Florida School Bus Aide Pulls MAGA Hat Off of Student’s Head

During his 2016 election bid, President Donald Trump made the slogan “Make America Great Again” famous. To his supporters, the catchy statement was one of hope and inspiration. Unfortunately, the left has doggedly and persistently portrayed it as a hate symbol, one representing racism and division.

Fake News outlets and Democratic politicians have been all too happy to push this deceptive message. As a result, both adults and kids who dare to show they stand with Trump are being unjustly called out and punished. Just this month, an enraged Florida school bus aide pulled a MAGA hat off of a student’s head.

According to WPTV, surveillance video on a Martin County school bus showed a bus aid screaming at 14-year-old Gunnar Johansson. She ordered Johansson to take off his MAGA hat before yanking it off his head. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is currently examining whether the bus aide acted criminally.

See the footage and WPTV’s coverage below:

Johansson revealed to WPTV that students were permitted to wear hats during the week of the incident if they contributed a donation to the March of Dimes. A Trump supporter, the student said he decided to wear his MAGA cap “to show my pride in Trump America.” But, mere seconds after Johansson boarded the school bus, the aid commanded him to take off his hat and put it in his backpack. The unidentified woman can be heard saying “Boy, if you don’t that hat off this bus… take it off” on the surveillance video.

The student told WPTV, “I was really confused, I was like ‘I can’t wear this?’ She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong’, and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy.”

For the remainder of the ride to school, Johansson wasn’t allowed to wear his hat. However, other students on the bus were still permitted to wear their caps.

Johansson’s mother, Jackie Putt, told WPTV that she got text messages from her son’s brother and other students concerning the unfortunate occurrence.

“I immediately went to the school,” Putt said. “I needed to know what my son just went through and what she did to my son.”

Putt said she believes the aide was politically motivated to act the way she did. The concerned mother talked with the Hidden Oaks Middle School’s principal. She also made her son write down everything he could remember about what happened on the school bus.

When she learned that she wouldn’t be allowed to see the video involving her son until after the school district closed its investigation, Putt filed a police report. Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security for the Martin County School District, remarked, “The district is aware of the family’s allegations. We’re taking it very seriously. We’re in the process of gathering all the facts right now.” Martin County Lieutenant Ryan Grimsdale is in charge of interviewing those involved in the episode and examining the video. He stated, “The crux of our investigation will be the interaction directly, physically with the child and how that panned out.”

WPTV reported that the school board doesn’t have a policy that keeps students from wearing political attire. Johansson told the television station that other students at his school were wearing MAGA on the day of the altercation. He also said he was permitted to wear his cap at school. Johansson’s mother informed WPTV that she is pleased with how her child dealt with the situation. She remarked, “We all have a right to who we want to vote for, this is America.” While the school district hasn’t revealed the status of the aide, Johansson told WPTV that she hasn’t been on the school bus since the event involving the hat.

If this incident was the only one of its kind, it would be alarming. Sadly, it isn’t. Last month, multiple MAGA hat incidents were reported. According to Fox News, a young man assaulted an 81-year-old man who was wearing a MAGA hat at a grocery store in New Jersey. Fox News also reported that a woman assaulted a man wearing a MAGA cap at a Mexican restaurant. In January of 2019, Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann came under siege when a video depicted him standing in close proximity to Nathan Phillips, a Native American man. Because Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat, he and his peers were accused of intimating Phillips and starting an altercation.

Sadly, as long as liberals push their hateful rhetoric about Trump and those who support his efforts to “Make America Great Again,” these incidents will likely continue to occur.

~ Conservative Zone

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36 thoughts on “Florida School Bus Aide Pulls MAGA Hat Off of Student’s Head”

  1. MAGA hat is the slogan of America. If liberals do not like it, go to a Country of your own choice and choosing.

    1. It is time that these people who think they can just force their opinion and views on everybody are made to suffer the consequences. This aide should be removed from the school district never to be employed by them again and the school district should pay damages of a significant amount. The principal should also be dismissed at the conclusion of the evidence and decision. We all know democrats are the stupidest people on earth but that is no excuse for them forcing their ideological opinion on anyone.

    2. This would all stop if any one dong this where fired and put in jail for 6 months. That would be the first offence, add 1 year to the jail time for each additional offence. Many would not be out of jail for the 2020 election and would not be allowed to vote where as they where cons still locked up. Democrats would lose some of their voter base and the problem would be solved.

  2. Why is this child required to take the hat off when it is this skank that should be thrown off the bus? I assume from the manner of speaking the district should hire more competent aids.

  3. For some strange reason Democrats have lost their ability to reason or even think clearly! Especially if they come from California or New York and it seems to be spreading as they eat from the same trough!

  4. This is getting out of hand. I’m not a fan of Obama, but he was voted into office and is and always will be a respected man of American stature. Obama has done good and bad as all leaders do. President Trump is loved and respected by many. We are all Americans and are to respect and honor the voters choice. I personally think Predent Trump is doing a great job. And I for one will be wearing my MAGA cap proudly!

  5. So it begins. Now the left has branched out to publicly harassing political opponents.
    Don’t let this slide people.
    This person (bus driver) needs to feel some form of discipline.
    What next? Wrist tattoos when you register to vote?
    We’ve got a lot of voting to do to fix this country.

  6. Seems the school district is trying to hide somethings,it is time for a group of parents attend the next school board meeting and get answers why the mother could not see the video when she asked to see it.

  7. by not punishing this unacceptable behavior, That bus aid along with others will believe they can control other Americans and get away with it. He did not break any rule, law or regulation. To take control over someone to and demand they act to their command is no better than the beginning of taking over a child’s life for personal gain – drugs, sex trafficking, etc. You or anyone else other than the parents should have no influence on anyone’s child in that negative way. It is my right to raise my child – this mother clearly was right to be pissed off! There better be hell to pay for that school and their horrible way of allowing personal influence and physical attacks on kids

  8. As long as these turkeys are allowed to get away with this sort of nonsense it will get worse. Maybe it would be a good idea for anyone wearing a MAGA hat to start carrying a stunner or a can of bear spray. I guarantee that once these attackers get a face full of that, they will think twice about doing it again.

  9. I’m infuriated that this is happening and I wish I could say something that has not already been said.
    This mother should sue the bus driver for permitting this to take place on the bus, the bus company for hiring this woman

  10. Why is the minor named and not the adult attacker? IF she put her hands on him – whoch she did by grabbing his hat whic was on his head – like grabbing his shirt – that is assault and battery.

    “Assault refers to a threat of harm that leads to the victim’s fear of imminent harm. The offense does not include physical contact between the perpetrator and the victim. First a prosecutor must show that the defendant intended to threaten the victim, cause the victim to feel fear, or carry out a violent act.”

    ” When the defendant makes physical contact with the victim, Florida state laws allow for prosecution of the act as a battery. To prove a battery case, the prosecutor must show that the defendant intentionally touched or struck the victim. The physical contact must have been against the victim’s will and done without the victim’s consent. ”

    Seems pretty cut and dry supported by video evidence and witnesses that both of these events occurred.
    In Florida:
    “Simple assault – second degree misdemeanor, which can result in a sentence of imprisonment for up to sixty days and a fine that cannot exceed $500.”
    “Simple battery – first degree misdemeanor, for which the state can request a sentence of imprisonment lasting up to one year and a fine that cannot exceed $1,000.”

    Should be enough to teach the school bus aide – to keep her hands to herself. Now the above mentioned refers to adults – the penalties could be more severe when it is an adult defendant and a minor victim.

    1. Your point about simple assault and simple battery is exactly what I was going to point out. Good for you.

      I think that there should be charges brought against the school bus aide and possibly collusion of the school authorities over their not revealing the video to the parent.

      These kinds of attacks by progressive liberals against conservatives has got to stop. And the only way to make that happen, since these progressive liberals are acting solely on emotion, is to arrest, prosecute and en-prison them.

  11. The left has chose to become violent. It is wrong and things like this should be punished. It has already grown more to a much more violent and criminal nature.

  12. The parents should be able to look at the video of the incident and go from there. That way they have the story of what happened on the bus. Get the police and a lawyer involved if they are denied the video.

  13. What Americans must understand is that what they’re seeing is a form of communism with which they’re unfamiliar. It’s called, “neo-Marxism,” “Cultural Marxism,” Gramsciism”,” or “the New Left,’ and is based on the works of Italian theorist Antonio Gramsci (pronounced, “GRAMshee”). Gramsci argued that the communists must make a “great march through the institutions of Western [Judeo-Christian] Civilization, destroying each of them from within as we go.” It was first popularized among Leftists in the late 1960s by Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules For Radicals” (a short book, and a “must read”). Among Alinsky’s star pupils was one Hillary Rodham Clinton. Better bone up on all this, b/c it’s hitting you right in the face, right now. MAGA, y’all!

  14. Now the insincere apology will follow and nothing will happen, this the way of the Marxist socialist dems

  15. I would sue the aide, the principal, the supt. and the school board. They would pay for the humiliation that poor kid suffered at the hands of this %(*&&%& p o l s!

  16. If it were the other way around and someone ripped off a make America socialist right now hat during Obama’s administration all hell would have broken loose.

  17. I guess this then means that in Martin County, Florida, one is allowed to rip clothing off of another person, if that clothing has something on it that one disagrees with. The only thing this incident proves is that the Martin County State Attorney needs to be recalled or impeached, for not enforcing our laws equally, and allowing prejudicial politics to interfere in carrying out our laws, and not protecting the weakest and most innocent. This also shows that the protection of our laws do not include enforcing them for our children’s sake.

  18. “Unfortunately, the left has doggedly and persistently portrayed the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ as a hate symbol, one representing racism and division.”

    But the only hate representing racism and division in the USA is coming from and being persecuted on others by the liberals, progressives, and Democrats, as daily reported incidents have proven, not from conservatives, Christians, and Republicans, as the charges against Jussie Smollet has also proven.

    Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans are extremely happy and wish no ill will on anyone, for they have elected the President that they wanted and the USA needed.

    But the liberals, progressives, and Democrats are full of hatred, displayed by their continuous resistance and constant obstruction to our duly elected President. They have tried everything possible to make his election illegal, even to the extent of a coup against him by the Obama appointed “Deep State” operatives left over in the federal government, as the Mueller investigations have also proven by the now proven false accusations and fake evidence used to instigate and implement it.

    Yet nothing has been or can be found to condemn President Trump, the object of all the liberals’, progressives’, and Democrats’ hatred, that represents the only racism and division being perpetrated on the American people .

  19. The aid touching the boy is a criminal assault. Maybe the prosecutors should go back to law school. Maybe we should start arming our children with mace or tasers to protect themselves? If that was my child the only thing the aid would be worried about would be what dress she would be wearing during the funeral.

  20. Under today’s political climate, the aide will probably sue the student for “hate speech”, then receive a hefty pay raise for bravery under duress. Remember next November!

  21. WHY???? isn’t the bus driver being arrested and fired. I would get a lawyer as fast as I can and sue her AND the school for not having a strict code of behavior for their employees.
    The only one offended was HER.


  22. Obama’s slogan was hope and change. Imagine if we interpreted his code word “change” as his way of dividing the country by race, wealth, religion and gender. Of course that’s what he did. And how did the American people retaliate? It wasn’t with violence, it was at the ballot box in November of 2016 when they elected President Trump.

    1. It could have been Romney in 2012. Nobody was more beatable than Obama. But Romney was a milk toast weakling who couldn’t even beat the incumbent. Trump won in 2016 because a majority of the legal voters had had enough during the previous eight years and they found in Trump a man who does what he says he will do. It didn’t hurt the president that he was running against a skank who had clawed her way to the top via illegal and downright dishonest means and committed treason on top of that. Enough of us recognized that to get the job done. Why she isn’t wearing an orange jumpsuit is beyond me, but that’s a subject for another discussion. President Trump is keeping his word and making America great again. Low life lefties refuse to see the truth and react violently. That bus driver should be in jail.

  23. I hate wearing hats. They get uncomfortable for me after about an hour, but I do wear my MAGA shirt all the time. I have never been accosted or gotten anything but “go trump” comments while wearing it. So I don’t know if the hat is a trigger and not the shirt. I may have to make an exception and endure the discomfort of a hat. I don’t cause trouble, but I will defend any right I have to the max. Or maybe the fact I am almost 300 pounds and look like I can eat nails (somebody else’s assessment not me, I think I’m a pussy cat) is why I don’t get approached.

  24. For an adult to treat a child this way is wrong, the aide should be in trouble, if it was my child I would sue the aide, the school etc., this is so ridiculous that pulling a hat off someone’s head is OK. Especially when wearing a hat was allowed. These left wing bullies need to learn that this is not going to be tolerated.

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