Democrats are Pushing the Worst Gridlock in History

Congressional Democrats continue to backtrack on their past commitments to border security and point the finger at President Donald Trump for the government shutdown. But what the fake news media refuses to tell the American people is that the high-ranking Democrats have ushered in the worst gridlock in history.

With the U.S. House of Representatives now in the hands of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a Democratic majority, the far left has already gone to work trolling out ridiculous bills that have no chance of ever becoming law. Some even call for changing the U.S. Constitution. House Democrats have already stopped negotiating across the aisle just days into the new Congress.

“My personal opinion, and I know that my district and my community feels this way as well, is that we as a party have compromised too much, and we’ve lost too much of who we’re supposed to be and who we are,” New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Anderson Cooper.

What is particularly troubling about the Socialist upstart’s remarks is that Democrats have voted in lockstep against every significant piece of legislation and U.S. Supreme Court nomination put forth by the GOP and President Trump over the last two years. The left’s “resist” and “obstruct” agenda has stood in stark contrast to the Make America Great Again policies that have helped reduce unemployment to historic lows, ramped up the U.S. GDP beyond expectations and lowered taxes.

With the partial government shutdown in place, Democrats are taking the opportunity to implement an unprecedented Washington, D.C., gridlock. The strategy is to pass the blame on to the president who is determined to solve the grotesque illegal immigration and drug trafficking crisis that has persisted at the U.S. southern border for decades. Knowing full well that the biased, left-leaning media will provide ample cover, Senate Democrats are openly calling for complete and total gridlock.

Maryland Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin have urged their fellow Democrats to block any and all bills until the president yields to open borders and resigns the country to an ongoing flow of illegal immigration and drugs pouring into the country.

“This isn’t business as usual,” Sen. Carden tweeted. “This is a crisis, a fundamental failure to govern, and Americans are suffering for it. The Senate should not take up any bills unrelated to reopening the government until @SenateMajLdr lets us vote on exactly that. #Shutdown.”

Sen, Van Hollen echoed his fellow Marylander’s sentiments saying, “we should not have business-as-usual in the Senate until we open the entire federal government.”

Despite these and other Democrats high-handed words about border security and extending the already existing border wall, the complicit fake news media have sidestepped the fact that many congressional Democrats — including Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — voted for the existing barriers and touted improved border security in previous election campaigns. Everyday Americans will not be getting the facts from the fake news media anytime soon.

So bent on notching their first win against the president in two years, Senate Democrats have already moved to block vital and bipartisan legislation completely unrelated to the border crisis.

On the very first roll call of the new Senate, Democrats moved to deny a package of bills that had previously garnered widespread bipartisan support. The measures would have given additional support for America’s primary ally in the Middle East, Israel, as well as Jordon. The bills also leveled new sanctions against the brutal Syrian Assad regime.

Although Senate Democrats are well aware that Israel has suffered repeated attacks by Hamas and Assad has used chemical weapons to slaughter women and children, they implemented a filibuster. Needing 60 votes to break the Democrat-led filibuster, only four Democrats broke ranks — Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Doug Jones (Alabama), Krysten Sinema (Arizona) and Bob Menendez (New Jersey). Republicans still were unable to break the filibuster with a 56-44 split.

Senate Democrats can be proud they were successful in their first attempt at complete and utter gridlock. They notched a win that made Israel a little less safe, failed to help Jordon implement progressive changes that would improve the lives of women, and helped the murderous Assad regime continue its crimes against humanity.

~ Conservative Zone

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50 thoughts on “Democrats are Pushing the Worst Gridlock in History”

  1. News flash: Republicans have been just as stubborn. McConnell kept a seat open on the Supreme Court for over a year and blocked all judges during Obama’s last year in office. So please, spare us your getting yourself worked up into a fake outrage. The port of Philadelphia just stopped a huge shipment of illegal drugs from coming into the country. How would the border wall have stopped that? The existing wall has been tunneled under multiple times. You could easily use drones to fly drugs over the wall. You could use compressed air guns to shoot drugs over the wall; just like they use to shoot t-shirts into the crowds at concerts and sporting events. You could use a catapult to launch drugs over the wall. In 2017 a Mexican politician literally had himself filmed climbing the wall just to prove it could be done.

      1. Ann, the truth is not brainwashing. Following Russian propaganda is, like you voting for trump. You’ve been duped by that.

        1. marv & mike ;YOU and 8 years of bo’s treasonous duping of democrats are the #1 enemies against U.S. Patriotic Citizens & our elected POTUS to “Make the U.S.A. Great Again’ ! There is no positive action by the damned dems to help the U.S.A. with anything good & only creates more divide with conspiracy for a dictatorial, socialistic, lslamic tyranny instigated by bo & his cronies treason using abused power ! When dems are finally defeated and removed from U.S. Government there will be Freedom again to preserve U.S. Constitutional Rights that bo’s dem’s with are trying to destroy … !

    1. Whoops now you’ve done it, tattled on the port of Philadelphia, guess now we’ll have people demonstrating there against the port authority for their being bad to the druggies! Yes, there are a lot of ways into our nation, but at least we are trying to stop the biggest area. Any dent in the flow is a good thing. Oh darn, are we cutting off your supply? Both sides can be dumb as dirt, but now it is time, and the majority of the people are asking for it, for them to work together, not dig in their heels and look sillier!

      1. I don’t see any problem with half the government shut down!! The country is running fine by itself!
        We can use their salaries to pay for the wall!!!

    2. Much of the problem concerning the wall is that their focus is limited to one particular issue. Drugs do come into the country by other means, ports of entry being only one of them. Border Patrol agents confiscate drugs in route at ports of entry as well as those entering the country by the use of drug mules for cartels in the desert and towns all along the border. Most of the tunnels are not dug by illegal immigrants seeking to come into the country illegally, but by the drug cartels. All the examples you have given of how to breach the wall only show your singular vision of how a wall is not necessary. Will a wall stop illegal drugs, illegal aliens invading the country, human traffic; No. but it will be possible to slow down the processes.

    3. In other words you have never heard of Biden’s rule that Schumer supported and that they used on G. Bush. Not surprised. Guess CNN did not tell that either.
      You also do not seem to know that Customs, the TSA, the Port Authority and the Coast Guard are all part of border security in addition to the Wall. But I guess yo are right. There is nothing we can do to stop them. Just give you wallet to an illegal. What’s next? Tear down prison walls because they do not work? Apparently the only crisis to Dems is running out of drugs.

    4. Mike it is a good thing Philadelphia security stopped the drugs from coming into the U.S. But what does that have to do with the border between Mexico and the U.S. as Philadelphia and the southern border are two different places thousands of miles apart. Sounds like you are pissed Philadelphia drugs were stopped and want the southern border to stay open so you can still get your drugs.


  3. It’s too bad that some of those democRATS are going with the flow designed by peeeeeelosi and shoeeemer, but they need to get a backbone and vote for the the PEOPLE who put them in Congress want. This is getting to be ridiculous. How many times can you make fools of yourselves by playing follow the leader, especially when the leader is dumb as dirt. Your lost an election, not your life. They can retaliate against you for a while if you go against them, but after a while others will finally figure out that the wound will quit bleeding and join you. Hurting this nations people is so beneath you because someone’s feelings are hurt.

  4. The Dems should be ashamed. They supported a wall before Trump, offering tens of billions of $’s for it. Now they are like 2-yr-olds having temper tantrums no matter what, just to try and get their way. And the sorry leftist news outlets are trying to brainwash Americans into blaming Trump. I hope Trump stands his ground, and people realize it’s the Left causing the shutdown. Those murdered and raped and crashed into in cars driven by illegal ALIENS with no license or insurance would say yes, there is a crisis, you ridiculous Dems.

    1. Ann – You are quite correct. The Democrats under O’Bama voted FOR border security but failed to provide funds to build one. Now they are against it for only one reason – its’ name is TRUMP instead of CLINTON. President Trump is doing what the citizens of America wants – to stop as much crime and dope from coming in through the Southern border

  5. I wish People would stop calling democrats ” far left and progressives ” . Call them what they truly are . communists . This is not the same democratic party that I joined when I was 21 . I now call them what they truly are—— the democratic communist party. That’s what they have morphed into . They are no longer the party that I choose . I am done with them . . . .

    1. R.J. Unfortunately you are correct in your assessment of the “modern” Democratic Party. On an open microphone O’Bama told a Russian diplomat “I’ll be more flexible after the electon”, also Hillary Clinton voted to sell American uranium to Russia. A move that could be considered to be “Aid and comfort to the enemy” and got a big contribution to the Clinton Foundation. Does that suggest collusion with the Russians? There are other instances where she was openly “flirting” with the Russians IN Russia. It appears the Mueller team is deliberatly ignoring the obvious in their quest to discredit the Trump presidency.

  6. Worst Gridlock in History ??? – not likely – look up Congressman Davey Crocket’s fair well to speech to Congress – he left the House and eventually went to Texas – the rest is History and Legend. Worst Gridlock in History ??? – If ALL Republicans had backed President Trump from DAY ONE – [RINO’s – Never Trumpers – Linguine Spine/Wishy-Washy – ALWAYS GIVING IN FOR THE SAKE OF COMPROMISE] – the Wall construction and improvements would have started – true Border Security would be showing some effect – Obamacare would have been THOUGHTFULLY REPLACED – the TAX REFORMS would have been made PERMINATE – Republicans may have lost fewer House seats [or even maintained a slight majority] – This Gridlock is the cause/effect of Republicans not Defending the Constitution – not Defending Conservative Ideas – not following President Trump’s example of FORCEFULLY calling out Democrat/Media Lies and Distortions – not supporting and honoring their voters’ wishes – not doing their JOBS.

    1. If 3rd World illegals voted Republican the wall would have been built in 30 days out of concrete and 5 foot higher.

  7. The people that voted for these Democrats should be ashamed….Two can play the obstruction game as well. The Senate and the President should block anything that Pelosi and her party wants to put up….

    1. Mike, guess you don’t remember how the republicans blocked everything Obama did only because he was black. At least dems are doing it to stop stupid policies that Trump wants.

      1. Marv, They didn’t block Obama because he was black. He was half white but he forgot about that! They blocked him because he was sending all our assets to our enemies!!!

        1. J.C. When I was in the military they were warning against “Giving aid and comfort to the enemy” like O’Bama gave almost 3 billion to Iran and got away with it. We would have faced a firing squad for doing much less.

  8. First of all we are all Americans. Well maybe not. We should work together instead of working for what is a priority for a small group of people when we can’t even sit down and talk. Maybe we should ask God what to do. Country was founded on this.

  9. Democrats lost the presidential election, and to ‘fight back’, they are like kids who have to ‘get even’ for their loss.
    This type of action among adults is unheard of in our Congress. It hurts everyone who lives in the U.S. This should
    never happen in America’s government. We learn to take our losses (like gentlemen) and move on doing the best we can for America. I’m so ashamed of Democrats for action like this, just trying to hurt Republicans for winning a fair and square presidential election. I’m sure they all had other plans of Hillarys rise to the top. After all, Trump only wants to make America Great Again. He’s been trying to do so, and would, if it weren’t for Democrats deciding to be against EVERYTHING Trump and Republicans are for. Real citizens don’t care who gets the credit as long as we
    move forward for all citizens of America.

    1. Are you living in America? Tell me that you don’t believe that the Russians helped Trump. You are a Russian dupe. Hillary lost because of that. Trump is lining his pockets with taxpayers money and you still think that the election was fair

      1. Marv: Are you that stupid? There WAS no collusion by Trump! They’ve been searching for over two years for collusion against Trump! They only found collusion by the democrat party and Hillary but they don’t tell you about that! Trump is doing his job for free! He’s donating his salary to charities every quarter! Would YOU put up with the way he’s treated with NO salary?

  10. If you think it’s bad now if they get control of all three branches of government then they will install a communist dictator & fighting each other to decide who it will be by killing each other then the one with the most gun power gets to be their dictator but before that takes place they will confiscate the citizens guns, ammo, baseball bats, knives, hammers & any other object they consider a weapon to use on them. Then the freedom fighters will have to fight underground to get back the freedoms if the haven’t gave us all cyanide bathes & then baked us in their ovens to stop that.

  11. The latest– Pelosi and her merry band of Marxists now want to introduce legislation to eliminate the electoral college. After that the entire constitution will be scrapped by the Marxists. When they gain complete control –they will grant amnesty and full voting rights to all of these illegal aliens including the worst of the worst criminals even the ones too dangerous to release and they will keep political POWER forever with this resistance movement.. Pelosi needs to be removed, she is demented–the 25th amendment addresses this problem.

  12. It is true that the Democratic Party is Not what it used to be. I can remember as a child my parents were Democrats. Believing they were for helping the hard working, tax payers of this country. Hard to see their behavior these days. Trump was born for a day such as this. To “make America great again”. Don’t understand why our elected officials aren’t for that idea. What’s wrong with a wall anyway? “It’s immoral” is what I’ve been hearing. Does that mean the fence around my yard is immoral? It’s there to protect what’s inside and to keep out the things that could harm to what’s inside in some way. Need to ask what is the cost of taking care of all the illegal immigrants coming in compared to the cost of building a wall. We do have a very large “yard” and many valuable assets to protect. My Housing, food, medical care. The hardest working American people aren’t even guaranteed any of these things. My family is dealing with some of these issues. My husband has worked hard all his life and is unable to get the medical attention he needs. But an illegal immigrant can get FREE care. What is wrong with this picture? Can we decide how our taxes are used? NO! Would certainly not elect to pay Democratic salaries. Why are they still getting paid when the ones who “really” work aren’t.

  13. Maybe we should just abolish congress and save that money. A bunch of 3 year olds playing games as grown men and women is unacceptable As for the wall, think actually hurting those who try to get in illegally is something that is necessary now. At this time these people who try to get in illegally know we won’t really hurt them so they keep on. Kill a few and the rest will leave. To hell with t he communists in our country who want to destroy us from within.

  14. I think President Trump should start delivering bus loads of these immigrants at the border to places like Albany, N.Y. and New York City.

  15. Now we know WHY previous presidents never kept their promise to secure the southern border. Thank God for Trump who has the fortitude, the strength & above all the STRONG Desire to protect the USA! May God continue to give Trump the strength to stand strong against those “obstinate equines!!”

  16. There should be a 2 term limit for all of Congress and they can’t be a lobbyist at all. The 28th amendment should be enforce also.

  17. This situation is stupid. One way to solve it is when a bill is introduced in either house, it should be voted on on TV. It should be done by personal vote,
    not by calling it from the back of the room,it can’t be said that was not what they voted.present vote should not be allowed. This way the voters will know
    actually how the voted

  18. The best thing to come out of this Congressional mess, which the voters are responsible for, is that the RINOs will not be able to cave in to the Demonic Rats and give our country away to the Communists and foreigners. With no new laws coming out of Congress, the safety and security of the People will not be further eroded. Our freedom, our rights and our Constitution are in jeopardy from Congress regardless of whether the Demonic Rats or the RINOs are in power, so gridlock is probably better for us than all of Congress controlled by one party or the other.

  19. PeeLousy and Scheister wish to thank all on the right who stayed home during the midterms! They’re looking forward to 2020 when they will take it all! I’m sure that President Moochelle will treat us on the right with great compassion – NOT.



  22. Not only a two term limit but also age limits pe till 65.
    That is general problem in the US anyway. The crappy retirement system and the ridiculous priced medical money machine make that too many elderly people have to work till they die blocking jobs for younger people. Part of the food stamp business is that those people work for peanuts at Walmart and the likes, making that we subsidise these companies. And still some cannot be profitable and contribute revenue tax to Uncle Sam

  23. Until we can start taking care of the people that pay the bills in this country, not one person should come into this country. Too many people in this country can’t even take care of their own home, their own debts and their own responsibilities. Yet they give advice like they are experts. The Democrats in Congress prey on these people promising them a better life without the responsibility of having to sacrifice and work hard for a better life. They promise everthing for free, because the Democrats and these people feel they should be entitled. History tells us otherwise. The wall was fine with Democrats when they had the power, now it is not. The press was fine with the President when the Democrat press had their President. Now they don’t and they cry about it everyday. They are not Professional Journalists as they can see only one side. Responsible JOURNALISTS Report the news, they are not the news. Walter Cronkite was a Democrat, but you never new it. Responsible Journalism is dead. Democrats will not be happy until America is in ruins. It is on it’s way. I watched the Democrat Party metamorphosis itself to the liberal hate machine it is today. Unfortunately I have first hand knowledge of this because I was a long time Democrat and watched the party explode into the me me me for me party. Not your Father’s Democrat party.

  24. Mike: It is a good thing that the Philadelphia port security stopped the drugs but what does that have to do with the border between Mexico and the U.S. Are you saying you are pissed that Philadelphia stopped the drugs and you want drugs to continue to come across the southern border so you can get them. Sounds like it.

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