Giuliani Goes On Mueller Probe Attack

If not for the despicable tactics used by Robert Mueller in the Russia probe to attack Pres. Donald J. Trump, everyday Americans might feel sympathy for his unenviable task. But Mueller sunk to disgusting lows, enlisted biased liberals, leaked documents and now faces the wrath of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“There is No Collusion! The Robert Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt, headed now by 17 (increased from 13, including an Obama White House lawyer) Angry Democrats, was started by a fraudulent Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC. Therefore, the Witch Hunt is an illegal Scam,” Pres. Trump tweeted.

Unfortunately for Americans, everything in the president’s Twitter outburst rings true, and more. We know now that Deep State Democrats such as disgraced FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page employed unethical and potentially illegal tactics to create the false Russian narrative. Now comes the man who shepherded New York through the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and he’s none too happy.

Giuliani, a practicing attorney and Trump supporter, has gone on the offensive representing the president’s interest. His trial lawyer and political experience has allowed him insights into the legal farce being perpetrated by the fake news media. He’s also pulled back the curtain on some of the more grotesque characters being lined up against Pres. Trump.

Paul Manafort NOT on Trial for Russian Collusion

The left-leaning Mueller has applied pressure on former Trump associates in an effort to get them to produce dirt. One federal judge saw right through Mueller’s anti-Trump bias during a Manafort hearing.

“I don’t see what relation this indictment has with what the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Elli said during a hearing. “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. … What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”

When Pres. Trump calls the Russia probe a “witch hunt,” this is exactly what he means.

Mueller went as far as to have Manafort jailed without bail for speaking to a prospective witness, a twist on intimidation charges. Giuliani blasted the special counsel.

“You put a guy in jail if he’s trying to kill witnesses, not just talking to witnesses,” Giuliani reportedly said. “When the whole thing is over, things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons.”

Cohen Spies and Lies

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is a guy who takes money to clean up messes. Americans are all too familiar with money-grubbing low-lifes who try to coerce the wealthy. For example, NFL star Gareon Conley of the Oakland Raiders is suing a woman who falsely accused him of sexual misconduct after police cleared him. Conley refused to pay up.

Cohen’s job was to negotiate and pay-off people rather than litigate. Porn star Stormy Daniels was one such individual. Despite CNN trotting her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, out nearly twice per day when the story broke, it’s clear she had her hand out for money and got it.

Since the news broke, she has been arrested, Avenatti’s firm was ordered to pay a $10 million lawsuit, his wife filed for divorce and he may lose his law license. Talk about credibility issues.

Apparently, Cohen was secretly taping his clients and others. Reputable people have come forward saying that Cohen told them he was not taping their conversation, then did anyway. Giuliani points out that a recent tape that appears to have the president’s voice on it may have been faked or edited. In a recent interview, Giuliani called Cohen one of the “biggest liars in America.”

“There is no doubt one of (the tapes) were cut off,” Giuliani reportedly said. “Is this a recording of a recording? Did he cut it off at the time? Or go to a laboratory or whatever the hell he had and cut it off?”

Information has surfaced that Cohen covertly made upwards of 183 recordings without people’s knowledge. “That will give you an idea of what a scoundrel (Cohen) was,” Giuliani reportedly said.

Giuliani Crushes Collusion Narrative

The left-leaning media conveniently omits certain facts when reporting on the Mueller probe. Perhaps that largest fact is that “collusion” is not a crime. That means you cannot be put behind bars or impeached for working with Russians, even in an election.

“I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime,” Giuliani reportedly said. “Collusion is not a crime.”

Those indicted by Mueller face charges of fraud that may have occurred more than a decade ago, making a false claim as a foreign lobbyist during the Obama Administration and hacking. The hacking was allegedly done by people living in Russia. Yes, indicting a Russian national is a ridiculous dog and pony show for the media.

The president appears ready and willing to speak with Mueller despite legal counsel’s objections. Mueller’s underhanded actions wreak of corruption and bias. That’s why Rudy Giuliani plans to present a counter-report so the American people can get the true facts about the Mueller witch hunt.

~ Conservative Zone

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22 thoughts on “Giuliani Goes On Mueller Probe Attack”

  1. Muller’s free ride should have ended long ago, who the fuck gets an ENDLESS freebie? At the very least, he would be THE most incompetent investigator on earth, if there were something and he failed to produce it by now!

    1. You hit the nail on the head John!! He suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome as do most of the liberal, progressive, mamby pamby idiots out there. This has been a hoax perpetrated by the Clinton clan and Soros. I really can’t blame people caught up in this mess because if they stray too far or just a little from the wishes of the Clinton, Soros clan they might end up like so many others who have resisted or challenged them. These people are being neld on a tight rein by Clinton and Soros. But eventually the truth will come out and hopefully we will be rid of these people. And hopefully the rest of the crooks and elite professional politicians concerned only for their own hides will drown in the DC swamp. Trumphas already pushed many ofthese to retire and now it is our turn to elect better people to continue his programs.

    2. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    3. Rudy, most of us know the truth!

      President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!

      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!

      Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!
      Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him!

      President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!

      Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election with the help of then President Obama, the DOJ (Loretta Lynch) and the FBI (James Comey) couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? He won’t be stopped! Trump/Pence 2020!

  2. It would not surprise me to find out that Mueller, Weinstein, etc and the FBI are the ones that took the recordings from Cohen and took different parts and put them together in a way to make President Trump Look bad. I, also would not put it past Mueller and the FBI to put pressure on any of President Trumps associated to have them make false claims against the President. They have already made one person financially destitute and now they are trying to do that to Paul Manafort whom they had to go back more than a decade to find something that might be used to put pressure on Manafort to turn false witness against Trump and now because he refuses to say anything bad about the president they have dug through 12 years of Manaforts like to find something to drag him to court over. Another waste of tax payers money, I will LMAO when they throw it out like they did when they overturned the Enron case and released the CEO’s Only problem was they destroyed a company and put 10’s of thousands of people out of work in their zealousness to make a front page case for themselves

  3. Guess my question is — If this judge knew/knows that this case against Manafort is total bullsh**, why hasn’t he just thrown it out of court ?????? It sounds like he realizes what the dirtbag mueller and his band of gay dirtbags are trying to do but yet mueller is being allowed to continue with this charade costing us taxpayers more than 21 million dollars. This is an incredible miscarriage of justice and a total embarrassment to our judical system. STOP this bullsh** now and lets get on with building the much needed wall and running this country.

    1. The judge wants it shut down “with prejudice” so it cannot be reopened. I don’t know why bother, they will just whip up another bogus charge.

    1. Mueller belongs to jail. HE should be charged with high treason because during his time as FBI he slowly destroyed FBI putting there people who should not b there – like Comey, McCabe, Strzok and many others

  4. “Collusion” as a word is not a crime, but “conspiracy” is a crime and “aiding and abetting” is a crime, and that is what collusion is all about. Guiliani knows that even if his boss doesn’t.

    1. Then why don’t they call it Russia Conspiacy?? It seems that Comey used other words to defend Hillary that mean the same thing yet she gets off scott free. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  5. There has been no collusion and he had no reason to aid or abett the Russians in anything and you can only conspire when you are trying to commit a crime but that’s what the Clintons did Not President Trump..

  6. What I am waiting for is for one of the Mueller team of nefarious shysters to conspire to tell the truth.
    That kind of conspiracy can get your name listed alongside folks like Seth Rich, so I suppose it will be a long wait.

  7. why has not mueller and team, been charged with perjury? perjury for knowingly submitting false evidence, to the fisa court. they have conspired against a sitting president using false evidence. they have conspired against a president, using unrelated evidence and indictments. the only reason for not indicting rosenstein, mueller, and team is that all the investigating agencies are involved in the conspiracy.

  8. In any other case, all evidence obtained by a tainted warrant (which the FISA warrant most definitely is) would be disallowed as “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”.
    Why is it being allowed now by this team of extremely biased prosecutors, who are using Gestapo tactics to try to take down a sitting President?
    The “Deep State” waters run deep!

  9. Do you realize that President Obama , Hillary Clinton, DOJ, FBI and other supporters all will go to jail possibly for using a crooked FISA warrant based on a collusion crime that does not exist in any of our American law boooks because collsuion is not a crime, but lying to a court about such a crime is breaking the law???? Here is one question better, how did 4 times, FISA Court Judges sign that warrant based on a collusion crime that does not exist, don’t they know the laws of America?? Shouldn’t somebody ask that question or is that forbidden????

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