Doing Business in California Just Became Much More Difficult

If you operate a business in California with 5 or more employees, after January 1, 2018, under SB 396, you must post a notice regarding transgender rights. If your company employs 50 or more people, your already mandatory sexual harassment prevention training must include a component of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

So, what if your business manufactures religious supplies or is founded on biblical principles, which reside in traditional family values? Refuse to post that sign, and you’ll be breaking the law. Your company management must pay homage to the California Fair Employment and Housing Council’s definition of “gender identity.”

“Gender Identity,” according to the definition, is a person’s internal understanding of and identification with gender, which may include male, female, a combination of male and female, neither male nor female, a gender different from the person’s sex assigned at birth, or transgender.”

So, Chick-Fil-A, a corporation founded on Christian principles, must comply with the foregoing and respect a “neither male nor female” employee’s decision to identify with poultry.

If you don’t want to post notices that codify that insane psychobabble, don’t open a business in California. Truly, the inmates are in charge of the asylum, and it’s getting worse.

Businesses Deserting in Droves

In fact, many businesses are leaving California because of other draconian measures. Writing for Fox & Hounds, an online publication that keeps tabs on California Business and politics, Kerry Jackson points out:

* From 2007 through 2015, around 9,000 companies left California, “simply to put California behind them.” The exodus resulted in companies’ saving 20 to 35 percent a year in operating costs.

* As most companies left, they experienced a storm of criticism on social media with hostile public comments like, “Good riddance…If you can’t pay your employees a living wage, you don’t have my sympathy.”

The comments, Jackson observes, “are a sign of that the toxic hostility toward business in that state has spilled over from policymakers to the general population.”

The New Minimum Wage is Killing Enterprise

Effective January 1, 2018, California raised its minimum wage to $10.50 an hour for businesses with at least 26 employees. By 2022, that mandate will be at $15 for larger companies, making California’s minimum rate the highest in the country.

Carl’s Jr., for example, moved its corporate headquarters to Nashville and cited increasing employment costs as one factor in deciding not to open new restaurants in the state. That decision means fewer jobs for entry-level employees, who, during 2013 and 2014 alone joined the 250,000 workers at all levels in abandoning the Golden State.

Someone once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. California’s 12 new pieces of anti-business legislation taking effect in 2018 dramatically illustrate the definition of insanity.

Here are four examples:

Salary History, AB 168: Prohibits inquiries into, and reliance on, an applicant’s salary history. This Treats job applicants like weak negotiators and employers like greedy slave drivers.

Immigration, AB 450: Unless otherwise required by federal law, prohibits employers from consenting to ICE access to worksite and records. This adds another impediment to illegal immigration enforcement.

Criminal Background checks: AB 1008: Permits criminal history inquiry only after a conditional offer of employment. If the applicant is disqualified, the employer must do “an individual assessment” and give written notice to the applicant. This adds an additional administrative hurdle, legal exposure, and expense to recruiting employees.

Parental Leave, SB 63 : Expands the existing parental leave law to employers with 20+ employees. Employers must grant employees 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected “parental bonding” leave. Look for lawsuits from employees who were passed over for promotion because of missed work during their 3 months’ “parental bonding.”

Why Corporate Giant Nestle Really Left

Finally, the saga of Nestle USA is illustrative of why California is such a horrendous place for businesses that actually produce a product. Terry Jones, writing for, answers the rhetorical question — why did Nestle really go?

Jones’ explanation is the state’s higher taxes, absurd housing costs “and more regulations than nearly any other state.” Add to that, California’s wacky laws that have turned the state “into a venue of choice for activist groups to file costly class action lawsuits—or to launch anti-corporate PR campaigns against big, wealthy targets like Nestle.”

So, corporate harassment in California is “now routine.” Its top officials and local politicians are virtually all far-left progress Democrats, and they actively despise capitalism.

~ Conservative Zone

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118 thoughts on “Doing Business in California Just Became Much More Difficult”

  1. In any such situation where government regs subvert religious beliefs, post the sign, UPSIDE down or VERTICALLY rather than horizontally.

  2. California with it’s new state run healthcare they voted for will have a debt of over 1 trillion dollars – that is money spent above and beyond all of the revenues they collect each year. No telling what they do with all of that money but evidently they didn’t collect enough from DMV revenues to pay for road repairs – that should have been in the DMV budget – but they had to raise gasoline taxes statewide to the highest rate in the country to pay for repairs on dilapidated roads. Their dams are in desperate need of maintenance too – I guess they will raise the water/sewer rates. 34% of all the people in the U.S. that receive food stamps live in California. This is not the result of good government in California. You also have to realize that California pays the highest income taxes in the country. A sober mind would think that Jerry Brown have an awful lot of explaining to do. But instead they keep relecting these fools – so they have what they deserve. Bye Bye jobs hello misery.

    1. Socialists don’t think they just react—-out spending the budget, just raise taxes—-The subtle difference between Socialists and Communists——seduction on the one hand and rape on the other.
      The real reason California does not want honest citizens armed is the government has rape in mind.

      1. “The real reason California does not want honest citizens armed is the government has rape in mind.”

        The real reason the libernazi dems push gun control though out the USA. I do believe we dodged a HUGE bullet with Waddle the Hutt Clinton and the Clinton mafia going down in FLAMES on November 8th. 2016. NEVER TRUST a libernazi democrat. It a democrats lips are moving. THEY’RE lying !

    2. Diesel tax on big trucks went up another 37¢ a gallon. I’m a long-haul trucker, and in my recent trip to CA, I didn’t buy ANY fuel there, and my company has stated that we are to get only enough to get us out of the state, even if it’s only 10-15 gallons. Most truckers I talk to are doing the same. Not only will they not be getting the new revenue from the raised taxes, but they’ll be losing even more money than before, because they won’t be getting ANY tax revenue from diesel fuel!

      Back in the 1990s, New Mexico introduced a 5¢/gallon tax, to be paid by ONLY out of state truckers (if you’re an in-state company, you could get the tax refunded) to pay for schools. Truckers got wind of it, and quit buying fuel there altogether. Not only did NM lose the revenue for schools, but for the roads and whatever else the fuel tax would cover. They dropped the tax after a year, because they were losing too much money.

      Liberals don’t stop to think about things like this.. It’s kind of like tolls – put high-cost tolls on a highway, trucks take the “skinny roads”, go through towns, to avoid the tolls – either that, or raise the cost of the freight.. Then when the state mandates “no trucks” on the skinny roads, trucks start avoiding the state at all costs, unless a delivery must be made.

      A few years ago, in my small Texas town near Austin, they wanted to make part of the road a toll road. Locals said it would drive trucks into town, which isn’t designed for that many trucks (the road is a main route between Austin and Houston). The state government disagreed, and said “trucks won’t get off the toll road”.. So I showed up, parked my rig outside the capitol building, and went in and testified that “yes, we WILL be going off the toll road. We don’t make enough to pay the high tolls you guys charge!” They eventually dropped the idea after several of us went in and said the same thing.

      1. The left wing mind set – raise taxes – which causes prices to go up – “things are too expensive we need more money” -get raises – cost of doing business goes up which means prices go up – ” we need more money “- get raises – prices go up –
        ” we need more money ” and on and on and on – like hamsters on a wheel never getting anywhere.

      2. If you are heading into California on I-80, gas up in Fernley, where the fuel is reasonably priced. Even Reno, NV has increased the tax on fuel, so filling up in Fernley makes sense, since it is only 35 miles from Reno.

        1. Oh really ? We have actual growth in the economy and hope now. After eight long years of Barry Soetoro, his real name, The Great Divider in Chief. With his failed domestic and HORRIBLE foreign policy’s. But you want more of the same with Waddle the Hutt Clinton and her PIG Slick Willy ?

          Really PATHETIC man !

        2. Howard Kirshenbaum,Really,it seems to me you have been drinking the liberal kool aid,or maybe reading Wolfs latest piece of trash,if you believe anything the liberals are saying about Trump,you need to consider the source,when did a liberal ever tell the truth about anything,think your lucky stars that Hillary the witch dodn’t make it in to office,by now there wouldn’t be anything left of the country.

        3. So, why is Trump a disgrace? Is it because you had to get a job that Trump brought back to America, and lose yo food stamps? Get a flippin clue A$$HAT. Put your vagina hat in the garbage, get a job, and get off welfare.

    1. Liberals are trying to ban firearms because they know they have overstepped their legal boundaries, and as a result of this civil war is a REAL possibility. Liberals want to disarm as many Americans as possible before that war breaks out.
      Liberals are deliberately herding the country towards civil war because they have the insane belief that only THEY will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

      1. “civil war is a REAL possibility”

        So true ! If they push this country to Civil War. Show them NO MERCY ! For they will give you NONE. Remember how their street thugs ANTIFA and BLM act.

        I hope you and I are both wrong. But I don’t think so. Libernazi’s live in their own fantasy reality. Common sense is NO WHERE in their hive mind way of thinking. Libernazi’s will gleefully follow their foolish ideals of that cliff ! Just look at the Peoples Republic of Kalifornica. Governor Moon Beam has no clue what damage he is doing. Nor does he care I think.

        1. The problem is that who will the military support? They are being kept out of the country to keep them from taking over the government and prosecuting the ignorant crocked bastards who live off of us hard working ediots. The white class had better rise up against the illegal supporting ass wipes in congress and in the rest of the country while they can. Let another communist thinking ass hole get in the white house and you can kiss your white ass and good bye. Has anyone notice that in most commercials now there is either blacks or illegals
          in the commercials instead of whites. Or that they have white women with black children or whites with dark skin children. The KKK were correct about the interracial mixing of the genes. This makes me sick to see this. Some white women were asked why they are having sex with blacks and they said they owed the blacks for the way they had been treated. What bull crap is that.

        2. I was against abortion until I found out the majority of those performed were on BL.ACK women….that means fewer spongers on ‘free’ government programs, which then cement this segment of our population into an endless dependent voter block
          …. so now I am in favor of LIBERAL abortion policies. We end up with fewer black families on benefit programs, and LOWER CRIME for the normal people.
          I am appalled by the current blatant pushing of inter-racial ‘unions being pushed by the media and Hollyweird…. trying to show how WONDERFUL mixed races are….. God had a reason to make races different….WE should not try to defy Him. Besides, by mixing the white race with black genes, does not end up well for white people. If it makes ME a racist for wanting MY race to exist… so be it.

      2. If the far left liberals can destabilize the government their good friend Globalist George Soros can fund their takeover. The co-chair of the DNC, Kieth Ellison has endorsed Antifa, the masked and club carrying gang of Bolsheviks. Soros is funding election runs in several states and he is so rich he will never run out of money. Several countries in Europe have passed laws to stop him from meddling in their politics,Poland and Hungary for two. I hear Brussels wants him out of their elections too. This evil miserable old man is proof that only the good die young, he’s in his late eighties. If the liberals win they will have his evil face plasterd all over the country.

    2. Defying FEDERAL LAWS? No Federal Funding of ANY and ALL types. No EMERGENCY Relief, no FEMA. Pull all MILITARY bases and Military. NO ELECTORAL VOTES. They want to have this craziness, they want to acquit an illegal (with an extensive criminal history) MURDER an innocent American (girl in this case). WE NEED TO TAKE AN OBSERVABLE AND UNITED FRONT.

      1. I don’t know where you live or where your get your information, but you are incorrect. The California jury did not “acquit an illegal (with an extensive criminal history) [who] MURDER[ed] an innocent American (girl in this case).” The jury did acquit the undocumented alien because the unanimous jury determined that he did NOT commit murder. The jury did convict him of negligent discharge of a firearm, which is all the evidence would support, in this case of a dropped weapon in a paper bag.

        1. I’m assuming, then, that you are in favor of building a “big, beautiful” wall all along the U.S.-Mexico border. That wall would have prevented Jose Ines Garcia Zarate from entering the country, and it will prevent others of his [criminal] ilk from doing so in the future. As liberals are so fond of saying regarding restrictions upon the freedoms of American citizens, “If it saves just one life, it’s worth it!”

          1. You — and I — failed to mention that killing someone while committing another felony is murder. Zarate was committing another felony (California Penal Code §29800 — felon in possession of a firearm), hence, murder would have been the correct finding.

  3. California isn’t the highest for Minimum wage anymore. AZ is also $10.50 for the entire state and Flagstaff is now $11.00. It will be going up to $12 by 2020 for the entire state. The difference is that AZ welcomes businesses, they don’t run them out of the state.

    1. Californians move to Arizona and Nevada and change the culture. The difference between a Communist and a Democrat is the spelling

      1. Wealthy California liberals have befouled their nest to the point that it is no longer habitable for them (or anyone else, for that matter!). They are moving to other places, bringing their failed philosophies, attitudes, and policies with them, turning their new homes into California. Like locusts, they destroy their homes and move on to other places, which they again destroy.

      2. You are 100% right.
        They have already infiltrated and destroyed Oregon, and well on the way to DESTROY Washington state….and are starting to do that in Alaska…… THE PLAGUE continues.
        Better to hope they all stay in California…. we can at least hope there will be a giant earthquake will take care of the problem….

  4. What’s it take to post a notice saying “We are an equal opportunity employer”. That should take care of things. This is a problem looking for a solution.

  5. California is getting their wish. Soon they will be just like Mexico – where half of the country lives below the poverty level. All the freeloaders in the U.S. and Mexico have revived that old sign “California or Bust” as they make their way there for the handouts. Only who will be left to pay for those handouts when all the working people/taxpayers have left the state.

  6. Exactly what we would expect of goofy Jerry in the land of fruits and nuts. Any group or organization can bring a frivolous lawsuit that results in the company going out of business because of legal fees alone. As a result more jobs lost.

  7. What do you think “communism” is? California wants all employer’s gone so that the “State” is the only thing left. That way the government can pick up all manufacturing, farming, technology, and other jobs, They want total control, THAT’S WHAT COMMUNISM IS!

    1. And the government can’t run a business!! Amtrak comes to mind..

      The federal government took over the Mustang Ranch just outside Reno a few years ago, for nonpayment of taxes. They thought they could run it for a while, make up the lost taxes, and maybe turn a profit. A year later, the famous and infamous Mustang Ranch closed up, because it went BANKRUPT!! Imagine – a BROTHEL going bankrupt!

      Then look at the mess they made of GM and the health care and health insurance businesses.

      Yeah. The Gubmint can run businesses – right into the ground!

      “The nine scariest words in the English language is, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help’..”
      – Ronald Reagan

  8. Commmifornia can’t say they haven’t been warned MANY times over the years. The just keep electing left wing morons like Jerry and the congress witches.

  9. We don’t need businesses who use religion as an excuse to practice discrimination and then claim to be ‘good Christians.” Let them go ! The one thing Christ taught above all others is tolerance.

    1. Try reading the bible Nancy. He did not teach tolerance. He taught he is the way to the one true God and eternal life. And God, not the Islamic satanic Allah, but the one true God has no tolerance for the evil the left pushes on people under fake tolerance.

      1. William – – Did I just see you call yourself a hater or Islam? What is your experience with Allah that you would call him satanic? And how do you know that my god isn’t the one true god (I’m not Muslim) and yours is a fake? Just because you have these ancient fictions doesn’t make it any more right than my ancient fiction.

        1. Islam perverted Judaism and Christianity, and elevated a third-rate fertility goddess named allah to be male and the primary god of islam.

          Read Sun Tzu sometime. He said (some 3,000 years ago) in his famous book The Art of War, “Know your enemy as you know yourself. If you know your enemy well, you will know how he thinks and acts, and can move to prevent him from acting, and defeat him.”

          Islam declared war on Jews and Christians back in the late 7th century, when muhamed (pig feces be upon him) went butchering his way across the Middle East. They have been at war against Jews and Christians ever since, up to this very day.

          Islam is the enemy of the Constitution. Every tenet of islam is counter to our very way of life. If you were to actually do some research, and know your enemy, you would know this.

        2. Actually, Howard, it is easy to see that you are a total axehole and so is your wonderful pervert, Allah, or whatever the pos calls hisself!

        3. Kirshenbaum, if the muzzies had their way, they would have your head on a pike by the end of the day; they hate you guys!

          You are, indeed, lucky that “Christian” America is trying to keep you safe!

      1. So who are you going to hire that hasn’t sinned? Do you ask if they are adulterers? How about other sins? Are you just one of those that likes to pick an choose the sin du jour?

        1. Jesus taught to love the sinner, but hate the sin. When you’re forced to commit a sin, that’s when you need to take a close look at why – and change something. (Many are changing by leaving, knowing they can’t change the idiots in Sacramento.)

    2. Try this – whatever your particular beliefs are, imagine you ran a business and the government made you run it against your core principals. Would you be happy about it?

    3. Nancy , Jesus never lowered his moral standards to that of the State. This is why it annoys people who hate Christians- they cant comprehend why Christians wouldnt want to act in sexually perverted ways that corrupt kids morality and mess with peoples brains….go figure.

      If people want to marry their pet goat, they can go right ahead…..just dont expect sensible, morally upright and right minded people to agree with it…… a lot of the nonsense created by left wing politics is completely corrosive and morally repugnant. When push comes to shove, the people will happily and legally utilize thier 2nd Ammendment rights to protect themselves and their property from leftist thugs.


      Alea Iacta Est

    4. Yeah, Nancy, Jesus really “tolerated” the moneychangers in the temple, didn’t He? He is equally “tolerant” of sin.

  10. As Normal I am glad I don’t live in California but this foolishness and completely idiotic way of looking at life and law is more of the chaotic confusion being pushed and touted by those who are absolutely reprobate trying to make everyone accept their stupidity and bleeding heart attitudes that have destroyed common sense and intelligence in our country. Mental illness and delusional acceptance of moronic ideas and ideals like this are pushing our country to being a laughing stalk around the world and making us weaker with every crazy ordinance or law passed. The left winged arrogance they espouse has caused us to all wonder what freakish or perverted thing will happen next. The idea of gender identity is a spiritual and mental problem that has fixes and cures but instead of seeking the right thing people choose to attempt to find an easy or preferred way of dealing with it that make them gravitate towards anything that babies them for their inappropriate thought and feelings of confusion and delusion because comforting and kissing up to it is easier than being honest and telling them what they are feeling and doing is wrong and inappropriate and still loving and caring for them while gently guiding them into a real solution instead of into deeper confussion, selfishness, and depression. We are not helping them we are empowering them to destroy their minds, bodies and souls instead of standing firm and doing what is right.
    I am not sorry to say this to the pouting and whining people that baby and accept everything as ok, good, or normal to the destruction of the people they are hurting. There are absolutes in life and in morality. Right is not a subjective thing. You are right or you are wrong period, Morality and ethics are absolute. All of this psychosis you are accepting, espousing, and facilitating is wrong period and will end up destroying those you think you are helping. It may seem to be the nice thing to do but lying to them and telling them it is ok, good, normal, or just how they feel and there is nothing wrong is immoral and unethical. You don’t tell someone who is three steps from a 10,000 ft cliff it’s ok if you don’t believe the cliff is there you won’t step off and die as long as you believe it is not there. Hey, 1+1 still equals 2 and anyone who says differently is lying period. That is not subjective either.

    1. ” There are absolutes in life and in morality. Right is not a subjective thing. You are right or you are wrong period, Morality and ethics are absolute.”

      James – – This is what you said. So let me ask, are you against abortion? I am going to guess you are based on your comments. So morally and ethically it is wrong to abort a fetus. But what if the mother’s life is endangered by that fetus? Now we have a dilemma as to whose life if more important. For many years the Catholic church said the life of the fetus was more important than the living breathing human being, the mother. We have changed that thinking so that it is alright to abort a fetus should the life of the mother be at stake. So is abortion an absolute? I don’t think so. What about in the case of rape? Should a teen have her life ruined because someone overpowered her and raped her and she became pregnant? Whose life if more important? Not an absolute in this case either.

  11. John
    You Nancy sound like what you accuse others by exibiting No Tolerance yourself. You are a fine example of the worst kind of hippocrite

  12. So Chick fil a does an interview with all it’s prospective employees and asks them whether or not they have sinned against god or broken any of the commandments? Do you really think that they don’t hire people who are adulterers? And if someone came in dressed as a gal and talked and acted like a gal and had a female name, is the manager going to ask that person if they were born as a male?

    Come on folks. These are generally large companies that pay garbage wages and are happy to get anyone willing to work for them. This is a non starter for a discussion other than the right trying to stir the pot. California is the fifth largest economy in the WORLD. They have a very diverse population. This will have NO effect of anything other than the minds of people who think this is a good story.

    1. I know dozens of folks – from teens to seniors – employed by Chick-fil-a, ALL of whom are HAPPY to be working for for a company that treats its employees fairly, gives regular MERIT-based pay raises and provides a pleasant place to work. I’m not saying they have NO disgruntled employees because some people simply hate to WORK for a living. And, by the way, I know of three businesses – none of which are Chick-fil-a – who did refuse to hire persons openly carrying on affairs with others’ spouses. And to equate every sin with every other sin is absurd. Take the case of the “christian” minister who said he employs gay people just as he employs gluttons. But then why not employ pedophiles, embezzlers and rapists as well? And why not be punished for firing employees who steal? Weren’t they “born that way”? I doubt (at least for the most part) that their parents taught them to be thieves.

  13. What a shame. The cheap businessmen all over the country are rebelling at paying their workers a living wage. They would rather have the subsidy from the government.

    That’s right. When the employer doesn’t pay a living wage the government says it’s OK, they will pay welfare to the worker so the company can get a few more dollars of profit. A study two years ago found that McDonalds could pay a living wage to every one of its workers and not lose a dime in profit by just raising every item it sells by a nickel.

    1. Minimum wage is NOT a living wage, nor was it ever intended to be. It started out as being aimed at companies hiring high school students for after-school and summer jobs, and not paying them “slave wages”. If you’re forty years old and still making minimum wage, you screwed up your life somewhere. This was never intended to raise a family on.

      A living wage is one you EARN, through education and hard work, not guaranteed by the government.

      1. And sometimes I thought teacher salaries were “slave wage” because a teacher could NOT live on the wages he/she earned if married. Being single was hard enough.

  14. keep electing democrats California, maybe one day you will wake up and realize the democrat party sold its soul, and traded it for communism. good luck to all of you. don’t you think its time to make california great again like the rest of the country? it looks like you are on your own. you wont be getting anymore of the other states money. time for a revolution like in iran? just a thought!

    1. Don- That’s funny considering that California has been paying in way more money than it gets back from the feds. That extra goes to the red states that have no taxes or low taxes and terrible economies. The south would be in big trouble if it weren’t for states like California, New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

      1. That’s very funny because every state that is in financial trouble is blue to the core. The reddest states have the best economies and certainly not because they get any money from blue states.
        I’d hate to be you staying in CA.

      2. Funny – Texas gets back about 22¢ for every dollar we send to Washington. Most red states get back far less than we pay in, because so much goes to states that are BROKE, like California – that are blue. I would say that your premise is incorrect.. Try doing some research on your own, instead of just repeating the liberal mantra..

  15. I moved my company from CA to very business friendly UT. Highly educated workforce and is a non-union Right to Work state. Most all of the other factors to consider were also favorable. I now employ twice as many people for the same costs and getting twice the productivity. My employees are very happy as I pay more than state minimum wage with other benefits.
    My other choices were ID and WY.

    I find my quality of life has risen dramatically! I have truly moved to the land of the free!!

  16. The leftists can’t grasp the truth in Ayn Rand’s comment that, “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    Trying to keep business that is being “battered” by overbearing government is like a abusive husband expecting his battered wife to stay with him and enjoy the abuse.

    Sorry, lefties, masochism is not universal.

  17. Not that long ago Californians were talking about secession. Many were reminding the rest of the country that California is the fifth largest economy in the world. The constant raising of business taxes, the fast rising cost of living and outrageous regulations are making it harder and more costly to do business. All that is chasing businesses and corporations to leave and relocate. Just ask all those workers who lost their jobs when Nestle pulled out. At the rate it is going, it shouldn’t be long before that fifth largest economy falls apart.

  18. Just remember, it was Californian’s leaving in droves in the 90’s which helped turn parts of the west, notably Oregon and Washington, into northern extensions of the same left wing lunacy which has destroyed California. Many of these people leave and take their insane politics with them.

  19. Left wingers seem to be note wuite all thete mentally, its this buzarre mix if victim culture and mo grip on reality that has them throwing tantrums when they cant get thier own way.

    Im glad california is being deserted, it will become a monument to left wing stupidity, like South Australua and its leftists who love renewable power that literally struggle to keep the lights on.

    We should put a ring mesh 8′ fence around CA and force it to survive on what it can produce in terms of power and food, and soon watch the UN aid convoys turn up……

    Stoopid is as stoopid does…..

  20. They voted Nero in and so he is playing his fiddle while California burns. The ground is trembling with God’s rage, but still the people elect liberal immoral pea brained idiots. Their businesses are being crushed with stupid regulations and California is like a golden star that has flamed out and now is but a tiny image of what it once was. So play your fiddle, smoke your pot…..the end is a lot closer than you think!

  21. now all the public will see why so many companies are leaving california and why so many population are leaving the sanctuary state.

  22. The companies of California should all close their doors and move to another state. This would solve all their problems. No job, no money and they will leave too. Maybe Pelosi and her cronnies could pay them. Not, she will leave along with the rest and try and get elected in another state. Guess she and Maxine Waters would both have to leave to servive before they get trompled to death.

  23. This is what the governor & the Hollywood elite wanted, so let them have california, its soon will be nothing but a war zone. San Francisco has already became a rat infested city with more human feces on their streets then whats in their sewers. California can only blame there elected people, so grin & bare it.

  24. My sign would read as follows…”You have the right to be gay. You have the right to be transgender. You have the right to be anything you want. You also have the right to take your business elsewhere because I refuse to kiss your rear regardless of what the State of California says..”

  25. All leftists have the identical program for an economy-“If it moves, tax it. If it keeps on moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it” (Ronald Reagan). You will be able to recognize this as Obama’s plan for the country and it is the identical plan the leftists in California are using now for their state. It works the same way at any level of government-turn it on and the economy disappears. I have spent the better part of seventy seven years trying to figure out whether lefties are evil or just stupid-the same result happens every time this plan is installed and yet the lefties implement the same plan every time they gain power-so the question is, “Do they want to destroy the economy or are they just too ignorant to know that it is a losing plan no matter how you implement it. One thing for certain is I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near California and I pray daily that I never have to.

    1. To control people you have to control their pocket books. You take their jobs away and pay them to do nothin. But just enough to keep them from starving and not enough to increase their lives. This is just what the democrats are doing for the blacks and the illegals. Got them on welfare and medicade and housing subsidies just to where they think they are beating the system. But the system is beating them. The system keeps the poor down and treats them like sub humans. They beg for this and for that and get scraps. In the end they sell drugs, kill each other and end up going to prison. Now they are really slaves to the system. Thank you democrats!!!

  26. Water does not run up-hill without a pump! CA can’t lose Apple tax income until it discovers it has moved most of its headquarters out of state. It can move the rest to Columbus, OH or Memphis, TN, for example. Let them work from their vacation homes in CA and use virtual reality for meetings. CA will learn that its taxes are too high to get more income- only less.

    1. I’ve seen water run uphill without a pump. A man is a male and a woman is a female. It’s easy to tell which is which.

  27. There is a lot of good folks that live in California regardless of all the bad rebellious politicians. Get ready people, California is about to suffer a unbelievably great natural disaster.

  28. The way the people are letting these third world country ideas go into law by their Governor are going to destroy the peoples Rights Freedoms that they now, and will leave the door open to a small Dictatorship in their State which kinda looks like it’s on the way already.

    The People Better Wake The Hell Up.

  29. Your assertion that “perversity like this gender crap” is incomprehensible and demonstrates your lack of understanding the issue. I assume you are referring to transgender people. Spend some time with people suffering from gender dysphoria and the people who treat them, and you will learn that it is anything but a “perversion” or “crap.” Homosexuality likewise is neither a “perversion” or “crap,” but a condition triggered by physiological differences. Science trumps ignorance. Wake up and love your fellow man/woman regardless of their overt sexual identity. They are human beings, just as you are, and deserve your understanding.

    1. If “[s]cience trumps ignorance”, please, explain how a human being with an “XY” sex chromosome pair can ever — EVER — be a woman? And why do normal (I use the word advisedly!) people not deserve the understanding of the freaks?

    2. Putting your penis in a mans but or in a boys butt is no dysphoria. It is simply uncontrolled lust which is filth to the core of most sin. I don’t know about transgender problems. I do know that I almost was molested by a queer fourth grade teacher. He was sent away to jail and prison. I also know that God destroyed Sodom and Gamora because of their every thought was of evil thinking in reguards to doing lustful acts and deeds. You can not get any clearer than that. The devil stepped in and caused the people to sin. Only one family was found to be worthy of saving. Everyone else was destroyed. The US and many other countries are headed that way. And remember that absolute power destroys absolutely.

  30. I’ve read others remarks on here and it astonishes me that people would say that Jesus did not advocate tolerance. He taught us to love one another as He loved us. That can be found in the Gospel of John. Nancy is correct is saying that we have to be tolerant of the religion of someone else. Whether it is Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, all three came from the Middle East. It is only when people take it to an extreme that it becomes “terrorism”. Christians were terrorists during the Crusades. You can’t call one religion “satanic” over another when you don’t fully understand things.
    As to California, it will be a miracle if they even can recover with the high taxes, and anything else their legislature can come up with. Thank goodness this year, California votes for a new governor. Who knows what we will see after that election.

    1. During the Crusades, Christians were repelling the invasion of Europe by Muslims — exactly what is happening again today. When there were enough invaders in a given area, the Muslims commenced the mass murders of those Europeans who remained, thinking that everyone could live together in peace. Fortunately, we can prosecute a modern “crusade” war simply by throwing a few switches, turning some keys, and pushing some buttons. It will all be over in less than an hour.

      “Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.”

    2. Why would you say that the Christians crusaders were terrorist. The muslims were attacking countries in Europe and spreading the plague. Would you have the Europeans just set around and allow these blood thirsty murderers take everything and kill for the sake of killing. They killed the innocent by saying are you a Christian or muslim. If you answered a Christian you got your cut off. It is the same now. The same questions are asked now,wrong answer and you get your head cut off. The muslims are worshippers of Satan no doult about it.

  31. And sometimes I thought teacher salaries were “slave wage” because a teacher could NOT live on the wages he/she earned if married. Being single was hard enough while trying to live on the salary earned.

  32. And yet…folks who live in California seem to really like living there. Ditto for Scandinavians–high taxes, many regulations, yet they have the highest satisfaction scores among developed countries. Go figure.

  33. On Christians there are true Christians and false Christians jehova witnesses and Mormons have a version that is based half truth joesph smith practiced witch craft that god hates as well as all sins only way to father god is thru the blood of Jesus ask for forgiveness repent turn from all sins. We are to hate sins and teach them truth their choice to change there ways and become heavenbound or stay their destructive path and hellbound god does not lie or change religion was made to twist god’s truth to lead people to hell satan’s Time is getting shorter he came to steal,kill,and destroy man from god because of pride and arrogance. He wanted his creator god off his thrown and him in his place he and one third of fallen angels kicked out of heaven they came down in the form of lightening. Read genesis the beginning then John,acts,1corinthians,revelation 20 and 21 chapters read all explains everything.

  34. California in 1961 was beautiful and sane. I no longer live there because it is crazy. I visit because I still have friends there, and every time I go it breaks my heart. I detest the leftists who are using the immigrants to destroy the state. I am hoping there is a massive civil unrest in California where the immigrant illegals are sent back, and the leftists are beaten down and out of government.

  35. I would NEVER live,work,or Visit Mexifornia again. It was great 1n the 1960 s,now,its like a second world country,trying (thanks to moonbeam) to become a third world country,Guess what??? its catching up to the other 3 rd worlds.

  36. I am disgusted with the abnormal freaks in our society. I don’t like men who suck dicks, women who eat pussy, or adults who molest children. There are sickos who like to pee and be peed on by other people, people who somehow enjoy being whipped, chained, and dominated by others. Is any of this natural, normal sexual behavior? No. Am I a better person because I am not a freak? I hope so. But the fact is that there are millions of people who believe freakiness and abnormality is normal or should be. Not me. I want others to keep their abberrations to themselves; away from children.

  37. Its a pity what is happening to California and it appears to be getting more intolerant every day. Businesses need space to operate and develop, and the local busybodies want to get their fingers into everything. I am grateful to not live in that crazy State and I wonder why anyone would ever want to live in a State that embraces many of the advantages of a totalitarian society! I understand that the weather is great, but that will only carry you so far towards building an enlightened opportunistic society.

  38. What else would you expect from California. Almost every single ordinance or law they pass is beyond ludicrous or stupid, and when it isn’t one of those it also violates the U.S. Constitution by denying the right of a business owner to run their business according to their personally held beliefs or is just another Regressive pile of filth. Their is no such thing in the progressive movement as progress. They all want the country to regress into the oblivion of perversion, ignorance, and anything immoral goes.The governing bodies in California all need to step down and allow people with a conscience and morals to take their seats because if they ever want anything to get better in that state or this country that is the only way to make it happen not going a billion mile to the left because socialism, fascism, communism, hedonism, and anarchy have all failed in the past because they are not worthy of being practiced by any intelligent human being.

  39. I have been gone on and off for two years and now it is permanent. It is truly the land of fruits and nuts. I do not understand why they keep electing the same leftist socialists. I have given up trying to understand. The weather is the only plus factor; however, all things being equal, it is not worth it. They are the most hostile state to business not to mention their taxes to be able to pay for the insanity. I will leave it for the homeless, the illegals, the refugees and the leftists.

  40. It is not just CA, the population centers of OR. & WA. are controlled by leftest Democrats and thus those states are becoming more and more like CA.. Now many who have escaped those areas refer to the area West of the Coastal Range as the LEFT coast.
    They control the local, state and federal representation, and in WA, even when their own Democrat party members and the majority of constituents, they will vote the Democratic Party Line every time. They only represent the party, not the people.
    Think about it Trump is not a true Republican, he used the party to become President, that’s why even many in the GOP are fighting him. If anything he is acting like a Conservative Constitutionalist and trying to give the government back to the people which has been hijacked by politicians of both parties.
    That’s why they and the press hate him, so like him or hate him yourself be thankful Hillary did not get elected or the badly needed shakeup of the system and awakening of the governed never would have happened.

  41. well, right there is what happens when they are called Dreamers, or illegals and NOT what they really are CRIMINALS they have broke our Immigration laws so they have just kept right on going America the home of the LAWLESS? sure does take away the SAFETY and SECURITY the Immigration laws made our Nation

  42. California figures if corporations can receive Corporate Welfare from the Federal Government than they can pay the State taxes instead of greedy shareholders. Nestle left California after stealing one of it’s water supplies. Tell the truth why Nestle left.

  43. The proposal to split California into two states should be given much consideration especially in light of the anti-business climate in the costal areas. No wonder smart people are abandoning California in record numbers. Watch the poverty rate continue to rise.

  44. It is no wonder some of liberal cities actually tried to find a way to make a law PROHIBITING businesses from moving out of town.
    First they want dictate how they can conduct business.
    Then they dictate what they must pay their employees.
    Then they dictate WHO they must hire.

    Now they dictate that they must ADVERTISE the government “religion” that MENTAL DELUSIONS about ones body are fact and must be respected even punishing people for using the CORRECT by definition gender pronouns when speaking to someone who FEELS they should be something they are not.

    What is next prosecuting people for calling a HUMAN such because they fell they are some ANIMAL or INANIMATE OBJECT after all once we open the door for a MENTAL DELUSION about ones body to be treated as a FACT and claim they have a RIGHT to be treated as the OBJECT they FEEL they are instead making it law that its discrimination just by TELLING THEM THE TRUTH ABOUT THEMSELVES anything is possible.

    In fact right now there is a CHILD MOLESTER using the claim TRANS AGE as a defense claiming that he FEELS that he was the same age as the child and thus NOT GUILTY of the crime.

    It was stated this kind of thing would happen as soon as that judge CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF GENDER to include ones DELUSIONS about their gender (gender identity) instead of the actual definition of the word and now we are there despite ASSURANCES by those pushing this agenda that it would never go that far.

    They even treated a woman who’s “RACIAL IDENTITY” did not match her ACTUAL RACE as if she committed a horrific crime for BELIEVING she was a black woman who had white parents.

    That delusion is no different than one thinking they are the opposite gender than what they physically are yet there was no DEFENSE from those screaming it was DISCRIMINATION just to call a woman a woman and a man a man because of their UNABLE TO BE SEEN MENTAL BELIEF that they are the opposite.

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