Home Depot Founder to Democrats on Tax Reform: “Use Your Stupid Brains”

When Democratic leaders talk about money matters, conservatives, independents, and even some liberals perceive them as being removed from reality. Some might even say they’re speaking like they’re from another planet. Bernie Marcus, co-founder of the Home Depot, is no exception.

On January 27, 2018, Marcus excoriated Democratic opponents of the Republican tax reform bill in a nearly seven minute interview on Fox News.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat-California, has been particularly critical of the tax reform legislation. The controversial bill lowered the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. After it passed, American companies began announcing plans to give employees bonuses and raises. When they stated that their beneficial actions directly stemmed from the recently passed tax legislation, Pelosi dismissed them as being nothing more than “crumbs” during her weekly press briefing on January 11, 2018. Marcus particularly took offense at Pelosi’s tactlessness.

During his Fox News interview, the Home Depot magnate said, “You wanna talk about somebody who is off the charts and doesn’t understand reality…it’s [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer and Pelosi. One thousand dollars is so meaningful…its more than meaningful — it could be paying the mortgage, it could be paying for a car repair, it could be paying for a past due bill.”

The fired-up businessman went on to state, “These are things the Pelosi-Schumer group don’t have a clue about. It’s why they lost the election — it’s as simple as that! They are so with their elitists…and [Hillary] Clinton never knew about the real people out there and that’s why they lost the election. And that’s why they’re going to lose the next election.”

Marcus revealed to Fox News that he’s talked with small business owners regarding the tax bill’s impact. He stated that the owners of companies have been able to hire more workers and reinvest funds into their businesses. The Home Depot co-founder feels the net effect of these actions will have a positive influence on the economy such as higher wages for employees.

“Remember, this is not the U.S. government,” Marcus said. “When [businesses] make an investment they do it because there’s got to be a return on invested capital. So they’re gonna do smart things, they’re gonna make smart moves.”

In addition to referring to employee bonuses resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as “crumbs,” Pelosi has also called the legislation’s benefits “pathetic.” She’s loudly protested that the new law is “the end of the world” and “Armageddon.”

Amazingly, when Democrats passed a temporary extension of the payroll tax cut in 2011, Pelosi reacted completely differently. On December 22, 2011, the House Minority Leader tweeted, “Today’s agreement is a victory for the American people-they spoke out clearly 40 dollars each paycheck will make a difference.”

Scolding Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, the entrepreneur said, “Democrats, use your stupid brains. You don’t have any brains!”

He pleaded with Democrats to quit playing politics and challenged them to search for ways to improve the lives of Americans.

According to Breitbart, more than 100 American businesses provided their workers with up to 2,000 dollar bonuses after President Trump put his signature on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Some companies including AT&T and Nationwide even raised their 401(k) match rate, increased domestic investment, and raised their minimum wages because of the recently passed tax legislation. When Home Depot announced that its employees would receive up to 1,000 dollar bonuses on January 25, 2018, the company directly attributed them to the tax cut bill.

Just one day prior to Home Depot’s proclamation, Starbucks and Apple both made the headlines. Starbucks announced plans to use 250 million dollars of its tax cut to increase workers’ wages and expand their benefits. Apple divulged that it will invest 350 billion dollars in the United States economy over a span of five years.

On January 28, 2018, Trump tweeted, “Our economy is better than it has been in many decades. Businesses are coming back to America like never before. Chrysler, as an example, is leaving Mexico and coming back to the USA. Unemployment is nearing record lows. We are on the right track!”

~ Conservative Zone

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55 thoughts on “Home Depot Founder to Democrats on Tax Reform: “Use Your Stupid Brains””

  1. Pelosi/Schumer and all the rest of the no-load democratic politicians are clueless. They are literally in denial. They simply do not get it and likely never will.

    They cannot come up with one argument that is solid. They can only hold onto the claims that Trump is racist, he colluded with Russia and claim he is satan; even that ignorant Maxine Waters suggested that there should be a warning to parents before any speech of Trumps comes on the air. She also wanted him assassinated and nothing was done to her. WHY?

    The bottom line is that they are furious they are not in power; but most importantly, they do not want American to do better. Why someone might ask – it is that the changes will hit them directly in THEIR wallets, no the citizenry, but them directly. They do not give a flying crap if their constituents do better.

    The biggest problem right now is that we have a president that WILL make a difference and we have a liberal media that has the podium that can trash him making it harder for people to see the good he is doing. They are so hung up on his direct and no BS candor. They cannot stand being called out.

    Imagine what it would be like if they were in power permanently – we would bea socialist nation in a short amount of time.

    1. Don’t tell them. Let them flop around like a fish out of water. They still don’t realize that Americans can get along just fine without “big brother” charting our every move.

    2. PLEASE!
      It’s the fumes from Nancy’s brand new Super-Charged Broom that have caused her to lose it.
      I fixed the Super-Charged Broom but the damage to Nancy’s brain is beyond repair!
      Did you see her during the speech?
      Either she needed the rest room badly or she was having a GAS ATTACK!!!!!!

    3. Mr. Marcus, they are using their “stupid brains”. It’s all they have. You are spot on when observing why they lost. I was not a Trump fan, I was completely terrified over the prospect of another America hating, elitist thief, and possible murderer being our President. The behavior of the Deomonrats at the SOTUS is indicative of the kind of bipartisanship they deserve.

  2. this is a business man speaking. how much more did he have to say. politicians don’t know abt business that’s why our cty almost went completely down hill. between Obama and his kindred spirits u guys lost the election so give it up. wasting your time. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT and will be elected in 2020.

  3. Democrats must have Americans poor, weak, dependent, angry and fearful. Its the only way they can get voters and thereby stay in power.
    Americans who are successful, strong, self-reliant, smart, content and fearless don’t vote democrat.

  4. Talking to Pelosi and Schmucky about using their brains is a waste of time. Between the two of them, it is apparent they are stuck somewhere between dementia and alzheimers.

    But the rest of the party’s elected politicians called democrats seem to be stuck in lala land and saving illegal aliens for their votes rather than focusing on those who actually still might support them. And everyone else judges them for their actions including during the state of the union speech this week. They seem to be stuck in this lemming state where they follow their leaders like simpletons right over the political cliff with no thought to self preservation. I would hate to rely on people like Pelosi and Schmucky and radical moslimes like the one running that party now, I could not do it.

    I can see why the independents are growing. This looks like a great time to have a third party but without all the trappings of a dem or rino type entity. The good old establishment days are rolling to an end hopefully. When someone like Soros can purchase the entire organization and steer it to oblivion in a free country it is just not acceptable. I think letting business entities legally contribute to political groups and individuals was the end to decent, honest politicians. Now everyone is solely interested in their donors and staying in line with that entity’s interest and that too is because way too much money goes into buying those politicians.

    It is time to for that law, (allowing big money to influence politics legally), to be repealed. Then maybe we will get politicians, not paid stooges like the dem wits and rinos. You know, the ones we are all watching with disgust for several decades now and Pelosi and Schmucky are just a sampling. There were still bad ones before that law was enacted but that law put them on overdrive and into harm’s way for special interests and gave Soros and is ilk a pass to buy whatever the traffic would bear. It did not bear Hillary, however. The people voted in mass even over the fraud, big money, and collusion to stop that in its tracks. Thus we have Trump, MAGA. We still have much to do.

    1. When you say that the law for allowing big money to influence politics to be repealed, are you saying that we might not have people like McConnell and Ryan? I’d like to see Soros stay out of our politics when it comes to money flowing into the Democratic party. I do know that I can’t stand Schumer and Pelosi; their brains is no-where to be found. It’s called “open mouth, insert foot and chew”. That is what both Schumer and Pelosi do each time they open their mouths. Those two need to be sent home when they are up for re-election.

    2. Speaking of buying politicians I think it would be best if every stinking one of them were required to wear race care driver suits. That way we would know who their corporate sponsors are!!!

    3. we already have a third party. it is called the progressive party, and most democrats and some republicans claim to be proud progressives. historically, the progressive party was formed in 1946 when the American communist party changed their name to progressive. since then the communists have been hiding in plain sight while subverting our political process from within as democrats and republicans. make no mistake, progressives are communists or their “useful idiot” followers, and have been doing much damage to the US and the constitution for 70 plus years now.

  5. It should be ARMAGEDDON for F.U.B.A.R. democrats to stupid to understand plain English . Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer are threats to national security, & American Independence, but their still breathing, if it were anyone else, they would already have printed headstones in place. Of coarse, there are a few countries that believe as they do, they should move to one of them. We’re an INDEPENDENT NATION ! of independence, if your not with that? I’LL help you pack.

  6. The Democrats don’t want ‘We the People’ to have any of our hard earned money. They feel they are better stewards of our money than we are!

    1. Tim the poor and the stupid are easily controlled Think of all the regulations and taxes and those one dimensional indoctrination cams that masquerade as public schools that inculcate our children and focus on trans-gender and queer studies producing functionally illiterate automatons ready and willing to do what the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Lieberal party tells them to do.

    2. That is why they are multimillionaires now. They used our money to make themselves rich. How else can someone make millions on a $190 thousand salary.

    3. Tim, the Democrats had their Armageddon back in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. The U.S.Government took over a Brothel in Nevada, for unpaid back taxes. Seems simple enough to run a House of Ill-Repute, right?? With the U.S. Government in control of that House of Ill-Repute, IT WENT BANKRUPT. HOW IN THE WORLD COULD ANYONE GO BANKRUPT RUNNING A HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION IN NEVADA. IT CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE MENTAL MIDGETS IN WASHINGTON, D.C.
      Those people in Washington, D.C. (Democrats & RINO’S) are unable to even keep a whorehouse afloat and make money. How pathetic they are.

  7. The Home Depot founder is right, both Schumer and Pelosi are brain dead…in their zeal to allow ILLEGALS into our country in order to get more votes for the DemoCRAPS, they keep giving our country away, little by little….BUT, the little adds up to BILLIONS of dollars being wasted on those who broke into the country and are criminals, while Americans can’t get help at the same time. President Trump, by his actions, is trying to make things better for Americans, and yes, a few bucks here and there goes a long way……of course, with her head up her ass, Pelosi doesn’t care with all the money she has coming in….

  8. George Washington was so right when he stated that a two-party would be a downfall of America. The two/three-party system now is destroying America. Instead of being what counts (Americans) we are a Nation of Replicons, Socialism (Democrats) and Independents. Independents sometime agree with Rep. as to the need of the people of America, where as the Socialist rather disagree and continue to push for change from a free Nation with a Constitution and rights but to a country who leader sits and dictates to the people as to what he believes would be the rights of some people, aka high nobles and the other people as low life peasants.
    The new order of democratic socialist party in D.C. believes that they are the nobles and all of the people left in this nation are their peasants to control. Peasants who has neither rights to speak out nor the right of self-protection of neither life nor family, Democrats wants America back in the dark ages of the 12th or 13th century where nobles reign subprime.

    1. You hit it right on the nail. George Washington was right when he said that a two-party system would be a downfall of America. Right now it is destroying the nation. And it is a shame that this is happening. I don’t want to see either party take the nation back to the dark ages of the 12th or 13th centuries where a certain person reigned over their peasants and those “nobles” were subjects to a king or queen. Can you see this country with a king or queen? I can’t.

    2. Americans idea of socialism cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It will exist only until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

      From that moment on, the majority will always vote for candidates promising the most benefits resulting in a socialistic state that is destined to collapse because of loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

      The worst advertisement for socialism, liberalism, progressivism and communism, are its adherents

      Socialism, communism, and liberalism are philosophies of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill

      “There is no difference between Communism & Socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end. Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism-by vote. It is merely the difference between murder & suicide!”
      – Ayn Rand

      1. The younger generation when polled is like 10 to 1 liberal . The schools are pumping this liberal crap in their brain from kindergarten all the way to college.In another 20 years this country will be finished !

      2. Ayn Rand was absolutely correct.” the difference between socialism and communism is about the same as the difference between murder and suicide!”
        As a veteran of nearly three years of WW2 I dispair of my countrys slow slide toward the Democratic partys version of socialism!
        And I despise seeing our roads filled with jap cars. All our Pacific war veterans, both dead and alive curse your choises

  9. If President Trump healthy cancer they still would have a problem with it they are just evil people they need repentance Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.they are consumed by the devil until they turn from their wicked hateful ways they will not understand the power of GOOD. Thank you Mr Marcus you are an enlightenment and a breath of fresh air for the country May GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR COMPANY your business will always flourished in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  10. Not surprised that Home Depot’s Founder scolded Sen Schumer and Rep. Pelosi. Those two just do not use their brains at all. I sometimes wonder if Schumer and Pelosi have any idea what it means to know how general public. They don’t seem to understand really what the general public needs. All they can do is bicker in their respective houses at Capitol Hill. It is embarrassing to see their stupidity for this Democrat. I wonder if Schumer and Pelosi will ever be willing to work with President Trump on many issues. I know one of those issues is on immigration. Schumer and Pelosi have to keep an open mind which is something that these two can’t seem to do. How embarrassing to every Democrat.

  11. It is a shame that its no longer about we the people with Democrats, but about trying to make President Trump look bad. Thank God we the people are seeing the true colors of the Democrats. The State of the Union Address showed much of America how the hatred for President Trump really is. I must wonder what it is they are so afraid of by President Trump not being a Good Old Boy in Washington. In time the truth shall be known.

  12. Good line. The average democrat politician is a great example of why we need term limits. Badly. This also applies to a bunch of RINOS.

    The American public could use that line on themselves – guys, look at your own representative and senator who are up for rehire. Yes, extending their contract is how you look at it. You have that power and decision. Is your congressman worth keeping or due for replacement? Do they help their district, or just themselves? Do you ever see him between elections? If not, may be time to consider replacement.

    1. The penalty for not participating in the electoral process is that you often wind up being governed by your inferiors!!!

  13. The advantages to the American worker are real and worthy of high praise to President Trump. A lowering of the corporate tax will indeed assist American workers by the above PLUS the on-going investment, year-to-year, that corporations will make that will continue to benefit workers in better pay and more jobs.

    Sadly, the political monster has eaten the brains of Pelosi and Schumer and they react more like zombies than rational people. Let the people decide! They will see good in these corporate tax cuts in continued job security, new jobs, higher wages/benefits, etc. Super rich elite Nancy Pelosi can continue to rant, but we know!

  14. I support this President and all the people he serves. We now have a government that serves the military and their families. I just hope ALL Rep serving in Washington will support the Pres and all their Rep members and stop the in fitting. American lives depend on them and we need more Reps to run and serve the people.

    1. Kara for that to occur that would require that all congress people be patriots instead of self serving traitors!!! The ONLY way for that to come to fruition is if the American people would stop heeding LSM (Lame Stream Media) and actually conduct their own due diligence on each candidate ans for once USING the brains that God gave them!!!

  15. Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of their crowd are simply in an attack Trump mode, They attack Trump and everything he says and does.
    They attack everything he supports even if they once supported it themselves. If it was good when they wanted it; it is now bad if Trump wants it.
    Regardless of what they say it appears that they really do not care about America or the American people. They only care about staying in office and maintaining their power and control. Many of them seem to want to transform us into a socialist police state.

  16. Yes the Dems are clueless for sure. but the reality is that they have doubled down on their “obama era” mass transfer of wealth narrative. where they tax business to death to kill jobs and move those jobless people onto their welfare system that they fund through the increased revenue created by the over taxation of the remaining companies. the more they get onto welfare the more votes they have in the elections. in short, when America is in economic shambles, the democrats do good, when America thrives economically, the Dems fold.

    this is why they Hate President Trump so much. He is killing their political system

  17. The Dems r not stupid merely afraid of what may b discovered. they r not afraid of being caught with their hand in the cooky jar. what they fear is: the country finding out they already stole the cooky jar! pretty soon they will b saying of the public, “let them eat cake”.

  18. I personally do not consider myself a political radical nor even a radical conservative. But I have to say that as of the past 8 to 12 months culminating with the SOTU address this week, I now see the Democratic Party leadership has degenerated into a point of being America’s Enemy of the democracy and well being of our great country. Sadly, I am now committed to this belief.

  19. As Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it, If someone from the Government comes to you and says, I am here to help you, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE IN REAL DANGER FOR THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.
    It is us who are the governing body and not them, we give them permission to make decisions in our behalf, there are more of us them there are of them, we must not look to them for our welfare, we pay them and not them us. Governments do not have money, they have us to give them money and it is not theirs to buy nonsense with it and start committees just for the fun of meeting without a purpose. They are totally separated from us, there base. In simple words, they have to go and limit their terms, we get no benefit from their eternal jobs in office. Maxine and Shumar and Pelosy, BAH, …………..

  20. It just shows that the Democrats do not care about our country only lining their pockets and keeping power.

  21. Ann Coulter nails it …
    “Democrats have apparently decided that the magic of immigration-created demographic transformation means the future is theirs! They no longer have to worry about middle-of-the-road voters, independents, undecideds — or really any Americans at all.”

  22. Ahh we are all forgetting the Cloward and Piven strategy. Not sure how well this link will show up so I’ll tell you how to actually research this. See, Wikipedia is now in the bucket with the MSM. Many really good entries were “scrubbed” to make people and situations look better or just go away (think actual details about BHO’s supposed birth hospital…) To combat that, go to a website and capture the URL. Then go to the Wayback Machine or web [dot] archive [dot] org, which is a wonderful internet archive that captures screen shots in real time over the last several decades. So – you can go to wikipedia and search on Cloward and Piven first. You’ll see subtle differences between the current and the pre-scrubbing entries.
    See – this is what BHO bragged about: increasing welfare rolls. This is a 100 year old technique by the Bolsheviks to overthrow a country. Make everyone beholden to Daddy Government. “Let US make all the decisions for you, you poor sap. WE know better! WE know what are CRUMBS and what aren’t!” Pelosi and Schumer are schooled in bolshevism. They think they are absolutely right. Unfortunately, according to some of the documents on Tavistock, a huge majority of current politicians in both parties were schooled in Tavistock’s brainwashing programs like “The Leadership Institute”, numerous Harvard and Stanford MBA programs, and the list goes on. We have a brainwashed leadership leading the brainwashed and shallow idiocracy who feels what Kim K wore this morning is more important than actually READING a dang bill or learning about how taxes actually work. (slowly hitting head on desk…)

    From the wayback page: The “Cloward-Piven strategy” or “Cloward-Piven government” is a term coined by David Horowitz to describe what he calls a strategy by sociologists and antipoverty and voting rights activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, to “hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.” Horowitz bases this on his reading of a May 2, 1966, article for The Nation, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty,” by Cloward and Piven.[1] The term has never been used by Cloward or Piven themselves to describe their work, but by their critics, including TV and radio hosts Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, National Review editor Stanley Kurtz and The Obama Nation author Jerome Cors.[2] The two argued that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits, and that a welfare enrollment drive would create a political crisis that would force U.S. politicians, particularly the Democratic Party, to enact legislation “establishing a guaranteed national income.”

    With this kind of thinking, it’s only a matter of time… No wonder the bolshies are fighting TheDonald so hard. He’s peeing on their parade! He’s proving them wrong! He’s waking people up!! OH NOOOOOOOOOOO

    But never fear, bolshies are very patient. This has been 100 years in the making. They aren’t done yet. The ‘fellow travelers’ never sleep. This is the TRUE battle against zombies: brainwashed, undereducated, over satiated, media mangled brains that truly are now too ADD to even process simple thoughts.
    Semper Fi

  23. Pelosi and Schumer aren’t the real problems. The rampant cluelessness lies in the fools and ignoramuses that vote them into office

  24. I would like to see an experiment conducted by all the Democrat congressmen and Senators to all forfeit what Nancy calls small change for the American people to be deducted from their salaries. They may not feel the pinch for the great wages we tax payers provide them and if it were only $1000 a month that would be $12,000 a year. Would they call that small change? But to the average worker that amount of income added to their wage is meaningful not forgetting what they will be able to deduct come income tax time.
    The democrats need to applaud what has just happen to the average middle income worker and move on to something grater if they will only work with the current administration.
    Some say Trump is sounding his own horn on his accomplishment but what he really is saying that he could not have done this with the help of those who did help him work all this out for the benefit of the American people.

  25. We have entered a new era in history. “An awakening” & “day of reckoning”. Think about all the corrupt & evil that seems to be exposing its ugly/evil head. What is so exciting is, this is just the beginning. If you are a god person you have nothing to fear. If you are a bad person you better turn to GOD and start praying. GOD has had enough and has given us a man who is the toughest and some would call him the biggest asshole in the world. Our President Donald J. Trump. GOD knew it was going to take an brilliant tough asshole to fight this evil. He could not have chosen anyone any better than Our GREAT President “Trump” With all of his personality flaws ( No one is perfect and we are ALL flawed to a degree). This man has balls of steel and will back down to NO ONE! Think about, That is exactly the kind of President was needed for this time in history. Truly amazing and possibly a miracle. Whatever it is do not doubt, This is a blessing to all, to right the wrongs all around the world, the entire world is going to benefit from This one man that “WE THE PEOPLE” of the UNITED States of AMERICA have been blessed with. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS ISRAEL & GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  26. Dems still pouting like spoiled children when someone says no to their ignorant wants!! Yep, just look at their
    Faces and the disrespect they showed when the parents of murdered girls were telling their stories. Time for intelligent democrats to start clearing out the “America” haters this fall and support our country. Enough, already!!

  27. Ann Coulter was correct. Many Democrats have brains, but they all have serious emotional disturbances that override whatever intellect they possess. They really believe the promises of socialism and ignore the results.

  28. For the Democrats, it is not about what is best for the country, it is about what is best for them. They want power and they will do everything in their power to keep it. They need a poor, dumb, undereducated populace to keep them in power. That is why they do not care about protecting legal immigrants from the ravages of illegal immigration, crime, drugs and gangs like MS-13. They do not want to better anyone’s lives but their own. That is evident in the inane comments they make about the economy, the tax cuts and anything else that makes this country better. As far as they are concerned, Americans only exist to pay taxes to fill their pockets.

  29. It is almost to funny to watch these liberal losers grope for something to attack Trump on, they are running out of attacks in the liberal liar play book, they tried sex accusations, then cursing, then talking dirty off camera, then the infamous fake phony Russian collusion illusion paid for by DNC and FBI to attack Trump, not that is exposed, so what do these pathetic losers do, they tried another sex scandal story, and now this, the attack on his tax reform. So PATHETIC and so transparent for all but the deaf, dumb and blind liberal losers.

  30. I think Marcus is right if the Democrats throw each Voter Legal & Illegal a $1000 crumb they would be sure to Win in 2018..!!
    After all Pelosi and Schumer both belong to the Crummy Democratic Party should be easy for them to come up with all those Crumbs…!!! Oohh wait the Party is Broke the Muslim Mutt broke it and hillary abandoned supporting it after she LOST..!!!
    Everybody GET That ???? “SHE LOST” “KAPUT” ‘FINITO” “KANJI” “FIN” “JIESHU” “VEGE” “SLUTT”

  31. Thank you Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally, someone with credibility and a pair of balls to speak the truth about these Dem idiots that are bound and determined to continue with the Obama legacy of selling of our great country down the toilet. These people should be given lobotomies before they can do any further damage to our country and then send them to Siberia.
    Better yet Mexico, Putin probably doesn’t want them either.

  32. Nancy was too busy playing with her dentures during Trumps State of the Union speech that she missed the part where the US Economy was stating to kick into high gear based on all the moves Trump made in 2017 despite having to carry these pitiful people like Rosenstein, McCabe, McCain, Mueller and Graham on his back.

  33. Hypocritical democrats need to keep their constituents dependent upon government in order to have power over them. Democrat followers have become subjects, not citizens!

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