Democrats are STILL Trying to Oust Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats plan to keep a campaign promise that will further polarize the nation and bring even more shame to Congress. After tearing his family apart and dragging his good name through the muck during the U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings, judge Brett Kavanaugh won appointment to the land’s highest judicial post.

The cost was great. Perhaps too great as once-respected Sen. Dianne Feinstein set a series of uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct in motion. Since the most despicable partisan hearings in American history concluded, accusers have admitted to fabricating fantastical stories against the Christian, father, and husband who was best known as a high school basketball coach in his community and humble man who volunteered at soup kitchens.

Despite the pain, now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, his family, and the country suffered, newly elected Democrats plan to re-target Kavanaugh in a bid to impeach and remove him from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Liberal Democrats in the U.S. House were incensed that President Donald Trump was able to seat his second nominee to the high court. And just as they have vowed to oust the president by any means necessary, several promised to continue the attacks on Justice Kavanaugh once Congress reopened in 2019. In a New York Times piece published before the mid-term elections, New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler indicated he and other Democrats would not accept the outcome of the Senate hearings and vote.

“It is not something we are eager to do,” Nadler reportedly said. “But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advise and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions.”

According to the left-leaning NY Times, Rep. Nadler promised that if Democrats took a House majority, they would subpoena the White House and FBI for internal documents and reopen the debunked claims of misconduct. They hope to find a scrap of evidence or misstatement that would allow them to bring a perjury claim and impeach Justice Kavanaugh.

“We have to assure the American people either that it was a fair process and that the new justice did not commit perjury, did not do these terrible things, or reveal that we just don’t know because the investigation was a whitewash,” Nadler reportedly said.

With Democrats seizing control of the House, liberal members refuse to accept that the process ran its course. They also continue to presume Justice Kavanaugh is guilty of something, anything.

“There’s no question (Kavanaugh) committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse reportedly said of possible impeachment hearings. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

When asked on the record about what he believed Justice Kavanaugh was not truthful about, the Democrat had no response. Kavanaugh refuted the allegations of sexual misconduct from his high school years. The primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, could not provide a location, timeline or corroborating witnesses. In fact, those she named had no knowledge of the events and Ford could not explain how she even got to and from a supposed house party.

The willful viciousness of House Democrats to revisit one of the lowest points in American politics is doubly heinous when you consider their intent. Although the left gained a majority in the House, they lost ground in the U.S. Senate. That means Republicans have the votes to install another nominee easily. Re-targeting Kavanaugh after he was exonerated would only serve to divide the country and impugn a good man’s reputation. At the end of the day, President Trump would call upon another conservative judge from his published list. Democrats even admit this fact.

“The worst-case scenario — or best case depending on your point of view — you prove he committed perjury, about a terrible subject and the Judicial Conference recommends you impeach him,” Rep. Nadler reportedly said. “So, the president appoints someone just as bad.”

Americans may be witnessing the worst political hatred in our lifetime. Democrats just want to watch the world burn.

~ Conservative Zone

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37 thoughts on “Democrats are STILL Trying to Oust Brett Kavanaugh”

      1. There is no real democrats party left. They are democrats in name only. They are bought and owned by the Soros family and the Mexican drug cartel who keep invading the USA with an army called ‘caravan ‘.

    1. LEFTIES are walking clueless waste-of-skin zombies . Fake Ford’s very own selection of witnesses ALL cannot back her lies . Kavanaugh is being hunted & haunted for doing NADDA except suffering from wrongful spiteful allegations .
      Meanwhile , the list of criminal , sexual misconduct & confiscation of lower class $$ , that has been FACTUALLY exposed from Hitlery’s closet , is completely overlooked by the brain dead zombie Lefties and their braindead , brainwashed followers . What the Criminal Mainstream Media pulled off on the Covington kids , is simply cut-and-paste agenda laden horse crap they’ve been playing against Mr. T , the American non zombies & the American constitution .

      Les Fortunate

  1. deranged democrat despots want it their way or no way. too fucking bad kavanaugh is a supe justice and Jerrold Nadler and his vicious henchmen can go pound sand. watch their collective heads explode in a cloud of brain dead matter when RBG is replaced very soon. Judge Amy is going to be a slam dunk.

    1. When is the Democratic Party going to go to work on the people’s needs and stop screwing around with their personal needs? I can’t help but wonder why they took these jobs? Was it to sacrifice for our country, somehow it leaves me wondering! This is all about power and control, we the people are an unnecessary part to this country but they need to understand, with out us there is no country!

    1. You are so right Satan knows his time is very short he came to steal, kill and destroy everyone and everything and man is allowing it hell final destination if they do not repent ask for forgiveness turn from their wicked ways and follow jesus this is where rich become poor and poor become rich thru jesus revelation, Daniel,John and more about end times watch thru the Bible les feldick talking about watch mary greely about volcanic activity and earthquakes news is not talking about Jesus coming soon for his church

    2. Also this war we need holy bible the true word of god is only way to fight and we need to pray that Holy Spirit works on their evil hearts

  2. Conservative, Christian values are great for America. Its these values that Blessed our nation
    and is a blueprint for life. The lefts antichristian agenda must be driven from Politics so
    that their pro-satanic agenda and lack of values does not metastasis. How is it that departing
    from God is considered progressive? Answer: These people are void of counsel and because
    they don’t like to retain god in their knowledge he gave them over to a reprobate mind; Romans 1:28.
    They do the things that they do because they are reprobates, departing from the path that blessed
    our nation, homosexuality, abortion, transgender and the like.

    1. You people need to wake up. Look at the statistics. Over 50% of the people that pay taxes get more in government benefits than they pay on taxes. Sixty three percent of the illegals here are getting Welfare and work to the tune of $70,000. . How many Americans are earning that amount of Salary?They want more . The Mayor of New York City says there is plenty of money around and it is just in the wrong hands. That means that he wants a re-distribution of wealth from the haves to the have nots. . Look at the Media Darling by the name of Alexandra Cortez who wants taxes increased and the Moderate Democrat incumbents thrown out of office. People love her Socialist Agenda. . Why would anyone vote for the Democrats to take over the House. Anybody with half a brain should know the outcome, Pelosi promised the Left that she would oppose the Trump Wall or anything that Trump promised in 2016 in order to be elected as Speaker of the House. . This Country is finished, The Democrats have the Schools, Unions and Media. This didn’t happen overnight. ” When they came for the Catholics, I didn’t care as I wasn’t Cathoilc. When they came for the Jews, I didn’t care as I am not Jewish etc. When they came for me , it was too late”. People let it happen and continue to let it happen.

  3. I worry about the mind set of the voters that put these people in office. I pray the they will see the light in 2020 and remove these non-patriots from office. Being over the top partisan is a bad thing that could lead to a civil war. That goes for both sides. Do your jobs as representatives of the people.

  4. The DEMOCRATATS are downgrading the USA by inviting all illegals from many deprived countries to the USA & then make their city & State a Sanctuary for all ILLEGALS. PRESIDENT TRUMP, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  5. The Democrats are on a witch hunt, plain and simple. They are mad because Trump is getting things done for the American People that THEY couldn’t do or should I say wouldn’t do!!! He has done more for us than most Presidents have, created more jobs, ECT. Dems (dumds) need to back off and let Trump do HIS JOB!!!

    1. the minute good citizens have had their fill of the communist marxist “demoncrats” and begin taking them out anywhere they can be found !

  6. The left has lost whatever was left of their collective minds!! It’s SO obvious what they’re doing!! It’s called obstructionism. They’re a bunch of sheep vying to see who can lead with the most ridiculous ploy against a legally elected President and his decisions!! It seems to me that they are going against the Constitution that they took an oath to fight for, not against!! What?? The rules no longer apply??

  7. We all need to contact Lindsey Graham and let him know we support him in re-opening and investigation into clinton’s email fiasco, the FBI investigation of that, the Clinton’s private bank (I mean Charity), and the many other improprieties of O’s administration.

  8. Incredible! Now the Democrats in the US House are going to attempt to usurp the responsibility and power of the US Senate, as is mandated in the US Constitution. Is there any of our laws, and especially the US Constitution, that the Democrats respect?

    All of the Democrats took an oath to the US Constitution, which with these proposed actions by the Democrats in the US House show that they don’t even respect their own oaths.

    This is just many things that Democrats do that prove they are completely lacking in honesty, integrity, and honor, that they have shown by their proven lies and their extreme hypocrisy, which must be a prerequisite in becoming a member of the Democrat Party, since all Democrats show and express these characteristics.

  9. Why is it Kavanaugh is being reinvestigated and he committed no crimes, had a lying accuser with no evidence or witnesses and others like Killary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, have committed crimes and have mountains of evidence against them are sitting back laughing at what’s going on, they all need to be charged. The republicans have to grow a set of balls and start bringing charges against the Demonrats including Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest for treason and obstruction and lying to Congress

  10. the slime o crats are NOW the communist/marxist party..We should from here forth refer to them as such for the sake of accuracy so there is no longer any doubt what they are !

  11. If analyzed, demon-crats were “educated” by demon-crats, Saul Alinsky style, and republicans dropped the ball many years ago by not recognizing and acting on the trend in time to stop what may become a major conflict of political ideas that could destroy our republic. TRUMP is a present reborn WASHINGTON in that he is in a position to re-guide the future of the country and win the American revolution we are presently engaged in. Our youth’s minds are in the process of re-educating democratic style and this MUST come to a screeching halt. Its in your court Devoss to get conservatives back into our education system. Put patriotism, morals and God back into the classroom and civic events.

  12. Judge Kavanaugh will probably have to wait until the insane democrats are through falling all over their current hero – ANOTHER LIAR – NATHAN PHILLIPS. Who was NOT as he claims a VIETNAM VETERAN. He was NOT a RECON RANGER. He was in the USMC for 4 years – went AWOL 3 times and got out as a PRIVATE. That means he had NO STRIPES! For you left wing loons – that is the equivalent of attending college for 4 years and having 0 CREDITS earned. He was – what he is now – a USELESS malcontent – who did nothing but cause trouble for himself and everyone else around him. A BUM!! Who survives by convincing others that he is something he is not. And the idiots in the media have bought his story – hook, line and sinker – even when they found out he was a LIAR they are still running with it. IT is all diversion – smoke and mirrors to keep the focus off of the real issues – the issues that the MSM are oblivious of or don’t fit “their agenda”. Don’t forget it was just a week or so ago that another “brilliant” CNN reporter(?) accused Sirius XM Radio host David Webb of enjoying “white privilege”. Then the dumb-assed ill-informed reporter Areva Martin was informed that David Webb is in reality a black man. ALL the left has is a generic mantra they use on everyone who disagrees with them. You are either a racist – a misogynist – homophobe etc. I would say that is iEXTREMELY RACIST to say ALL black people must think alike – do they not have a mind of thier own – fully capable of understanding the issues and making their own decisions – OR – do they REALLY need the democrats to do that for them? WITH all the babies and kids running around this country I would definitely most American men are NOT misogynistic we like women just fine. As far as homophobe goes – people understand that a phobia is a fear of something right? Then wrap your heads around this – there is a huge difference between NOT liking something and being afraid of it.

  13. I am so disgusted with President this morning, to cave into Nancy Pelosi is a major mistake. Put on your big boy pants and kick this bitch to the curd. We need to move forward and as long as you are continuing this fight with no bullets in your gun, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE. Thouse chambers belong to the people not Pelosi, if you want to speak there you don’t need her permission. whose is President, You or Pelosi. Go after the dems, reveal their spending habits, reveal what rhey have cost US citizens, what the hell are you thinking about. Move forward or risk losing your base.

  14. DEMS/RINOS have been digging their grave since 2008….& before……Getting that muslim illegal dicktator elected just shows to what extreme they will go to avoid the CONSTITUTION……THOSE DEMS/RINOS knew he was not a legal citizen and they did not care………Then going against the CONSTITUTION by letting illegal aliens vote……..There is no DEM/RINO that is trustworthy anymore……….They are trying to destroy the USA and have no thought as to follow what our founding forefathers set forth in the Constitution….


  16. I don’t Smoke I don’t Drink and I don’t Cus ! . G…d D…..n Left my cigarettes at the Bar.Time to make Democrats Take a Breathalyzer and Polygraph tests before entering THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!

  17. …quit griping that nothing can be done, just make up your minds to take the country back; 2nd amenddment was put in place for this type of govt take over by those looking to destroy the USA; put your rifle where your mouth is and take this country back…

  18. Start charging the troublemakers with slander, character assassination, public attack of a government official and then LOCK THEM UP! As for “finklestein” WHEN was she ever “respected”, or even respectable? She doesn’t know “how” to tell the truth, nor does she have any honor! She’s a lying political whore, without morals, ethics, nor decency!

  19. I think on of the things happening in our government today is this. We have all these investigations going on, lies told back and forth, and nothing is ever done to the accused or the accusers. They are never prosecuted for the lies being told or the crimes committed. They just fade away. Look at what Coumy, Lynch, Hillary and all the others have done and not one thing has ever been done to any of them. Americans are totally fed up with “no accountability”. Why aren’t we having MASSIVE marches on D.C. the capital, their offices, their homes, places they eat at (like they did Trumps staff members). Let them spend time in the jails (no special treatment) with the riftrats they want to let into our country, getup close and personal with them. Once again I encourage term limits more than ever, since they have forgotten whom they work for and the Constitution they swore to uphold. We have no place telling other countries how to run their governments when ours is a humongous cess pool within itself.

  20. These far left alt commie loser lemmings can’t stand Trumps successes and are pulling out all of the stops to find “something” that they can use to waste more useful time doing something constructive for the US of A and the hard working Patriotic tax payers.
    Hey, Patriots, it’s time to wake up and smell the rotten liberal/progressive utopia cess pool. Keep the Faith, Donald.

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