Do Most Americans REALLY Back the Green New Deal?

A poll released in December 2018 stated that the overwhelming majority of voters from both political parties were in favor of the Green New Deal. However, new facts have come to light that show that the poll, which conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, was far from unbiased.

The introductory paragraph to the Green New Deal survey sounds far more like a promotional brochure than an unbiased description. It tells respondents that some members of Congress are proposing a Green New Deal to produce jobs, strengthen the economy, speed up the transition to clean, renewable energy, upgrade the energy grid and boost energy efficiency. It also tells respondents that the Green New Deal will upgrade buildings and transportation infrastructure, invest in green technology research and provide training for new jobs in the green new economy. Sounds nice, right?

One would be hard pressed to find an individual who isn’t in favor of improving the economy and the environment at the same time. Producing jobs is also great, as is improving the nation’s infrastructure. However, the glowing description of the Green New Deal doesn’t provide much information for respondents to go by.

The truth is that there is much more to the Green New Deal than the survey let on, and when these details are known, most people who stated that they are in favor of the Green New Deal would be likely to oppose it.

For instance, the Green New Deal proposal to retrofit every single building in the United States for maximum energy efficiency has been decried not only as insanely expensive, but also completely impossible. The government cannot mandate that building owners carry out certain types of repairs and renovations on their properties, additionally, zoning laws and historic preservation laws would actually make certain types of repairs and renovations illegal. As the state of California has recently discovered, making homeowners install solar panels on homes drives up the cost of housing. In fact, civil rights leaders are already suing California because the state’s climate policies are hurting poor residents.

The idea of forcibly upgrading all existing buildings isn’t the only one that would wreak havoc on Americans throughout the country. The Green New Deal calls for the ultimate elimination of airline travel, a move that would also eliminate 11 million jobs associated with that industry. The 1.1 million people who work in the fossil fuels industry would also be left jobless.

As former governor and current Florida Senator Rick Scott accurately points out, the Green New Deal would decimate local tourist industries, reducing the amount of money that states would have available to spend on environmental improvement. It is estimated that the entire deal would cost a whopping $93 trillion dollars to implement.

It is worth noting that, once the facts behind the Green New Deal became public, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the congresswoman who was originally behind the plan, almost immediately deleted the resolution from her website. The truth is that while many of the proposals included in the Green New Deal sound good on paper, they either wouldn’t work in the real world or would cause unimaginable pain and suffering to the very people that the deal is meant to help.

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40 thoughts on “Do Most Americans REALLY Back the Green New Deal?”

  1. Democratic socialist are communist to the core; they and their RINO side-kicks do not care about the world nor the people and other creatures therein: all they care about is the power to lord and rule over all things in the heavens above and upon the earth therein!

  2. Why are we the people letting these brainless people into OUR government? The people who voted for them should not be able to vote forever.

    1. These so called “people” are sub-human stench that supported bo’s 8 year treasonous cesspool of libturd dems that are now the #1 internal enemy wannabe dictators ! The brain dead dems like the feminist 7 in the house of rats are the prime examples of socialist, commie deceit to destroy U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights using illegal foreigner as cronies for abused power … ! These dumb asses are creating an act of war using illegals as weapons of mass destruction by entering the U.S.A. illegally to create criminal attacks that can destroy U.S.A. laws ! The bo 8 years proved his 78 blatant violations of U.S. laws & Constitutional amendments were the excuse for dems to lie,cheat & steal U.S. Citizens tax $$’s to create “witch hunt” cover up investigation to hide bo & hilary crimes of treason ! Now these 2 instigators are still free to conspire idiots like cortez & the feminist 7 to continue their treasonous attacks .. ! The dem’s crimes are treason and execution is the justice ! Hang ’em all high in public view as treason examples ! There has to be prosecution & justice for all these destructive & treasonous criminals !

    1. All of islam was outlawed in 1952 signed by POTUS Truman ! bo’s 8 years ignored & violated the law that let any illegal foreigner into the U.S.A. ! These muslims attacked U.S. Constitutional laws with their sharia law created by their muhammid murdering cult to be dictators over the world of infidels {non believers} of their satanic whims for murdering, genocide crimes like their support for nazi hitler in WW2 ! The muslims are terror dictators like commies or any other instigator to destroy world Freedom and Rights ! No tolerance for any dictator & THEIR DEMISE is the ONLY SOLUTION FOR WORLD FREEDOM & PEACE ON EARTH ! HANG ’em high in public view as examples !


    1. Ethel; She has proven to be a brain dead feminist moron like all the other dumb ass dems that voted the stench of deceitful wannabe dictators into our congress with other stupid ass libards & rinos of abused power for own whims ! Remember this deceitful stench started with bo & hilary treason conspiring dems to be wannabe dictator enemies .. !

  4. No, she needs to go back to New York and stay there. Maybe she can get her job back tending bar, but I doubt it, even the drunks are to smart for her to deal with.

  5. I looked up scientific data on climate change and there are reams of claims of it’s validity using NASA as their source ; but then I looked up ‘polar ice cap’ and NASA claims that since 1979 when they started measuring it’s thickness which was at it’s highest level , there has BEEN NO decrease and it actually increased in 2012, but no mention of this in the zealots HOAX.

  6. only a complete communist MORON would back the new green deal. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO ???? damn !

  7. The media an our government have big problems you can’t trust the media because they are only telling you what they want you to hear an the congressman an senators don’t want to loose there great positions one term retirement fll pay for life an health care for life. Now why would anyone want to give that up. Shit 20 years of laying your life on the line 24/7 only gets you half pay an 80%

  8. Nobody in their right mind believes the New Green Deal will work! She wants to bankrupt the US!! What a moron! Farting Cows!? So she wants to get rid of cows she was just photographed in a restaurant eating burgers with her minions!?!? Airplanes Seriously!?! She flys around the Country in them all of the time!! And wants us to have electric cars?! Who can afford the electricity it takes to charge them! Your bill goes up an extra $500 per month!!!! And where is the electricity gonna come from!? Windmills!?! Where are you gonna dispose of all of those batteries!?!? Hum….??? And I see this Hypocrite in luxury SUVs all over the place!! Awwwwww I get it!!! This Bill is only for everyone EXCEPT for Democrats Right!?! Do as I say not as I do!!! I get it!!!! NOT! Go F yourself you self righteous Bitch and go back to pole dancing I just saw your Poll numbers!! Now doing very well are we AOC HYPOCRITE!!!!

    1. So we have a problem with farting cows then how come AOC didn’t include farting bulls, or farting humans? There are over 6 Billion humans on this planet and they all fart. I fart a lot and no doubt AOC farts, her Democrat colleagues fart, Republicans fart, Trump farts, etc. etc. Cabbage eaters and beer drinkers all fart prodigiously. How are we going to stop all this activity? How much will it cost?

    2. Hi Eddie,You are my new hero!Said it all in a way that makes the “green schmeil” sound as ridiculous as it really is!All I could mutter is what the hell?I am waiting for the democratic fart police to knock on my door as I am an avid fartmeister.Have a great day!!!

  9. Pray that Trump gets reelected in 2020…Give him the house as well…everyone that loves this country needs to get out and vote….

    1. I only vote for republicans, i would never vote for democrats, i don’t want to see the fall of this country.

  10. No!!! The democrat party is showing just how useless and stupid they are!!! They took the house because illegals and non-citizens voted in OUR election! Of course that is why they don’t want VOTER ID!!!

  11. I simply can not understand why all the “scientific data” claims we’re responsible for climate change! I’ll admit we haven’t been friendly to the earth & lots could & possibly should be done to slow down global warming; however, the earth has had cycles from extreme cold & everything frozen to arid, everything dying from heat, etc. for centuries & it’s not going to stop those cycles no matter what we do!! Even the kids movies deal with the cycles so why can’t supposedly smart people accept this?? No one was around to see the last Ice Age or the following cycles because each takes thousands of years but we have scientific data showing they occur! OAC & her crazy ideas are being fed to her by someone ’cause this woman hasn’t the brains to come up with all this on her own!! Unfortunately, the people coming out of college for the last several years have been brainwashed to the wonders of Socialism, large majority of them live in apartments so aren’t home owners — no property taxes, no idea of cost of updating homes, etc. & no desire to learn about the “real world” so they swallow this hog wash whole! This country is in a world of hurt because the people are being fed a line of BS & I don’t see it ending well. If the Dems take the Presidency, Senate & House in 2020 we are truly doomed!!

    1. Jackie D. Although I for the most part, agree with your sentiment, I disagree with your premise.How could “data” be responsible for climate change? How can there be things you “know” without having ever been there, or lived at that time? Why accept ANY information that comes from the geniuses that use “computer Models” to form a hypothesis? My take on weaponized propaganda which is used to make a false point, politically, is that it is a hoax created with the intention to manipulate people, and wield power that comes from legislation that results from it. When you get the power, you then control the money.

  12. First off with the censoring I get continually I doubt this will be read .
    Obviously anyone who wants this deal has not given it much thought as to their lives will be affected .
    Really read it ! No vehicles at all in 10 years . That’s why she’s says we will all be dead in 12 years
    Because all life will cease to exist in America . Think about what you have and how you get it . No car no job . No vehicles no food as there are over 8 trucks and countless tractors involved in the production of our food just to get it to the grocery stores . The only people who will survive are our enemies who will not be bound by this foolish deal . They will continue to eat and live while we die .
    Then one day they will drive on our soil and it will be there’s .
    Hopefully God will take over before the morons kill us all

  13. It costs about $ 60,000 to install a 10KW system on your roof. The cost recovery ids about 80% in about 5 years based on a return of about 3 times the commercial rate for electricity. This is based on the system I have installed. So you are farming the subsides here and your power company co-customers and state tax payers get the privilege of contributing to your capital coats. This is based on my system here in WA. Returns will probably look better in California but you cannot get around the initial high installation cost. It does however allow me to tell my ‘green’ friends to “walk the walk” which virtually all of them choose NOT to do.

    1. Ted Quirk, please translate for me. “recovery ids about”……..ids?
      “farming the subsides here”…………???
      “capital coates”……….???
      Let me guess, you’re an example of outcome based education.

  14. AOC yuck! She is following the UN’s New world order/agenda 21/ Comprehensive plan (those are three of the names the green plan hides under). Which actually means we lose our nation from the type of government we have been under since the founding fathers, to a socialist/communist one.

  15. I may be the only one to point it out, but seriously, the vast majority of our population here in America, have no clue who AOS is, and have never read anything on “climate change” or “man-made global warming” let alone have some kind of 2nd hand knowledge of some “green new deal”. People who actually work for a living, not their mouth, don’t have much time to read news commentary. I am an exception, I guess, but in my daily interaction with people, I find a miniscule amount that give a hoot about anything outside of work if it doesn’t include beer, cigarettes, smokin dope, bars, sports, chasing tail, or some kind of pervy sex. It’s no wonder that this country is in the shape it’s in, and is headed in the direction it is. Liberalism is killing off what little freedom we have left, and if the voters in this country don’t start living like we want the country to survive for another 10, or 20 years, we better start living for what matters and stop living for the here and now.

  16. The left always lies. Especially with their statistics. No, most Americans know the green deal is ridiculous. Just like everything the dems are promoting. They are the party of crazy, ridiculous rants. Even listening to the comments is enlightening. Passion is high in dem land, in intelligence, not so much.

  17. Of course Americans do not support the green deal. The dems are doing their usual reaction to questions. Lieing. Just try reading their comments. They are full of passion, in intelligence, not so much. A lot of insane rhetoric, threats, and idiotic comparisons. Please fellow Americans, read these comments. If nothing else, the inarticulate rantings of the left will by itself convert you to conservatism.

  18. The world ends every day for many people for various reasons. Mass panic and mind control to predict our endings is just used by scrupulous people to gain
    Self power and control. If we let these people gain control with their wild ideas their lives improve as the masses are led (fooled) into demeaning existence. We have seen it for our selfs. Latest Venezuela where
    Socialism has destroyed this country. If young people today where exposed to world history they would see
    What has happened in the past with radicalizing masses. But instead they are encouraged to destroy any thing that depicts real history. They have become a lost generation with no foundation and are leading free people into eventual slavery!

  19. Cathy Rose ; Yes Venezuela is a prime example of socialism and the destruction to destroy people that believed they would get a free ride by a dictator that destroyed Freedom & Rights ! Socialism has proved to be a 1st step to a total dictatorship or monarchy ruled totalitarian abused power by royal asses destroying peoples lives and Freedom ! Now any U.S. citizen that supports socialism is total stupidity that creates their own demise or enslavement by a dictator !

  20. The only Green Deal AOC is referring to is the amount of green that her and her boyfriend can fleece us out of. They have gotten a $885,000,00 start good idea of the intent of the bartender, follow the money to the Swamp!

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