EU In Chaos As Trump Slaps On Tariffs

Once considered the model of economic and political stability, the European Union appears to be steadily descending into chaos as Pres. Donald J. Trump slaps on trade tariffs to level the international playing field.

Just a few years ago, far-left American politicians such as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Pres. Barrack Obama idolized the EU for universal healthcare, Co2 reduction policies and economic progress. But the curtain has been pulled back that reveals unfair trade practices, dissent between nations and a populist movement that wants out of the multinational bloc.

Brexit Leaves U.K. Workers in Limbo

Mirroring the wave of national pride that swept away globalists Democrats and Hillary Clinton, U.K. citizens called for withdrawal from the EU. After liberal extremists such as Germany’s Angela Merkel started open borders policies that created widespread crime, violence and increased rape, British voters stunned the left with the Brexit mandate. Now, workers who freely bounced from country to country find themselves in an employment limbo.

Workers that have relied on the EU’s free travel policy are being locked out of the process. The Brexit negotiations have been hard-ball politics with some EU advocates looking to make an example of the U.K. under the guise of public policy.

“There are many people out there who are trying to punish the United Kingdom without saying it — if you ask them they will deny it,” Luxemburg Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna said at the World Economic Forum. “Let’s try to be more positive, let’s try to de-dramatize the whole negotiation.”

EU negotiators have already rejected a continued free trade arrangement with Britain. The formerly idealized EU leaders that were a touchstone for the left are being unmasked. Petty politics and self-interest rule the day in the EU. Workers are being used as pawns.

Spanish Government Toppled

To remove a U.S. president, the House of Representatives must pass Articles of Impeachment and the Senate must hold a trial and vote the Commander-in-Chief out by two-thirds majority. In Spain, such bloodless coups are done through a no confidence vote. The Socialists just ousted long-standing Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy by a 180-169 vote.

The incoming Socialist, Pedro Sanchez, will be backed by only 84 party seats, making his tenure the least stable in recent history. Without a clear mandate or supporting votes, experts expect his left-wing policies to be at continued odds with the majority of the country. Already, he has cowed to the Basque Nationalist Party to maintain a somewhat unpopular budget that passed. He will also be thrust into the Catalan secession crisis.

Sanchez has already taken out the liberal playbook by labeling Catalan Pres. Quim Torra a “racist” and “supremacist.” This sounds eerily familiar from an American perspective, as they are similar to the tactics employed by U.S. Democrats in their attempts to slander Pres. Trump. Spaniards are already clamoring for an election to outs Sanchez and elect a new prime minister. Political instability sweeps Spain.

Populists Take Control Of Italy

Like the U.K. vote that ushered in Brexit, Italy has increasingly been at odds with the EU. The predominately conservative-voting nation and third-largest EU economy have finally formed a government led by populists.

Recently sworn in Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has taken the reins, and his political worldview stands in stark contrast to the EU elites that called for open borders and other liberal policies. Conte hails from the anti-establishment party known as the Five Star Movement, and is backed by the far-right party known as League.

This marks the first EU member country to complete the leadership shift to the populist right, and many fear Italy is on its way to break from the EU.

Trump’s America First Trade Tariffs Fuel EU Upheaval

In the midst of political chaos, Pres. Trump has deftly backed the EU elite into an international trade corner.

Once able to tout economic successes that buoyed the price tag on expensive policies, Europe may soon have to pay its fair share. From embarrassing NATO members to pay the agreed upon portion of their military defense to shining a light on unfair trade tariffs, the U.S. president has taken the high ground in the fight for economic justice.

In a move that makes good on yet another campaign promise to end unfair trade deals and deficits suffered by the U.S., Pres. Trump announced the days of unfair trade “are over.” The White House leveled a 10-percent duty on aluminum and 25-percent duty on steel imported from the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Despite suppressing U.S. imports for years by imposing tariffs upwards of 25 percent compared to the America’s low 3 percent, foreign leaders feigned outrage over the move.

French Pres. Macron called the U.S. leveling the playing field “illegal.” Germany called it “unlawful,” Canada dubbed Pres. Trump a “bully,” and one EU trade official called it a “bad day.”

In all fairness, when criminals are sentenced to lengthy prison terms, they also call that a “bad day.”

What is truly bad for the EU leaders is they will feel a political backlash as internal and external forces call for social and economic fair play.

~ Conservative Zone

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20 thoughts on “EU In Chaos As Trump Slaps On Tariffs”

  1. You just gotta love President Trump. He is even making political heads explode at the highest levels of foreign Governments.

  2. It’s about time they wake up and start defending their countries against the globalists seeking elitist status it the world.

  3. All the sheeple of this planet need to get their heads out of their asses and stop the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls that want to make it a living hell for everyone but them; if not then REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION! Until these privileged, bastards start living as they want everybody else to do then they should stop their agenda or be made to suffer the consequences, that simple – Armr============= ? – – – – – – -, we’ll be needing them against Them!

    1. When you speak of “privileged bastards”, do you include the British so-called “royal” family amongst them?

  4. Pride of ownership and love of country is raising it’s beaten down head against the economic slavery of the One world Order. call it Nationalism, BREXIT, populism or any name you like. It’s the call for FREEDOM. How about The Freedom Party?

    1. What is next, I hope OUR PRESIDENT GOES AFTER THE U.N. Those crooks have taken the U.S. for a ride for too long.

    2. Hi Victoria . We are aware of the Party of slavery …. the Democratic. Many of us may know that many of the Colonist were indentured servants because of the borrowed money to pay for their voyage to America . Some took many years to repay due to the additional charges for food and shelter. This is why the Founders of our Union provided a government and Constitution the restricted the Federal government from spending more than they took in yearly. The people’s freedom from public debt was eliminated when the Constitution was later changed to allow the Federal government to borrow , and now there is a unpayable $22 trillion dollar debt. Some $9 trillion of that was incurred just during the 8 years of the Democratic Obama administration. The American citizens are again indentured citizens to the Federal government. President Donald Trump is determined to reduce the Federal debt by increasing jobs and expanding industry. The Democratic Party is determined to have the President fail.

      1. That about sums it up…but it is difficult for many to appreciate as the mainstream media…as they played up Hillary’s ratings right up to “E” day…continue to push their propagandist agenda and their version of things….but keep on plugging…people with 1000th of their brain intact after 40 years of brainwashing can still get the message if they step back and objectively view the situation…

  5. While I know it is next to impossible, but wouldn’t it be great for the United States to sit back and say, “You don’t like us, you take advantage of us and yet you want us to pay for all this stuff you dream up? We’re out! Handle it yourselves. “

  6. The liberal left has gotten away too long with being too liberal minded for the rest of us and I, for one, am happy My President is causing the EU to be at odds with each other. The EU are users and takers not givers. I’m proud President Trump is MAGA!!

  7. Hmmmm ! I was under the impression that not the people, but the Sovereign States via the Electoral College voted in President Donald Trump. Writers of the Constution wanted to avoid a poorly educated populace from electing the most important government official , the Commander in Chief of the military, from the presidency.

    Current standing of America’s education is that we are some 46th in math, and 42 in reading. Many of our voting public cannot read English, or understand our culture, or know our history .

    1. It is also true that our colleges are overwhelmingly liberal; some have no conservative professors, at all.

    2. You do not understand why we were given the Electoral College. It had nothing to do about poorly educated people. It had more to do about keeping highly educated people like Hillary from being elected.

      1. Actually, Martin, from my reading of the discussions leading up to the decision to safeguard the electoral process via the device known as the Electoral College, the reason was to protect the electoral process from people mistakenly electing a person who was temporarily popular, say, a General victorious in battle, a movie star, community organizer.

    3. Frank, the Constitution is crystal clear, on the point of sovereignty: The citizens are sovereign. Citizens ‘Loan’ sovereignty to their representatives, so that the representatives will have–if only temporarily–the requisite power to make, interpret, and enforce laws. Do our representatives misuse the temporary powers they’ve been given? You Betcha, in spades! But there is remedy for that. Frankly, I have looked on in bemusement, as Crooked Hillary has, for years, thumbed her nose at the rule of law, Bill also did. Why do they and others continue to be protected? And by whom? Who is the man behind the curtain, we are admonished to pay no attention to? On the subject of the Electoral College, which is an absolutely necessary and brilliantly-conceived protective device, I understand that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are Electors. And there’s more good news! Yes, more, Chelsea has been nominated to be an Elector! As an American, I’m feeling safer from the clutches of Socialism/Communism already.

  8. Take a look at Venezuela, it was a booming country until the Socialist Sewage System was set in place. That type of government Always fails, just like Communism, and yet there are idiots out there that think they can make it work, and the people suffer.

  9. Socialism or communism they always work good for those who are selling that scam or a lie. They live well but they destroyed the people in the middle but again that’s what the plan is anyway, control, control, control! Global world slavery for the 99 8/10%

  10. The EU does not pay its fair share of the cost of national security and the members of the UN either do not pay or do not pay their fair share of the operating costs of that ineffective organization. It is classic socialist policy – use the people’s money to enslave the folks. A few days ago was the 74th anniversary of the landing at Normandy, if the US had not conducted the rescue of Europe the folks there would be speaking Russian or German. Both are dynamic examples of failed socialist forms of government. The European leaders had no challenges with the US in those days. If we are not respected then it is time to bail. Love, hank

  11. Desiring a level playing field is not starting a trade war. Just where would the EU be without the USA? It was America getting into WWII that saved most of those countries now bitter about America wanting fair free trade. Free trade cannot be free unless it is fair. Canada is also indigent over President Trump’s desire for our trading partners to be fair. However, they have been exposed for exactly what they are and if we had more friends like them and Mexico we would have nothing but enemies even in our hemisphere.

    Our tax base is effected greatly by the tariff’s imposed on our goods we export. Yet we apply “nearly no” tariff’s in return on imported goods. That must change. As President Trump has said the goal is no tariff’s on any exports or imports. Now that is unencumbered free trade. Which should be everyone’s goal. It is an absolute fact foreign tariff’s cost us jobs and effect our manufacturers bottom line which in turn cost us tax revenue. And in the final analysis that will change under the Trump administration. The reason past presidents did not either see that or move to correct it is exactly what causes the resistance to change now it is called the business round table and chamber of commerce as well as the big bankers.

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