Does Bernie Sanders Stand any Real Chance in 2020?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is back in the spotlight this week after news of a planned presidential runs made headlines.

As 2020 draws closer, the 76-year-old “democratic socialist” could be planning to run for president. If elected, he would be 79 years old at his inauguration. Sanders would run against current President Trump if he was able to secure the Democratic nomination. If he served two terms, he could be 87 by the time the following president takes office. His advanced age and hard left leanings don’t seem to effect his supporters and those who rally around him – hopeful speculation continues to swirl around him as 2020 draws closer.

Sanders originally ran for the Democratic ticket in the 2016 election. Rumors about back room dealing and manipulation by Hillary Clinton and compatriots kept the senator from securing the top spot in the primaries, despite a strong showing in the polls. The 2020 election could be another chance for Sanders to compete for the top spot in the nation. Because of Sander’s age, 2020 could also be his last chance to run for president or compete in a primary election.

Polls for 2020 are already underway, and Sanders is emerging as a clear favorite among Democrats, according to the Blaze. Sanders supporters are heading towards the next election with confidence — several candidates aligned with his socialist leanings won 2018 elections. Sanders continues to have support from millennials and young people. Early reports indicate that he also has strong support among Hispanic and African American voters. This would be a change from Sanders status in the 2016 campaign; he had the youthful vote, but failed to connect with Latino and African American voters of other ages.

Free college and universal healthcare were just a few of the highlights of Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. While the senator promised to deliver everything from free tuition to income equality, the numbers failed to add up. Despite the math, Sanders is likely to run on the same promises and principles this time around. Concerns about paying for these programs appear to be a secondary issue for Sander’s supporters.

In 2016, the Democratic National Committee created a unity commission comprised of supporters of both Sanders and eventual winner Hillary Clinton. The DNC also placed rules that might make things more difficult for Sanders and other independents in the future and continued to allow so-called “superdelegates” to select the party’s presidential candidate. This decision led to a loss for Sanders; Clinton would secure the nomination but go on to lose the presidency to Donald Trump.

Sanders would presumably run as a Democrat just as he did in 2016. While he caucuses with the party, he maintains an independent status. He was accepted into the party in Vermont last year. While the Sanders team continues to avoid directly answering queries about his plans to run for the nation’s top office, speculation continues and a flurry of activity suggests the septuagenarian will try again in 2020.

~ Conservative Zone

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37 thoughts on “Does Bernie Sanders Stand any Real Chance in 2020?”

  1. This over the Hill Idiot has been a loser for how long,
    If Killary a.k.a. Hitlery Clinton, I thought she was dead already, made “mince meat” out of him, why anyone else, especially My Trump couldn’t embarrass him?

        1. That’s for sure, now there is a video showing him celebrating his honeymoon (without shirt) I Russia, a real communist!!!

          1. Hillary and Bernie and Barack, Joe, the glasses wearing narcissist of BS, Beto the talking F-man are the abortion clinic of Pres. nominations. Hillary, Pelosi, and Maxine, we are to smart for you.

        2. POOR POOR BERNIE…………He let HC walk all over him and give him the BIG CALIFORNIA SHAFT……….He has no clue on how to run the USA, as he was unable to convince the voters that he had anything to offer except his inefficient empty head……..

  2. Besides, Bernie Sanders is so ugly that even his dead mother wouldn’t acknowledge him of being at one time her monster fetus, lol..

  3. Bernie Sanders is a total Nut Job from his head to his toes. Zero knowledge of history, economics ,free markets, national sovereignty, geo-political systems, and ultimately of Reality !
    This wacko is a serious threat to destroy our great nation..

  4. I believe that even if Bernie Saunders is elected, his advanced age and the stress of POTUS would be too much. Who his running mate will be is more my concern, literally 1 heartbeat away from the Presidency.


  6. Why do these commenters attack Bernie personally ?? Is it because his policys and beliefs are better and more compassionate than the GOP and Trumptards can come up with ?

    1. socialism won’t work in a free enterprise system. look at history, look what happened in Germany, look whats going on in Venezuela . wake up, we the people cannot pay for everything. GO TRUMP

    2. They attack him personally because HE–the PERSON–is a threat to this country. I was once a communist, and I’m here to tell you in no uncertain terms: Bernie Sanders is a COMMUNIST. Period. And either YOU are also a communist, or you are what the communists call a “useful idiot,” one who carries the water for the communists without having a clue that that’s what he’s doing. There. How’s that for an answer. If you can read, read up on the Frankfurt School, Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky (the self-described “small-c communist”). That’ll tell you everything you need to know.

  7. Putting Sanders aside, there are several liberals who promote his agenda and worse. Young people are being brainwashed to liberal thinking and socialism being good, equality and “entitlement”, not privilege. They don’t consider how it will be paid for, just free, free, free! It starts in high school, if not before. “Education” to day is a slow indoctrination into alternative values. These young people will vote for socialism, which is the goal. Then it’s the end of the USA.

  8. And I quess unregulated capitalism, where all the gains go to the already rich is any better and gives the 98 percent a chance.. Get out from under your rocks, read a REAL NEWS !!

  9. Bruce… about going on a factual study of history and the rise and fall of nations , before you post a moronic statement ….
    Get a real life dude !

    1. Hillary, your daughter Chelsea, does not look like Bill and You, is Rex Hubble the real father, the face and nose looks like his, Hillary you are an obortion to yourself.

  10. The German children were indoctrinated into hitlers warped ideas. They turned on parents and friends if the didn’t follow hitlers ideology which exactly what’s happening now. Unfortunately the liberals are like the 4th Reich. They want to murder full term babies, persecute the Jews, and encite racial discord. They want to let all illegals in our country and over run America. They are out to destroy America and elimate God from our culture

  11. Sanders policies are corrupt. Millenniums that support him do not understand the word of democracy. They should read the Constitution and the Amendments. Socialist does not work. They should go to Russia, Cuba, China, etc. and feel some pain.

  12. Kudos to Conservative Zone. This is a balanced, fact-based essay, without obvious bias or malice (not so the scary header). Most of your readership, it seems, is camped out in the unhinged realm.

  13. The young people who supported Sanders are the future of the US, and it would be wise to look and see what they found so attractive about his campaign issues, but doing wise things is not Conservative. While Conservatives only look at the bad things about countries that call their governments Socialist, but really are not, such as in Venezuala where the leaders chose to enrich themselves rather than to provide for the future of the country, and take this to be the rule rather than the exception by totally ignoring the most successful countries in the world – those in Scandinavia, which are almost too quiet because they have no protests in the streets, regardless of who is in power, the governments remain popular, where in the US we are decending into chaos with the divisions in the society rather than having common goals, and are heading toward failure by not preparing for the future, but rather doing the Capitalist thing to taking short term gain over long term sustainability. For example, I only paid a fraction of the value of my education while I was in College, but earned a great deal more than the people who did not have college educations when I completed mine so paid much higher taxes.- my goal was to reach the 50% tax bracket so that I would have more discretionary money. Now, there is no 50% for anyone, and working people are falling behind as shown by the fact that most families cannot raise $400 in cash at the end of a pay period because wages have not kept up with the cost of living. Free higher education is not a free ride but an investment on the future; Now because of the high tuition, we are in worse shape than we were in 1957 when Eisenhower created the first student loan programs to train teachers, engineers and scientists that were needed to create NASA, and other programs which actually showed how exceptional the people of the US were. In the last election, the voters had the choice between Trump and immigration, and chose a House with goals to actually make the welfare of the people supreme over more concentration of wealth and power and being fearful. We are seeing what 40 years of Conservative governments has brought us – the top 5% of the wealthiest control over 90% of the nations wealth, but do not pay their fair share to taxes to balance the budget and the people voted for their health over keeping the wealthy, wealthy. Trump got exactly what he was offered before the shutdown when he finally let it end, and no matter how long he holds his breath is not going to get anymore in 2 weeks. The next shutdown will, at most, last 1 day because almost no federal employees will show up for work. If he tries to steal money from other areas, the effort will be blocked by the courts until he can provide facts to support his out rageous claims. The seizure of the drugs yesterday came at a border crossing and not out in some desert, so the existing system is working. The $5 Billion would go a long way toward training the teachers that will be needed over the next 10 years, or to educate and train the new doctors that are already needed to care for an aging population. Now that there are no more taxes to be cut, how is the GOP going to stay in power?

    1. Oh my goodness! Where to start… The Scandinavian that you mention have already come up and set the record straight. They are offended by anybody calling their countries “socialist” and they are quick to point they are not. They are free market economies which have chosen to pay a big price tag for social entitlements that are now coming back to haunt them. Now, after decades they are starting to be weary because the money is running out. They are not replacing their population, less young people are getting into the workforce and generating capital. Now they are starting to turn back the gears on social welfare. As Margaret Tatcher once said: “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Hugo Chavez ran a socialist platform and as soon as he was in power he created the chavistas, leaders of neighborhoods and blocks that were in charge of propaganda, indoctrination and supplying the people with free stuff. He started nationalizing industry and scaring away investment from the country. Like President Trump said in 2017 speech to the ONU: The problem with Venezuela is not that socialism didn’t work, on the contrary, it worked! It did what it supposed to do. Every socialist country in history has turned communist and soon stops holding elections and the ones in power become dictators. Follow the steps of Mexico, they just elected their first openly socialist president. I predict that in 10 years Mexico will become another Venezuela. The worst thing of all: every single socialist and communist regime persecute Christians, kill pastors and priests, close down Christian churches and suppress the natural freedom of religion and speech of their citizens. Socialism is a scourge and a curse for any country. Every single country that has tried the system has paid dearly with millions of deaths and genocide. From Mao’s cultural revolution, to the C’mere rouge in Cambodia, to the gulags in the USSR, to the death squads in Mexico which murdered 5000 priests in the 1920’s, and I could go on and on and on. Not knowing history will make you want to commit the same mistakes over and over again. If you want to get out of the rat race and stop living paycheck to paycheck, muster some courage, do your homework and start investing in the stock market, put your money to work for you instead of you working so hard for the money. You will never be able to do this in a socialist country.

  14. Unfortunately, history shows that the right only wakes up to vote in significant numbers about once every twenty years. If anyone doubts this, I refer you to the recent midterms.

  15. There are millions of men in this country, that gave up significant portions of their life to defend the USA against socialism and communism.
    Sanders. AOC Harris Booker, all of these life forms are bound for a face to face with them

  16. Never bet that something is a sure thing. Thinking that way leads to taking your eye off the ball, and taking your eye off the ball leads to the ball going where you believe it will not go. For this reason, we must fight to assure such losers are prevented from winning. In addition, watch Warren. And watch AOC and Kamala very closely. These two are following the same path as Obama. They are unknowns on the national stage and suddenly the spotlight is on them. They have no real achievements in politics. We know that Kamala slept her way into politics according to her mentor, the bad bad Willie Brown of San Francisco. Compare these two to how Obama became POTUS.

  17. Assuming he doesn’t Kick the bucket first. If he makes it to the nomination, Donald Trump will mop the floor with him. Run, Bernie, Run!

  18. Why are so many of them jumping on the 2020 bandwagon? They absolutely know none of them will make it against The Donald. They are banking on fraudulent elections. In Texas, the AG ordered a review of 95 thousand voters registered that are NOT US citizens, how many of them voted in 2016 and in 2018 midterms is unknown. In California, Judicial Watch just won a lawsuit against the State for fraudulent elections and corrupted voter rolls. They will have to purge 1.5 million voters from their rosters. There were reported fraud activity in almost every state in 2016 and 2018. They are gearing up enlisting Google and Facebook to rig the elections. That’s where they are putting their money in and that is why they are so eager to make it to the nomination, to the point that they will start to literally eat each other out. Hillary had the election in her pocket. All the media was absolutely for her and she was almost tasting victory, she had the fireworks prepared and everything. What happened election night was a miracle. Thousands of Catholics fasted, prayed rosaries and novenas, Cardinal Burke convoked thousands of Catholics to a 54-day novena for the elections. In my parish,my priest asked the whole parish to pray a novena to the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the USA right up to the day of the election.God snatched the election away from Hellary, He was merciful to us and gave us Donald Trump. I’m already praying for his re-election, and pray daily for his protection and that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, destroy and squash his enemies. If there are good faithful Catholics here (not phony cafeteria ones) start praying your rosaries now for MAGA 2020.

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