German Parents Fined for Not Sending Son on Mosque Trip

Some school field trips are more important than others; at least for German schools. But these parents found this out the hard way when they were fined for skipping out on a field trip that they did not want their child to attend.

According to Breitbart News, the parents of one young student were sent to court and fined after preventing the child from attending a field trip to a mosque. The couple was fined last year, but their subsequent appeal was rejected last week. The Higher Regional Court in Schleswig upheld the fine and ruling, which sanctioned the family for skipping out on a field trip they did not wish their child to attend.

Skipping a Field Trip Comes with a Price

In June of 2016, the unidentified parents kept their son home from school for one day because the school had planned a field trip to a mosque. The Rendsburg Mosque is near the school and the trip would take part of a day.

The parents were issued a fine of 50 euros for skipping the trip; the school cited that the child missed several lessons in addition to the mosque trip.

Not Just Germany

Apparently, similar stories are emerging from other parts of Europe. Parents in the UK are skipping school when it comes to mandatory lessons on Islam and mosque visits as well. The increasingly common trips to religious facilities are triggering protests among British parents, who think too much emphasis is being placed on Islam over other religions. Some British parents have begun opting out of mosque trips entirely. The schools have not reacted well.

A Cornwall school singled out students who skipped a trip to a mosque in 2015. The children were publicly berated and repeatedly asked why they were skipping the trip.

Another school simply passed a rule that made mosque trips a requirement. For those pupils, visits to the mosque are now mandatory for all.

In Staffordshire, the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education called out parents for skipping mosque visits, calling those families “islamophobic”:

“While objections are raised about visits to a number of places of worship, they are most frequently about visits to mosques, which raises the bigger issue of Islamaphobia [sic] and how this can be addressed,” they said.

Parents Fight Back

In both Germany and the United Kingdom, parents are facing court and financial penalties for skipping out on mosque field trips. Some parents are also keeping children home to skip increasingly frequent lessons on Islam in the classroom. This trend will likely continue, as Muslims outnumber Christians in over 30 church schools in London alone, according to Breitbart.

There has been no penalty in Germany or in the UK for missing a trip to a church, cathedral or Synagogue, only students who skip out on visiting local mosques are called to atone for their actions or charged a financial penalty.

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38 thoughts on “German Parents Fined for Not Sending Son on Mosque Trip”

  1. This is what happens when you kowtow to the Muslim religion. They expect you to be lenient with their religion but not so to others. America must be fair but it is not correct to make people attend other religion’s services or establishments when the turn is not reciprocal. That is bullying and the manner in which Muslims attempt to take control. Living together in harmony does not mean living in subservience.

    1. I really hate to pop your bubble JC, but it is not possible to live in harmony with islam. You either submit (that is what the word islam means in Arabic), and become a muslim, or you can be a slave, or you can die. Those are your choices.

      How many times have these idiotic schools required their students to go on a field trip to a church, or a synagogue? what, never? I assure you that I would fight any decree that my child MUST attend a field trip to a mosque. And I would refuse to pay any fine associated with it. The dumbasses do not know what monster they have invited into their countries. I have lived in the middle east and you can take islam and group it with the Nazis as a philosophy of life, and flush them both down the toilet.

      1. The beauty of it all is that they have made Mecca “verboten” to ALL non muslims…and there are obviously too damn many who are falling for their hypocritical bovine excreta…

  2. Why would any parents let their kids go ? Muslims want total control of the world. These schools needs to be shut down. They are not for freedom but control of people .

  3. The Godless heathens ‘muslims’ of the UK and Germany are ruining what use to pretty good countries. Unfortunately it’s happening in all EU countries. They, the leaders and people, best wake up or they will be loosing their heads.
    I fear that in will start in earnest here in USA if muslims like talib, Omar and sympathizers like Pelosi, aoc, Schumer, Schiff keep supporting crazyness.

    1. I noticed this when I tried to post to facebook. My question is, since when is the truth abusive. Also, what has happened to freedom of religion in England and Germany? If I had a child or children of school age, I definitely would not allow them to participate in a field trip to a Mosque. Why are they trying to indoctrinate those children? Perhaps they are trying to foster friendship, but I don’t think so. The nation of Islam doesn’t want to be friends with us “infidels”.

    1. And here we believed that nazis were done for in europe,apparently not so,they are back running the german,and british nations and are just as evil,and dishonest as the original nazis were!Too bad they dont have a second amendment to protect them like we in the U.S. have.

  4. European countries can only blame themselves for their stupidity in allowing the muslims to dictate that their NATIVE BORN children have to be indoctrinated to appease the invaders. If I had a child that was in such a place I’d PERMANENTLY remove my offspring for home schooling because forcing anyone to go on field trips only to mosques while not having a similar requirements for this “religion of peace” followers to visit other people’s religious places is discrimination.

      1. You mean, unvarnished real news like this (stories-indeed!!!), keeps those of us who are still using our brains and a large dose of common sense, to evaluate what in truth Islam thinking stands for. I’m prepared and I am fully suited/equipped to protect not only my family, but yours too, after all. you ARE my neighbor. Stand Up, and be well!

  5. Muslims are going to keep desecrating our churches and cathedral’s and when the saturation point is reached every mosque will feel the Burn. Too He’ll with Allah and the POS Muhammad.

    1. When mohammed hijacked Islam and introduced the koran he automatically steered the descendants of Ishmael, illegitimate son of Abraham, away from Jehovah by that ‘holy(?)’ books’ interpretation of the second of the Two Great Commandments. In reality Hell was their destination of choice…

  6. This is BS. Allah is SATAN-the exact opposite of the One True God-the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Islam tells its followers to kill the infidels(Christians and Jews along with other Muslims who don’t go along with their heinous crimes!!! Jesus says, love your neighbor. Which also means don’t put up with their LIES!!!

  7. The real name of Islam is blood thirsty savages! It is not a religion it is a culture of evil murderers. child abuser’s , women abusers, rapist and inbred idiots!

    1. We need to make sure that these first time representatives that are spewing hatred of everything American do not get re-elected. Who the hell voted to have them in our government?? They are first class lunatics who should go back to where they came from. They hate us and want to destroy us from the inside. Wake up people or you will be learning the Koran and live under sharia law. God save us!!

  8. Obama and his Muslim brethren have indoctrinated the people in office in the EU and the ignorant democrats in the USA. If you don’t ward against this and vote against this we are all in deep do do. It is time we had some education passed around in this country

  9. Look at what Macron has allowed to happen in France. Massive numbers of illegal alien invader Muslims have surged into France making Arabic the primary language and attacks on non-Muslims are widespread in that country. Sadly, we have a parallel problem here in America with the tidal wave of Hispanics coming over our southern border. Many have no desire to learn English, but expect us to communicate with them in Spanish. They want to take any available jobs, hiring under the table at wages that most Americans can’t live on. They also add to the criminal population which hampers our law enforcement professionals who are already overburdened by resident criminals. They also strain taxpayer-funded health and welfare programs, shamelessly pulling money away from needy Americans, for whom it was intended. You think Europe has it bad? Yes, that’s true. But just look around at the ongoing invasion that we suffer with each day at our southern border. Vote out politicians who have no respect for American lives, our laws, our traditions, our Constitution and our flag. If all else fails remember the spirit of Lexington and Concord in 1775 and the Second Amendment which came later and is still in effect. Be prepared – love your Country!

  10. We need to get rid of muslims in this country now. We cannot afford to wait. If you care about your families and their safety then do all you can to fight the terrorists. Dont let the schools make your daughters wear the muslim slave scarves or any other garbage. They are here to destroy us so we need to destroy them first. Start with the fraud who impersonated the potus for eight years.

    1. ISIS and similar organizations HAVE all but exterminated Christians and other non-muslims in the Middle East and North Africa…and the genocide IS continuing almost unabated…muslim atrocities world wide are under or not even reported…but every stray mosque shooting is parodied across western media. I digress.The fact is that there is MORE than ample room in North Africa made possible by the extermination of peoples like the Copts and other non-muslim entities to absorb ALL those “bogus” refugees that now ‘infest’ Europe and the Americas…face it…we either “band our jaws” now and reverse the migration…or perish. It is as simple as that…over 700,000,000 souls (which includes almost half of the population of the “Sub-Continent ) over the last 1400 years can attest to their “efficiency”…

  11. The Quran, the Muslim Bible, tells all muslims that all infidels must be killed ! This is not a religion- it is a militaristic, primitive, barbaric, autochratic, fascist politic. Where are the Christian churches in Islam ? Burned and destroyed ! Yet they brazenly come here, invited by the dumbass, evil socialists who do not realize their real intent- overthrow America from within ! BO was the architect of this and his henchman Farrakahn. These people mean us no good will- only evil. Do not be disuaded by being called “Islamophobic” because it is intelligent to fear them- they mean to harm us.
    NO RELIGION whose tenets are the destruction of all other religions should be allowed entrance to this country- the very one that promotes religious freedom and diversity.

    1. Replace “religion” with “entity or ideology”…that cult is NOT a religion….and the people who rescinded the 1952 law ( in the USA ) that would have prevented this scenario…should be sought out and tried for TREASON and exiled with all their “imports” to the middle of the Sahara…

  12. I watch Got Talent from several countries on You Tube. Strangely, many (most?) of the separate European countries have one of their four judges being a muslim. Like in the States, every attempt is being made to make Islam acceptable while Christianity becomes irrelevant.

    1. Christianity…and EVERY other religion (even NON religions) are NOT compatible with the ideology that is represented by the muslim…and MUST be “exterminated” or absorbed as slaves or vassals. Check out where Petro$ have been heavily invested…the mainstream fake media…and the Clinton foundation…and….just pointing…

  13. If you don’t believe the muslims are trying to take over America one place at a time. Start looking at the communities they are in. Starting with Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn, MI doesn’t even look like you’re in America anymore.

    1. None so blind as those who REFUSE to see!!! Agenda 21 is alive and well and even more sinister than the best conspiracy theories making the rounds…Dearborn is a living example of the gangrene that is setting in…as are the NO-GO Zones in most European countries…and as Christians and others are exterminated under reportedly or not even reported worldwide where these butchers hold sway…their “advance forces” are being “funded” by the very governments that are supposed to defend our countries…Keep on voting the likes of the democrats in the USA, Macron and Merkel in Europe etc., and the graffiti BECOMES the “writing on the wall”.

  14. The father of Lies who’s time is short,
    is using all his evil tools in ways we never thought of . WE must fight this with everything we can and will remove any of our leaders that cower down from this
    Spiritual Warfare…⚡️⚡️⚡️

  15. It is clear that the Muslims in Europe are becoming the new Nazis. Check out all the Christian churches that have been attacked as well. Globalism isn’t the Eutopia globalists think it will be. It’ll be one world dominated by Islam and leaders who are either in favor of them or afraid of them.

  16. This is rediculas muslims want it there way ramming their ideas down peoples throats. My kids would never go to a Muslim church!! They can always go back where they came from. Next the people that don’t believe their way will be wearing stars on their clothes being persecuted in their own country.

  17. All of the above is so very true. I agree we have to fight these evil people in our own land. I will die fighting for our country. These people must leave pur country. Democrats are blind, how dare. Them vote for these people ad place tbem in office. We must keep them out of government control.wake up AMERICA, muslims are not hereto be our friends.

  18. I haven’t seen any Muslims anywhere crying about the recent murdered Christians on Easter Sunday. None anywhere have even condemned the terrorism. I guess this is just another example of “some people did something”.

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