Election 2020: Democrats Are Going ALL IN on Their Vote-by-Mail Scam

Battle lines about voting practices have been drawn, and Democrats are trying to leverage the COVID-19 crisis by opening a veritable Pandora’s Box of mail-in fraud.

Democrats and Republicans have seemingly never been on the same page when it comes to legitimate voting practices. During the Jim Crow era, Southern Democrats threw up procedural roadblocks to prevent African-Americans from voting in elections. Having successfully courted inner-city black voters, Democrats turned their attention to illegal immigrants.

Ironically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her radical progressives seek to undermine African-American political interests by pulling in illegals into the mix. These are the same undocumented Central Americans that undercut working-class job opportunity and suppress hourly wages. If the likes of Pelosi and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) get their way, mail-in votes will open the floodgates for non-citizens to vote in the November elections.

“You want to hold up the bill because you want to change election law for November, because you think that gives you some political benefit?” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy fired off at Pelosi via the media. “That’s disgusting to me. Stop worrying about politics. Worry about what’s in front of us. And that’s the health of the nation and our economy.”

During the 2016 election, widespread voter fraud surfaced in primarily Democrat strongholds. When President Donald Trump formed a committee to review state-by-state voting practices, Democrat-held states refused to hand over voting data for analysis.

“The probability of 45,000 illegal duplicate votes is the low end of the spectrum, and it does not even account for other types of fraud such as ineligible voting by non-citizens and felons and absentee ballot fraud,” the Heritage Foundation reported. “To put this number of fraudulent votes in perspective, Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by fewer than 3,000 votes out of over 700,000 cast. Just this number of duplicate votes alone has the power to swing state results and, in turn, elections.”

Given the power lust and seething angry festering in the Democratic Party since losing the White House in 2016, it should come as no surprise they are pushing hard for new ways to inflate their ballots. President Trump enjoys exceeding high approval ratings, and has followed through on his 2016 campaign promises. On the other side, Joe Biden appears to be a more flawed candidate than Hillary. For all of the former First Lady’s flaws, she was at least able to construct a sentence in real time.

Early data on a potential mail-in scheme that Pelosi is trying to include on COVID-19 stimulus packages would reportedly result in states such as New Mexico sending out upwards of 1,700 ballots to dead people. There is currently no check in place to automatically knock deceased voters off the rolls.

“We know from our data that New Mexico’s voter roll is not maintained to the standard needed for an automatic, all-mail election,” Public Interest Legal Foundation President J. Christian Adams reportedly said. “There are concrete solutions. But, rushing headlong to vote-by-mail is not one of them.”

If the election were mail-in, nothing prevents Democrats from enticing non-citizens from filling out these ballots. The only consequence illegals face is deportation, and that would occur if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discovered their presence anyway. The persuasive argument would be that if Democrats win the White House, policy reverts to open borders, and they would defund ICE. That’s a keen incentive for illegal immigrants to conspire with Democrats on mail-in voter fraud.

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22 thoughts on “Election 2020: Democrats Are Going ALL IN on Their Vote-by-Mail Scam”

  1. Instant Impeach for Dem’s Terrorist Promises. It won’t happen and by the way check out Harris already starting her Smoking attacks and can you just imagine what this loser would do, if Biden impeached first day and she took over. Watch who would be third. Well we are not going for the fake shit, either of them or any GD mail in Fake dead voters and Non Citizens! You want to vote for the DDROTG, (Democratic Domestic Racist Obstructionist TERRORIST Group. you go right ahead. You are Domestic Terrorist too. We know what to do with Terrorist and it is not sending a plane of Cash or joints to Harris or the big I for Biden. We will get it done the Honest Way. GBA we sure need it!

  2. nothing new here.

    the vote by mail fraud has been going on in oregon for years…

    before the Hate America to Destruction government offices occupying politi’Kal ‘Klass got the vote by mail fraud going – absentee ballot fraud was the traditional style of vote fixing used by progressives everywhere – except
    in Chicago where they still have not figured out it is easier to operate a state wide vote by mail fraud than it is to go out to the cemetery vote the dead…

    supposed patriotic citizens have know about the progressive creep of vote by mail fraud and, as usual done nothing… except whine. It is unlikely that you or your patriot friends will do anything about the proposed 2020 vote fraud.

    when you couple the vote fraud you refuse to stop with the fact that no republican candidate or state – nation wide [AS USUAL] will run campaigns on actual local and national issues… they will loose anyway – as they, the never trumpers intend to.

  3. It seems the evils of the insane asylum known as the DNC just continues to grow. I understand the incentive of the freeloaders, the illegal aliens, and the greedy lemmings like hollyweed but you would think the minorities themselves would realize and reject the whole plantation dependency the dim wits maintain. The plantation inhabitants get nothing but peanuts from the DNC as well. Just more promises soon forgotten in the miasma of the DC cesspool. And the final nail in the coffin of the DNC should be that suspiciously the leadership and donors with the lone exception of the pretend black Bozo are all rich, white, entitled. And all of them profit from this arrangement to the tune of billions and votes from all the owned plantation. Just shutting down coal in the USA and buying if from other countries profited Soros and the other billionaires as the middle men. DAH!

  4. Vote by mail is Democrats ticket to cheat and rig elections. Democrat workers will lose all non democrat votes That is the reason we need Voter I.D. and vote in person
    I don’t think the Democrats have the black votes they claim and they want the illegals votes

  5. California, two years ago, started giving driver’s licenses to illegal, undocumented immigrants so that those people would “not run away if they got into a traffic accident”.
    During the process, on a computer screen, the applicant is asked, “Are you a U.S. citizen”? (Y/N)? Nobody checked the validity of the answer! If one of these people registers to vote all it usually takes at the polling place, if anything at all!, is a driver’s license. In CA these means that upwards of 1/2 MILLION illegals could be voting in this year’s election. NYS also gave illegals driver’s licenses but I don’t know their procedures.

  6. God is able to control this election same as the last. We need to be praying and leaning on HIM.
    This pandemic should be teaching us to look to HI!

  7. Democrats let virus in AMERICA, FOR A PURPOSE . CHEAT.

  8. I believe I read a post from a resident in Oregon where your mail in ballot must include your name and party affiliation ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE. Need I say more.

  9. No checks for aliens they did not earn it. No taking a free ride on working Americans and getting everything free. They can’t speak our language or read English and they do not want to learn. We did not ask them to come here. They came here illegally to be supported by the Americans. If they don’ care to earn their way the same way Americans have had to then they can go back to where they came from. No voting in our elections until they become American citizens and support themselves instead of just making babies that the Democrats welcome while they kill our own American babies. How sick the Democrats have become. I for one, am no longer a proud Democrat.

  10. Tried to share this story and Face Book has blocked the URL. So much for believing in even reporting. If any way I can share this to FB let me know please.

  11. Remember all the lost ballots discovered in closets during the last voting period in a few states? Then there was a delay in the voting totals, and false winners were declared? Our U. S. poverty, level people need identification, so many have cards for emergencies. Maybe political party cards could use the last numbers of driver’s license, or last few numbers of identification numbers to register voters in a machine to mark their party. They would be identified with their party to open machines and select accordingly. Everyone could easily get voting cards registration. They use the license machines already, when you punch in your information, pay and out comes your license. Why not figure a way to use a machine like this to register voters and votes in a identification card machine. Everyone could have an identification card and picture, just like the old machines at the fair. We used to sit, put in a quarter, and your picture came out in a few minutes. The same principle will work with picture identification and licensed or identification numbers, but coded for protection. Picture identification with codes, that can be put in a machine for registration to pull up a ballot is a suggestion. It may take a while to put the license branch auto machines into use with political information, but it’s possible for those who know how. Mail in votes without identification numbers or photo identification leads to fraud, as we know.

  12. Another dishonest essay from Conservative Zone. I’ll comment on just 1-2 lies.
    Three or 4 western states use vote by mail and they indicate that fraud has not been a problem. Check it out. Further, the commission established by Trump to investigate fraud in the last election folded up it’s tent after finding no evidence. It was both Republican as well as Democratic governed states that refused to comply with the requests for info because they had no fraud data to provide.
    What’s at issue here? In a rare moment of honesty Trump recently said that if such voting were allowed we’d never have another Republican elected again. It’s well-established that the more people vote the more likely Dems will win. This is why Republicans have focused so intently on voter suppression. Other than the myriad ways that they’ve suppressed the vote, their only other gambit—tried and true–is to scare people. Claiming “fraud” is their scare tactic.

    1. Mail ballots would be openig pandors box for trouble in both parties. Voter ID
      at the polls is the only to prove a voter has the right to vote. Do it right or it will be waid open for for fraud.

  13. If this virus is still active in November I can see a major problem with voting in person at polling stations throughout the US. How can we keep voters safe from this virus if people with this virus touch tables, chairs, voting machines . etc? We would be asking people to stand in line and wait to get into the polling location to get the virus. The only way to protect other voters is to have people tested before they go in to cast their vote. If just one infected person gets in they can create another wave of this virus. If a person tests Positive, those voters should go to a separate polling location nearby to vote. The big issue here is TESTING. We have to stop allowing infected persons to mingle in any way with those who are not infected. If quarantining in place does not work by now it never will.

    I have no problem with allowing persons to vote by mail if they are already registered to vote. It may take longer to count the votes, but if the counting is done in a secure facility these votes should be counted.

    There is a reality that I am forced to admit. Even people who got this virus and later tested Negative by fighting off this virus. apparently they can still infect others. What this tells me is that no amount of testing can insure the safety of those who have never been infected. So we have a situation of: Do we continue testing or do we stop testing and go back to work and deal with the people who get sick and test only the sick? Treat this virus as we have treated diseases in our past.

    If you think about it, this nation has millions of US Citizens who have never been exposed to this virus, thus creating a population of future victims. Just one of these persons could get this virus and put us back to square one. So what do we gain by sheltering in place? NOTHING. If this virus is a infectious as they claim, it is not a matter of if they get this virus but when? Knowing this, I like the idea of just going back to work and let the virus run it’s course. This may sound cruel, but history has taught us that diseases happen. Some diseases a more dangerous than others, but mankind can survive. We have learned many lessons from this virus. Lessons that may force us to change how we live our lives differently and look at how we can self protect ourselves from threats of a disease. We may have to change how we interact with people. I can see a future where we may make testing for a disease a required practice to qualify for a job or to protect us when we board a plane, a train, or other modes of transportation. Some form of social distancing may be become the norm. One thing is a certainty, when we go back to work we will do so a changed nation.

  14. This is why the 2nd amendment is needed. If they try this we will have a second Civil War to get rid of all the democrats that lie, cheat and steal.

  15. Why arent the domestic enemies of this nation being dealt with, you know, the communist bastards in congress , on both sides….Treason!!!!

  16. Maybe tougher punishment is needed to punish the folks who would sully the voting system in the USA. If they are here illegally–deport them and their family. If they are drawing government benefits strip them of these benefits. They are messing with our Constitution. The laws are very specific. If they are in school –college on grants or scholarships and vote often or illegally. Strip them of the grants and scholarships. If they find fraudulent voting in the nursing homes fire the employees who voted for the comatose patient. If they want to vote — become a legal citizen. No more busloads crossing state lines all clutching a utility bill from the same address and voting thinking they will never be caught. Acorn— –Obama’s commie buddies were never prosecuted for all of the mayhem they created to get the Brown Bomber into the oval office–of course with an A.G. like Eric Holder–the former bag man for the Mark Rich (big tax cheat) pardon and Clinton tucked the payoff into his Library and foundation. You know, the Fast and Furious guy, the guy who never prosecuted the Armed Black Panthers in Phila. who were swing batons at white voters and chasing them away from voting. California deserves Eric as an A.G.

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