Indicted Virginia Election Official Accused of Altering 2020 Election Results

A Virginia election official named Michele White has been indicted on two felony counts and one misdemeanor in relation to the 2020 election. She was the registrar for Prince William County—Virginia’s most populous county—during that election.

Charging documents against White state that she “altered the election results within the state reporting system, VERIS.”

As I’ve been stating for years now, Donald Trump won Virginia during the night of the 2020 election. Here we are three years after the fact, and this indictment happens.

VERIS is short for the Virginia Election and Registration Information System. It’s the system that the state has had in place since 2007.

“Her alterations resulted in the false reporting of the election results from Prince William County,” states the documents that were uncovered this week.


Michele White abruptly resigned from her position as Prince William County registrar in 2022, and she was indicted shortly after that. We’re only hearing about this case now because of the release of the documents. White has been charged with corrupt conduct, making a false statement regarding an election, and neglecting her duty as an election officer.

I used to live in Virginia. I was jubilant when I emailed my editor on the night of the 2020 election, because it was clear by about 10 p.m. EST that Donald Trump had flipped Virginia. Hillary Clinton had won the state in 2016, but in 2020, it had become mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to make up the difference in votes. There simply weren’t enough ballots left to be counted, and Donald Trump was up by more than 100,000 votes.

But then… when we all woke up the next morning, Joe Biden had somehow “won” Virginia by a 62% to 35% margin.

I also had my suspicions about Oregon, Rhode Island, Maine and a few other states. How could Donald Trump have been leading in all those states at midnight on Election Night, only to wake up the next morning and have victory snatched away from him. Something was seriously hinky.

Of course, we’ve all seen the volumes of evidence since then that the election was stolen in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Good grief, 15 of the 17 counties in Nevada had more ballots cast than the number of registered voters. Wisconsin had more than 70,000 voters cast ballots who were over the age of 124, according to their registration records.

But we haven’t seen much in the way of evidence in states like Virginia, because no one has looked at the results very closely. We’re about to get a closer look in Prince William County. Both the prosecutors and the defense are calling for an audit of that county’s 2020 election results. They’re asking that the court unseal the preserved records so they can get a full accounting of what happened.

Naturally, Prince William County’s new registrar is claiming that whatever Michele White did—and we don’t know exactly what happened yet—it wasn’t enough to change the results of the 2020 election. We’ll see about that.

It’s always the same playbook with these people.

At first, they told us there was “No fraud whatsoever. Safest and most secure election in history!”

As Democrat election workers continue getting indicted years later for altering election results or committing outright ballot fraud, the story suddenly changes to, “Well, okay, there was some fraud. But it wasn’t enough to change the outcome!”

The website 100PercentFedUp just did an interesting analysis of the 2020 election. They did a state-by-state breakdown of all 50 states in two different categories: In-person voting on Election Day in 2020, and mail-in/absentee ballots in 2020.

In the category of in-person voting in 2020, Donald Trump won all 50 states. He won California and Connecticut and Hawaii and Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware in 2020, if you only count the in-person ballots. Joe Biden won all 50 states on the mail-in and absentee ballots. That’s the problem right there.

Fraud is much harder to pull off and much less likely to happen with in-person voting. Absentee and mail-in voting makes it completely possible and much more likely that people will cheat in elections. Just look at all the Democrats who were caught cheating with mail-in ballots in the last three months in Connecticut and New Jersey!

We’re going to keep following this Virginia case as it unfolds over the next few months. And we can’t wait to see the audit results out of Prince William County.

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59 thoughts on “Indicted Virginia Election Official Accused of Altering 2020 Election Results”

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      1. So this person flipped the state of Virginia to this senile Biden ,who campaigned from his basement , and the punishment is just a slap on the wrist?
        It should be capitol punishment , because this person is responsible indirectly , of flipping the WH to an inbecil who is responsible for ten of thousands dead In Ukraine , dead in Afghanistan and now in Israel and this is serious enough to justify the punishment.
        If there is no accountability for a crime, this system will spiral down in chaos, and chaos is just seconds away.

  2. There seems to be NO DOUBT that election fraud was prevalent in the 2020 elections!!! Mail in voting is the easiest convenience to fraudulently change election results!!!!

  3. I know that Biden has 1 year left but he should be kicked out of the white house and everything he has done should be over ruled and thrown out. Trump should be our president for the next 5 years. Nothing less.

    1. President Trump should be reinstated as the real president of the USA at once….he will take care of the rest!!

    2. Amen!I I have been making this same argument about mail in voting for years. The proof has always been there. Officially it is starting to be recognized now, But, how do you get ordinary democrat voting citizens to accept that theory? They will not even allow any discussion about the issue. Is it because they all know in their gut that there was fraud and Donald Trump won. Then how can there be an “insurrection” by the winner?

      How do we keep the pressure on the DOJ to keep on pressing this matter?

      1. The HATE the Democrats have for Pres. Donald J Trump is great. My conclusion is that if the Democrats actually believed for one second that Trump lost the election, they would have spent their money counting the votes instead of spending it to NOT count the votes. But they knew IF they counted the votes properly Trump would have won the election and the Democrats could not take that chance.

  4. USMC 7 I totally agree with you 100% asks any judge he appointed should be kicked off the bench. Bidens illigitimate that makes whoever he appointed just as illigitimate as he is

  5. I agree, also all the changes being brought against trump should be dropped immediately. California should also be investigated for election fraud. This is a Democrat controlled state and has been for years using the same questionable voting machines. Every one I have talked to voted for trump and other Republicans. We had 3 attempts to remove Newsom, that should tell you something. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

    1. CA has been under democrat control for a long time. I was a member of “californians against corruption”, they were effectively targeting corrupt officials but they disbanded when corruptocats like feinstein sicced the IRS on the leaders.
      1. brown had served 2 terms as governor when he announced as attorney general he was legal to run again for governor (he was not).
      2. CA has legal ballot harvesting.
      3. democrats changed the intention of top two primary proposition so that ONLY the top two could succeed to the election balllot. This basically threw out all third parties with rare exceptions. because democrats had a large CA population and the CA GOP allowed anybody who wanted to enter the primary as a republican the democrats which limited it to 2-4 candidates always got the top two positions. CA GOP is helping the democrats, they cannot be that dumb.
      4. CA is signer of interstate compact to give away electoral votes to other states with high population density. interstate compacts are illegal but that does not stop democrats.

      CA taken over by oligoply of families such as pelosis, newsoms, gettys, browns. they need federal intervention to stop corrupt practices. Pelosi and Harris are both products of CA politics.

  6. I agree with number 3 & 4 & 5. And while we’re at it, let’s do away with mail in voting unless your in the military and are overseas. That would stop the voting fraud.

    1. Part of the overseas military corruption problem is that anyone working for the base has access to absentee ballots. I read that In 2020 many foreign support staff voted too!
      Another report stated that the CCP had manufactured thousands of fake Biden votes but were not sure which districts to send them too!!! Joes corruption machine worked well.

  7. As I see it, those involved in this election fraud should all be exiled from this country. They should not be put in the prison system, because we would have to support them. Mail in ballots should be eliminated and as for the Military personnel, they can vote within their own unit, under the supervision of the Military Police or assigned personnel to secure and count ballots on location with results sent to authorized stations for secure validations. Those who commit this fraud are doing nothing more then “Damning the United States.” This man was put on a boat never to enter this country again. I see the same punishment for those who commit fraud against this great nation. Review your history of this country, America.

  8. He still needs to be held accountable for his incompetences! 13 Americans lost there lives! Man blames everyone but himself.

  9. We all know old man biden did NOT win the election. They STOLE and CHEATED to put him in. He has totally destroyed this country, and is still trying to finish us off. I do NOT understand WHY, he cannot be removed!! I know we would get old Kamala, but dang. ANYTHING would be better than what we now have. I KNOW he is old and crazy, but I still think he HATES AMERICA and wants to destroy it!!! That is my opinion. I guess it is to late now, but I am so glad I know. THE DEMOCRATS always cheat to get into office. THEY ARE ALL CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you think on her knees Harris would be better you better rethink that. She has demonstrated for way too many evilness along with the squad, and if she were in the House of Reps she would be part of the Squad which needs to be done away with. Biden is not calling the shots anyway, he is just signing papers and saying what his handlers want him to say because his mind is gone and he could not have an independent thought if his life depended on it, and since his wifey keeps her hands close to him and controls most of his movements, how could anyone possibly think biden is in charge of doing anything. When he does go off what he is told to say or what the teleprompter is saying he can not make one intelligent sentence, never knows who he is talking about, and most times I do not think he even knows his own wife. The man has advanced dementia headed quickly toward Alzheimers. Anyone can deny it, but I have had first hand experience in my own family with it and that is exactly what is going on with him.

    2. Donna,
      My wife and I ask ourselves the same question every single day! Why has O’Biden still not been charged with TREASON?
      Yes, he is old and crazy, but he is a Puppet of the Puppetmaster – Hussein Obummer! It’s Obama’s THIRD TERM now, and he is running the show. He is a native of Kenya, not the U.S., we have a copy of his Original Birth Certificate from Kenya, and that’s NOT a conspiracy theory, it is fact! He is already engineering his FOURTH TERM, when his “wife”, a.k.a. Michael Brown or Muchella, a.k.s. Michelle OBummer, will run for President. He is pulling all the strings from behind the scenes, with the money of the world’s most evil man – George Soros!
      OBummer is a Muslim, and he admitted it on TV several years ago, but nobody paid attention. He also was asked what

      scenario he could envision for his Third Term. He said: “I can see myself sitting in my basement with a microphone and talking to the person (the Puppet) acting as the President, with an earphone in his ears listening to my commands.” That’s O’Biden!
      O’Bummer is a Communist, and so is his “wife” Michael., and they have been trained to destroy this country. With the 52% of “useful idiots” in this country (he coined this title!), it’s no surprise that he was able to steal the election in 2020.
      God help this country!

  10. We all knew Trump won and that he was cheated out of his rightful presidency.Then we got crooked Biden and his whole crooked administration . Biden should be kicked out and sent on a slow boat to China. All fake charges against Trump should be dropped. The crooked democrats should ne put on a boat to China with Biden. All laws Biden made are illegal and should changed back to Trump ‘s laws which were very good for the country.

  11. Trump Won and We know It!
    Biden and his Trannacal Puppet master clowns whole Administration regimes HAVE To Be STOPPED and HELD Accountable For All Of There tyrannical Unconstitutional Lawlessness Acts and Criminal Actions Against President TRUMP’&His Family & America
    Now & Kicked out of the White House & Prison for All of Them
    ASAP HighTreason
    Close The Damn Borders All Of The American Borders by Land Sea Air Stop All Entry Of All ILLEGAL Immigrants invading America Now! Finish All Of The WALLS and Protect &Secure
    American People Legal Mirgrents too Stop All Criminals of the unknown and Drug’s Cartels drug trafficking child sex trafficking Human trafficking Drugs Death’s 300 daily. A Massive Deportation is necessary Of All Illegal immigrants in America too.
    No One is ABOVE the LAW NO ONE. Uphold Our Country’s Original Constitution of the United States of America & Take Back Our Freedom Liberty and Sovereignty and Our Country USA ✝️❤️ WG1WGA
    President Donald J Trump’ Needs to Be Our President & All of these bullshit charges against President TRUMP’&his Family Needs to Be Thrown Out and this Two tiar justice system that’s totally Corrupted Lying lunatics delusional Lawlessness Unconstitutional Acts Needs To Be STOPPED and HELD Accountable For All Of There Criminal Actions Against America and President Trump’ too.ASAP
    Wake Up America
    The Truth Will Prevail and Time Will Tell ✝️⚔️☮️❤️
    No One is ABOVE the LAW NO ONE.

  12. P.S
    Release All J6 prisoners ASAP
    20 years for misdemeanors?
    Unconstitutional Acts? They’re not Terrorists either and have been treated horrible and this is torture and unbelievable Madness Lawlessness Unconstitutional Acts OMG
    Unlawfully & illegally treated like mass murderers and there family’s too.✝️❤️☮️

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  14. Working on the web pays me more than $120 to $130 per hour. I learned about this activity three months ago, and since then I have earned around $15k without having any online working skills. To test it, copy

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  15. In 2020 President Trump won all same day voting in all 50 states
    Biden won all 50 states with mail in ballots.
    Biden won PA by 1.17% but won 75% of the mail in ballots?????

  16. What a surprise! We all better be very diligent with the 24 Election. The Socialist/Democrats will do ANYTHING to keep Trump from winning.

  17. I’ve been saying “the democrats virus” is the most deadly thing on this earth. Its a virus that is also the hardest in history to get rid of . I also new all along that Biden really lost the election the stupit fraudulent crawl in president in is virus state is destroying our country. We need this horrible evil man and all his puppet masters out and out fast. But this virus is not going away easy they will cheat and destroy on there path out if we can get them out. I would not hold my breath on the 2024 election cause this virus is a force to be reckoned with. God save the USA. And our Military that this horrible virus has done so much harm too..

  18. Our Military is weakened by the transgender bunch cause there only in there to get there “change” done on taxpayers money cause while there getting there change taken care of they dont have to do any military work !! Get a free pass !! And the stupid ass democrats made the military take the “jab” and when they refused got put out– now the idiots saw what they done and sendbout letters begging them to come back !! The true ones dont want to come back in and be with a bunch of free passers!!. Are military is the weakest in the world right now. Our only strong ones are the by birth women who joined. But like everything esle all is being taken over by the “He/She” , “Her/Sir” , “What the hell are you ” bunch. This is only real bad cause of how its coming about — taking the parents out this is wronge if A 12 year old says i want to be a girl and the parent says no then this transgender bunch wants to jump in and take over this is the part i say is bad wronge!! If a person thanks they need to become something esle and is of legal age then go for it. But if there 12 are under are still a miner then know and the parent should be able to say know for them. Anyway the dam democrats have this shit all screwed-up and like i said i dont like paying for there “change” and they should not be aloud in the military. The dam democrats have this world so damaged we can only hope it can be fixed.

    1. The head of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Mayorkis and any other affiliated organizations should be found guilty of treason and face the punishment.

  19. There is more than just Biden that need to be delt with. It took many more to creat and carry out this distruction of our Country. None of them involved should get away with it.

  20. I watched the 2020 election night just like everyone else and yes I was confused how at midnight President Trump was ahead big time. Within in hours basement boy had won. It shouldn’t have been up to others to find fraud when President Trump was taking proof to the courts. All those judges who wouldn’t even look at those cases are guilty of voter fraud also as far as I am concerned. Swamp wonders why we are so mad? Safest election actually was the biggest nightmare of our lives thanks to the swamp. Notice every time a democrat gets caught like this they don’t mention they are a democrat voter. Only republicans who don’t certify elections get their voting parties name known. Swamp cannot figure out why their voters are turning to President Trump in 2024. Da you lied and took their votes in 2020 and tossed them in trash. So swamp you only have yourselves to blame for all the fraud the last three years. Americans are awake now thanks to swamp and their corruption.

  21. Where is the true DOJ and FBI and HOMELAND SECURITY when we have fraudulent crawl-in presidents ? We have no law and order in our country. All elections can be fixed or whatever our justice system don’t give a dam as long as its democrats doing it.


  22. Now let’s look deeper into Georgia and the published video showing Democratic poll workers going under a covered table to retrieve ballots and run them several times through the counting machines. Did anyone notice the spike in Biden votes during that time after the voting count was stopped for a water main leak? Maybe Guliani will win his appeal.

  23. Eiection investigations will have to be conducted without the DOJ. Investigations will have to come from independent sources. I think most voters know the election was stolen. The DOJ is an arm of the democrat party. The democrat party will cheat again and again in a number of different ways. In fact, the democrat party is now using lawfare to cheat and steal elections.

  24. No more mail in ballots you know its time to vote you stay home and vote !! The only ones allow mail in ballots is in the Military. No others will be counted. I thank alot of places need new ways to vote should be set up to have to vote in person with Id . No drop boxes alound.. And the democrats should repecked the peoples votes and stop changing and making up some. Let the true winner be the winner stop being sore ass losers. And Biden and Harris should be put out. Hope our 2024 election will be a fare one.

  25. Everybody except the TDS infected lefties knew there was something very fishy about the 2020 election. Time will tell, but sadly too late.

  26. What ever happened to the lady in Michigan that got caught trying to put 10000 ballots in and got caught because that was more than registered voters in that district. She stated being paid by by a dem organization that is in at least 20 states?

  27. PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP should be sworn in IMMEDIATELY, so that he can clear out the WHITEHOUSE and go to work at FIXING ALL THE DAMAGE DONE BY obama-biden administration!!! PRAISE BE TO THE ONLY TRUE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE AND AMERICA!!!

  28. If it is found that Trump won the 2020 election…how many other elections for Congress and Senate were also stolen? All those found engaging in election fraud etc. should face Federal Capital Punishment and be publicly hung as it clearly indicates Treason.

  29. God bless President Trump and his family. He’s still my President. Biden and the rest of the demon rat’s should all be thrown out of our government. It’s totally disgusting what they’ve done to our country!

  30. As a Virginian, I begged officials to watch for cheating in five different counties. Nothing happened and the Democrats took Virginia in 2020. Latest voting Virginia shows the cheating is still rampant.

  31. This all started with Kennedy’s murder and the American People taking the Warren Commission’s lies as fact. 50% of the nation still believes of the lone gunman theory. At this point, how do we drum into these peoples heads that we all were duped?

  32. What ever happened to the USPS records that show the 250000 ballets shipped from Long Island to Pennsylvania the night of the election?

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