How To Tell If Someone Suffers From ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Everyday Americans who are in control of their faculties may find a certain amusement about the rampant “Trump Derangement Syndrome” social media posts. That chuckles almost assuredly assume that reasonable people are just poking a little bit of fun at liberals who haven’t recovered from the drubbing in the 2016 elections.

We all know folks that just can’t seem to take personal responsibility for mistakes, shortcomings or the fact that Hillary Clinton belongs behind bars. But Trump Derangement Syndrome — or TDS as some clinical psychologists call it — is a serious mental condition suffered by the extreme left. Although Facebook and Twitter memes animate the heads of liberals literally exploding, no such deaths have been reported. However, extreme psychological meltdowns are prevalent in the United States and abroad.

Definition Of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

Irrational opposition to Pres. Donald J. Trump and his Make America Great Again policies has prompted experts to propose defining symptoms. The Urban Dictionary characterizes TDS in this fashion:

“Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from hysterical outbursts to a complete mental break. TDS can also often result in the sufferer exhibiting violent, homicidal, or even genocidal desires,” Urban Dictionary states.

“Sufferers have also been known to wish direct self-harm on themselves (such as increased taxes, a desire for an economic recession, and even nuclear war), provided that an action might in some way hurt Donald Trump.”

“Paranoia is also a common symptom of TDS. Sufferers have been known to believe that they are in some way being persecuted, and in some cases believe they are about to be a victim of genocide. The paranoia does however not seem to be bad enough to make TDS sufferers act on their beliefs to the extent of attempting to actually leave the United States,” the resource states.

This extraordinary new form of psychosis can be dangerous to the afflicted and bystanders. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of TDS.

TDS Sufferers Believe Talking With Russia Is Treason

Every president in American history has had an open dialogue with their Russian counterpart. During the height of the Cold War, presidents such as Ronald Reagan spoke regularly to the American adversary. Pres. John F. Kennedy had a direct line to the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev that helped de-escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today, the same liberals that hailed Hillary’s “Russian Reset” debacle as historic would rather go to war with the superpower than agree Pres. Trump is doing the right and normal thing.

TDS Sufferers Want Another Great Recession

The New York Times recently published an opinion piece that concedes Pres. Trump will overwhelmingly win re-election in 2020. “It’s the economy, stupid,” as ex-Pres. Clinton once famously said. Yes, the economy under the president’s reversal of every conceivable Obama-era job-killing regulation is setting record after record. There are currently more jobs than people to fill them.

HBO’s Bill Maher — a textbook TDS sufferer — has advocated for an unprecedented economic crash.

“I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it,” Maher said. “Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession.”

Hopefully, Maher will recognize he has a problem, which is the first step to TDS recover.

TDS Sufferers Believe In A ‘Big Blue Wave’

Liberal extremists such as Nancy Pelosi have touted sightings of a mythic political swell that will crash on Washington’s shores and sweep away Republican majorities. Herman Melville cited the Great White Whale as an example of an ultimate alter-ego force. But like the fiction of “Moby Dick,” the Big Blue Wave is a waking dream.

All fact-based measures point to the Democratic Party suffering defeat, again, in the 2018 midterm elections. TDS sufferers have delusions of grandeur consistent with the way Don Quixote charged windmills. They are living in a self-created fantasy world and require medication.

Early Warning Signs Of TDS

While many symptoms take days, weeks and even months to manifest, Americans are advised to be aware of early warning signs. These may include the following.

Random Screaming: Emotionally unbalanced liberals have been reported screaming at protests against MAGA policies.

Harassment: TDS sufferers have been sighted accosting Trump Administration officials in public places. (See Maxine Waters for more details)

Xenophobic: Those prone to fall prey to this insidious condition knew what the three-dollar word “xenophobic” meant the first time Hillary used it, without the use of a dictionary.

Some experts claim that voting for socialist candidates such as Bernie Sanders or New York upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an early warning sign of TDS. Others say that voting to make the United States a communist country is merely a sign of ordinary insanity. Either way, Americans are advised to approach TDS victims with extreme caution.

~ Conservative Zone

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35 thoughts on “How To Tell If Someone Suffers From ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’”

  1. The White House is OUR HOME in which the Trump Family as the Head of at this present time. President , Mrs. Trump & son are our representatives as Head of Our House! It is apparent that those who are causing this disrespect towards our Nations First Family NEVER had a home of their own, or they never grew up in one to learn respect or what it means.

    1. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      1. Amen to that. We do need to take back America and President Trump is doing just that one step at a time and fighting off all those idiots lefty.

  2. The words “irrational” and “insane” really hit the nail on the head. These people truly meet Rush L’s description as “glittering jewels of colossal ignorance”. I just cannot understand how those who consider themselves to be genuine conservatives who cannot see or acknowledge all the great things that DJT has accomplished despite all of the obstacle being thrown up in front of him.

    1. TDS people are paid by the leftists and muslims to help the liars and people who know nothing about the danger if slam and communism to spread their lies.
      Check their “stories about tds

  3. There is another name for this also called PTSD, “President Trump Stress Disease” where the subject becomes “unhinged, crazy, insane and just plain nuts for which there is no known cure and it only infects liberals as conservatives have built in immunity. so do not give blood to a liberal under any circumstances”!!!!…

    1. Yes you hit the nail right on the head the only chance those effected have is to walk awayf rom the Democratic Party and enter an extensive soul searching Spiritual readjustment treatment Center.

  4. SUGGESTION — to all who have this terrible syndrome — commit suicide now — put yourselves and the real America out of your misery.

  5. Facebook deemed this to be not suitable for their readers. No wonder they lost 19 BILLION in one afternoon.

  6. well any sane person, who has not noticed this inappropriate insane and irrational behavior are most likely in la-la land themselves. as they, refuse to be bothered with facts and reality. with early warning signs of trump, is not our president.

    was even seen in those, never trump republicans. who are still opposed to trump as president refusing to defend his positive conservative progress. where even the fbi, cia, court judges, dnc, congresspersons, antifa, blm, mlm. and sanctuary cities are showing dangerous signs of anti-trump wimpaholic fascist madness. severity depending on the source, of their one criminal insane frankenbrains.

    1. if you think this article is BS, you’re showing the early signs of TDS – please see your health professional and gt a prescription for SSRI’s

  7. I should point out that TDS is manifested by (1) A President who lies so often and badly that he can’t remember his original lies and false statements, (2) A President who has no fixed viewpoint other than Friend / Foe of the moment. (3) A President who rejects his Allies , yet sucks up to Foreign Dictators. (4) A President with no moral Compass other than anti-Obama (5) A President willing to destroy and shut down the Government if he doesn’t get his own way – the Neighborhood Bully Syndrome. (6) A President who is unfit , morally and intellectually to hold the office of Dogcatcher in Kickapoo County , let alone President , AR. Note: I’ve been a Republican for over 70 years , and am no Elite Liberal – Just a Veteran who fought for his country , voted Republican in every election until 2016 , and sees one rich sociopathic Buffoon destroying and twisting my Beloved Party beyond recognition . What next ? Goon Squads of Brown Shirted Thugs (With Red “T” armbands ) to enforce Party Loyalty ? Sorry – I forgot that free speech is no longer permitted by our Dear Leader, if that speech doesn’t praise or excuse him. Heil Trumpf…..

    1. YOU EXHIBIT THE SIGNS OF TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME ( TDS ) in every one of your 1-4 points!. It is so easy to recognize! I am sure you are told this almost every time you are compelled to comment where others can read your irrational comments. Please keep it up, because you help by demonstrating the symptoms so evident in comments such as this one!

    2. Delusional much? The man you note is not the one shutting down free speech. It is those you serve like a useful tool and you all are making fools of yourselves.

    3. You “claim” to be republican but your comments come straight out of the democommie party playbook.

      Unfortunately, you have many errors in what you have said. Remember when Billie Bob Clintstone was in office? He turned the White House into “Bill’s Bordello” and his wife covered for him. Oscumma was a pathetic excuse for a president and embarrassed this country even worse than anything Trump has done to date by going on his world apology tour. He was the worst president in the history of this nation, bar none.

      You talk about “brown shirts” yet you completely ignore the demoscum’s latest hate group – Antifa. Antifa – the demoscum’s 21st century version of the KKK which was also founded by the Dems. They harass, repress, incite violence and assault people who try to peacefully exercise their first amendment rights. All with the support and backing of the democommies. You have that “jewel” mad Max Waters openly committing sedition and promoting violence against Trump cabinet members. They openly support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and forsake our own citizens in true need. They abhor giving hard working Americans a tax break because that would mean less “entitlement” funds for them to pay off the ignorant.

      The party you voted for is stomping all over citizens constitutional rights by being the oppressors of free speech, pushing for gun confiscation every chance they get, using harassment and overtly and balking at anything that benefits the working class. For too long we have been forced to be subjected to the rediculous and insane agenda of the democlowns. Their party is nothing more than wh0res to fringe groups set on destroying the core values of this nation.

      If you truly love this country, you should be ashamed that you voted a person who saw herself as the entitled queen. She didn’t give a flying eagle’s sh!t about you or anyone else, only the power. Trump isn’t perfect, but the things he did happened BEFORE he became president.

    4. Carleton
      1) we all lie, stop acting as if it’s something unusual and pollyticians are nothing more than professional liars – got an example of Trumps lies? course not, it’s all in your head

      2) no fixed viewpoint? he seems rather fixed on the wall, on immigration, on taxation, on manufacturing, on jobs, on trade tariffs and on making America great again – have you an example of what you’re referring to? course not, if you did you would have presented it

      3) rejects his allies? what ARE you on about? trade tariffs? the EU is now negotiating ZERO tariffs as a result of Trump matching THEIR trade tariffs – keep up huh?

      4) no moral compass? example please? anyone with an IQ over 50 realises OhBummer was the worst thing to happen to America, ever

      5) a president MANDATED to build a wall, who is then blocked by self-serving professional lairs and Rhinos from doing what THE PEOPLE want, has every right to use EVERY tool at his disposal to do what he promised and is mandated to do – including shutting the govt down, which also happened under OhBummer, TWICE

      6) the man who turned a 1 millon dollar loan into a multi-billion dollar global empire is unfit? while a murdering, treasonous spying, lying, theiving Hillary was a better choice?

      you’re no veteran!! vets are appalled at the democratic party for abandoning them to commit suicide by the tens of thousands. In fact more soldiers have died by suicide upon returning home than DIED IN COMBAT – and Trump is fixing that too

      diagnosis confirmed, 1) you’re an outright liar 2) you have TDS 3) you’re a psychopath


  8. Carlton, all the thuggery so far has been from the anti-Trumpers. It comes mostly from young people that are brainwashed in high school and college by predominatedly left wing teaching staffs. It has been going on for a long time. I am 87 years old and I remember it from high school. The only thing different was the left wing was soft on Russia and communism. Now that trump has spoken to and about Russia the left has reversed itself in regard to Russia. Another manifestation of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  9. What the hell war did you fight, you moran. I was in the Air Force, from 1942 till till Feb. of 1949. The last democrat I voted fpr was Harry S. Truman. Because he dropped the a bombs on Japann that saved from having to kick ass in japan. Take off your blind fold and wake up. I have never seen a vet more blind than you. You have no idea what Germany, Italy, Japan was like. There has never been a dictator I would ever like. You should have lived under one, then you might be able to feel the difference. Don’t ever call yourself a veteran, because we hate liars. You are very fortunate to be living in USA, and not elsewhere.

  10. There you go again. Most if not all people that go into these delusional breakdowns are in fact, you know like you all who believe this bullshit just posted on this site , where the writer again takes the most serious mental condition and tries unsuccessfully to shift the illness that most IGNORANT SELF SERVING REPUBLICANS have and try to claim it is the DEMOCRATS or the INDEPENDENTS, or the PROGRESSIVES, or ANYBODY ELSE, OF for that matter any other group that isn’t as stupid as the REPUBLICANS who decided to back A SELF AGGRANDIZING, MEGALOMANIAC, MISOGYNIST, RACIST/BIGOT, WITH A CONSTANT COMPULSION TO LIE, JUST BECAUSE THAT CRIMINAL KNOWN AS DONALD TRUMP SAYS HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN FOR WHOM? ONLY THE WHITE PEOPLE/RACISTS OF AMERICA. I realize that trying to inform all of you knuckle dragger’s not to believe him because he will be perp walked out of the white house shortly is a stretch to believe for all of your ilk, but remember what I said, when it happens. In the mean time you all should go take up reading classes so you will be able to discern the truth like the rest of an educated society. YOU MORONS

    1. i’m personally looking forward to the day that Hillary and OhBummer are jailed for their crimes

      the economy is growing at 4+% – manufacturers are returning to America, record employment levels for NON WHITES, ZERO trade tariffs being negotiated with the EU, stock market roaring, ILLEGALS being thrown out of the country as they should be (want to emigrate? fine, do it legally)

      diagnosis confirmed – you have TDS and should immediately seeks professional medical attention

  11. The United States is very fortunate to have Donald Trump as our president. Especially after 8 years of Obama ! An early news report this morning has reported that when one travels from a red state to a blue state, the roads get worse. The cities have a homeless tent city problem, and the streets are lined with their bodily droppings. TDS should be called SHIT !

  12. F.B.I. profilers are going to have to go back to school to be able to properly profile folks with TDS properly! No other psychological condition has ever manifested that was even close to being as deranged as folks with TDS! I’m pretty sure that some of their heads have imploded!

  13. And if you believe all that B.S. you are as deranged as he is. In his case I think it is called sociopathy, wherein you aren’t interested in or care about anyone but yourself.

  14. Because they are constantly told what to do, they cannot accept DJT as President. These mindless wimps, are subjects of complete mind control.

  15. Donald Trump is the best president we ever had and all you losers who say derogatory things about him can go straight to hell! I’m 100% for his immigration policies and am just a little disappointed that he caved and signed order to let aliens be detained with their kids when a citizen gets arrested they get separated from their kids plus look at all the families of victims of illegal aliens they’re separated forever from theirs I also hope he gets Roe v Wade overturned

  16. They will never change. They have always had problems accepting anything. Look as far back as 1968. Isn’t it amazing that when the Republicans lost, they did not riot nor show themselves as idiots or mental. They replied quietly and accepted even though it was not to their liking. And I will go one step further, Maxine Waters. With the way she’s been telling everybody to ban those that voted for Trump out of restaurants and other places, is she not going against everything that Martin Luther King stood for? These so called idiots, people if you must call them, dogs act better than they are. I am a dog obedience trainer, maybe more of us need to train these idiots how to accept a leader. I sure hope President Trump is re-elected, and I am not ashamed to say I will vote for him again even though I am registered Independent. If the Democrats would change their way of handling things, and they got one as good as President Trump in office and continue the kind of work he is accomplishing, then maybe the Democrats would have a better chance. At the rate they are going, forget it. And who wants to go back to Obama years with all that failure. Oh yes, I know many out there think he did such a great job but in my eyes, he was only a puppet, he was not a good leader. Only those that got their way think he was a good leader and look where he got us. Thank God for President Trump that he is bringing America back to us. If these immigrants want to come live in our country then they have to do it the proper way. My hairdresser and family did just that. They had their paperwork in order, ready to come but it took a year and they finally became American Citizens, THE CORRECT WAY. I don’t know why they ever got rid of Ellis Island. All of them came in legally and became Citizens legally. The fair now is that those coming in won’t get their free meal ticket off us. We struggle with what we have to live on, why should we have to pay for them. JMHO

  17. Just Another BS Liberal Excuse To Waste Tax Payers Funds For Crying Closets And Safe Spaces Have A Saluition To The Problem Re Start The Draft But This Time Everyone Goes That Is Able Body From 18-25 No Defurments To Atten College Until After You Complete 6 Yrs Of Service The DI’s Will Edcauted Them And It Will Give Them Some thing To Really Cry About

  18. Hardy HA HA ! My first form of ODS ( Obama) was around 2008 when Obama became a U.S. Senator ! I was informed not to listen to his speeches because he sounded like Adolph Hitler. I had listed to Adolph Hitler address the German people before and during WWII and saw the similarity. Thus , I decided it would be best to avoid any contact with Obama, either on the radio, TV, Internet , or in the newspapers or magazines. I was politically quiet during the Obama years.

    What a relief President Donald Trump is ! Making America great again. Speaking about Trump, I have had friends whale in front of me, or come up behind me shouting against my support of Trump. This person is an author and has written a book about former President Lincoln, and derides me for not purchasing or reading the book. I explained that I had studied the Republican president in school, and how his involvement during the Civil War, defeated the Southern Democratic slave states.
    So why would I want to read his version of President Lincoln ?

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