Democrats Campaigning Against Law Enforcement in 2020

One of liberal Democrats’ leading publications has begun staking out key policy positions for candidates, and that means abolishing ICE.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has run headlong into extremist Democrats who believe the United States should be an open borders country, free for criminal illegal immigrants to rape, murder and build massive gang cartels such as MS-13.

California has declared itself a “sanctuary state,” despite widely reported incidents of violent crime by illegal immigrants. The anti-law enforcement sentiment that was once only the domain of the most subversive liberals has moved to the middle of the Democratic Party and candidates planning to take on incumbent Pres. Donald J. Trump are under relentless pressure to campaign on eliminating ICE altogether.

The Nation recently published a policy piece called “It’s Time To Abolish ICE.” The piece argues that enforcing immigration laws has no place in a Democratic society.

The publication argues its case by viewing the issue through the eyes of a lawyer who filed the initial gay marriage case that became national law, and currently defends illegal immigrants from deportation. The attorney, Dan Cannon, is running for Congress and is ranked among the most extremist members of the Democratic Party. But that doesn’t make him a fringe actor in the DNC — far from it.

“I don’t think a lot of people have any kind of direct experience with ICE, so they don’t really know what they do or what they’re about. If they did, they’d be appalled,” Canon reportedly said.

The Nation article goes on to point out that “The idea of defunding ICE has gained traction among immigrant-rights groups horrified by the speed at which, under President Donald Trump, the agency has ramped up an already brutal deportation process.”

Other prominent liberal voices fully support the notion that ICE should go away, allowing an influx of illegals to unseat working class Americans from jobs and drive down hourly wages.

“(Defunding ICE) is a growing position on the left, and I imagine 2020 Democratic presidential aspirants will have to grapple with it,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes posted on Twitter.

“ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force. Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form,” Tweeted CNN commentator and former Obama Administration insider Brian Fallon.

When California’s Sen. Kamala Harris didn’t get in lock step with the left’s policy idea, she experienced a significant backlash from vocal Democrats.

“Kamala Harris is very likely running for president in 2020,” penned the Liberal Splinter’s Jack Mirkinson. “It should be a political problem for her that she is not willing to take her criticisms of ICE to their logical conclusion and call for its abolition.”

“She should be asked, over and over again, why exactly she is willing to uphold the legitimacy of such a racist, corrupt, and thuggish organization,” he said.

Mirkinson also pushed for the likes of Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Elizabeth Warren being pressured with the same question.

Although this type of non-mainstream pressure would seem inconsequential to Republicans, libertarians and conservatives, the Democratic Party has entered perhaps its most vulnerable era in memory.

The controversies about Hillary taking over the DNC have been widely publicized. But what has been missing in the fake news media’s coverage is the fact the DNC was teetering on bankruptcy before the Clintons infused it with cash. Since her failed bid to secure the White House, the DNC has been outpaced by the GOP nearly 2-to-1 in terms of fundraising. Early 2018 reports indicated that the national committee was unable to pay its bills.

The little money that trickles in comes with radical strings attached. Most Americans have grown familiar with the liberal rallying cries of “resist” and “obstruct.” That ultra-left ideology applies to dealing with ICE.

In recent weeks, office holders such as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi have blasted the immigration agency. Schaaf went as far as to tip off criminals in the Bay Area that ICE planned to serve arrest warrants. Among those who eluded capture were known rapists. Her actions are consistent with The Nation’s article that states.

“Though the party has moved left on core issues — from reproductive rights to single-payer health care — it’s time for progressives to put forward a demand that deportation be taken not as the norm, but rather as a disturbing indicator of authoritarianism,” Sean McElwee writes.

The Trump administration’s Justice Department, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has indicated opposition to open borders and strong enforcement of the immigration laws on the books.

Sessions has pushed back against Schaaf’s lawlessness, calling California’s policies “radical” and “irrational.”

“It cannot be the policy of a great nation to reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and work permits and so forth,” Sessions reportedly said. “How can this be a sound policy?”

While open borders, lawlessness and defunding ICE may be irrational, it appears to be a core issue for Democrats in coming elections.

~ Conservative Zone

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41 thoughts on “Democrats Campaigning Against Law Enforcement in 2020”

  1. one thing i would like to see in the remainder of my life would be the democrat party would be destroyed

    1. Me, too, Matthew N. Feller, this communist muslim demonRAT party is a cancer to our citizens and to our country. They are the vehicle to “fundamentally transform” our country into a communist muslim country that their leader, Hussein Obama and George Soros promised us in Obama’s campaign.

      In the 1950s, after our troops, our military leaders Ike Eisenhower, and England’s Winston Churchill took down Hitler’s Nazi regime, they blatantly declared that they would take us down from within by INFILTRATING our highest government offices, our children’s grade schools and colleges, and by party affiliation, social networks, our churches, and by racial divide, and that they would teach our kids to hate freedom, and to hate our USA, and to hate God and to hate their parents and their neighbors.

      You can’t get any plainer than that, and the parents of today have dropped the ball in teaching love of God, love of neighbor, love of Country, and love of freedom. The infiltration was spot on, you can’t infiltrate a higher office than the President of our USA, the world’s most powerful office. And, Hussein Obama got on his racist, communist muslim pedestal on national TV, where the entire nation and the world could hear his hate filled racist lectures and sermons to us on how bad America is and how wonderful socialism and his precious muslim faith is. We listened to that 24/7/52/12/365 for eight miserable years, over and over and over again, and the liberals took that as the gospel coming from their muslim messiah. He did nothing wrong as we saw his culture of hate take root.

      And, take root it did. It wasn’t long till the mass shootings started, it was like the okay was given to every terrorist and every mental case to kill and riot and protest racism and division.

      Obama and his demonRAT party have been on steroids ever since, spreading their own racism, weaponizing our government’s highest and most powerful offices against anyone who tries to stop them from tearing down our country and using their powerful offices to cover for their crimes of treason. This is one reason they didn’t want Trump to win, they knew he would expose their treasons, of which they made themselves above and exempt from our laws.

      The highest office in our land, the FBI, the DOJ, DHS, IRS, NSA, EPA, and Obama’s Presidency, was used to tear us down from within.

      We see the consequences of the culture of hate and division that they forced on us, and our kids are dying because they used their deaths to take our only means of self protection and self defends to protect them and our families, and ourselves. They are determined to make us their sitting ducks, to take away all that we hold dear. They want our land, they want our bank accounts, and they want our souls.

      If we surrender these to them we are fools, and God will not stand by and watch us keep betraying Him. He has protected us until Obama took office, and the slap in the face to Him was when we allowed that pagan gay muslim to make us a pagan country, to make murder legal by aborting babies like rats, and to give himself the credit for doing it.

      And, we sit back like these things are acceptable and we keep voting the demonRATs back into office !!!!!! Ethics, morals, integrity, character and love of God, country and our family are gone! Instead, we hate, hate, and hate some more and when we get so worked up from their continued hate speeches and their demonizing, name calling, mocking, ganging up on, slandering, smearing, created lies in fake dossier to frame and character assassinate, we flip it off as nothing!!!!! Instead of voting them out of office and thinking for ourselves we form lynch mobs to aid them on and make them proud of how good we obey them and their hateful evil to innocent victims of their hate so we will destroy those people for them.

      It’s all done to make us hate their opponents, who are fellow American citizens who love our country and don’t want to see our country turned into a communist muslim war zone hell hole, and who make themselves vulnerable to dangers because they love our country. No one would subject themselves to such torture unless they genuinely love our country and wants to safe us from being turned over to the UN globalists who want our sovereignty destroyed and to take our national wealth for their own greedy power and control hungry agenda.

      We are fools if we don’t educate and stand up for God, for country, and for our families. We are at war with this powerful evil that we have allowed to fester and grow as we turned our backs and allowed it to happen. It was in our faces and we bowed to it.

  2. 40 plus years ago, the Democratic party was a viable party. That is no longer the case. Far from it! Today they are nothing but wannabe communists in sheeps’ clothing. When you take a look at all of the major cities that are under Democratic control, you begin to see the problem. Crime is rampant and nothing is being done to stem the tide. As far as those that are in political office, what can I say that would be allowed on this board? But I will say that they are like a cut on your leg that has been allowed to fester and spread to the point that the only way too save the person/persons is to amputate the arm.

  3. I don’t see how the Republicans have a chance in the world of beating the Democrats in coming elections. To really see what kind of trouble the Republicans face, just examine the Democrat’s platform positions: the Ds plan to run on open borders and eliminating ICE, they also plan to eliminate the tax cuts Trump made and raise taxes, they will give amnesty to all Dreamers and increase immigration through the lottery and expanded chain migration, they will immediately move to increase the number of refugees coming from Muslim countries and, of course, they will move to impeach Trump as quickly as possible because this is their only idea for actually improving the country. The Republicans are screwed-being overwhelmed by the sheer number of Democrat ideas welling up in the country.

    1. The MSM is trying the same trick that FAILED in 2016…to wit…TRUMP IS BOUND TO LOSE, you redneck racists! Don’t even bother going to the polls. They wound up convincing THE LIBTARDS to swallow this blue pill instead.


  4. While I agree ICE is essential in helping to enforce our immigration laws and should be allowed to perform its duties within the guidelines of the constitution, how is that any different when the current administration is also attacking the FBI and at the same time possibly obstructing justice for its investigation of that same administration?

    1. There is a huge difference between the ICE issue(s) and Pres. Trump “attacking” the FBI. There has been corruption, collusion, dishonesty in the FBI regarding Hillary and Obama cover ups and total inaction regarding the FL shooting. They were so busy trying to nail Pres. Trump that they were totally inefficient in their real jobs. Pres. Trump’s criticism is only for the corrupt upper eschelon of the FBI, not the rank and file. He has reiterated this point numerous times. He thinks highly of the FBI, except for the upper management. As far as ICE, CA is going out of their way to obstruct, including making laws making it illegal to help ICE. The illegals are being warned when ICE is coming and CA lets criminal Illegal aliens back out on the streets before ICE can get there to pick them up. When Pres. Trump threatened to pull ICE out of CA, they complained. They can’t have it both ways. I personally think we should pull ICE out of CA and defund them. If they want to blatantly disobey federal laws, then we, the people, shouldn’t have to have our tax dollars funding CA’s non-exitent law enforcement. By the way, I was born and raised in CA way back when it was an ideal place to live before libdisease took over. I moved away 24 years ago due to the high cost of living. I’m so glad I got out of there when I did because it’s gotten way worse.

      1. I totally agree! when a state cares more for the illegal aliens than the american citizens then to me their on their own!

  5. I say shutdown all law enforcement in California and see how it goes for a week!!! It will be like “The Purge”!!! I’m sure that the idiot left of California will see the light after a week of all out lawlessness!!!

  6. Those idiot democrats have just turned their backs on the United States and the American people. Why is it that these laws or rules get to be set in stone. I say the American people should be the ones to vote on this matter. After all we Americans are the ones who will get hurt by this. I have worked all my life and draw very little social security and you mean to tell me that the illegals get welfare, food stamp, free healthcare and free housing? What about the Americans who are homeless and the ones in proverty. I will never trust you people in Washington. The only one working for us is President Trump and y’all are trying to screw that up. Just y’all get out of office and go to some foreign country and run for office over there, because we don’t want you here.

  7. For now, the democrats are not campaigning against the “police” they are campaigning against the “ICE” types. ICE agents are NOT police, although they announce themselves as police when they break into your house.

  8. Sedition at the least…and at most outright treason… It’s time to finally rid OUR REPUBLIC…note the emphasis…of this most dangerous plague, which has eaten away at the very fabric of a decent society, like the the malignancy it is !!

  9. Because if they let LAW enforcement do their jobs then the demo-RATS will not have the illegals to stuff the election boxes with illegal votes. And it is very possible if LAW enforcement were allowed to do their jobs a lot of Demo-RATS could end up in jail and many law making judges will be right with them.

  10. Bill called me in Oct.’16 and said for me not to vote for Hilly. He pointed to the problems in Sweden where the rate of
    rapes by Islamics (a.k.a. Muslims) has sky-rocketed. Apparently the women who run the country want their own raped
    maybe because there is a shortage of goats. Most women are poor disciplinarians and to vote one of them into office
    is a disgrace. The Swedish judiciary is reluctant in prosecuting the offenders. We welcome people from other nations if
    they are here to assimilate and don’t commit any crimes. However, entering any country without a permit will cause you
    to get arrested, not in the USA.

  11. These liberal DemoCRAPS want to ignore the law of the land, have no respect for law & order, so I say, screw them, time to get rid of them…..Dan Cannon, with your head up your ass, I can only hope the illegals you support, move into your neighborhood and make your a victim of their crimes…………….you sir, are an ASSHOLE……………..that is my opinion…….

  12. It is clear that certain people in govt.are using violent people to create evil acts.These are then used against law abiding citizens to do away with the first and second amendments.This kind of action is used by those that want a totalitarian rule.These people know exactly what they are doing.These folks are hateful.They despise good.All they want is money and power.We will pay the price if we let this continue.We didn’t get this way over night and it will take years to get back to sanity.We are about to go over the edge and when we hit the rocks we will be dead.Pray to God and repent..

  13. I say, let’s defund the democratic party. We already have the most lenient immigration laws in the world. Check to see what happens to illegals that are caught entering other countries. It’s not too much, to ask those that want to move here to go through the normalization process. We have the right to choose who we want to settle in our nation. Those that dopn’t like our policies can simply move to another nation, illegally, and see what they encounter.

  14. The democrats and democrats disguised as repubs , liberals, medias, snowflakes and Hollywood are the party and people for anti-America and of HATE! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES it causes fraudulent elections, civil unrest to push certain anti-America agendas. The lowering of standards to pacify hurts ALL! Yahoo and facebook was made by, to and For the dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes!

  15. “The idea of defunding ICE has gained traction among immigrant-rights groups horrified by the speed at which, under President Donald Trump, the agency has ramped up an already brutal deportation process.”

    legal immigrants have rights, illegals have ZERO rights under the constitution or the bill of rights

    deport all illegals and their kids – nobody should benefit from the proceeds of crime including the “innocent” children of illegals. after all, their parents committed the crime for the benefit of their children

  16. There is NO Democrat party it’s just a word that the communist hide behind! They will use anyone or anything to overthrow the great nation! You can see they protect Illigals who are putting this country farther and farther in debt to collapse our monatary system! These Illigals who are comming here for free stuff are running from their evil govt right back into the same kind of govt they ran from, buy voting for these thugs who are suckering them with American taxpayer stolen dollars! Are you one of those useful idiots? GOD bless America!

  17. I really can not add any more to the comments from above, they pretty much say it all, and I hope and pray that the average Joe Blow wakes up and see’s what is really going on.

  18. One incorrect statement is “The publication argues its case by viewing the issue through the eyes of a lawyer who filed the initial gay marriage case that became national law, and currently defends illegal immigrants from deportation” Although it is a common practice for Federal Courts to make new or change existing laws established by a duly elective body of legislators it is not an action supported by our Constitution. Our founders believed in the freedom from oppression that it was the first Article and I quote ” Article I,Section 1 All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives ” it then goes on establishing the requirements and selection of such persons. It is note worthy the Judiciary is not listed under this Sec 1 therefore they hold no constitutional authority. By the courts usurping the duties of elected Representatives they have denied the people the right to have a representation in establishing the laws that shall govern them.

  19. We need to get rid of these Leftist Idiots in California. Since they have no regard for Federal Laws or The Constitution, then that state should Secede from the rest of America. Nobody will miss them. In the meantime, to get them on the correct page, the Federal Government should stop ALL Monetary Assistance to that state. We can also cut off ALL of their Electrical Power and Water, most of which comes from out of state. See how well they do when no one is willing to support their idiocy.

  20. The Left will not be happy until they control all police agencies like they control the FBI and DOJ – and they call Presdient Trump the Nazi?

  21. I hope the Democrap Party goes down hard in the mid terms. I think that if that happens, they will begin to disappear in their current form. They will be forced to change their perspective and start trying to represent more of the people instead of trying to get enough splinter groups to win to vote for them. The whole party seems to me to be a rather low intellect party. Republicans are more intelligent but as a party they lack the spine to stand up and fight. That is where we conservatives come in. We need to keep voting more and more conservatives into office. We have a great opportunity in November. The Democraps have several seats that are vulnerable. McCaskel of Mo. is one that should easily fall. She should have the last time around but didn’t. Flake will be gone and can be replaced by a conservative as well. I think one of the Tenn. Senators, neither of which is worth a dam, is up as well or is going to retire. I think it is Corker. If we could get a good conservative to take his place, it would be good riddance and good luck. So lets everyone get out and vote in the primaries and again in the general election. This is a good oppertunity to put this Democrap Party, which is actually Communist and Fascist and Nazi in they way they wish to do things, down hard.

  22. Anyone who claims to be a democrat and believes that ice should be disbanded is a complete idiot!!! I use to be a democrat but they have went so lawless and promote this behavior that I had to withdraw my support. Every american should be outraged about this and should stand up for doing away of the democratic party.

  23. Democrats want to take over this country, they are the ones that want to be dictators of this country! They want you to follow their ways (which aren’t that great). They think of only themselves and immigrants, not the hard working Americans that have paid their salaries! They need to GO, this country can not live the way they want us to. They put fear into the people about gun owners, who by the way are in most points are great, they don’t go shooting up the country. Are problem is the illegal guns that are being bought on the streets, the FBI and CIA for not doing their jobs. The police new that boy had problems and they let things go, the FBI had gotten calls from this boy and didn’t do their job correctly and let him pass, to buy that gun! (Which they acknowledged that they dropped the ball) unexceptable) Yes it was horrible what happened, but banning guns is not the answer, because the bad guys will always get a gun! Time for the schools to do something to keep are children safe, and that’s not a bucket of rocks! Metal detectors, an alarm system to let the teachers know if something is going on to have a way to protect the children faster! And I think guns are needed to fight back! You have retired military willing to man the schools for free…. take advantage of it, you pay guards, and they go hide that’s really helping! Their things that can help start using them , sad to say, but whatever works to keep children , people in general safe!

  24. how sad it is that part of our congress are thinking strictly of themselves and not our country..

  25. Sadly this is no surprise.
    Police are killing so many unarmed innocent people and the police Body Cams and Cruiser Cams all with voice recordings are showing the police to be Psychopathic murders if not hysterical fools looking for any excuse to kill anyone – with impunity – and so many of these killers have discipline records that show if they had been properly fired before hand the deaths wold not have happened.

  26. California politicians are the most vile disgusting in the country. It is unbelievable that some legislatures or cities had issued that if a business co-operates with ICE, or federal people to use E-VERIFY, or does not obstruct raids , they be fined, or lose their business license and or be arrested by local police.
    How insane do these politicians get? The very first act of major democrat states is take away our guns to they have no resistance when they come to arrest decent abiding citizens, and let criminals whom are here illegal free.
    Oregon is trying to get on a ballot to confiscate every ones guns, hunters included and I wonder how they plan on doing that? What is next we will only have one party in Oregon, because they already rule out independents from voting in Primaries.
    All west coast states are failing, and nothing is going to get better till either conservatives are killed, or in jail. California, Oregon , and Washington are so far in debt that they will be bankrupt just like Ill. or all the other democrat controlled states.

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