DOJ’s FISA Report Finds FBI VIOLATED Surveillance Rules

New reports from the Justice Department inspector general indicate that the FBI has repeatedly violated surveillance rules even though Democratic leaders have continuously claimed the opposite.

This proves that when Republican lawmakers cautioned that the FBI seemingly believes it has “carte blanche to routinely erode the liberties of Americans without proper justification,” they were correct.

The audit was brought about by the fallout from the bureau’s heavily flawed investigation into former Trump advisor Carter Page, who was surveilled because of the discredited dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In the audit, It is to be noted that not only did the DOJ watchdog identify critical errors in every single FBI wiretap application that it audited, but an FBI lawyer in the case even falsified a CIA email submitted to the FISA court in order to make Page’s communications with Russians appear nefarious. The DOJ concluded that the warrant for Page was “legally improper.”

In addition, the DOJ indicated that FISA problems were systemic at the FBI and went way beyond just the Page probe. The review encompassed the work of eight field offices over the past five years in several cases.

In four of the 29 cases reviewed by the DOJ inspector, the FBI did not have any so-called “Woods files” at all. This means that they could not present all of the required documentation to prove that it had independently corroborated key factual assertions in its surveillance warrant applications. Actually, the FBI could not confirm that Woods documentation ever even existed in three of those cases. The remaining 25 applications contained an average of 20 assertions that were not properly supported with Woods materials. In fact, one application contained 65 unsupported claims.

“As a result of our audit work to date and as described below, we do not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods procedures in compliance with FBI policy,” the DOJ IG wrote in a memo Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

As imagined, the reaction on Capitol Hill was less than stellar, especially since Wray has already promised bureau-wide reforms.

“If the FBI is going to seek secret authority to infringe the civil liberties of an American citizen, they at least need to show their work,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, (R-IA), said in a statement Tuesday. “FBI rules demand FISA applications be ‘scrupulously accurate’ and backed up by supporting documents to prove their accuracy. But we know that wasn’t the case when the FBI sought and received the authority to spy on Carter Page.”

The Chairman added: “Based on the inspector general’s audit, the flawed Page case appears to be the tip of the iceberg. Not a single application from the past five years reviewed by the inspector general was up to snuff. That’s alarming and unacceptable. The inspector general’s decision to bring these failures to the director’s attention before its audit is even completed underscores the seriousness of these findings.”

As expected, news of the legal impropriety didn’t sit well with Trump supporters.

“The media for FOUR FU–ING YEARS propped up expert after expert to tell us that FISA warrants are different!” independent journalist Mike Cernovich said on Tuesday. “If you want to know why people don’t trust experts anymore, here is your latest reason.”

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20 thoughts on “DOJ’s FISA Report Finds FBI VIOLATED Surveillance Rules”

  1. First Do United States government Democratic Party and most federal agencies are corrupt it’s deep rooted down to the base and it continues today. It started over the last 70 years the government today is not back in the people they don’t care about the people all they care about is controlling you, stealing your money away through taxation and stealing your rights away as we now have learned with the FBI has done to the President of the United States. America you got to be one of the stupidest human beings on the fucking face of the earth

  2. Maybe if we see more of the unveiling of the dirty work of socialism and communism that is taking over our society someone will figure out a way to put a stop to it. When we look at what our corrupt politicians are up to we can get a lot of them in jail. A good place to start would be with the most liberal states officials. To start put Schiff, Pelosi ,the Clinton family etc the list could go on forever. Let’s not forget Geo Soros, why is he not in jail?!?!

  3. Thank you for posting the “DOJ’s FISA Report which found FBI VIOLATED Surveillance Rules”
    SHIT always floats to the top!!!

  4. OK……..WHO can we trust to clean this mess up?
    If everything is so corrupt what isn’t????? Remember as the tree is poisoned so is the fruit. Any, if not all, convictions as a result of the corrupt FBI investigations will be overturned and the law suits will began. And those reasonable must serve jail time. Today FBI stands for something else
    F&%king Bumbling Idiots

  5. It does seem that EVERYTIME Hitlary is involved in ANYTHING the results are Illegal activities and Cover-ups!! Can you believe that the skank that let Brave men in Benghazi die then wanted to become the Commander in Chief?? What a first class lying B*tch!!!

  6. The FBI,DOJ,DNS,DNC,Obama,Clinton,Soros and many more are all guilty.The only hope the American people have is Barr/Durham.Let’s see if it is more than a slap on wrist or a sacrificial lamb goes to jail.The swamp is loaded with evil corrupt people on both sides.

    1. The FISA court system is totally unconstitutional. Secret courts are anathema to our concept of freedom and of course, have been used by the many tyrants of our day to subvert truth and justice and make themselves rich and powerful. The Bush Crime Family were part of the ruse to make our Republic subjects of the NWO and also coverup their previous misdeeds. Abolish the FISA court, clean up the agencies, and term limits for all!

  7. The Clinton’s have been corrupt since the 1970’s when Bill ran for Governor the very first time! Everyone in Arkansas knows this! The reason everyone in Arkansas voted for him to become president was to get them out of Arkansas!!!!!

  8. If the tables were turned the commies would be on every fake news channel screaming for justice. I haven’t heard much from the Republicans on this matter and it deserves to be heard by as many Americans as possible. The conservatives need to learn how to fight dirty as well considering that fire must sometimes be fought with fire. Our country and entire way of living is at risk should these nut jobs cheat their way into office and become the majority and god forbid cheat their w as y into the white house. the White House .l

  9. Problem is that we do hear you all out there but we have no power to change things until enough really rise up like the Million plus people March into Washington DC to make changes
    Talk is cheap actions is costly
    How many are willing to rise up and really act like the Viet Nam War, Mr. McCarthy and the Million man March for Christ to name a few
    When Washington DC sees people lining the streets then only will the Representatives will grasps the picture
    trump is currently shouldering our load..he needs more than just money
    He needs our physical presence to speak very loud
    Staying home and sending text msgs, throw money is not enough
    Action does speak louder
    Who is the real leader to lead us on this matters?

  10. I think that AG BARR is not moving quickly enough nor any righteous indictments nor convictions are materializing in a more timely fashion ! I feel that just like Hillary Clinton. James Comey, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, Brennan, & others will just escape (this type of joke on our American system) will fail ! What a failed &UNLAWFUL EXONERATION FOR HILLARY. Mind you, UNLAWFUL EXONERATION ! The “WE THE PEOPLE” (same as the TAXPAYER) just keep being laughed at by AG BARR & anyone Democrat lilke Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi with their continuous filled pockets full of what belongs to the people ! I’ve lost so much FAITH in ALL OF GOVERNMENT EXCEPT for President Trump ! He never allows intimidation from anyone, no matter who or what Party !

  11. Richard Haley writes;
    Yes all is bad, could be good, could be REALLY GOOD when these DIRTY government hangers on start to be prosecuted.
    When, just when will this start to happen???

    On another point; Why doesn’t the Secretary of State, Pompeo, start bringing people in and asking them why they haven’t supplied the FOIA requests from Judicial Watch, and when are you going to get it done?
    After their supercilious answer tell them have it on my desk by Friday or your going to North Dakota to work on something, I don’t know what, but you’ll be going.
    And this has NO DISRESPECT on North Dakota!!
    To me there is ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility called for in Washington.

  12. Wake up people! We the ones writing here (and probably among the FEW reading this article), we the people that want the truth and righteousness to be the LAW OF THE LAND, are in minority!! Think about all of those congress people that call themselves democrats! They’re democRATS, they are socialists, communists, and fascists, dressed in democratic costumes. And they are elected by our neighbors! Who themselves are the roots of the “swamp”. The vast majority, if not all, working for the governments, from the federal all the way down to the local village or town, are deep down inside supporting these so called democRATs congress reps. And then they collude and impeach the president! And then the Senate reps collude to do the same. And then the swamp stays the same as it has been built over the years by “our representatives” and do cover up for Benghazy, billion dollars to Iran, and spying and lying on the duly elected president, coming out of the wood works to testify (miserable testimonies by cockeyed “officer” and the woman that came from USSR and became ambassador in three countries) against the president that promised to drain the swamp! Good luck Mr. President. You’d need to be president for a generation of bureaucrats to clean the place. So, no wander that AG W. Barr is slow in bringing the truth to light. The snake does not die if you cut its head (Comey, Breanan, Hitlary, and so many others) until the sun sets!
    So, good luck “We the people”! Until the government will not be the largest employee in the country, the deep roots swamp will survive, grow up again and get other Comeys, “Bobama-iden” (hard to find a bigger idiot even in the swamp!), Hitlary, and others.

  13. A.G. Barr is a chimera! He looks,talks,and walks like a real A.G.,but has NO INTENTION of prosecuting any wrongdoer in D.C.,unless it is a Republican. Barr is just another DEMOCRAP PLANT! 1776 is starting to loom on the near horizon of time fellow American citizens. Can we take it back???

  14. Hopefully, some day, we will realize that the FBI violations and others are all symptoms of a centralized all powerful government in Washington DC. Our Republic constitution was written to avoid this very problem. The Federal government was to have limited power and the States were to have most of the authority. Over the years due to progressive socialist Democrats and a Supreme Court that did not follow the rule of law the constitution has been essentially voided and turned completely around. In essence, we have now gone full circle and are back to having a monarchy with a king as ruler.

  15. That is why we need term limits and get ride of all the lobbyists. When will people learn that politicians are not for the people, but for what they can line their pockets with. They all have been proven to be above the law, but a us citizen is not. Why do we need all these politicians anyway, for what. How many have every kept their promises. Trump so far. The supreme court should not be a life time job. I am so tired of all the corruption in all government levels. Look at what Obama did 10 trillion dollars in debit, all hard working Americans pay for these debits not the politicians. All these damn committees are useless. Why do we keep paying for all these illegal immigrants, do we need immigrants yes but legal ones. We need to stop these people from having kids that are then given citizenship because they were born here, that is not a right. Yes our country was made , but why now do they think we owe them something we all worked to make this a better company. I’m a 68 year old female never did much political stuff. I worked all my life sometimes two jobs at a time to get the things we wanted. At 61 the doctor said I could no longer work I was devastated, now what can I do. A year and half to get disability, and you can’t work while you apply for it. So for that year and half I had to live off my retirement saving. How the hell do you live on 1100.00 a month you can’t, their are so many taxes and fee on every thing you need. Phone, internet, tv, insurance, gas, electric, vehicle registration, food, medicines, and rent. So I live with the man I love and can’t get married, because financially we would get screwed. How is that right, it’s not. The youth today think they should get everything for nothing, why it was their choice to go to college and how many do something with that degree? I’m so glad I will not be around to see these idiots destroy our country, if the politicians don’s do it first. I finally do get some help by applying for medicaid. But they won’t help me with my part A and b insurance which cost 144.00 a month. But an illegal immigrant can get every thing paid for. I worked all my life for what I struggle every month and go without why is this OK? Sorry for going on so I did not intend too, but this is how I feel.

    1. EXCELLENT POST Kathy!!! I too am retired and a 100% Vietnam disabled Vet. Vietnam Veteran and I finally started receiving my coverage during Trump’s second year of presidency . What is that 50 years later?? The Democrats do seem to help illegals while forgetting Americans. As for me, I thank God every day for President Trump.

  16. Investigations are performed, reports are written, books are published, proof is submitted, and accusations are made exposing wrong doing, law breaking, and criminal activities of Hillary, Obama, the DNC, and democrats in general, but no action is ever actually taken. When are at least some of these evil doers going to brought to justice? Or will they ever be?

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