically vote for the party trying to give their jobs to foreigners.

Democrats are supporting upwards of 1.5 million illegal immigrants entering the country and taking away American jobs each year. In 10 years, that could reach 15 million unskilled labor jobs lost to foreigners. That’s why young white working-class Americans are turning their back on Democrats.

While the Reuters poll shows a sharp decline in support among white Millennials, the overall numbers look even more dim for the left.

During the run-up to the 2016 election, 55 percent of voters between 18 and 34 said they favored Democrats over Pres. Trump. That number has declined to 46 percent with Republican support rising from 27 to 28 percent. In terms of the midterm congressional election, it’s now a dead heat at 39 percent for each party.

Growing up in a lengthy recession allowed Democrats to fool young people that struggling with debt was an economic reality. The astonishing economic turnaround in less that two years has proven otherwise. Hard-working young Americans want the opportunities they deserve and they’re ready to vote Republican to get them.

~ Conservative Zone

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30 thoughts on “Democrats Are Losing Yet Another Voting Demographic”

  1. Here’s What The NWO Fascist Socialist Islamic Democrats Have Planned.

    The Democrat/Leftist agenda:
    – endorses Open Borders
    – endorses BLM
    – endorses OWS
    – endorses MS-13
    – endorses ANTIFA
    – endorses Social chaos
    -endorses Islam
    – endorses Inverted virtue
    – endorses Disarming you
    -endorses killing Babies
    – endorses Genital confusion
    – endorses Social/economic warfare
    – endorses Weaponizing government agencies

  2. As an almost 80 yr old, I am so sick and tired of the Democrats opposing EVERYTHING that Trump wants to do. They would be far better off if they worked with the administration. They are NOT. They LOSE! I will help them lose. Too bad

  3. I predict that the Democrat presidential candidate, whoever that will be, will be forced to tell bold faced lies to the electorate during the campaigns and debates even while the electorate will absolutely know they are lying. They will have to lie in order to attempt to run some kind of campaign. They will paint Trump as an economy killer, lackadaisical on immigration, evil to immigrant families and, of course, a racist and sexist……..a lot of the same tired story. But the real show will be watching the absolute lies being told by them.

  4. It’s not immoral to vote in your own self-interest and that of your loved ones, but that’s the message democrats have been peddling for decades. I’m glad that young people are waking up to the truth.

    1. Took them long enough. Waiting for youth to grow up in every generation is difficult but as we all know with the propaganda of today that was made extremely difficult. But finally, there is light at the end of that tunnel for the young adults and we must improve their education about socialism and communism.


    1. In your dreams Sterling. More like 65% and growing, darling! Good luck with the sweep promised by the lefties. In their enclaves only sweetiekins! I would call you princess but am assuming your sirname is for a sweetie boy!

    2. Yeah sterling LMAO right now at your stupidity and ignorance, don’t let me see your name on these forums again. If you have nothing constructive to say just “KEEP YOUR F’ing MOUTH SHUT CLOWN!”

      1. No, no, no, no, let the person keep speaking. The continued use of ‘Gracie Allen logic’ and nonsense might help another see the true light. Remember, the more the left keeps showing their hinder parts the more people wake up and move over to the right side.

    3. Sorry Sterling, you have as much chance of your name living in infamy as the democrats have winning in 2020. They as are you insist on stating illusion as fact. They will continue to loose until they chase ALL the socialists out of the party.

    4. Poor Sterling, living the Dumbascrap Party lie. Keep your nitroglycerin tablets handy on the evenings of Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. You’re going to need them to stem your party-induced myocardial infarction…

  6. When I first starting reading the artical I though it was going to be about the black voters . Many blacks I have talk to are much happier with Trump than the Democrats . They are starting to realize how the Dem party has been lying to them and actually holding them back .

  7. The Democrats have changed over the past 10 years, if you vote for a Democrat today you are supporting Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Progressives and a host of other Anti-American groups. The Democrats I grew up with loved this country.

  8. It is refreshing to see folks of any age wake up to the lies of the dems, the libs, the progressives, the socialists, the communists, and last and certainly least, the left (we still want Hillary) leaning MEDIA.

  9. Democrats want to bring about total DESTRUCTION of America and our way of life. They want total annihilation of our economic and judicial system’s. Total disarmament of the American people in order to bring about one world government one world leader one world currency and one world religion. All designed to favor and enhance the supper rich and powerful elites. And Enslave and rule EVERYONE else! VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS IS VOTING FOR YOUR OWN IMPRISONMENT AND OR YOUR OWN DEATH CERTIFICATE!!

  10. known economic facts, a worker shortage results in higher wages. a worker surplus, results in lower wages.

    1. May I add worker shortage results in more food stamps, welfare unempkoyment more wanting of hand outs etc etc which is BAD all the way around. Yep I will go with worker surplus in which the harder one works the more money they can make without living off the government.

  11. The Democrats worst nightmare has come true……………a robust economy……………..after 8 years of their socialist leader Obama telling us that his puny sputtering economy was as good as its going to get. He even referred to it as the “new economy”. When Americans are working they get busy. Buying houses, cars, going on vacations, taking family out to eat, shopping shopping. Remember when college graduates were the highest unemployed segment. And when Americans are that engrossed in living life, they don’t give Government a second thought…………another Democrat nightmare. So after 18 months of Trump, Democrats are pledging (if put back in power) to reverse tax cuts and calling bonuses being given, “peanuts”…………..sounds like a good way to win the hearts of hard working Americans.

  12. Trump won, get over it sourpuss lefties. You had your eight years to attempt destroy the constitution. Brings me to a point… I don’t remember seeing any conservative , independents, or republicans burning up cities, mocking Obama, or firing up a bogus investigation to get him impeached, after he won.
    I blame your parents. Didn’t punish you enough when you were younger and didn’t get your way.

    How’s that working out for you now?

  13. With the disdain I have for the insane socialist ideology of the present democratic party, I have to say, Thank You. Thank you Chuckey, Hillary, Nancy, and Maxine first and foremost, but thanks also to the rest of the insane democrats. Surely these fools have caused much hate reaction from their followers to what is being done right by the POTUS, and his followers in the House and Senate, and this has caused much discomfort for us trying to go on with our lives. Problems like, inability to move around due to the protestors damaging property and blocking highways and freeways so we cannot move around without unnecessary delays. And now threats by democrats to anyone who believes in America and the Constitution. But thanks anyway, as to all the America hating democrats for all your insanity. Your hate and insanity is simply because your agenda is being stopped because Americans can clearly see you are more concerned with what you want and absolutely unconcerned about what is best for America.

  14. As a man whose father was exactly that type of hard working, self-reliant individual who still was a member of a union, who worked thousands of overtime hours so he could afford to send me to a public university, I grasp clearly the betrayal of the “Democrat(ic) Party” to its former core support.

    As I commiserated with a friend who also viewed the world similarly, we both agreed that today JFK would NOT have been a Democrat, nor would the dysfunctional fascist Left have welcomed him.

    Fifty years ago I laughed at the “insane” views of Joe McCarthy and the Birch Society–yet over time, I have come to acknowledge they were prescient and I was naive. They predicted correctly how the Left through academia would turn the views of its acolytes, its students, against their forebears, just as Hillary Clinton so clearly revealed in her arrogant depiction of the American working class as “deplorables” implying of course not “worthy” of the party’s focus–the very same individuals who passionately supported the party through the Great Depression, WWII, and the recovery and greatest peacetime prosperity in history, period!

    I am passionately behind the populist president and his defense of American values, history and culture, regardless of how the Leftist media attempts to slander him. However, I want him to more effectively articulate MAGA–in truth it should be MAGAFE, Make America Great Again For Everyone. Regardless of how the Left and Losers Lives (Don’t) Matter seek to make MAGA a racist sentiment, it is just the opposite. MAGA(FE) is NOT discriminating against ANYONE regardless of race, color, creed, gender, who supports the INCLUSIVE heritage and culture that America and the Constitution have represented throughout our history!

    The Left is insidiously deceptive and the media is their lapdog–the clearest example is the disappearing distinction between IMMIGRANT and ILLEGAL (invader, transgressor)–A thinking aware individual would realize that virtually ALL immigrants from socialist authoritarian regimes who successfully emigrate to the US are among the MOST PATRIOTIC of Americans! They are the first to state how Freedom and Opportunity feel after having risked their lives to escape oppression!

    We must defend the Constitution against these traitors and if necessary line them up and do justice to traitors.

  15. Wages are lagging a bit but are beginning to catch up with the trend. Unemployment is down significantly among Blacks and Hispanics. It would go down faster if inner city schools turned out a better product.

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