Florida Elections Are An International Embarrassment To Democracy

Perhaps the most incompetent elections official in the nation finally resigned in disgrace after Broward County, Florida, again made the United States of America an international laughing stock.

Brenda Snipes, a Democrat, held the post as Broward County election supervisor since being appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003. To date, the county has been plagued with inconsistencies, allegations of election law violations and the recent debacles have again made Florida a joke.

After a recount that favored Republicans, Snipes filed the results a strategic two minutes late. The missed deadline nullified the recount per Florida law. Unwilling to take responsibility, Snipes made wild claims saying the criticism was “probably” racially motivated.

While some Floridians attributed her actions to an embarrassing level of “incompetence” others see her as a bad political actor. Pres. Donald J. Trump has been vocal that non-citizens voted in Broward County illegally.

“You look at her past, she’s a disaster. I won Florida and, you remember? That area, Broward, didn’t come in,” Pres. Trump reportedly said. “The Republicans don’t win, and that’s because of potentially illegal votes. When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote, and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

Protestors amassed outside Snipes’ office during the recent election incident holding signs that read: “Supervisor of Corruption.”

To say Snipes tenure has been a complete and utter failure would be a gross understatement. In her first election as supervisor, tens of thousands of ballots reportedly went missing. According to reports, upwards or 58,000 Broward County absentee ballots went AWOL. Snipes’ office claimed to have delivered them to the U.S. Post Office. However, postal service officials found no record of ever receiving them.

During the 2012 general elections, approximately 1,000 uncounted ballots were reportedly uncovered, and Florida law prevents late votes to be included in many instances. Snipes was associated with Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2016, who was thrown off the DNC for bias against presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Schultz reportedly ran against Bernie-supporter Tim Canova for the U.S. House seat for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Schultz won a controversial primary to go on and take the seat in the general election. Already under a dark cloud, Snipes office failed to place a required medical marijuana referendum question on the 2016 ballot. But that was just the tip of the 2016 election iceberg.

Snipes’ office reportedly violated Florida elections law that states releasing election tallies before polls close is a third-degree felony. Broward County allegedly committed this election crime in 2016, although she was never prosecuted. The law was designed to avoid the so-called “hanging chad” election debacle between Pres. George W. Bush and Al Gore. Florida was called before people in parts of the Pan Handle had voted.

The 2016 election also saw a flurry of litigation against Snipes’ office regarding improper ballots and erroneous tallies. One lawsuit filed by Tim Canova called for a review of physical ballots under the Freedom of Information Act. While litigation was ongoing, Snipes reportedly ordered the ballots in question destroyed. A judge ruled she had taken this action illegally. Still, Snipes was again front and center during the recent mid-term elections causing Broward County and Florida humiliation.

“We have consistently been the bottom of the barrel getting our voting results in,” Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich reportedly said. “I don’t want to be 67th in 67 counties again in voting.”

The counts regarding the gubernatorial race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis was hotly contested, and the Broward County failures left the decision in question long after election day. The race for U.S. Senator between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson also suffered no legitimate end. Mistake after mistake left these Florida elections undecided for nearly a week. Snipes remarks about her infamous election history are telling.

“I think the problems are blown out of proportion,” Snipes reportedly said. “Broward is nitpicked to the bone. Other places have the same problems, different problems. It’s just that they are not spotlighted like we are.”

At one point during the recount process, candidates ordered Snipes and her team to stop because they were counting the wrong ballots. The Bush-Gore hanging chads may have been less ridiculous.

~ Conservative Zone

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21 thoughts on “Florida Elections Are An International Embarrassment To Democracy”

  1. America’s greatest mistake was allowing them to vote; if the dogooders wanted to do something for them, it should have free passage back where they came from!

    1. This is why no one from obama and any in his administration and the whole anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American agendas of democrats and their tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES will be held accountable or punished , that is except President Trump and any patriotic Republican! Time for President Trump to say to hell with this crap and drain the corrupt swamp NOW, and I mean NOW!

  2. She was caught and was a disgrace, however, Arizona had problems finding votes later on and New Mexico are questionable calling the candidate and telling her she won and later telling her many more votes were found and the other candidate won the democrat won. These incidences need to be investigated also. It was lucky in Fl. that Rick Scott jumped in after Nelson with a lawyer or so and stayed on top of the problem. It should have been taken care of earlier but late is better than never. Palm Beach county needs to be dealt with too.

  3. It really is mind boggling we can build space craft to explore our solar system, send back photos, determine the make up of planets, yet we cannot create voting machines that would accurately count cast ballots. And if one is going to make such a fuss about the tallying of the votes, should we not also be as concerned about who is casting them, which should require a picture ID card and proof of citizenship. If they tell you it is too inconvenient to obtain these credentials, it indicates to me, the only reason they are voting is because some one is telling them to vote and more them likely, who to vote for.

  4. We should be worried about our REPUBLIC going under if the left continues its out and out TREASON and the right does not stop them. Forget our DEMOCRACY. We are NOT a democracy and do not want a DEMOCRACY. We want our REPUBLIC to function as planned, not as the left sees fit. DEMOCRACY = the majority always wins….and that is what the left so desires and is willing to commit TREASON, an overthrow of our Constitutional government, to make it come true. We MUST quit using the term DEMOCRACY when talking about our nation. We are a REPUBLIC which has a very different meaning than DEMOCRACY.

    1. I do believe the reason the demonrats are so upset with the Republican Party and our national anthem is because they are in agreement -we are a republic, not a democracy. The only mention of democrat is democratically elected republican form of government. If Florida or Arizona are examples of democratically elected, maybe we need to change our form of election.

    2. Thanks for your post. I am amazed at how many so called conservatives don’t understand the difference between Republic and Democracy. Until we educate ALL people on the difference, we will continue to lose ground in the fight for our county. The writer of this article is , I think is a conservative as it is called the “ConservativeZone.com” but he also does not understand the difference or he would not have used the word” Democracy”.
      Please remember the Quote from Benjamin Franklin, When asked, Mr. Franklin what do we have? Is it a republic or a democracy? His reply was ” You now have a republic, but the question is, how long will you keep it!” end of quote.

      Any democracy loses in short order unless stopped by the people, as our Constitution will verify!

  5. Florida is not the only state with these problems. Look at Arizona, NM, Colorado, just name it. Democrats, who refuse to call themselves what they really are, Statist/Socialist are at the root of this problem nation wide. They can’t win on their policies so they cheat. It has been going on for years.

  6. Why are DEMOCRATS above the law ?? Why do federal employees get a free keep out of jail ticket ? Why do Federal Unions have power over the laws and ethics ? Why is it so hard to FIRE a Federal employee ? I have been lead to believe that every one is subject to the laws put in place !! WELL I GUESS I AM INCORRECT !! Laws only seem to apply if the accuser has NOTHING come BACK on them and will be sorry for upholding the law !!

  7. The entire American election system is a joke! I have been a registered voter for nigh on 45 years now, and I have never seen a more corrupted system than the one that has been in place since 1980. Voter fraud runs rampant, election judges withholding ballots, voters deceased for years being counted. We as citizens should demand a closure of voter registration 90 days before any election to give election officials time to verify voter eligibility. My home state of Maryland, just this election, passed a resolution to allow SAME DAY voter registration!! This gives voter fraud a brand new cesspool to flourish in. As the POTUS noted in the article above, what’s to stop these same day registrants from going from precinct to precinct and voting several times. Can election officials catch this type of fraud in the certification time frame? I doubt it seriously, especially if the supervisory personnel are biased!

  8. There was a recent article where she doubled, sometimes tripled counted votes for the Democrats, discarded at least 1,200 votes for Republicans, claiming they were unreadable. I don’t know how you can’t read a blacked-out circle, especially when they are hand read. She was always a very shady lady, especially when she lost thousands of votes. They were suddenly found but after the allotted timeframe and could no longer be counted. As the Democrats continue to claim Republicans stole an election. What it shows me, they will do nothing to win our elections, because it’s clear they want a dictatorship and live under an authoritarian form of government in this Country. Let us steal you… Oops, I meant to give us your money, because we know how to misspend… again, oops… spend it wisely. Trust us. You don’t trust us? I’m hurt and appalled by your distrust. It’s so offensive. You are politicians, former lawyers and attorney’s and you lie for a living. So, NO I don’t trust you especially when liberals are involved. This liberal philosophy is if will can’t win an election, then we will steal it. Then when we are back in power, we will change the system that benefits them. Only popular votes count, no electorate college will cease to exist.

  9. The biggest embarrassment to the Florida elections are the voters who voted for tax hikes, Democratic candidates and being the most ignorant people on inteligents.

  10. So when are these election problems going to be fixed? When will photo ID be required in every state? Election fraud is now rampent and we the people are fed up! Illegals are allowed to vote! Why is this allowed? Where is the commission in our government to address these problems? Constant bickering between both parties with nothing being accomplished, no one being held accountable for their downright corruption, leaves us little faith in our so called government!

  11. “Houston we have a problem”…the rino’s stabbed the President in the back and enabled their buddies on the left in the mid terms…The President has been resilient thus far but apparently there are more leftist progressives than there are down to earth conservatives…

  12. The only thing that will fix the American Election Joke, is Universal Voter ID, and a Driver’s License will NOT be sufficient ID to get the Voter ID. Especially in light of the fact that California, and some other states where the enemy is in charge, hand them out to illegals like lollipops, they don’t even have to take a driver’s test.
    The Democrats will fight that tooth and nail, because they know they would never win another national election if it became law.
    Let someone introduce a law saying that those who came here illegally, even if they were to gain citizenship at some point, would NEVER be allowed to vote, then stand back and enjoy the fireworks…it would be epic!

  13. Am I allowed to comment on the obvious , namely , it appears that ONLY ONE person verifies the ballots ! There should be at least Four persons doing the verifications –All from a Different Political party , and they must all agree on the result of each ballot , and , all discarded ballots MUST be re-checked by someone else until a favorable result is reached acceptable to all !

  14. We are the most advanced nation that has ever been created! The issue of having fair and honest elections is simple, when compared to our success and capabilities with Space Travel, Medical Miracles, Countless Inventions, and Great Universities … the list could go on forever! There must be a real reason for the stupidity and carelessness with our election process. Can you say fraud and corruption? The problem(s) will be solved instantly, once the right people with the right actions finally decide to fix it … forever!

  15. When will the GOP get off their dead asses and do something about repeated electoral cheating by the democrats in Florida and elsewhere.

    They do it because (1) it wins them elections and (2) there’s no punishment for getting caught.

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