Illegal Immigrants can Now Apply for State Aid in New Jersey

In New Jersey, illegal alien students are now eligible to receive state financial aid to fund their college educations under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Governor Phil Murphy.

During his campaign, Murphy had pledged to support a measure to extend in-state financial aid to ‘Dreamers’ — undocumented immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

“We know New Jerseyans support the ability of our Dreamers to not only remain in our state but to become a strong and contributing part of our society and our economy,” Murphy said in a statement shortly after signing the bill in Newark. “By allowing them to not only go to college but to qualify for financial assistance, we are living up to that ideal.”

The bill, S699, passed the New Jersey State Senate 27-10 in March, and made it through the Assembly in April 49-24 almost exclusively along party lines. A lone Democrat, Joe Danielsen of Middlesex County, voted against the bill. In 2013, then-Governor Chris Christie signed a bill permitting undocumented students to pay in-state college tuition rates, but Christie refused to consider the original draft of that bill which also included the offer of state-funded financial aid. That provision was removed from the bill he ultimately signed.

Christie said he was against the original draft because it would make New Jersey a magnet state for immigrants, and cost the taxpayers too much. S699 was sponsored by New Jersey Assemblyman Gary Schaer, (D- Passaic) who called the bill ‘the other piece of the puzzle needed’ to help students succeed.

“This is not a political issue, but this is a statement of who we are and where we want to go as a state,” Schaer said. “I think that it’s vitally important for New Jersey that we afford these children the opportunity to go to college. If we look at it totally from a selfish perspective as a state, this will help [them] going to and graduating college, becoming taxpayers and aiding in helping grow the New Jersey economy.”

“Given the ever-escalating costs, many students, even with in-state tuition rates are finding college more and more financially unattainable…this assistance available will make higher education a reality for these aspiring students.”

But this measure brings with it sharp criticism from its opponents.

“Treating non-citizens better than citizens, I think, is fundamentally wrong,” Assemblyman Jay Webber (R/Morris) said. “We are a compassionate state and want to see every student succeed and reach his or her full potential, but we and our taxpayers have limited resources, and enormous educational benefits already are provided to non-citizens. Compassion does not compel us to provide limitless public benefits to anyone who finds himself within our borders.”

And who will pay?

Webber says this bill will divert some financial aid that would be available for citizens and give it to non-citizens. The Assemblyman also pointed out that the governor has said he wants to raise taxes by $1.7 billion to make ends meet.

“He wants to raise our income tax, our sales tax, tax for businesses…take, take, take, spend, spend spend…there has to be an end to it,” he said.

Other critics say any money available to help students attend college should go to those already living in this country legally. To be eligible for aid under this bill, applicants must demonstrate financial need by submitting their parents income tax information. They must also have attended high school in New Jersey for three years, graduated from a New Jersey high school and be enrolled in a college in the state. “Undocumented students” must also file an affidavit with their college stating they will file an application to legalize their immigration status.

Naturally, the state wasted no time implementing this law; the New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application for illegal immigrants went live the morning after Murphy signed the bill. In its fiscal analysis of the bill, the Office of Legislative Services says the state will have to appropriate an additional $4.47 million to provide Tuition Aid grants to newly eligible students. The state already has $425.9 million set aside for grants in the current fiscal year.

New Jersey is the tenth state to allow illegal aliens to obtain financial aid, joining Minnesota, Oregon, Connecticut, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Washington and Hawaii.

~ Conservative Zone

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66 responses to “Illegal Immigrants can Now Apply for State Aid in New Jersey”

  1. anti Americans who want only to see the USA destroyed by people that HATE America, NJ is a SWAMP and full of Dreamers meaning dreaming about making this country other than America and terrorists

      • This bastard must be a liberal pure and simple. Anyone who votes for this must be insane. This must have been railroaded through without a vote because what sane voter would approve and vote for this, higher taxes etc? How many American citizens can’t afford higher education for many reasons, either job advancement or a degree and this worhtless no good ‘socialist’ ASSWIPE wants to give FREE education to to undocumented persons, outrageous! STOP ALL FEDERAL FUNDS to ‘sanctuary states’, IMMEDIATEKLT. Arrest and prosecute all the officials running these rogue cities on charges of federal obstruction of justice. When is this anti Americanism going to stop and those responsible for all these taxpayer funded ‘freebies’, ‘give aways’, and plain old handouts going to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice? Time to get rid of all these lying, no good thieving liberals who do nothing foe the US citizens they vowed to protect and serve, and with the mid term elections in June, perfect timing to begin the ‘dumbocrap’ purge and when that’s done continue with the general election in November and get rid of ALL the liberals, aka ‘dumbocraps’ hell bent on destroying this country! For those on the fence about the ‘dumbocraps’ come to California and San Francisco in particular and see the destruction done by these no good, lying and thieving liberals for yourselves: bums and ‘boat people’ along with homeless ‘tent cities’ everywhere, streets littered with used condoms and needles and that reek with the stench of urine and feces, crime going through the roof thet the worthless and ineffective ‘liberal’ DA won’t prosecute, unaffordable housing and living costs, crappy local economy and some of the highest taxes foisted on the legal overtaxed hardworking citizens to pay for all this ‘socialist’ BULL***T foisted on us by the liberals. By the way these lying and thieving bastards live in gated communities and don’t have to deal with all this on a daily basis and practice their mantra’ ALL FOR ME AND F**K EVERYBODY ELSE AS LONG AS I CAN LIVE MY LUXURY LIFESTYLE, ANSWER TO NOBODY, HAVE S**TLOADS OF TAXPAYER FUNDS AND (NOT A DIME OF MINE) AND PROMOTE MY OWN AGENDA’ . Really folks, what more evidence is necessaty to get rid of these no good anti Americans? t The liberals and mythical King Midas have a bit in common, albeit on the opposite ends of the spectrum, With King Midas, everything he touched turned to gold, a good thing in many respects, with the liberals aka ‘dumbocraps’ everything they control and touch turns to SHIT!

        • Murphy bought a diplomat job from Obama in Germany. He is another Obama goon that thinks we must hand over out tax dollars to obama’s illegals and allow our children to suffer and our families under an unfair tax plan to aid illegals without a vote by citizen tax payers.

      • For sure. Not only that. Tell this Murphy the money should come from his own pocket, not from tne government. What a PUSHOVER.

  2. Not to worry any about the cost of all this as taken from the NJ taxpayers pockets…There aren’t enough literate illegals who would qualify…The law is only a liberal feel good do good resolution…omitting the latter.

  3. Murphy. You are a paid clown that does not deserve to be in this country . Hopefully the idiots that voted for you realize what a JACK_ss you are and how phoney you are.

    • I live in California, and I know what an IDIOTIC state government is, because we have one of the most crooked and self serving governments to ever exist! The governor of New Jersey, is an IDIOT of the first order and should be removed from office before he brings the state to it’s knees! Trust me, I know what I am talking about! He opens the borders, and this will spread like a cancer!

      • I’m living in California also.Latest insanity is to give health care to all immigrants,no matter legal , illegal or age.The state already provides “free” health care to all illegal children.The LA Times,a left wing paper,even said this would go too far,because some honest,legal California resident would have to pay for health care insurance,while all illegals would get it free.Can a state get more insane than California?I doubt it.This is what happens when Democrats import a lot of poor people who support massive govt handouts,because they aren’t going to pay for it.

        • I, too, am a Californian and agree with most of what has been said. However, legally speaking the DACA’s, for the most part, are not illegals, although their parents are. Most had not reached the age of reason so therefore were not capable of committing a crime. For those who truly register every few years and do work or attend school and truly pay their taxes, a requirement as I understand it, they should be given some consideration for a path to citizenship after waiting for a large number of years. However, their parents should be punished via deportation unless they too have worked and paid taxes. For all the illegals working “under the table” and the like, deport them. All “anchor babies” under 5 and their mothers should be deported. Older ones should be allowed to stay if, and only if, their mother has worked and paid taxes. In other words, we benefit from anyone who works and has taxes duly withheld. Everyone else should go to hell and then some.

          • Their parents should be punished via deportation “UNLESS” they too have worked and paid taxes? You and those like you, are the exact reason this travesty of justice and mockery of our legal pathway to citizenship exists. You think that because they worked here (Taking a job that should have been awarded to a legal US citizen) and paid taxes, that they should be allowed to stay! Take a moment and examine what you just said. Illegal, is illegal! No matter how you attempt to sugar coat it. If you are here illegally, you need to go! No matter how you arrived in this country. You want to be an American? Then come here through the established, legal, process. PERIOD!

        • Enough of the hand outs, freebies and giveaways which by the way are taxpayer funded while the legal citizens of this country struggle and the liberal bastards running states like California and New Jersey give away the store! As a California resident and living in San Fancisco, a so called ‘santuary city’ declared by then mayor gavin newsome it’s become a nightmarish CRAPHOLE. It’s hard to believe this no good lying, thieving social climbing pretty boy and downright worthless ASSWIPE is campaigning for governor, unbelievable and not on my watch! He must think the people of San Francisco have short term memories and are stupid after he dumped San Francisco to run for lieutenant governor! He left San Francisco in shambles; ask anyone living here how awefull it’s become since it’s become a ‘sanctuary city’. I dnn’t have time to enumerate the obvoius here, but the list could fill the whole damned column!. Hopefully the people of California have had enough of the likes of : dianne feinstein. ‘nasty’ nancy pigliosi, jerry ‘the clown’ brown, gavin mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco newsome and antonio villaragiosa mayor of Los Angeles, newsomes liberal opponent, mayor of the states largest ‘sanctuary city’ and now CESSPOOL and all the other liberals I’ve no time to mention who are determined to run this once great clean, affordable, relaitively and liveable state into the ground and in San Francisco, they’ve been somewhat successful in turning it into a giant CRAPHOLE and now known as the calcutta of the west coast, sad to say!

  4. what an a$$ Murphy is I an a property owner in NJ and my taxes are through the ROOF , I can hardly make a living . These illegals must GO NOT GET REWARDED FOR BRAKING THE LAWS OF ARE COUNTRY,

    • These corrupt democrats will do anything, sell their soul to Soros and The New World Order, and destroy our way of life if it will get illegals to vote the Democratic party back in power and resume what Obama started to bring us down.

  5. All Ilegals should be deported, and MUSLIMS go to the head of the line. Any governor, Mayor, City Council, who votes, to give aid in any way to Illegals, should be FIRED immediately. Our government has go to start showing some WRATH, and jailing these unamerican Ingrates, until that happens, nothing in Washington will ever change for the better.

    • Almost as DUMB as the ASSHOLES in MEXIFORNIA. Jersy it has two football teams that play there and neither wants to be called new jersy jets or giants. Do you wonder why. I hope the people who live there as well as mexifornia get HAMMERED with taxes. Maybe then the snowflakes will WAKE UP and realize what it means to have no borders. President Trump shold STOP ALL AID to these states and citites who implement policies like this

  6. I assume the Governor is doing this to get Democrat votes.

    But what VALUE is this for present residents of that state? Now they will have to pay millions more in welfare benefits as well as millions more in in unfunded government pensions.

    In addition it will put more pressure on schools and raise the crime rate.

    This is the most SELFISH act of Democrats in history.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. I escaped from New Jersey 12 years ago as it became more and more evident that the political class in that state had no ability, desire, or courage to curtail out of control government spending and the ever rising tax burden that goes with it. This is just another example of another government program that will have to be funded out of existing and newly raised taxes. The only question that I have is what state will go bankrupt first because of their inability curtail out of control spending: New Jersey, Illinois or California. With this program, New Jersey makes another move to be the first.

    • I escaped CA 24 years ago. My sisters and I were born and raised there as was my father. My mother was born in Illinois. My father passed away in 1996 and would be heartbroken to see his stomping grounds (Santa Monica) destroyed. I grew up in Orange County. Unfortunately, my 3 sisters and my mother still live there. CA used to be the idyllic place to be before it took a nose-dive and is run by a corrupt gov’t. I think that any state, sanctuary or not, that illegally welcomes illegal aliens, defying federal laws and treats the illegals better than its own citizens need to have a wall built around them to keep the illegals contained in their states. This is Bob’s wife.

  8. Nothing new here. DEMOCOMMUNISTS LOVE their “undocumented DEMOCOMMUNIST VOTERS” and BRIBERY is just part of their “agenda” to turn our country into a third-world cesspool. The only “contributions” MOST of these these ILLEGALS will achieve, is a uptick in the welfare payments, and DEMOCOMMUNIST “voter rolls”. ONE PROBLEM .. it is inevitable that N.J. will eventually run out of “other people’s MONEY” they use, to fund and keep these ILLEGAL “voters” happy.
    WAKE UP N.J. taxpayers, or suffer the same fate as MEXIFORNIA, as your state slowly goes BROKE, sucking up to people that should NOT be here in the first place.

  9. Dream On Murphy, We The New Jersey Tax Payers Cannot Afford Such Unorthodox Legislation as this !!! New Jersey’s economy is already in the hopper !!! After all, these are Illegal Undocumented Individuals who should not ere to begin with !!! There Are Existing Laws Being Broken Here !!! These Democrats can only think of was to spend tax payer dollars without any concern as to the long term effect, such as the mess they got us into with their frivolous state government retirement program !!! We already have the highest property tax base in America !!! People and companies are leaving New Jersey and No Wonder Why!!! This New Jersey legislature and governor have No Interest in Making New Jersey Affordable and Prosperous !!! Furthermore, I do Not Think They Know How Too !!!!

  10. If you want to get a feel for what NJ will look like in a decade or so go look at the Illegal squalor in the small towns around Fresno California. It is very wide spread & looks much like the destitution in slums around Mexico City.
    Good luck folks, you bit off a chunk you can’t possibly chew.

  11. What a shame or sham. They both apply. These Liberals/Socialists are dismantling the good progress this country has had for many years. The beneficiaries of these feel good programs are crippling the resources of the workings and savings of all the citizens of America to give for naught to those who hate us.

    • This is another thing the libiturds keep pushing. What about the American students? Being from the USA out students get no help.
      What a bunch of crap.

  12. I started my life in nj. lived their about 25 years, and now getting ready to turn 80 in a few months. When I lived their it was all ready getting bad. They can no longer be called the….garden state…..why you might ask…..Well they started to build developments of houses for the liberals in new york to move to. We had one development that had 5parts to it….Each part had 5000 homes in it. And they came from the city and brought their crime, liberal mindset…..overloaded the schools. The development I am talking about has 50 or 60 or lincoln buses waiting each morning to take all those that still worked in new york city to their jobs. And this was repeated in how many other areas. When I lived there the taxes were sky high, so I can not believe what they must be today. The stated turned into a little new york city, sad to say. Well I and my family left and it was the best move I ever did. I would say that this new governor is trying to catch and pass gov moonbeam in destroying his state.

  13. What did the people of NJ think was going to happen, when they voted for a Democrat to be governor?
    Get ready for more illegals coming to NJ, and of course signing up for taxpayer funded welfare including food stamps, free education, and the free medical care.
    You reap what you sew!

  14. Help the Illegals but don’t help the poor Americans! Why can’t Americans get this program? Because these idiots are pushing Liberal Votes! Build the wall Ship them out!

  15. I believe that Clinton signed a bill which stated that any benefits given to an illegal immigrant must be provided to american citizens. Arizona is facing a problem because they now have to refund out of state tuition to students american students that paid it because they decided that the illegal immigrants should get in state tuition. It is going to cost the state billions. Now we have idiots in NJ that are going to face the same problem.

  16. Something to think about, for each dollar given to these dreamers, the Federal Government should withhold a dollar from New Jersey from any money given that state for what ever reason.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of this crap.

    • This is why I left NJ after living there for 62 years. I miss my old neighborhood but will never move back. Wait until the illegals start flooding in and setting up homeless camps near your home. The value of your house will drop while your taxes go up.

      • Then it’s time to lock and load. We the People are tired of this s… ! Federal Government should cut off ALL funding to NJ, till these idiots pull their heads out of their as… !

        • And I thought California was the only state doing this. Nice to know we’re not alone. In California, there’s a grownig anti ‘sanctuary city’ / state’ movemnent that’s growing, finally people are getting smart and realizing that we’re going broke giving away the store to those who’ve never worked here and thus are uneligible for ANY public services, and with the demise of jerry t’the clown’ brown’s term in November, hopefully the vopters will elect Travis Allen as the next governor. Under the fiscal mismanagement and pure inepitude of the liberals the once great, clean, affordable and liveable state of California has become one giant CRAPHOLE. Time to show the likes of mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco, gavin, social climbing and pretty boy and downright lying ‘n thieving first class ASSWIPE newsome and antonio villaragiosa, mayor of the states largest and you guessed it, ‘sanctuary city’ Los Angeles thay uunder his watch, has turend into one giant CESSPOOL the big defeat they’ve coming to them. Look at it this way: if newsome or villaragiosa gets brown’s job, it’ll be business as usual and the final destruction of California will result and taet won’ t happen on my watch!

  17. New Jersey voters take HEED!

    If you or your family members vote for ANY Democrat, you are contributing to the destruction of America.

    Please, I beg of you: Your vote during the midterm elections are the most important votes you will ever cast.

    Please TRY to convince your liberal relatives and friends that the Democrat party is NOT the same party of Harry Truman or Jack Kennedy!

    It changed after the Vietnam war.


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  18. This is what we get when globalist socialists are in control. Is this what the people of New Jersey really want. If so, they are certainly pay for out of their pocketbooks.

  19. No taxes, no responsibility, sanctuary status, taxpayer money plus other benefits of being a non American with the backing of all socialist parties and agendas….what more could a state give? The coming of no employers, no jobs, no middle-class but plenty of crime and corruption. Democrats are no longer represent Americans….they’re anti American.
    This is why within 5 years there will be no United States of America. Can you say Venezuela?

  20. Looks like NJ gets what they voted for.If you are STUPID enough to vote for a Democrat/Communist you get exactly what you voted for.Congratulations

    • The Democrat voters are getting what they asked for.They want govt to provide them with goodies,as long as someone else pays for it.They don’t care about govt going broke in 5-10 years.Just gimme now.

  21. Tried to share this on Facebook. We’re being censored. lol Sorry, I tried to copy paste the URL, no soap. Tried to share from this page, NADA. You may as well remove the Facebook share because this is the message I receive

    Sharing button returns this message – “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

  22. NJ was one of the original revolutionary states and it looks like it needs to be again. If the homeless camps that start popping up around your area aren’t enough to convince you then you deserve what you get. I spent my first 62 years in NJ and will not spend another minute there.


  24. We vacation at the Jersey shore and are considering stopping that due to their s*&t poor leadership. There must have been many idiots who voted to elect the top idiot, Phil Murphy. And frankly, I do not want to be around them; especially when on vacation when we’re trying to get away from the garbage in Philadelphia for at least a week. To screw the hard-working, taxpaying property owners so that free housing, college, healthcare and just about everything else can be given to those who are not here legally are deserve nothing except a one-way trip back to wherever it is they came from, is purely pathetic. And it’s all about creating a permanent underclass to keep progressives in power. Because if people can be self-sufficient, then progressives are no longer needed.

    Phil Murphy belongs in jail; and you people who voted in this clown deserve what you get. Soaring taxes, high crime and lower property values. I only feel bad for those who didn’t support this.

  25. All federal government money should be immediately pulled, and the state should have any federal contracts immediately revoked. Let them pay for their stupidity out of thei own pockets!

  26. No federal funds, period! Let’s see how long NJ can screw its CITIZEN and LEGAL immigrant kids.

  27. lets start a class action suit against the governor, if these illegal hurt anyone charge this asshole with the crime

  28. Boy!
    This should make the New Jersey citizens real happy paying out more in benefits to illegals.
    People you better wake up.

  29. All that has to be done is for Trump to freeze fed money. Gov will think twice about doing that.

  30. Takes a lot of work to unseat a governor who shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. How many people are really up to it! Murphy is what happens when people vote the party line without paying attention to his goals.

  31. This is what happens when you vote for an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.
    You thought Christie was bad, the jokes on you.

  32. I know where I want to go with this state. The Hell out !!! I’m sick of these Democratic Socialists bleeding the workers dry and the F-ing idiots that vote for them. How about paying for LEGAL residents to go to school?

  33. I seen the direction N.J. was going 29 1/2 years ago and left for a State (Fl.) that was more financially responsible.
    Even back then they had high home tax, they had Lottery, Sales tax, Casinos Revenue, Lots of spending for votes at the tax payer expanse, Auto insurance was out of site.
    Best move i ever made.

  34. STOP giving free everything to illegals. They get it free and true American citizen are paying the bill. Go back to your country and fight for your freedom and country, don’t come here illegally and take advantage of this country. We just can’t do any more!

  35. I live in NJ and this jackass is wrong, we all DO NOT want this crap in our state. This guy has got to go with his communist crap trying to destroy NJ as Osama tried to do to our country.

  36. Well,NJ voters elected this Democrat so they must love his destruction of their state.They deserve what they asked for and any state that has become that brainless that they vote for a Democrat deserves the destruction that follows.Congratulations

  37. Do you know right now today, you as taxpayers are paying illegal aliens over $190billion a year in beneifits?? Do you know that illlegal aliens in that $190billion number, 51% of the amount is for welfare??? Of that 51% of those illegal aliens on welfare, 21% have been on welfare for over 20 years and is being passed down from generation to generation, all of that is breaking our laws and all of that this due to the Democrat Party?? By the way, the Democrat Party desperately needs those illegal aliens in sanctuary cities and states to use them as illegal voters in a massive voter fraud in the2018 election to get a Democrat Congress!!This is why we all need to get out and vote in the 2018 election for that is the one thing the Democrat Party cannot control, we, the American voters and they fear you after the 2016 election!! Let’s “kick the Democrats all out of office on their asses in the 2018 election , like we did in 2018 and really show them how angry and pissed off we are really are today”!! You will be glad you did!!!!!!!….

  38. Governor Phil Murphy hates all the New Jerseyans. There are many residents of this state in need of financial help, but instead he will give it to the foreigners.

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