Do-Nothing Democrats Are Already Planning a SECOND Impeachment

As Democrats face defections and almost certain failure in a Senate trial, extremists are already planning a relentless onslaught of impeachment hoaxes.

It’s an open secret that House Democrats have been plotting impeachment from the moment President Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The liberal rallying cry was “resist and obstruct,” while partisans lay the groundwork for the phony, $32 million Russia witch hunt. Unable to accept the will of American voters, congressmen such as Texas Rep. Al Green, California Rep. Adam Schiff, and New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, among others, sought to negate the election by any means necessary.

With zero evidence of wrongdoing then, or now, Rep. Green introduced articles of impeachment as early as May 2017. Green’s seething hatred of the president has been put on public display and well-documented in the media. Although he was joined by other fringe radicals, his desire to mount an insurgent coup against the president was put in abeyance until Democrats took the House majority in 2018. Everyday Americans knew shortly after the election outcome that Democrats had already made up their minds to impeach the president, even in the absence of a high crime or misdemeanor. Having concocted a false narrative that the president has somehow committed “abuse of power,” Democrats recognize they face another certain defeat. Impeachment 2.0 appears to already be in the works.

“My prayer is that the Senate will take the articles seriously, that the President will be found guilty, and he’ll be removed from office, but if he isn’t, the constitution allows for additional articles of impeachment to be filed,” Rep. Green said. “There is no limit on the number of the times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president. No limit to the number of times a House can vote to impeach, or not, a president. So, my belief is that the speaker will probably say we are going to move forward with what we have now, but we are not going to end investigations and that there may be a possible opportunity to do other things at a later time.”

Rep. Green has repeatedly pushed that “racism” be included in the phony articles of impeachment despite the fact that the president’s America First policies have delivered historical benefits and opportunities to African-Americans and Latino-Americans. And Green is not the only Democrat champing at the bit to continue the impeachment witch hunt until their last political breath is spent. California Rep. Karen Bass recently went on the record claiming she believes the president is a Russian operative and getting his bank records would give her, and fellow Democrats, another bite at the impeachment apple. The Golden State congresswoman is making something of a name for herself as a conspiracy theorist and had this to say about a possible impeachment 2.0.

“So, you know, yes, but I don’t think it would be exactly the same and here’s why. Because even though we are impeaching him now, there’s still a number of court cases, there’s a ton of information that could come forward. For example, we could get his bank records and find out that he’s owned 100 percent by the Russians,” Rep. Bass said. “It might not be the same articles of impeachment because the odds are, we would have a ton more information, and then the odds of that, sadly enough, is that, you know, he probably has other examples of criminal behavior.”

As mass murderer Joseph Stalin once said, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” The extremists running the Democratic Party do not have the sense of decency, fundamental fairness, or rule of law to stop their political persecution of the wildly successful president.

But the few moderate Democrats running for re-election in Trump strongholds are already planning to defect. A group of vulnerable candidates are calling for a censure vote that would not include articles of impeachment. That would amount to a middle-of-the-road solution to appease the extremists and, potentially, keep the House majority in 2020. Democrat reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey are expected to break ranks. Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin, among others, appear to be on the fence while weighing political survival.

As many as 18 Democrats are already expected to resist and obstruct their own party’s impeachment hoax, making a Senate trial uncertain. Upwards of 31 Democrats are seeking re-election in districts won by President Trump. They have yet to pass a meaningful piece of legislation since gaining the House majority in 2018.

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24 thoughts on “Do-Nothing Democrats Are Already Planning a SECOND Impeachment”

  1. Some how the money for these types needs to be cut off. This taxpayer wants congress to do
    the peoples business, not their business

    1. What bureau of feds controls a treasonous dem house of thieves that continue to steal tax $$’s to creates phony, no reason impeachment against our voted POTUS ? This is dereliction of duty by the house dems being voted to represent U.S. Citizens not the chosen few libtards whims for revenge when their stench of hilary lost the 2016 election ! The dems are now internal enemies to be prosecuted for treason … !

    2. yes.Their hatred of President Donald Trump is the most important detail of this absurd impeachment charge and they think that is enough without any evidence that warrants it. They hate that he is bringing the economy to the greatest point in recent history, trying to stop illegals ( their voters) from just coming into our country committing crimes including murders and the liberal Democrats turn them loose to kill again. Trump has changed the way our country has been taken advantage of with trade deals, so that we the people are getting the best deals and not letting all these countries push us to accept the absurd deals. Maybe it’s because of the favors and corruption on the part of the Swamp they have gotten in the past ! This is all leading to the point of that we need TERM LIMITS so that these liberal democrats pushing impeachment don’t think they have superior power to do what they want and screw our people and country for their benefit. Stay strong Mr. President ( my president) and continue to bring our country back to the greatness we have had in the past ! And thank YOU and your family, especially the First Lady, for enduring the absurd treatment that all of you have endured and don’t deserve !!

      1. They DO hate him…if not for the sold out Main Sewer Stream Fake Media, their Gestapo censorship allies in social media and the anti Constitutional judges appointed by previous presidents, especially the last,running interference for the “felons”, the entire corrupt establishment would be in jail. Hillary’s pay to play, kick backs on foreign aid and money laundering apparently has become the “norm” in DC. How DARE TRUMP upset the cash cow???

  2. By ignoring the USMCA legislation for the last 13 months, over 40,000 families have been denied employment and the hope of the American dream. The do nothing Democrats should, personally, bear the burden of this debacle.

  3. It is beginning to feel like there are a certain number of Dems who actually just learned a couple of new words, like impeachment and emolluments, and try to work them into as many sentences they can, so they can fit in with the ‘big kids’. Kind of like the 7 year old who learns some curse words and tried to use them as often as possible in front of the 9 year olds.

  4. Rep Green must pray to the same Satan as Nancy Pelosi. Be careful. He clothes you in gold then melts it to burn your soul.

  5. The Do Nothing Democrats should be serving PRISON time for the FIRST Impeachment attempt, CRIMES against the POTUS, TREASON and SEDITION. The second attempt should put these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS in HANDCUFFS, heading for a PRISON cell for trial. This is nothing more than an ILLEGAL COUP. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  6. These DUMBOCRATS seem to think they will have a majority after the election—I disagree—but that is the only way they can have a do-over impeachment and I do not think it will happen. After the Mueller and this sham of an impeachment inquiry America has seen for itself just how pathetic the DUMBOCRATS are and opnly someone with 1/2 a brain would vote for them…

  7. America is at the crossroads of becoming communist with autocratic rule as their purpose. Right now you already see that the voting rights of the people are being abused by the democrats. They completely shoved the outcome of the voter under the rug and said you have no right to vote as an individual with brains, but you vote as I say so completely brainwashed by the party. So to the ones that have an inkling of gusto left in them, see through the set up from the apartheid democrats and fight with all might for your voting rights. Once you have lost that you have lost your freedom. It is that serious. If the do nothing democrats get their way the citizens of America will be enslaved. They will work to be a member of the EU and than we are a step closer to one world government, one world banking system and to the world wide implant of the chip. Bye bye freedom. Total enslavement world wide. Know too vote, how too vote, and for whom too vote. coming 2020. Vote Freedom, Vote for the electoral collage, Vote to keep the constitution, vote for the Law of the righteous not the Law as I say so. No tier Justice as it now exist. VOTE MAGA.

  8. it is time to end this BS and for them to start doing the job they are paid to do. the American people are suffering because of this BS. now they say they will continue this even if Trump gets re-elected they will continue with impeachment processes. please voters. get these people out of office so that America can move forward and the seniors and working class can get a better healthcare and drug prices. please!

  9. Let me see:
    They fake stuff and get FISA to start an investigation and appoint an Obama FBI dude to run it. Mueller flips around changes the scope so many times that a CPA can not keep up and it flops.
    Then we get Schiff an Pelosi impeachment circus complete with the googlly eyes bubblhrad and the crazy lady.
    NOW we hear the Democrats have yet another scam impeachment. So that means the Schmitt show is not expected to make it? OK, does anyone else see this? We the people demand Congress do business and stop politics. Also we want a refund- give us back all wages and expenses paid since 2014.

  10. It’s a shame the Democratic Party is so hateful and yet they continue to bully you me the President I wasn’t a fan of President Obama but I tolerated and respects the office he held and now they are opening hateful and pushing bullying the Americans into their agendas it’s shameful and I will not be a party to the Democratic Party and will never vote democratic again #drain the swamp that President Trump inherited #this is decades of political abuse

  11. The democRATS have stated that if this impeachment doesn’t work they will just launch another one over something else after all it is only taxpayers money they are wasting not theirs, the only way the American people are going to put a stop to this insanity is to vote every democrat out of office that is running for reelection in 2020, vote a straight republican ticket in 2020 in order to get Trump the support he needs when he wins reelection, if the democRATS continue to hold the house and maybe take the senate it will do no good to reelect Trump because the democRATS will never work with him, they have proved that in the last two years, so please do every person in America that wants to see progress continue in this nation vote republican, democRATS will turn this country a socialist hellhole if they win

  12. The media are the Democrats Cheerleaders, time for Conservatives to retaliate against the Media, CNN is the place to start. CNN are owned by AT&T, and the Chief Executive Officer is Randall L. Stephenson. Randall L. Stephenson allows CNN’s embarrassing ineptness, he and the board do nothing, they praise Jeff Zucker, and Jim Acosta, two big incompetent wanna be communists.
    I suggest we flood the financial sites criticizing CNN and Randal for his allowing that to happen!!

  13. When is someone in DC going to start prosecuting all these democrats who should be already in jail?????
    Let’s all get out and vote every democrat out of office in 2020!!!!! Vote RED. MAGA!!!!

  14. I don’t understand how those useless democrats can even do what they’re doing, how is it legal? They shouldn’t be allowed to waste taxpayers’ money and everybody’s time. It’s all totally ridiculous. Their kangaroo court is getting completely out of hand now and the idea that they are going to continue doing this is just crazy. These libtards and communists need to be arrested and thrown into jail for what they’re doing.

    1. Since when has laws or the U.S. Constitution ever kept the democrats aka National Socialist from defecating on both.

  15. I have said it before and probably will have to say it again. By the Constitution, it is the president’s task to execute the laws as written. If the democrats want him to execute the laws they want, then they need to change the existing laws. That is their job, by the Constitution. They are supposed to write the laws. If President Trump did as President Obama did and used executive mandates, then they might have a case for abuse of power. He hasn’t done that. If he was preventing Congress from writing and passing laws, then they would have a case for obstruction of Congress. He hasn’t done THAT! The House has no case and no cause, other than Orange Man Bad!

    Face it, the House Democrats are the ones creating the problems. They should either be voted out or held accountable for their own actions. If you want to talk about racism, they are racist against Orange People. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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