Joe Biden BRAGGED About Almost Getting Arrested for Stalking Women

A rational human may have difficulty understanding why Joe Biden bragged about almost getting arrested for stalking women entering a female-only dormitory.

Some point to his faltering mental state as he bumbles incoherently, at times, during live interviews while hiding from the coronavirus in his basement. This notion that Sleazy Joe lacks the mental acumen to make consistent sense seems reasonable. His age, coupled with the fact he has undergone brain surgery that typically results in diminished capacity in later life, lends credence to the argument he simply has no idea what’s coming out of his mouth.

But a better case might be made that the Obama-era flunky suffers from a guilty conscious. Some psychologists and school-of-hard-knocks folks believe that people have an innate impulse to confess their sins. When Sleazy Joe tells his version of being detained by police for improperly entering a women’s dorm, listen for an echo of guilt confession.

“Now I made a little mistake here that day, I made a little mistake,” Biden reportedly told a University of Delaware crowd. After the women brushed him off, saying they would “be right back” and tried to flee into the female-only dorm, a younger Sleazy Joe showed his insistency.

“I said well I’ll come with you, and they said okay, and I walked into their dormitory and was immediately accosted by a cop who arrested me because back in those days men were not allowed in women’s dormitories,” Biden recalled. “But I promise you, I never breached the first floor, and it was only a temporary detention.”

They say that liars, crooks, and molesters sometimes confess in little ways — mostly by retelling a story that plagues their conscience, while feigning innocence and misunderstanding. Sleazy Joe has amassed a considerable record of these confessions.

For instance, he boasted about having a Ukraine prosecutor fired in a quid pro quo. Then working under former President Barack Obama, Biden withheld support until the prosecutor was fired because he was investigating Burisma energy outfit for corruption. The Obama-era number two’s son, Hunter, was receiving upwards of $84,000 per month to sit on a non-working Burisma board at the time. Confession?

One has to wonder about the dormitory story, and whether Sleazy Joe is telling a sideways confession about stalking women during his college days in context. Recently, Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations re-emerged. Reade is a former staffer who vehemently claims Biden forced her against a wall and probed her with his fingers. The alleged assault was apparently swept under the rug despite the fact she reportedly filed a complaint. Biden was a powerful senator at the time who was rising in the Democratic Party.

In terms of being a poster child for #MeToo movement misconduct, a lengthy list of women have complained about his unwelcome touching, groping, and hair-sniffing. They include Democrat politician Lucy Flores, former Democrat staffer Ally Coll, progressive organizer Sofie Karasek, Amy Stokes Lappos, Caitlyn Caruso, DJ Hill, former White House intern Vail Kohnert-Yount, and a 13-year-old girl in Iowa. None of these women, or girls, are reported to be conservatives or Republicans, making the allegations that much more credible.

When Biden brags about how he “got invited into a dorm,” he might just be saying, “I’m a stalker,” as well as a groping, hair-sniffing miscreant. Maybe he should occupy a cell next to Harvey Weinstein instead of the Democratic Party pushing to make him president.

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20 thoughts on “Joe Biden BRAGGED About Almost Getting Arrested for Stalking Women”

  1. Michelle Obama and her little man should both be in prison for crimes against We the People of the United States of America! Michelle or Mike as I prefer to call her and that sleaze who claim he was born in the USA when there are enough facts to claim that as pure BS! Who would move a pregnant wife from Africa in the 1950’s that was pregnant enough to birth on the USA Territory, at the time, of Hawaii! Of course it would be quite easy for a top diplomat to arrange for a birth certificate to be made from the then Territory of Hawaii! NOT EVEN A STATE!

  2. Obama is the most stupid person to ever be elected president but that is why he was elected so the Democrats could rule by comity .Obama never said anything intelligent unless someone else wrote it for him when ever he was off script all he could do was stammer and stutter or say something so stupid it was considered funny like the time he mentioned the lower 58 states. Biden is more stupid than Obama and is the perfect Democrat candidate for president despite his criminal history of sexual misconduct and criminal business dealings and those of his family members the Democrats will embrace him because they know that the Democrat crime machine will be back in operation again starting up all of their crooked operations again like Obama care and using the IRS as their financial punisher and turning the FBI and justice department into the GESTAPO and just for good measure our favorite department and friend of the country the EPA loose on their political opponents. Look what is waiting for us after the next election if the DemocRAT party returns to power. WAKE UP AMERICA

  3. Folks here is a cruel and heartless thought if Joe Biden becomes the next President after the 2020 election!! Will he become the “next Bill Clinton and have a huge staff of American women to feel, sniff, touch and rape since he has already gotten away with
    it all up to now”??? That is a question that all American women voters have to ask themselves as whether they want that mess again in the White House again, period?????? Food for thought American women!!!!

    1. Joe Biden’s cock will follow the trail of any girl, lady or women who happen to be followed by a sexual deviant. He will do it to anyone female from age 213 to 30.

  4. OBAMAGATE is REAL! This is not simply “no one is above the law” quote! On it’s face – this is PURE EVIL! These evil acts have hurt our country badly! This is sad and horrible news! The good news is: YOU CAN NOT HIDE FROM GOD! Whether on earth or in HELL you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Out of PURE LOVE – God is watching all his children every single second, every minute, of every single day! HE knows what’s in your HEART! This is all about POWER AND MONEY! You know what the Bible says about that…….right?

    1. Help me out here . . . . Are you saying that even if Joe Biden is elected and his administration lives up to your predictions, God will punish him? I’m sorry . . . I can’t wait that long! I’m not prepared to suffer at the hand of a vindictive, corrupt, sleazy Democrat Party; smug and secure that they will get their just ‘ rewards ‘ in Heaven ??

      But the problem persists that NEITHER Biden or Trump should be in the White House, and there doesn’t seem any way to avoid It . . . although there are signs that the Dems have a backup plan ( God help us ).

  5. VOTE as if your life depends on it! Cuz….it just might!
    God bless President Donald J. Trump, VP Mike Pence, AG William Barr, General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and many, many, many others who are fighting every day for truth and justice!
    TRUMP AND PENCE 2020!!

    1. I call them: Lie-beral DEMONocrats…who have crossed over to the dark side and have went off the deep end.

  6. Now the DNC and the fake news want Sleepy Joe to ramp up his campaign. He has been sleeping in his basement and will be moving up. All the way up to his attic after all that’s where creepy things usually hang out.

  7. Obama did a lot of damage in US and the plan of the Democratic Party is to put Biden and Obama back in the White House to continue their hidden plan to radicalize America

  8. This story is about Biden, and as you notice while I do believe Obama should be in prision. The imbeciles here aren’t focused on Biden. What is wrong with America you might ask? Attention span, that’s what.

  9. Obama Hillary Biden and all those Democrats Pelosi NBC CBS CSS they’re all a bunch of rip offs they’re a bunch Of stupid people that wanna overthrow our government and our economy Trump is the best president we ever had if you choose democratic look at California it’s all gone to the illegals all they wanna do was stay in power at least our president believes in God he believes in Jesus Christ and he believes in one nation under GodOnly Trump will do the real work may the Lord Jesus Christ help us and help Donald Trump

  10. Biden is dumb as a post and dirty as hell. As more and more accusations and actual proof of his perverted sex , crooked financial and criminal international extortion escapades emerge his surrogates’ snide denials will be insufficient to squelch an increasingly concerned adversely trending electorate. He will simply have to emerge from his bunker to try to meet and parry the attacks in person where his ‘senior’ related memory lapses and brain freezes will become multi daily events that his sycophantic media will be unable to mask.

  11. Satan comes in all disguises! I remember when Obama was running I thought at first this might be a good change. We might try him. BUT!!!!! When I heard Obama praise his preacher he was bragging on and reporting how he sat in the 1st pew at his church for YEARS and hen I heard his preacher speaking with “GD” this, “GD that” …etc. I knew this was all EVIL!! Then the birth certificate, that was hushed immediately! Then the fact the mentioning of ” I would never do away with Medicare because he has a mother who is elderly and needs Medicare. Wellll, first NO MORE raises for Medicare, and the next thing you know when his mother passed away, then it was time to start working on getting rid of Medicare. I believe Obama never was an American (whether he was born here or not)! All he did in his history of being president was Bengahzi, Iraq, China (just to name a few)..gave nuclear weapons where needed to demolish America, got rid of our military, etc. I cry at times when I remember those I knew who died in Vietnam (whether it was right or not, they still died fighting for our country / or that was there beliefs! I cry thinking about those who died in the World Wars,Also remember Michele when she stated that for the 1st time she was proud to be an American, because her husband became president. She did not mind coming from a rich family, going to a high$ university (which there is not a thing wrong with it, but you would think so now days, especially when they made it a racial thing! And the way Michele treated the incoming First Lady (who did NOTHING wrong to her or her family). This is what I consider attack families including 13 years because you think you are so much grandeur than them. In my eyes and God’s when you went and put yourself above all, that makes you the lowest of them all! I really do not have enough time to go on. Except to say now is the time for all great men to come to the aid of their country with GOD! So I pray for Trump and his family, which is praying for all Americans against the false prophets!

  12. Biden should be incarcerated in a mental institution for the remainder of his life, for his own protection and of girls/women of ALL AGES. If Biden was to be elected by the walking dead, ie everyone vote by mail including the dead, he will not live long enough to be president. Pay attention to the VP pick, whomever it may be, they would be president.

  13. The thought of giving any more power to the Democrats is scary. We, the American people, will put up with a little of their nonsense but there will come a time when their stupidity gets out of hand and we will have to retake our country. I for one am not going to let some little clueless chit from New York tell me I can’t drive or fly where I want, how many kids I can have, how I have to refurbish my house or how much beef I can eat. If we don’t put a stop to this insanity I can easily see a civil war in our future. That would be tragic. We are free and have been free for too long to become a socialist country now. And we will not go down easily. This is Memorial Day and if you want to know the price we have paid for our freedom, drive by any military cemetery. America, love it or leave it

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