Impeachment Hoax: The 3 Biggest Lies Adam Schiff Told So Far

In their lust for power and unconstitutional efforts to overturn the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have shown unparalleled comfort circulating rumors, pushing false innuendos, and telling outright lies.

House Democrats, unable to comprehend that Americans refused to seat Hillary Clinton at the head of the government’s table, have tapped a new standard-bearer, a man willing to stoop lower than a snake’s belly tell bald-faced lies to the American public — Adam Schiff.

And with full knowledge that President Donald Trump and his America First policies rank his tenure in the Oval Office among the most successful in the nation’s history, the California congressman has conducted secretive inquiries, conspired with a Democrat-insider “whistleblower” to make a false claim, and has told unconscionable lies about the president. These are among the most despicable lies Adam Schiff has told to divide the country and force a phony impeachment trial.

#1: Schiff Repeatedly Claims Trump Was Aided By Russians

Crazed Democrats spent upwards of $40 million torturing the country’s soul with the idea that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin swayed the election to President Trump. Despite full exoneration of any Russian collusion, Schiff continues to push that false narrative as a fundamental reason for impeachment and removal.

“Just as he made use of Secretary Clinton’s hacked and released emails in the previous presidential campaign,” Schiff reportedly said. “In 2016, then-candidate Trump implored Russia to hack his opponent’s email account.”

After a two-year probe into Trump Campaign officials, no collusion was found. However, misdeeds by Obama Administration officials at the Department of Justice and FBI have been unearthed.

#2: Schiff Repeatedly Lied About Trumps Call with Ukraine

The so-called quid pro quo narrative was promptly proven false when the White House released a transcript of the conversation between Pres. Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky. It’s incredible the man’s nose didn’t grow when he spoke about the conversation between the two leaders.

“He personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent,” Schiff said. He went on to claim Pres. Trump asked Ukraine to help “smear a political opponent.”

The truth of the matter is that Trump has a responsibility to look into corruption of public officials abroad, and ex-VP Joe Biden boasted about how he had a Ukraine prosecutor fired in a real quid pro quo because the man was investigating suspicious activities at Burisma. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was siphoning off $84,000 per month to sit on a board and do nothing. Now that’s corruption.

“Good because I heard you had a prosecutor who was very good, and he was shut down, and that’s really unfair. A lot of people are talking about that, the way they shut your very good prosecutor down, and you had some very bad people involved,” President Trump said. “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it. It sounds horrible to me.”

At no point was his aid withheld pending an investigation into Biden family corruption. In fact, President Zelensky was in full agreement that the Bidens’ dealings were inappropriate, and asked for U.S. assistance in getting to the bottom of it.

#3: Schiff Says the 2020 Election Cannot Be Left to Voters

After nearly every political expert and media outlet assured Democrats Hillary would be the next president, the shock of a defeat that exceeded 300 electoral college votes was too much for the left to bear. The reaction by Democrats that everyday Americans rejected their far-left ideology made Trump Derangement Syndrome a thing. Spinning perhaps the biggest lie of all, Schiff is saying that everyday people are incapable of making the right choice at the ballot box.

“The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we can’t be assured that the vote will be fairly won,” Schiff reportedly said.

Schiff would like nothing more than to prevent President Trump from being on the ballot in November, because it’s entirely likely he’ll win by an even wider margin. Few presidents have kept their campaign promises in our lifetime, and President Trump is the first to go beyond them. Not only is Schiff floating a lie ahead of the election, he apparently believes everyday people are idiots. But there’s one sure way to know when Schiff is lying. His lips are moving.

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63 responses to “Impeachment Hoax: The 3 Biggest Lies Adam Schiff Told So Far”

    DIFFERENT RESULTS……(Albert Einstein)

    • NOT TRUE! Because the CONTEXT is incorrect. Hitler actually accused his FAR LEFT COMMUNIST ENEMIES of telling BIG LIES! The LUNATIC FAR LEFT do use the BIG LIE. For example: That the USA is a “DEMOCRACY” is a BIG LIE! The USA is really a “REPUBLIC”. Republics have a Body of Law or a “CONSTITUTION” that ALL LAWS must conform to. “Democracies” have NO LEGAL STANDARD. All questions are put to a “vote” or a “poll” is taken. It is VERY EASY to rig “votes” or “polls”!!!

  2. I fail to understand how the heck the main stream media and the liberals continue to believe this lying piece of crap,everytime he open his mouth a lie spills out

  3. All the as I call them Nazi-socialist party after seeing how the hearing in the House was set and done, So each of them should be arrested and charged with the highest crime TREASON (plotting a take over of the Federal Government by Unlawfully removal of a President) on Hearsay not proven FACTS. And they should be incarcerated till such time of their trial before a Military Tribunal on the charges og HIGH TREASON against AMERICA. That penalty id DEATH.


  4. Just how much money (American Tax Dollars) have these looney liberals wasted by pursuing their evil plan?
    Not to mention their exorbitant $174,000 annual salary they are draining from the treasury.
    Have they no SHAME?
    Are they supporting and defending the constitution of the United States?
    To all American voters….Remember this and VOTE THEM OUT. All of them.
    Be American….Throw the Socialists out and save the country.

  5. There should be a new impeachment effort very soon. This time the whistleblower/traitor/swamp dweller will be deposed in front of the country and as a result the truth will come out on Schiff and his impeachment trial will be quick and hopefully take lardass Nadler down with him..

  6. Whatever is decided, America will not allow its greatest president to be run out of office by these power mad people. Its not

  7. every one I’ve talked too, loves Trump and what Adam, Nancey, Schumer, Bolton, and the rest of Dum-O-asses, get a life and go away !!!!

  8. President Trump, the DNC is a Criminal Organization and they are treasonous, nothing anyone says or does will stop them from attacking you!
    Call in the military to keep the peace, and round up Soros, Obama, Holder, Ayers, Dorn, Kilgores, Ohrs, Kerry, HRC, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Baker, Mueller, Wray, and the entire DNC! These people have attacked you, and they are holding up the things that must get done for the taxpayers! There are 60,000 homeless in San Francisco, California and they need help immediately! The feces is going directly into the ocean, this is way more serious than a sham impeachment!
    1) The DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS! Harvard lists Obama Sr. and Obama Jr. as Kenya Born!
    2) Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election, to put their will, above their own voters, and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in 2016!

    • All of those agencies that you list plus many others like the BLM, DOE, FDA, CDC, DHS, and I could go on. The federal government is supposed to be limited and defined and deal almost solely on foreign affairs like war, peace, negotiations, foreign commerce, some interstate commerce but only to the point that NO STATE can become a monopoly of any one thing. The federal government, all 3 branches, was created when the States wrote and ratified the constitution. That document lays out the enumerated authority for each branch and none of the day to day issues of the lives of the people are in the federal domain but rather in the State domain, and no not even the states can interfere with the Bill of Rights since some are God given and the rest pre-dated the creation of the constitution. In fact we need to stop referring to them as constitutional rights because they are inalienable rights and do not come from government therefore they cannot be changed or removed by government. We have been taught lies and sadly many people have a hard and fast opinion without ever understanding our own history and how and why we separated from England and what our founders intended when they wrote the Constitution. In the end, the Constitution is only a piece of paper, a document that lays out how our government is supposed to operate and it is the responsibility of We The People to know our history and why our founders wrote the constitution taking many of the points from 700 years of history and 5 documents signed by several Kings promising that they would not participate in tyrannical laws against the people. There has been a concerted effort by those who thirst for power and control over the people and we the people have been lazy and not seeking the truth thereby allowing all the unconstitutional laws and agencies and policies to be created. We have been taught lies about our history and we are the only ones that are going to stop the destruction of our liberty. The main function of any government is to protect and defend the liberties of the people not to tell us what we can and cannot do. We have been living under legal but unconstitutional laws for a long time because people don’t understand each party’s role in making sure we get back to being a true constitutional republic and that the elite and powerful don’t succeed in destroying our liberty.


  10. Personally, this is the #1 Democratic-Domestic-Racist-Obstructionist-Terrorist Group leader. What would NOKO do if that person were in their country? What Is America in and out obligated to protect us against? You have your list, time to help them along. Might be your supper table that blows up or your favorite resteurant, so what would you do. DDROTG


  12. Since he’s PERJURED himself in this IMPEACHMENT scam (ILLEGAL COUP), then he needs to be removed from office ASAP in HANDUFFS, INDICTED for Sedition and Treason as well, as per the U.S. Constitution, crimes against the POTUS and the Citizens of the U.S. ( along with the other Democrats Responsible for this ILLEGAL coup). WE CANNOT allow these SERIOUS VIOLATIONS of the U.S. Constitution go UNPUNISHED, to embolden other TRAITORS to join in. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. If trump gets run out on a rail by shiftless means there will be a Civil uprising. . Scoff, Nadler. Pelosi, Obama and Hillary will be among the very first casualties.

  14. This Impeachment witch-hunt, will go down as the most humiliating fiasco in American History, and Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House!

  15. The Historical record will show the hatred of the DNC towards President Trump has driven them to their fall, and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was in charge!

  16. Obama was born in Kenya as was his father according to Harvard! The DNC knew it, yet they supported him anyway! Obama was nowhere near the POTUS TRUMP IS!
    The DNC has committed treason!


  18. HONESTLY, I don’t KNOW too much about politics BUT I LUV PRESIDENT TRUMP, his admin and family! I think THEY ALL doing AWESOME job to make America great again! I will BE voting for President Trump AGAIN in 2020!❤️ As far AS democrats, THEY ALL, especially schiff, pelosi and chuck schumer, DESERVE what they get AND SHOULD be held accountable in SOME way for THEIR HORRIBLE actions in this WITCH HUNT! God Bless president trump, Vice President mike pence, entire White House and ALL families!❤️M


  20. Schiff and the other Socialists are traitors to the USA, yet will never be prosecuted for their egregious conduct. Though let ME lie to a Federal Judge and see what happens.

  21. Rob you said that EXCENTLY about Jesus and first stone/without sin! I really ADMIRE your HONESTY AND STRAIGHT FORWARDNESS! YOU seem to KNOW ALOT re politics! I THINK that’s AWESOME for people to be SO KNOWLEDGEABLE re ALL things!⛪️ Anyway I JUST wanted to tell you and all other people, I TRULY think it’s AWESOME to FEEL so strongly in their views! Again I TRULY PRAY/HOPE president trump and ALL survive this HORRIBLE PERSECUTION on him AND all who know him! America NEEDS great LEADERSHIP in president trump! Truly thank you to ALL who’s listening to me! I’m NOT to internet “savvy” so I appreciate EVERYONE being patient/understanding with me! Always be Blessed!⛪️

  22. Bug-Eyed Shifty Pedophile Shift lies. How do I know this? Easy, his jaws are flapping. He is sneaky, untrustworthy, and an avid lier. In fact he can’t say a word without lying to the American People, Does he care, In a word, No. Will he ever? Absolutely Not. He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in his face, nor would Nadler, who is also a consumate lier as well. I would not give them the time of day, not worth my time. He and Nabler need to be removed from their respective offices, investigated to the fullest extent of the law and thrown underneath the Prison. Just as does Pelosi, Schumer, and their gang of criminals. Hopefully they will be voted out in November. Shifty Shitty Shift is being investigated now, as I write this by the FBI for his ownership in a Not for Profit Men’s group which teaches men how to, shall we say, massage females, including children. I hope they throw the book at him and put him in front of a firing squad, to rid him of ever hurting another person. He needs to go immediately.

  23. Bernie Sanders leads the DNC in votes again! I have a feeling that HRC is on deck again, Neuro Nancy will step in again and Rob Bernie!
    However, if I’m wrong, I suggest everyone, especially us Trump supporters read up on the SS, and the way they treated the Jews in POLAND! The violent domestic terrorist groups supported by Soros, hate us! Nobody knows NAZI tactics better than Soros! Arm yourself and buy plenty of ammo, never give up those guns alive!

  24. Remember that death is just a doorway! Jesus is the only way to Heaven, if your church doesn’t teach, or praise Jesus, find another one that does! Believe Jesus is the Son of GOD, He Died for our sins, and He was risen on the 3rd day, and He is still alive, as is God! Be happy, we are closer than ever to His return! Bless Israel if at all possible, God will bless those that bless Israel, I know, because He has blessed me, and I don’t deserve His blessings! Stay strong, and be happy!

  25. The Bible is the word of God! God, said to Israel, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you!” Gods, ways are higher than mans, Gods wisdom, is infinite! For this reason, we don’t question God! If God uses someone to do His Will, do not question it, do not impeach that person because God, has shown His Will, through this man, do not try to harm someone God is obviously using! Would you have tried to harm Moses? DANGER!

  26. Of the 3 Top Lies, #3 is the most concerning. This attitude that voters shouldn’t be allowed to determine elections is a prevalent one among the Democratic Leadership. It’s Despotism and Authoritarianism rolled into one. Vote the bastards out and never let them have power again is the solution. Now we know why they fight so hard about Election Reform.

  27. God, used President Trump, to legitimize The State Of Israel. President Trump declared Jerusalem the Capital Of Israel. Is it not obvious to you, that God blesses Israel, and not enemies of Israel, is it not obvious that God has blessed The United States Of America? Do not stand in Gods way!

  28. Let me warn you DNC politicians against doing anything to harm or interfere with President Trump! God has used President Trump to do His Will! DO NOT STAND IN GODS WAY!

  29. This essay is a remarkable collections of lies and misinformation. The irony is that it claims that Schiff is lying. It seems that lying on a routine basis is a requirement for being a right-winger. I get it—most of your positions, opinions, ideas are so indefensible and wrong-headed that lying is the only way to stay in the discussion. Also get it that you, the purveyors of untruth, get away with it, knowing that your audience is a credulous lot, not given to asking questions or engaging in critical thinking.
    Too many lies and to little time or space to address, but I’ll mention just one, because it has become embedded in the media bloodstream: The White House DID NOT RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPT of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky. Repeat: DID NOT. What was released was a SUMMARY. A summary that was edited by the White House. My guess is that not one of your readers would for a moment question what was left behind.

  30. Mr. Shity Schiff, I am one of those terrible people who voted for President Trump and will vote , again, for President Trump. I am not a LIAR, such as you, Who continuously LIES, your BEST QUALITY. I am not an idiot, like YOU.

  31. I read a very plausible theory on another site. Sorry, Rob. The actual whistleblower is Shiff himself. Makes all the pieces fit, don’t you think?

    • Thanks, finally someone has added what I said the first hearing of such a DDROTG (Democratic Domestic Racist Obstructionist Terrorist Group) That is what you saw day one and racing on today. Time to say that and do what we do to Terrorist!

  32. The Democrats should be charged with a crime for harrassment of the President and his family. The should also pay the money wasted on impeachment back to the American people out of there salaries and put it towards Social security.

  33. Schiff and Nadler are two huge justifications to vote against EVERY Democrat, and Mitt Romney. All I can say, is always vote, and do like the Democrats do, vote and vote often and vote again and again and again!!! Just to add this as a side note, Hillary Clinton should be banned from Washington DC!!!

  34. This is a good time to add this:
    At the end of the Civil War the Democrat Party leadership sent their minions south with instructions to establish their party leadership and presence in the former Confederacy. This they did with unparalleled zealotry and vigor. They denied the former slaves their voting rights and they formed the renewed Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. They unmercifully lynched or shot what remained of the Republican Party and any former slaves that were what they called “uppity”, meaning they had some remaining self-respect. Any white woman who spoke out against this bigotry was first warned, and if that didn’t work they were sent to mental institutions that were nothing more than rape and torture chambers. There was no coming back from those places.
    The National Rifle Association was established during this period with the purpose of providing firearms to the former slaves and training them in the use of these firearms with which to defend themselves. The Democrats meanwhile took over all the elected and non-elected government offices and continued their campaign, their agenda, of denying the rights of citizenship to the former slaves. Fortunately for them the former slaves were overall a peaceful people and were reluctant to use the weapons they were provided to exert authority over their oppressors.
    While the rights of citizenship were being denied to the descendants of the former slaves there rose up in Europe a false belief in “social causes”. Communism took hold in Russia promising people that the wealth would be shared with all. They believed that lie, Communism took over and the slaughter of millions of people followed. In Germany, after what was called “The Great War”, and their defeat, great economic woe came upon Germany. Mostly this was because of misguided and judgmental politicians on the side of the victors. Again, socialist causes became their supposed salvation and the National Socialist German Workers Party was established. The NAZI’s. A second Great War was fought, WWII. Germany was defeated again, but this time the victors had learned their lesson and helped in reconstruction. But still, the Democrats held fast to their prejudiced ways. Still, the descendants of former slaves were being denied their basic rights.
    George Wallace and Bull Connor were typical of the Democrats in the South. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was the official spokesman for the revived Ku Klux Klan. The Republicans in the US Congress struggled for years to get an enforceable civil rights and voting rights act passed. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed in spite of strong Democrat party resistance. Implementation of this law required activation of the National Guard to enforce the will of the people with showdowns taking place in cities like Selma and Montgomery.
    The Democrat Party has been an ever present threat to the future of the United States of America, and you, Democrat Mayors and Governors dare to lecture us on the NRA and declare it to be a Domestic Terrorist Organization. I submit, the Democrat Party is the ultimate Domestic Terrorist Organization.

  35. Adam Shift should be locked away from society for the rest of his life, he is the worst piece of garbage in the United States along with Jerry and Nancy, together they have cost the Americans millions of dollars and caused Americans to loose faith in our government Nancy needs to get it straight this country belongs to the people not her power strung hopes.

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