Hunter Biden is Secretly Calling the Shots in The White House, Report Reveals

President Joe Biden reportedly has a secret adviser who is helping him make the decisions that are destroying the country – his drug-addicted son Hunter!

Surprisingly enough, the far-left New York Times revealed that senile Joe Biden has been taking advice from Hunter on how he should be doing his job.

The Times reported that Hunter and Joe Biden frequently speak on the phone regarding political matters, with Hunter serving as his “informal adviser.”

“People who know both men say their bond is singular in its intensity,” the Times reported of father and son. “But even allies of President Biden, who prides himself on his political and human instincts, say he has at times been too deferential to his younger son, appearing unwilling to tell him no, despite Hunter’s problems and his long trail of bad decisions.”


The report continues by pointing out that President Biden has “long followed Hunter’s lead” and that even many of his allies have “privately criticized” Joe’s decisions to get involved with Hunter’s shady criminal businesses.

However multiple concurrent investigations into both Joe and Hunter would suggest that the president’s son is not exactly doing the best job of “advising” his dad.

House Republicans recently opened the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and Hunter is being investigated by a (painfully corrupt) special counsel in David Weiss.

As you can imagine, the revelation that Joe Biden’s crackhead son is basically calling the shots in the White House has sparked some serious concerns.

On top of the fact that he’s not even remotely qualified to be doing that, Hunter Biden is also still very connected to foreign nationals through his corrupt business dealings.

Mike Davis, founder and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project and former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley pointed out that “Hunter purportedly divested his 10 percent stake in BHR partners (a Chinese state-backed investment firm). But there is no evidence Hunter received any payment for his divestment,” meaning he may have lied about doing so.

Davis added, “Giving Hunter’s track record, this is shady. It looks like Hunter is continuing the Biden family corruption with one foot in the White House and the other in BHR partners.”

All of this points back to one single fact: the Biden family is as corrupt as they get!

Whether or not Joe Biden is “following Hunter’s lead” the family has been using the influence of the American government to bring in millions for themselves and other family members, attempting to hide it all in an elaborate maze of shell companies – but they didn’t hide it well enough!

House investigators have been slowly but surely peeling back the layers of this family’s corruption and it’s just a matter a time before the president and his apparent adviser are held accountable for their crimes.

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36 thoughts on “Hunter Biden is Secretly Calling the Shots in The White House, Report Reveals”

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    1. Guess since mega-evil Adolph Hitler is likely really dead by now, evil Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery has to now turn to that totally evil mega-criminal son Hunter Bribery for bad advice…

  2. Between corrupt Biden & his corrupt son, Hunter, the our good all USA does NOT stand a chance!!! Biden has been stealing from us/USA for over 50 years!!! Like the Demorats, the Bidens are ALL MOUTH & NO ACTION. except for stuffing their pockets!!! Biden has lied SO MUCH, he can’t remember the truth!!!

    1. May God Bless Us All !
      And the devil be Destroyed.
      That means the republicans need to be in Power.
      Providing they can stop arguing amongst themselves.

  3. IMO this entire Democrat party should be held and charged with TREASON everything they have done to this country stinks of treason I cannot see why they are allowed to continue their destructive mentally ill behavior from changing the sex of children too young to decide if they want a happy meal or a regular meal from McDonalds this is the most sickening thing I have ever heard of this tells me that this country is full of sexual perverts many of whom are congregated in the Liberal party of the democrats and some Rhino’s of the GOP at any rate this is not the way our God intended for this world to behave. I believe it will soon cease and be over because God will put a stop to this devastating child molestation and destruction.

    1. C’mon, no gods ever existed! Religions are evil FOREIGN psychotic mass murderous mental illness out of the evil psychotic mass murdering Middle East!

      1. “Thus Says GOD THE LORD, Who Created THE HEAVENS And Stretched Them Out, Who SpreadvForth The EarthbAnd That Which Comes From It, Who Gives Breath To The People On It, And Spirit To Those Who Walk On It. I, THE LORD, Have Called You In Righteousness, And Will Hold Your Hand…I AM THE LORD, That Is MY NAME; And MY GLORY I Will NOT Give TO Another; Nor MY PRAISE TO Carved Images. Behold, THE Gormer Things Have Come To Padd, And New Things I Declare; Before Thry Spring Forth I Tell You Of Them.” [Isaiah 42]

        “GOD’S KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL” [Psalm 103]

        I Agree With These Words-Promises Of GOD ALMIGHTY THE Creator Of Heaven And Earth By HIMSELF!


  4. I am afraid that many of our American citizens, most “born and raised” have
    possibly had “too easy” a life (ex….plenty of food and comfortable shelter) and we
    ARE grateful “but” expectant in a way that could take away our “real appreciation” of
    how blessed we are…on the other hand, I have not seen a more “ready to work”, show up each day to work for “that food and shelter, helping their fellow man along the way “body of people”….so “We” still get my vote!

  5. The biggest problem we as Americans have relative to witnessing the Biden corruption is twofold; one, all of the ABC agencies are complicit in promulgating it or, or in some cases, suppressing it depending on the particular agency in Q, and two, the mainstream media like Trump once quipped, is “the enemy of the people” for covering up for or, failing to report on the obvious improprieties and corruption. This once touted “Fourth Estate” has turned in its watchdog badge in overseeing our government officials and helping to identify these obvious corrupted politicos because they found that ii is more profitable to join the corruptors rather call them out! It’s all about the money and power, not ethics!

    1. True, the LameStreamMisleadia FAKE NEWS LIARS don’t even try to hide the fact any more that they are another corrupt arm of the evil corrupt stoner thieving murdering Democrats’ Party any more !!!!!!!!!

  6. Father like son? They think they own the world? They have to be stopped!! They have taken illegal money from several foreign countries by threats and now it’s coming back to bite them in the a__ they have ruined our country!! They have to go immediately before they do any more damage,

    1. Yes, they are two of a kind. They also both think that they are so smart. Each time I see them in their sun glasses, I can just hear them singing “I’m a soul man” only these two are devils in disguise. Americans will hate the Bidens more and more when more of their corruption is discovered. Bumbling Biden will go down in history as “THE WORST PRESIDENT AMERICA AND THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN” !

      1. i cringe to think there are people in this country that still would vote for this —- and I can’t even think of an appropriate description word for him, I’m so disgusted. Disgusted to see our lovel country destroyed and sad to think such a lovely country can come to such an ending.
        Sorry all of you that listened to the ‘come here’ story. I want each and every one of you returned to your country. Stand up and make your country a great one, stop destroying ours.

  7. Both of them should be in prison, but as long as the “swamp” exists to further their own survival nothing will be done at all !! Trump 2016 and should have been in 2020. But all we can hope for now is 2024. But, what can he do in just 4 years ? The first 2 or so years, he has to fix whatever the last administration has messed up. Then he has to battle against the swamp of Congress who is just that “A SWAMP OF SELF SERVING CRIMINALS”.

  8. WOW – Obviously, 2 criminals have fallen from the same family tree … yet America knows more. Guess Hunter is not only supplying dad with family income, he’s probably getting him some pot, too ! BIDEN = NEVER MY PRESIDENT … HE IS A TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE USA !!!

  9. The other criminal is an advisor…..this is not legal not by any stretch….
    God please remove these dummycrats from office!

  10. The Bidens should be made to return ALL the funds they received illegally. THEN deport the whole bunch with the millions of illegals they have allowed into our country. This country has NEVER been in such bad shape and it’s all the Bidens and their 50 years of corruption.

      1. I think you are giving too much credit to Obummer. Soros is behind all of the evil plots. He made his money turning in Jews to the gestapo and taking all their money and valuables.

    1. I also believe Obama is behind the scenes in DC running the show. Biden has been worthless in politics for 50 yrs. but what we didn’t know was how good he is at thievery and being a two faced pony show. Is this one of his stupid sayings? He has stolen money from many countries, so what was given in exchange?? He didn’t just receive millions of dollars but diamonds, cars and watches. Something he couldn’t take his eyes off even when 13 soldiers were brought home! Just take in the all the lies he continues to tell time and time again. Comparing his little kitchen fire to the losses in Maui!! What was the payback for these countries ? The land China has been grabbing up maybe, pushing the electric cars down our throats so China can supply the battery’s , changing rules for household appliances. What secrets were told? He’s the only reason (Obama) purchased a home in (2017) for 8.1 million, he knew the fix was in and he wanted to be boss for a 3rd term and he has been. The house is up for sale now as he knows Biden doesn’t have a chance. Biden and his administration is nothing but an embarrassment to America.
      Let’s not forget what Chucky Schumer did. I realize we have bigger fish to fry but this just irritates me— he changed the dress code on the Senate floor to accommodate Fetterman who for some reason has to dress like a bum in his shorts and hoodie!! This doofus that Pa. put in office has the class of a slug. So now, come as you may, shorts, hoodies, pj’s and since you’ll be golfing later today, wear that cheesy golf outfit you fancy so much! Can’t imagine what other countries think of us. God bless America!

  11. The Bidens have done more harm to our country in so many areas than 9/11. the Wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It will take a genius and much prayer to right the ship. I could write volumes on the harm his policies have done to our country.

  12. We are all waiting with Anticipation regarding the investigation into the present administration, however there is something else coming up on the horizon and the dates keep getting pushed back which doesn’t make much sense because it seems like it’s another Biden idea that’s not Kosher! Digital money that can be tracked as to how and where it’s spent and what it was spent for and the Government will be able to decide if you can or can’t buy certain things! (CONTROL) This Threat to disable the Dollar has caused a Frenzy of everybody and anybody trying to push sales of Gold to protect individual savings! 1. What are the people that are selling the Gold going to do with the Dollars that will be defunct. 2. How do you spend the Gold? Doubloons? Special tools to chip off pieces? 3. How do you get change if needed?4. Do you need a really good “SAFE” to keep the gold in? 5. What’s to prevent the Government from calling in all the Gold like Roosevelt did? 6. What do we do to protect our savings in lieu of buying Gold?
    7. Can We the People stop Biden’s Idea to Control our every purchase and destroy the Dollar? What do we do, and how do we do it? Will every home be a Mini Fort Knox?

  13. Ok a real good informal advisor there!!. A pot- head son just like his old man. Those are two peas in a pod for sure. But i thank its Obama who helps old Joe call the shots– he said he would have another trun and he has through Biden. The borders wide open all those millions of illegal immigrants coming in (Obama wanted that) all this bad Economic growth high prices on every thing . Wanting gas cars took away and China EV’S put in It’s all Obama working through Biden. AND BIDEN GOT RICH AS OBAMA’S VICE PRESIDENT. and the dam man did not win the ELECTION he STOLE it. Should be thrown out of America as a IMPOSTER. Put the real winner in the office , we all know he really won. ( Trump ) he is the winner, old joe is in under all those FRAUDULENT BALLOTS.


  15. It’s a shame that wgen Trump was in office the mainstream media made claims thzt he was inhumane to illegal immigrants but Trump put in place the DHS Made changes to provide care for migrants and the children got to stay with there parents and the main thing “our” cities where not over run with illegal aliens ** Under the Biden Administration with Biden in charge the mainsteam media outlets have not reported on hoe fhe millions of migrants have been treated. There being keep in wired-off cages packed like sardines waiting to be processed ** Old piss for brains Joe don’t have a clue what he is doing or how to do it !! The piss- for – brains president can’t even help his on democrat run cities ** there being taken over and hold states are in bad need of help because of illegal aliens. Tens of millions of illegal aliens coming into our home land bring deathly drugs and murder and god knows what esle ** And a dam stupid piss for brains man at the lead. And a dam stupid piss for brains man that don’t belong in the office , joe did not win the electon he got in by fraudulent ballots lots of fraud **. He should be got for treason ( back in the old days they hang them for treason). Yes this one man (and alot of above the law helpsrs). Needs in jail i thank enough has been proven about ballot fraud in Wisconsin. Michigan, Georgia, Texas mississippi and some other states that people should know joe is not in office by our vote!! And the real winner should be put in office right now . But of course this will not happen cause there are still to many above the law jack asses around to stop it.

  16. Yes that’s all true !. The democrats all need cleaned out of our white house the dam nastly ass transgender loving drown nose children molesters ‘ all need out and a new clean bunch put in . This great nation is so screwed up from the Bidens that it ‘s gonna take alot of fixing to make it great again. People don’t vote democrats vote for anyone who is not calling themself a democrat. Get them nastly asses out of our white house THE USA CAN NOT WITH STAND ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF DEMOCRATS. WE HAVE TO GET THE BORDERS CLOSED AND ARE ECONOMICS BACK DOWN AND BUILD OUR MILITARY BACK UP. WE HAVE TO STOP BEING A LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD. VOTE DEMOCRAT NO MORE!!!!.

  17. This crime duo has been operating for decades.Obama runs the gamut ,he said is was like his 3rd term,so if you are awake you can see and also feel the destruction done since Jan.20th 2008

  18. Let’s not forget that M. Obama once said something about she likes being the Forever First Lady. From what I have seen over the last several years, is no one is running this country period. It’s been a free for all by democrats.

  19. Biden has already ruined our country. The military is now transgendered, would you trust any of them to defend our country? They scream when their “feelings” get hurt, can you trust them to not desert and run? I doubt it.

  20. This is all the Obama agenda! Hunter is too drug addled to even have a cogent thought, other than screw someone over! Every thing biden does is what Obama tells him to do! Obama wants our country taken down from within, Biden is his fall guy, and is too stupid to see that Obama is using him! That was their “ agreement”, Obama would install Biden as president, then run the country through Biden. When biden’s usefulness is gone, he will be as well, he will have an “ unfortunate accident” that will take him out, and the ho will as well. They are pushing for “ big Mike” to be president, so Obama can be back in OUR White House, running the country through big Mike! Don’t be fooled people, this was planned long before Obama stold his two elections! He was installed as well by Soros! We need to deport Soros and his family, take away their “ given” citizenship by Clinton, and deport Obama as well, he was NOT born in the u.s. his grandmother said she was present at his birth in KENYA! Why does no one believe her?

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