GOP Poised To Win Minority Vote in 2020

During the run-up to the 2016 election, President Donald Trump asked African-American voters a simple question: “What have you got to lose?”

For those not brainwashed by the fake news media’s tired old claims of racism, homophobia, sexism, etc., etc., the question was something of a head-turner. What did African-Americans have to lose by putting a populist Republican in the White House? The answer is nothing.

When the country’s first African-American president took office, the group was in the midst of long-standing joblessness of 9.1 percent. Things got dramatically worse as the Obama Administration pushed through a climate change agenda that level job-killing regulations. In just two years, African-Americans were widely disenfranchised as they suffered a 16.6 percent peak. Double-digit unemployment dogged African-Americans for 81 of 96 months during Obama’s presidency. Despite many African-Americans struggling with low incomes, joblessness, and high-crime communities, President Trump received only 8 percent of their vote. However, things have changed.

These days, African-American unemployment hovers around 6 percent, and all-time lows have been registered due to the America First policies and the landmark Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the GOP and signed into law by Trump. Led by the president, the GOP has done the people’s business, and African-Americans are suddenly benefiting from conservative policies at an unprecedented rate.

The far-left agenda set by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi includes increasing the size of government and imposing higher taxes that will ultimately result in employee layoffs. Democrats plan to fight against the very policies that put the U.S. economy back on track. Heading into the 2020 election, African-Americans are beginning to see the answer to the president’s simple question and Democrats should be very afraid.

Even left-of-center organizations such as Real Clear Politics have been forced to come to terms with the fact that the president’s approval rating among African-Americans has swelled.

“A recent, admittedly controversial Rasmussen Reports poll showed African-American approval of Trump at 36 percent,” Real Clear Politics reported. “Even 20 percent African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88 percent of the black vote. That was about a six-point falloff from Barack Obama’s share of the black vote in 2012.”

Naturally, the frustration of a groundswell of support for the president due to his winning economic ways for African-Americans must be deemed “controversial.” Of course, Rasmussen polls are routinely cited as credible by this and other media outlets when they favor Democrats. The 36 percent number is particularly terrifying for a Democratic Party that has relied on name-calling and identity politics to anger black voters to their banner. Here’s why.

“With continually diminishing white support, Democrats must increasingly count on massive minority turnout and bloc voting — especially among African-American voters, who make up about 12 percent of the electorate,” Real Clear Politics reports.

And here’s the rub.

“Under Trump, the economy is growing at nearly 4 percent per year,” Real Clear Politics admits. “The robust growth coincides with Trump’s effort to curb illegal immigration and imported labor. The net result has been to empower minority job applicants in ways not seen in nearly half a century.”

Other so-called minority groups such as Asians and Latinos generally vote Republican at a rate of one-third. Their turnout ranks significantly lower than African-Americans. However, Latino-Americans have made the most significant economic gains under the Trump Administration.

It’s important to keep in mind that while Pres. Trump is the standard bearer of the GOP, rank and file congressional members have backed the policies that boosted minority employment and incomes.

In terms of race and identity politics that Democrats use to divide everyday Americans, the GOP-led Congress passed significant legislation on prison reform that had unfairly doled out excessive sentences to African-Americans. Unlike the Democrats who have talked a big game for decades without delivering on either the economic struggles or social injustices issues of African-Americans, the Trump-led GOP has come through huge in just two years.

Even now, the president and GOP have drawn a line in the sand on border security and the wall knowing that illegal immigrants robbed low-income African-Americans of jobs for decades. As the run-up to the 2020 election simmers, African-Americans will have to ask themselves that simple question about Pres. Trump and the GOP again.

“What have you got to lose?”

This time, the answer is everything — if you vote Democrat.

~ Conservative Zone

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35 thoughts on “GOP Poised To Win Minority Vote in 2020”

    1. Is it not time for Blacks, Hispanics, jews to get a(Get), which means a divorce and separation from the Dems. Remember, when the KKK and the Nazis combined together, we came together against them. It is time , it is time, go against them.

    1. Sorry that comment is disgusting! Hate has no place anywhere and your comment just brings that out. If anything it deters people from trusting republicans, just like people will back off from the democrats because of their socialist and anti semitic hate mongering. The article is positive, yet your comment is the opposite. SHAME on you!

      1. WHY is it acceptable to you that one black calls another “nigger”, but you deem it wrong from any other group? And you have NOTHING to indicate that the person who posted that is or isn’t any particular race!

      2. How do you know the above comment is from a republican , you don’t! I think blacks are finally getting a sense of how whites felt during the early 60’s civil rights movement for integration instead of segregation! Now their are so-called gay and transgender rights which are the perversion of the civil rights movement. The liberalism of the lowering of standards to pacify all, hurts al! !


        1. I ask again, WHY is it ok for one black to call another “nigger”, yet “offensive” for anybody else to do so? Talk about a double standard! If it is wrong, then it should ALWAYS be wrong! Not 50 shades of wrong to be applied!

      1. How very sad for you to sat that. I certainly did not vote for former President Obama nor did I agree with his politics, HOWEVER, it makes me furious to hear that degrading word used!! Have you ever looked up the definition of it? It just might fit you! Shame on you!

    3. Gerald, your comment is disgusting. Yes. Obama was a disaster. Your racial slur makes YOU a disaster too. More, your not understand in that makes you ignorant, deplorable and dangerous.
      Admittedly, you may be a liberal Democrat Socialist Communist trying to make conservatives look bigoted. Regardless, this slur is just….. wrong.

    4. You are a disgrace. Also your probably a demon-crate plant to try and stir up anger and hatred against the Republican Party. It won’t work blacks are intelligent Americans wether you think so or not. Obviously smarter than you. WWG1WGA

    5. Mr. Ladd… Do you know the meaning of the N. word? I dare say you don’t… The N word in the dictionary means this… It’s BlACK and WHITE trash… Which one are you? Know this, the is only one race in the world and that is the HUMAN RACE. PERIOD…You have no right to judge another HUMAN BEING. The only ones who can judge another person is that person themselves and God….

    6. Yews, they indeed were, because of ignorant, uneducated, blindly biased and immoral folks like yourself who do not know the God of Abraham who by the way MAY HAVE BEEN black or dark skinned!

    7. While I agree with the substance of your comment, the use of the hated “N” word is not attractive and diminishes your effectiveness. I always call it (Obozo) the “Kenyan muslim/marxist”. Folks may call me a “birther”, which I am (because I give credence to its grandmother and brother) but it’ hard to argue that it’s a “racist” comment. Don’t allow the Democommies to use that now largely defunct “power word” against your argument. Just say “The Kenyan muslim/marxist was a disaster, unquestionably the worst president of the current century and probably the worst President since Buchanan”. (That Buchanan reference may initiate a conversation as most don’t know who he was or why he was a loser. Of course, there are others to whom you might alternatively refer.) Don’t let your semantic drive people away.

    1. JohnD Dendy _ Yeeessss !!! – And He is NOT “Black”, His Mother is as White as You and I !!! – Johnman

      1. Correct; His Mother was a confirmed Communist, not just a socialist. Her cadre of friends and relatives were all associated with communism.

  1. Hey Gerald, I take it you are the KKK? or other? I do have to agree with you though. I think Obama was a worse traitor to our society than Jane Fonda! I just don’t understand the thinking, I guess. Trying to get them out of war games and give them 150 billion of our tax dollars? Makes no sense to me at all. In the old days, they would have been strung up from a tree. Sound familiar? Ok, you have your point, I have mine, which may not be too far apart, but I think it is time for to be (Just Americans). I don’t care where you are from, as long as you are legal, speak english sort of and obey the laws of this country. If not get punished. I think there is nothing wrong with their beliefs of the country they came from, but don’t try to change ours! The USA! Even if there isn’t 52 states, lol
    He had 2 extra states, 1 incompetitiveness 2 , —- I’ll leave that up to you. I have plenty.
    What can be done? I vote all the time, but the people I vote for change and do something different? Who can you trust? Your friends and neighbors? Usually, but they are doing the same thing. I’m afraid there will be another revolution in this country that will surpass the death rate of the Civil War. If people in government don’t get their heads out, something is going to break loose. Don’t know about you, but I’m ready

  2. Using hateful language weakens if not invalidates your post. MLK Jr had it right- content of character, not color of skin is what people should be measured by

  3. I totally agree we should all stop using vulgar words even if we feel different about the person or groups of persons.And this goes for both parties.I get so mad at that new congress woman that swear about Trump and call him names but then i also feel bad for her so i decided to ask God to change her heart of hate to a heart of love for every body,and i will keep praying for her because she is so misguided.

  4. I agree with Mike Ayers.
    The Democrats need to get RIGHT with God, or they will be LEFT behind!
    God is in control of all things.

  5. Looking at most of the newly elected democrats I am so proud for them, they are exactly what that party needs, nothing but a bunch of SNOWFLAKES!

  6. I agree, there is no place for ugly, vulgar words!! We’re all people and we’re Americans. Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez demonstrate what low class and being a far leftist will get you!! A place in politics, perfect!! These two should be censored for their comments, ugly is as ugly does!! And, that ugly comment by Gerald Ladd, UGH!! I agree, just a leftist comment to do what they always do, stir the pot!!

  7. How about two straight jackets for Pelosi and Schummer and increase their medication to a double dose of the Constitution and have Tliab place in an orange jump suit and have her clean up her filthy use of the Englis Language and disrespect of our President and the American Family. I bet her family enjoys her teachings and values! Go back to your ” Home Land” and address your Leader with your command of language learned at you school of Law! Quote me!

  8. Since the (d)s control the media, they control the narrative, which influences peoples’ perceptions and how they vote. Simple logic dictates that the right has to regain control of the media asap, or else their losses in the recent midterms will pale in comparison with those in 2020!

  9. Trumps reduction of the jobless rate wasn’t imposed for just blacks and latinos . The increase in jobs has benefited everyone. We are on a roll and anyone in congress who is a barrier to this should be voted out. The Sooner,The Better

  10. No they won’t the Democraps will promise them more Government money and like always they will fall for that LIE. Democraps are the party of HATE for Minorities and if you can find a book on the REAL TRUTHFUL history of that party you would see just how much they Actually HATE Minorities. They have bought off the so called leadership of Blacks and almost all other Minorities. It is sad really to be so Willfully IGNORANT of TRUTH about Democraps just for a few bucks they will NEVER see.

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