Democrats Call for MAGA to be Killed as Biden FBI Harassment Campaign Ramps Up

In the run-up to the Civil War, there were a number of fights in Congress – literal fistfights – in which Representatives and Senators hurt each other. A Democrat/Confederate Representative marched into the Senate one time and bludgeoned a Republican/Abolitionist with his cane, knocking him unconscious. That was bad and it eventually erupted into the Civil War, but the time we’re living through now is much darker. Democrats today are calling for MAGA Republicans to be murdered. That’s far worse than the fistfights that led up to the Civil War.

Just to be clear, Democrats are calling for civilians to be killed by the government, which is under the rulership of Joe Biden right now. Tim Ryan, a Democrat member of the House of Representatives who is running for US Senate in Ohio against JD Vance, was asked in an interview this week about how to fix broken systems in America. Ryan replied:

“Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we are dealing with every single day. We’ve got to kill and confront that [MAGA] movement, but working with normal mainstream Republicans, that’s going to be really, really important.”

“Extremists.” “Kill and confront.”

Tim Ryan is calling for the deaths of people who support the Make America Great Again movement. Since he’s a sitting Member of Congress, he’s obviously calling for the government to “kill and confront” us icky Trump supporters. We’re in a really dark place right now. This has never happened before.

At least in the run-up to the Civil War, Members of Congress from the existing political parties beat each other up. Nobody called for civilians to be killed by their own government. These people are sick. Not a single Democrat has disavowed Tim Ryan’s call for Trump supporters to be killed by the government. Joe Biden hasn’t said a word about it.


During a speech on Thursday, America’s dumbest US Senator (Mazie Hirono from Hawaii) said that the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “is literally a call to arms in our country.” Mazie Hirono isn’t exactly a chess grandmaster. She reads whatever talking points the Democrat Party hands her, because she’s too stupid to come up with her own independent thoughts. And a Supreme Court decision is a “call to arms?” Really? Against whom? Oh… against Americans who think the Supreme Court made the right decision. MAGA Republicans, in other words.

This is just another example like Tim Ryan’s death threats. “We Democrats are losing in the arena of ideas, so it’s time for the government to kill you.”

Joe Biden’s FBI harassment campaign against supporters and allies of President Trump (America’s real president) has only gotten worse as the days go by. Tucker Carlson has now devoted airtime to the ongoing purge of Trump supporters three times in the past week. On Monday, he read the names of dozens of Trump supporters who have either had their homes raided or were issued subpoenas to turn over their emails, cell phones, text messages and all electronic communications.

Dozens and dozens of Trump supporters connected to the people that Tucker named on Monday night have been contacted by the FBI. As near as I can tell, there are two classes of MAGA Republicans being targeted by the criminal Biden regime. The first category is people who questioned the results of the fake and stolen 2020 election. The second category is what I would classify as “effective Republican fundraisers.” I’m actually in both of those categories, but the FBI is going to interrogate me this week about my fundraising activities back in 2016. That’s not a typo. In 2016 – six years ago. I haven’t even worked in the political fundraising arena since 2017.

But that’s how wide ranging this purge is, and it started the day after Joe Biden gave his Dark MAGA Hitler speech in Philadelphia. The most recent individual targeted by the FBI was the Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell. Mike was at a Hardee’s drive-through when three FBI vehicles boxed him in, and they seized his cell phone. The Pillow Guy!

Can I just make an appeal to everyday Democrats right now? If you’ve gone, as a Democrat, from “Cheeto Man is Hitler” to “Hooray! The Pillow Guy was raided by the FBI!” in just the last six years, maybe stop and take a breath? Contemplate the monster that you have turned into. It’s time for everyday Democrats to rein their own leaders in. Because if they won’t do it, we will. And they won’t like our methods.

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39 responses to “Democrats Call for MAGA to be Killed as Biden FBI Harassment Campaign Ramps Up”

    • If some of these Americans are so unhappy here would Americans be willing to fork over money to help them move to the country which they feel better suits their belief system they want. I would IF they let go of their citizenship here and became a no return allowed. The country needs to purge all these groups BLM, ANTIFA, NAZI, and White supremacists and have a law that doesn’t allow these groups in this country there used to be a law that didn’t allow ANY communist groups or any businesses to do business with such I think one California judge said it was illegal and now look what we have

    • Us MAGA people are peace loving people but when push comes to shove, this Dem’s idea of how to defeat the opposite thinking people may not pan out for him! People do not like being threatened by the likes of him! The people he is threatening are the people who built this Country not the scum politicians and Lawyers!

      • I totally agree, if you have come to the point of being so eat up with the dumb ass to kill someone over politics you are one sick individual. There are a lot of law suits coming , or maybe some will retaliate on your family, some people are as crazy as you.

  1. I say to the Democrats bring it on! Enough foolish statements and threats! I lived through the riots of 67’ where the motto was burn baby burn, these idiots don’t scare me!

  2. Vorking with normal people? That is what king George said about the American colony that it will be keeped under British rule by working with the people, aka the loyalist.
    Funny how history events repeat themselves. I gues the Democrat thieves are pushing this country in a civil war. If that will be the case let the best win and forever eradicate the once they defeated. Maybe after that , since all who remain are on the same page and no opposition, this country and the like of Biden’s can talk about unity.

    • So far Biden has done more that can be called treason and impeachable acts than any president anywhere the border and the fact that he’s deliberately destroying our military and putting our country in a position to be taken over is in itself TREASON

  3. How about we call for these extremist democrats to be killed on the streets….we would be labeled terrorists and rounded up and put in prison. Just because these dumbasses are in a federal job doesn’t make them any different…..round their asses up and throw them in jail. Oh wait I forgot…..the justice system is in their pockets and doesn’t worry about them….just republicans….bunch of damn idiits…then let’s get this war started…I got world cup to watch in 2 months since it will be way over by then

  4. I don’t see where he said kill the people. He said ‘kill the movement.” If you want to be believable and get people behind you, please don’t read into what they say. I agree with you, it’s bad. However, it’s bad enough as it is, you don’t need to twist it to make it looke worse.

    • I agree Dee. We need to take the higher ground and fix this. Talk of a civil war is horrible. Our kids deserve more. I have enjoyed a warless life and we should strive for that.

    • Yes Dee, he said just kill the movment, he didn’t mean to kill people.
      Question to you Dee
      Do you live in the states of Colorado? What are you smoking,? It must be some very potent stuff

    • They said kill the people, need to read it again and listen to your president, Tim Ryan and several more. I hope they can care for all their loved ones, some people are crazy enough to take it to heart, I would not want my loved ones as targets, and I’m old.

  5. Ohio, don’t vote for lying haters that use this kind of language. There used to be a time in America that you could disagree on politics and still not have people calling you deplorables, or extremists or saying “kill and confront” or ” literally a call to arms” which sounds pretty threatening. A call to arms because we think babies should not be murdered? Kill and confront because we think government should act in the best interests of our country or up hold the constitution? That was never extreme before. I hope most people will actually look at policies of this admin vs the policies of common sense. Look at the state of inflation, prices, energy dependence, crimes, drugs, open borders, unfair and out of control spending. We had none of this less than 2 years ago. There is a reason for that and Tim Ryan along with other idiots are to blame. Not MAGA, not republicans and not the common working men and women of this country.

    • This guy is very dangerous. He will do anything to get elected, up to and including “killing” the opposition. i hope the people of Ohio take notice and dump his guy. Since when did we elect officials to represent only a fraction of the electorate.

      • If he doesn’t care about killing over politics he sure doesn’t care about killing babies even full term, Pelosi backs him up. They are killers.

  6. Hiring is not the only dumb ones in the democrats. Hal Johnson takes the cake along with Maxine waters. It’s unbelievable that such individuals garner votes.

  7. Satan is in control of the democrats!! They want a civil war to call marshall law. The midterms are coming and they know they are losing !!! Don’t fall for their ignorants !!!

  8. How amusing! I thought the MAGA were the ones doing the threats! It just gets closer and closer! I’m not worried as I sit here honing my BOWIE! When the time comes keep your head low and hang onto yo hair! It’s going to be a gooden! Exciting times ahead!

  9. I bet this here Boy don’t venture out with out paid guards all around him. Some 70 year old MAGA Grandmother might kick his behind!

  10. Patriot!! The word says it all. Maybe the Dems establishment should look up the meaning of the word because they haven’t a clue who they are messing with. The government didn’t kick the snot out of Japan in ww2, patriotism did! Threatening the people that have overthrown government for years is not smart and I take it personally. If the Dems get away with the last election and succeed in taking out trump, then they will do it to your kids when they run in 20 years. They are nothing but the school bully that has never been in a real fight. They run their mouths until they get their asses kicked. It’s coming for them all in November!! Go Florida and our great governor!!!!

  11. the dims are all about the overthrow of our freedoms every thing they do is to destroy the Nation We the People Love GOD help us to survive this UNHOLEY take over


  13. So, this Ohio senator candidate Tim Ryan wants to confront and kill all the MAGA supporters, he needs to be arrested for threatening violence against the American people. The people of Ohio need to make sure this ASSHOLE is defeated big time in November. If this were a Republican calling for this shit, he/she would be in jail already!!! No justice in our country will lead to no peace!! Dims should be careful or they may get back what they are calling for!!!

  14. The FBI DOJ and any other group you would like to name has been after the wrong person – it is not Trump you need to investigate –
    try looking at the Clinton’s total criminals – try looking at Georgie Soros total criminal – try looking at Nancy Pelosi total criminal make herself rich with insider trading – try looking at Bill Gates – total criminal – now he is going to fund the next pandemic – for the NWO for depopulation – wants to kill people to leave 5 million on earth – take a look – no guts no glory – take a look at the Biden’s – you name it the OOS in the WH has done it! Now you are going to back off the smartest man he knows – Hunter! Ya’ll are just too smart!
    Congratulations you are winner of the brain dead!

  15. When you democrats are ready for it just say so. No talk till it’s over. You might want to put your flak vests over your heads! Just trying to make it easy for you Idiots!

  16. This is disgusting. Can everyone not see? In WWII, Hitler, et al, the Jews were the filthy, barely human monsters that are babies and we’re blamed for everything. This, of course, was not true, but it did result in unspeakable crimes before the death camps. The good people, the citizens, had many everyday associations with theses people. They were Doctor, Lawyer, College Professor, Nurse, neighbor and member of communities. Many saw that. Many were horrified. The pledge at war’s end was to NEVER FORGET. Yet here we are, guided by our President to vilify the terrible MAGAs. Well MAGAs are everyday people who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Do you, dear reader, truly believe they deserve to be KILLED?

  17. If we do end up in the civil war. The Democrats got to realize one thing it won’t be the GOP political people that have no balls fighting it’ll be the American people who want to be able to live like we did before Obama and Biden administration’s

    • It amazes me they don’t care about killing a baby, no matter how far along, but they don’t punish criminals, let them go, Soros, Harris , Waters, and more pay their bail to get the ones in jail out so they can vote. Then abusive Pelosi pushing a Hispanic young lady to get her out of the picture of her family so she could get a buddy in with her, she is an abuser, on TV, and on several computer programs.

  18. You never got an email the other day from the dumb ass administration saying that I haven’t donated to their party. So I suggested that the president and vice President make the way to the border and charge 25 to $50 to each person coming across the border illegally. Then you would need a donation for me and my social security . If these people feel that their country is doing them wrong then why don’t they fight for their rights like we did in America or my ancestors did. I guess I just want a free ride .

  19. We republicans will not gain anything until we dump Trump and support someone who can gain respect and win enough votes to be elected. Stop this nonsense of calling Republicans with any sense rinos. May God bless the Republican party, we need it.

  20. America Vote out the Nazis AKA the democratic party and Rino’s and progressives Next election We The People Demand our country back from the Evil Politicians in Washington DC GO MAGA

  21. I hope and pray it doesn’t come to this but everyone I know will be in the mix , it’s so stupid to hear some educated people say my way or die. I could hear rednecks but it is educated people, pathetic. At least Biden is demented, what is their excuse. Guess redneck , rabble rouser knows no excuse

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