Governors Take Biased Media Heat for Reopening States

The establishment media continues to tip its hand that liberally-biased outlets want America to fail.

Since President Donald J. Trump won the historic 2016 election and set the nation on a positive economic trajectory, left-wing pundits have repeatedly attempted to instill recession fears and openly wished for economic crisis as unemployment rates hit 50-year lows, as well as all-time lows for African-Americans and Latino-Americans.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic spawned by communist China has shuttered the economy and put millions out of work, Democrat-serving media sources are attacking governors who want to reopen and help everyday families get back to work.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has gone on the record indicating he plans to reopen portions of the state’s economy beginning May 4. That reasonable and measured approach prompted a call and interview from National Public Radio (NPR), widely known as an extension of the Democratic Party.

“And so when I look at Omaha, and I say, jeez, when we’ve got, you know, over 40% of our hospital beds are available, over 40 percent of our ICU beds available and 75 percent of our ventilators are available in our biggest metropolitan area, then we can start loosening some of the restrictions,” Gov. Ricketts said. “We’re just going to do this a step at a time to make sure that we watch very closely what happens because if it looks like we’re starting to see more people going to use those resources, than we may have to slow it down a little bit.”

The political strategists at NPR quickly pivoted and inserted a widely circulating fake news item that South Dakota had become a national “hot spot” because an essential pork processing plant remained open.

“But other states have seen meat processing plants become hotspots of infection. It’s been reported that in Dakota County, which is home to a Tyson plant, it’s — there’s been reported 133 new COVID-19 cases as of last week, bringing the total to 246,” NPR’s Michel Martin reportedly said.

The fake news media had deployed wide-reaching resources to falsely target South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, trying to claim the plant was wrongly open. Deemed an essential business, the plant accounts for upwards of 6 percent of the country’s pork processing. Calling it a “hot spot” was nothing but backdoor rhetoric that made South Dakota seem like New York City. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The biased, yellow journalists at Politico recently aligned themselves with the leader in fake news — CNN — by running an attack piece on Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. The Rocky Mountain state official was put on the defensive after indicating businesses would begin to reopen. Well-known anti-Trump CNN star Jake Trapper used the State of the Union program to undermine the governor’s decision.

Trapper asserted that even a staggered and strategic reopening of businesses could “cost your constituents their lives.”

Governors poised to reopen their economies have been called “reckless” and “flying blind,” among other things by the fake news. Fearmongering has been the weapon of choice for Democrat-aligned media outlets that are hoping the president is unable to revitalize the economy quickly, help businesses avoid bankruptcy, and restore working families’ paychecks.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore

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26 thoughts on “Governors Take Biased Media Heat for Reopening States”

  1. Well, just think about it…people aren’t driving nearly as much as they were and therefore traffic related deaths are down. If folks go back to work the traffic fatalities will skyrocket. Bet no one has even given this a thought. Tens of thousands are killed on our nation’s roadways every year and nobody gets excited about that!

    1. As Dirty Harry said, ” So tell me, Punk, do you feel lucky ?! ” That could be asked of either faction. Does ‘ opening up ‘ pose a greater risk to life/limb than keeping everything shut down and destroying our economy?
      We’re like a herd of Wildebeests crowding on the shore of a river full of Crocodiles. Somebody will hafta go first!


  2. Why does fake news, still have a license to broadcast? It’s one sided propaganda. They should be without license and banned from all government land and only allowed on private/ public land with permission to promote their propaganda. Real media tells both side with equal air time and without bias. We are not under the government. The government MUST answer to: “We the People.” If any free citizen has a fear of the government something is drastically wrong. So we speak. Congress shall have either term limits, or a punch time clock and they receive minimum wage. How can a congressional member become a millionaire and the pay they receive? It doesn’t add up. The people vote and elect the members. So why are lobbyists offering bribes. And why do congressional members accept bribes. If a person offers a bribe to a congressional member, I believe that is a felony. If a congressional member accepts a bribe I believe that is a felony. Long prison terms need be passed out. There’s less then a thousand elected federal people. There are over 300 million citizens. I’d be honored to serve at minimum wage. I’d get goosebumps to walk the sacred halls of Congress. The Constitution is complete as is. If some want a different Constitution, go find a country and have a revolution and then write your own Constitution. This country is taken. All veterans were swore in with an oath, to honor, protect, and defend the US Constitution. No veteran was ever relieved of that duty. We are to fight to the death if need be to protect this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Molon Labe
    Citizen Mike.
    I hope this goes viral. Be strong citizens. And don’t back down.

    1. As long as we continue to elect lawyers to congress, we will get more of the same. Bills before congress should be no more than 20 pages long. Regulations related to Legislative action should be submitted to the appropriate committee for review and everyone’s name must be signed to it. This takes regulation out of unelected officials’ hands. We would get term limits if we had fewer lawyers. We would have less graft if we had fewer lawyers. We would have a more diverse experience base if we elected fewer lawyers. Lawyers do not produce anything. They produce regulation and roadblocks. Threats of lawsuits are what make most projects so expensive. Regulations are placed so that non-compliance is almost guaranteed, so more lawsuits are possible. It is a fools game. The USA has more lawyers per-capita than any other country, I believe. Lawyers are who you call; if you have gotten in trouble, or want to do something slightly outside the lines. A lawyer is trained not to look at right or wrong, but what is legal. A lawyer is taught to rationalize that their client’s case is what is best. So, their opinion is for sale, along with their questionable ethics. Why are we surprised when they get in office and act like they do?

      1. The left do not want the country to open back up and be strong again because it will give them less control and they can’t use it as a political weapon to try to make Trump look bad. Does anyone really think that they care about working class people? They simply see the shutdown as a political tool to use to their advantage, a weak country is easier for them to control.

        1. Right on. They want a government run country with no citizen say. They love it that Trump cannot campaign and dems love it no one can hear Biden’s craziness

  3. These “demonized” governors will be the ones who will have a ROBUST economy filled with PROSPERITY – and REELECTION probabilities! . . . Stay TUNED – the BEST is yet to come. Same “bat” time, same “bat” channel. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. The FakeNewsMedia from the NYTimes to Washington Post to CNN and MSNBC with their left wing antiTrump agenda continue to show how hypocritical they are. They all want the country lockdown, not until the virus is goes away and it’s safe, but until Trump loses in November. Ask the CNN talking heads from Lemon to Tapper to Blitzer how many paychecks they have missed? ANSWER NONE!! But of course they could not care less about Joe Average sitting at home with no job and no paychek. Their double standard is there for all to see.
    And look at the Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man. Amazon stock has taken off thanks to bored quarantined folks sitting at home ordering on line all sorts of products thru Amazon’s prime enriching Bezos pockets. And guess what the Washington Post official position is on quarantine, DONT REOPEN, STAY HOME!! The hypocrisy of the left has no end!!

    1. they wear mask and gloves the patrons are 6 ft. apart. 25% occupancy helps too. People have to make a living some are already saying they make more with unemployment and extra pay the governmemt gives. That is crazy. Work for pay. If you can find a job take it.

  5. CNN, MSNBC and others should have their broadcast licenses revoked! FCC should be urged to do so ASAP. They are not news sources anymore and are strictly propaganda arms of the DNC and Liberals all!

  6. I say let these governors open their states. It’s a great way to ‘thin the herd’. They won’t be missed.

  7. We are suppose to trust the same media that blatantly lied to us for at least the last 3 years. No thanks. I think reopening the economy will be perfectly fine.

  8. The damned New York based finger pointing, fault finding media of the damned New York Times, New York Post, the damned USA Today & their network ofenwspapers they own nationwide, CNN, the Washington Post don’t want the economy to bounce back, hey want frustration, stress, domestic violence increases. They don’t want people to go back to work at all. Many people would like to go out to eat dinner at an Olive Garden, Denney’s, IHOP for breakfast, but NO, the damned Demoncrats, the Deep State, the Clinton’s, Gore’s, Piglosi’s, the AOC’s enjoy what has happened-states shut down. Yet those that I mention find fault with the states that want to get the economy up again, but when those states, the hated West Coast states, New Jersey which is the most hated of all the states fights back & points their finger at them, they get all upset. Well those that finger point, fault find can just go to HELL. The best Governors are the ones that open their states back up & the nations very worst governors are the Governors of Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky & New York Governor Cry Baby, Big Mouth Andy Cuomo.

    1. I wish Arizona’s Governor would start opening up the economy again, he’s just dragging his feet, he’s a RINO who in reality is a damned Dingbat. In Arizona at the state level, there are no Republican, Demoncrats. Arizona is run by the Dingbat Party which every governor that Arizona has had for the past 50 years is a Dingbat. Tucson is run by the 1870’s Party whose attitude & mentality are 1880 & beyond are only street addresses, not years & decades.

  9. As the highest elected official in each State, we have got to see if the Governors we elect are worth our votes. We have seen how political they can be, but in many cases we see nothing but empty suits. When Trump gave the open the nation ball to these Governors, most of these Governors have dropped this ball.

    If we learned anything about the COVID-19 virus is that if we social distance from others we protect our self and others from getting it. I fact, this maybe be the only way to allow this virus to run it’s course. We still have millions who have never been tested. For this reason, they pose a threat to others. Every family with children that are still healthy by now should be telling. If their parents have this virus and they are still healthy this means they are immune to this virus. Every health child should be clear by now to go back to school. If the child is sick, then keep the child isolated at home until they are healthy again. Think about it. This should be a no-brainer.

  10. We need to reopen and get people back to work and get their lives put back together. To keep the country closed is ludacous. Fake news wants us under socialism and that will happen if we don’t get reopened and soon. The left is pushing for it.

  11. What is reckless is keep the economy shutdown when you have tons of hospitals out there with no covid cases. These so called experts lied to us when they said we will go on lock down so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. OK, the hospitals are nowhere overwhelmed, so start opening things back up.

  12. Socialist/Communist Democrats are sriving for a big government, and American dependency, while Muslims are counting on the diminshing of America for their Civilization Jihad. Both will try to push for positons in leadership, which started with the Obama administration’s aggressive agenda from 2012-2016. China purchased 8 big industries, including the Smithfield Meat Plant, 145,000 farm acres, their deal with Tyson’s foods. This is questionable, but they purchase frozen American chickens from agribusiness farmers, send them to China, to be thawed, processed, refrozen and reshipped back to the U.S. for markets. This puts American pensions at risks, if the pensions are used to rebuild China’s defense.Islam has taken a foothold in America, pushing their agenda, as we’ve seen recently in our government. The news media will continue their paid agenda, through their programmed news feed, but we will have to research and try to share what we know. I hope the President will give an executive order to get all people back to normal who can and want to, but hot spots may or may not continue. Those who don’t stay home, as the media will continue to focus on fear and numbers. There will be wartime casualties, but we will all be out there fighting for survival, as we always have, not just a few. Our ancestors took risks establishing America, and would expect the same from us.

  13. The Patriot Govs that are opening up their states not only reflect COURAGE but the all to rare gift of COMMON SENSE!!!! “The Great Sleeping Giant” (The magnificent Middle Class of America!! ) are awakening to the truth of this vicious evil designed to destroy what was Our BOOMING economy and to destroy President Trump who was responsible for getting us out from under the demon-crate-socialist-progressive-Globalist-Cabal trying to once and for all set up their evil One-World system!!! (Of course, to be controlled by “THEM”)!! GOD we know YOU LOVE this land & YOUR Providential Hand guided its creation!!!!! SO——More & More true Patriot Governors will be saying “NO” to this demonic assault on the rights of their citizens!!——More & More courageous precious Patriotic John & Jane Does are standing for our Constitutional & Bill of Rights!!!! I Believe with all my heart that through Faith in Jesus Christ, HE will resurrect this Great Nation once again & stop this vile FEAR that has griped the minds of the covered faces all around us!!! The numbers are surfacing (TRUTH like OIL—-ALWAYS SURFACES in WATER) Millions have been infected & the great majority didn’t even know it or their symptoms were mildly uncomfortable!!!!! Compared to the “REAL” number of dear souls who did pass away “directly” from the virus is NOT the ALARMING numbers Fauci CDC WHO Globalist media said!! It’s more like 0.03%!! Lower than the deaths from last years viral flu!!! What has been Perpetrated against us is a Vicious Injection of FEAR!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Stand up & Reject this evil ! VOTE & Re-Elect President Trump—-Elect Constitutional , Bill of Rights, God loving House of Representative and Senatorial candidates &. Take Back OUR HOUSE & Gain an even GREATER MAJORITY in OUR SENATE!!!!!!!! PRAY LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS IT!!! PRAY LIKE THE SAVING OF YOUR NATION DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!! BECAUSE IT DOES!!!! “The UNSEEN ENEMY” (as President Trump has called this nightmare) has been guided & created by EVIL FORCES using men & women to destroy the greatest nation ever created by the HAND of GOD ALMIGHTY!!! What those beings have forgotten is —- that GOD ALMIGHTY is LORD of this EARTH —— NOT THEM!!! NO matter how much money they have— NO matter how powerful they Think they are——- NO matter how much they Feel they are in Control of——-“they are NO MATCH for Our MOST HIGH GOD!!!! HE has called us all to be MORE than CONQUERS through CHRIST JESUS!!! And when GOD is FOR US—-NO one can defeat us!!!! Rejoice & Be Glad for greater is “HE” who is in you—-than he that is in the world!!!! Onward and Upwards Dear Patriots!!! Never Give Up!! HOLD STEADY!!! Choose “FAITH”!!!! NOT “ Fear”!!!! WE will WIN over these evils! THE LORD isn’t finished with ALL the GOOD HE wants to do through HIS NATION—- THROUGH US. GLORY TO HIS SON & HOLY SPIRIT!!! AMEN!!’ Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  14. You are spot on. These idiots have put themselves on a pedestal, looking down at us. Maybe term limits are to good for them. We the people, simply just have to fire them. Look at the lifers that have NEVER accomplished anything but like you said line their own pockets. They are corrupt and even a total idiot should be able to see that. I think that whatever they put on the people (like Medicare, any kind of Healthcare, social security etc!

  15. The liberals don’t want to open the country and build the economy up. They want to have control of the people and dictate things that will hurt it. It will then be more easy to take control. Trump made the economy better than the previous liberal presidents and they don’t want him to do it again. They are more concern about their party then they are about the people. They don’t want to make America great again as they wouldn’t be able to control it. Just like they want to do away with the 2nd Amendment, they can’t control people with guns. They don’t want religion which controls a lot of their followers and gives them faith instead of the faith in socialism. Who ever said Trump was like Hitler had to be a real stupid dummy. Its the liberals who want to be a Hitler and control the people like he did.

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