Joe Biden Has Some Disturbing Connections with China

The Washington, D.C. elites want their power back, and they’re even willing to run “Creepy” Joe Biden for president. Everyday Americans should be more fearful than ever of losing the gains that have been made under President Donald Trump, because Creepy Joe has a disturbing track record of getting into bed with foreign governments, including China.

Since the former Obama-era number two announced he would seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, fact-based reports have surfaced about cronyism and corruption. It appears the former vice president and Secretary of State John Kerry were running a pay-to-play scheme similar to Hillary Clinton’s. Although the biased, liberal media may have refused to report on the Obama White House’s corruption, it’s becoming increasingly clear they sold Americans out.

The Biden-Kerry duo was far more clever than Hillary. The Clintons leveraged global political power by funneling hundreds of millions through their foundation. Biden fronted for his son, Hunter Biden, who got into business with Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz. The mainstream media seldom notes that Kerry gained wealth and stature after becoming the trophy husband of the Heinz ketchup widow. He had to make good for her son and Kerry set him up with the young Biden in a company called Rosemont Capital. Despite neither of the young men having any experience in the industry, the Rosemont brand would secure billions in foreign government deals.

Hunter Biden was seated on a Ukrainian energy board — again with zero experience in the sector — and Rosemont would secure a hefty contract following Biden and Kerry steering American tax dollars to the country. Their trail of corrupt and insider dealings are coming into the spotlight.

On numerous occasions, Creepy Joe Biden flew his son to China on the taxpayer’s dime to meet with high-ranking financial ministers. It’s safe to say that a seemingly low-level firm such as the Rosemont brand would ever enjoy face time with such officials. But after arriving in China on Air Force Two, Hunter Biden was reportedly showered with a lucrative deal.

“In December 2013, then-Vice President Biden rode Air Force Two on an official trip to Asia, as tensions were high over disputed territories in the East China Sea. Biden was joined by his son, Hunter, who was building a private equity firm along with his business partner and friend, Chris Heinz – heir of the Heinz Ketchup family fortune and stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry,” British political advisor Steve Hilton stated. “Hunter’s presence on the trip was far from coincidence. Just 10 days later, his company, Rosemont Seneca, signed an exclusive $1 billion deal with the state-owned Bank of China, creating an investment fund called Bohai Harvest, with money backed by the Chinese government.”

There is no other conceivable reason a China-owned bank would agree to such a deal unless to included gaining favor with Biden and the Obama Administration. The administration would later agree to the infamous Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have crushed the American economy had Pres. Trump not rejected it.

In his whistle-blowing book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Peter Schweizer points out that the China deal was part of an ongoing trend of high-stakes deals between the sons’ Rosemont investment firm entities and foreign governments. These deals lined the pockets of the Biden and Kerry families at the precise times the Obama Administration was negotiating deals with these countries. Schweizer’s assessment of Obama-era corruption concludes that Biden has been “compromised by a foreign power and unfit to be president.”

Hilton has followed the greed, corruption and traitorous maneuvers of Biden for years. He recently weighed in on the candidate’s tainted political history as a Breitbart and Fox News contributor.

“Biden loves to tout his foreign policy experience. And yes, he has plenty of experience with foreign governments — or should I say, their lobbyists. Foreign government lobbying, one of the most inexcusable swamp practices, was all part of the job for Joe Biden when he was chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” Hilton reportedly states. “He took money from lobbyists for Dubai, for the United Arab Emirates, for Ethiopia, for Sri Lanka, for China and yes, for Turkey. Turkey? I seem to remember Democrats getting rather upset when Michael Flynn was accused of lobbying for Turkey.”

When he was vice president, Biden was given an opportunity to do right by working Americans or engage in corruption with China and others to make his son wealthy. Biden was elected to further the interests of all Americans. He didn’t. Biden will throw everyday Americans to the wolves again if elected.

~ Conservative Zone

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18 thoughts on “Joe Biden Has Some Disturbing Connections with China”

  1. The same DEFIANCE with joe biden as in all dems since 8 years of bo’s treasonous 78 law violations & at least 10 Constitutional AMENDMENTS THAT WERE DEFIED by bo and his cronies proving they were not trust worthy … !

    1. there is one area left out in this article. a dual pair, senator dino feinstein from cow manure state calif and her spouse business venture in China pay to play scheme. anyone wonder how chi-com gain military superiority in less than ten years when 2 decades ago, chi-com was far behind US hi-tech. surely chi-com didn’t gain hi-tech info from the US public library??? she was the SF mayor in the ’90 and US senator for nearly twenty years (too long for used up tampon), while her spouse was doing chi-com business…what type (espionage)??? passing hi-tech military??? how did she and her spouse become $millionairs, sure ain’t selling chi-com plastic toys. guess what committee she sits in senate chamber??? all power to her to sell out US and WE THE PEOPLE, just like the killary/clinton farm.

  2. Biden is a dirtbag just like the
    Muslim Obama.He wants the USA to be Moral.Biden wouldn’t know
    morality-if it bit him in the ass

  3. Dems are so desperate to take their power back and to continue milking the cows in order to be more richer ! They don’t love our country. No patriotism. They love the illegals and not their own people. That’s why they hate so much our president. Our President is the only one who was not taking his salary. They all go to charities. Hope people they wake up. He’s not a politician but he’s a Patriot. He wanna help our country Maga 2020

    1. Letting the illegals in is a way to drive down wages which the Chinese require before they locate manufacturing in the US. This will permit the globalists that collateralized Chinese debt and also collateralize the fed reserve to pay the debt according to desired profit timelines and trump is slowing the timetable down with disallowing illegals to hold jobs and placing tariffs on Chinese goods and seeking a trade plan. Obamacare was a way to appease the Chinese to locate manufacturing in the US bc then the Chinese would not have to pay for medical benefits for employees

  4. Not surprised about Biden’s shenanigans. He’s nothing more than an Obama disciple. So far he has not offered one tangible idea to further America economically, socially or politically. Like most of his cohorts all he can do is take pathetic slaps at President Trump.

  5. Third Time will not be a charm for Biden and a 3rd loss will send him into Hillary’s Crying Room. Tell us again Joe, why anyone in their right mind would want to return to your so called GLORY DAYS in 1994 when you wrote the crime bill “which led to the mass incarceration of tens of thousands of black men,” the memory of which leaves some African-Americans uneasy about you brand of racism? YOU PUT THEM BACK IN CHAINS …now you want to convince these ignorant black voters you have the key to those chains…Or, we could re-visit Biden’s dismal record in 1975 on racial quotas and the school busing crisis… maybe the asshole does not want voters to have such good memories?
    And it appears Biden needs reminding of his ugly behavior in the Senate hearing for a black Supreme court judge and what you did to a black witness Dr. Anita Hill. You tried to apologize to her a week ago and she told you to shove your apology up your deceitful ASS!.
    Biden wants to take us back 36 years when he was in Congress, and he voted over and over to spend all the money that all of us paid into our Social Security insurance program to fund our own retirement and disabilities. Yep, instead of investing our lifetime payments of Social Security taxes so the retirement fund would grow, Biden and Congress spent it all robbing the Social Security Lock Box of over $2 TRILLION THAT WAS NEVER REPAID. Now, Biden considers social security payments to be “entitlements,” when they really are a return of our money we all paid into the social security fund during our working lifetime. Biden and his Tax & Spend Democrats are great at Slight-Of-Hand spending!
    Or was that just the “old white farts” style of governing? It was shameful behavior coming from a senate leader and former V.P. His “touchy-feely” crap exposes Biden as a sexual predator who simply cannot control his lack of sexual development. Swimming in the nude in front of female secret service agents reveals a sick lack of maturity that actually insults women. And by the way, I know one of those agents and she said “God was not overly generous to his manhood!” Biden is an Old White Fart who will be dragged kicking and screaming to the Communist left and you will not be able to resist the alleged glory at the end of this black rainbow…

  6. So now we know that Biden has ties to Russia and China. Biden is “convinced that most Americans remember his time in office as some unprecedented era of peace and prosperity.” What Biden does not realize is that the only reason Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – chose Biden as V.P. was because he needed someone stupid enough not to realize what was going on. He also needed a “fall guy” a “patsy” in case things went south Barry could throw “Creepy Uncle Joe” under the bus. That s still yet to be seen – as the evidence mounts regarding Barry’s illegal activities – I’m sure the narcissist will not take credit or BLAME for it. There is a hep of finger pointing coming soon. Hillary has already had 1 former State Department associate plead guilty to treason and an aide who has confessed that both he and Hillary used her private servers to conduct government business including classified. As people see the writing on the wall they are trying their damnedest to get themselves a cushy plea deal. The Democrats will soon be hearing from a chorus of canaries.

  7. History repeats itself, but usually not as quick as this.

    So after three years of the “Russian collusion accusations”, we are not starting to enter more years of the “Chinese collusion accusations”, except this time there seems to be a ton of evidence, and a tremendous amount of money that has changed hands in payoffs. Joe Biden and John Kerry will be found to be an integral parts of this scandal, but the main perpetrators who benefitted the most, and will suffer the most consequences, will be the sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry, Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, and rightfully so.

    Run Joe run, this will allow investigations into you very recent past, and the unlawful things you have done will be exposed, and also all those who were your acomplices, Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, and John Kerry.

  8. The democRATS have always been schemers, and have always found ways to spend our tax dollars to their benefit, and to hell with the average citizen. And if a person is fool enough to elect any of the scum bags from the left they will rue the day they were duped into choosing anyone running for office from the left. Just saying…..

  9. I live in a sanctuary city and unless local media outlets start reporting the truth, or at least both sides like it should be, you wouldn’t know this President does anything right. Get the word out MAGA 2020

  10. Democrats get away with their corrupt deals, because, like the Mafia, they look out for each other. And the media covers for them, too. On the other hand, the money they have made from foreign governments, has left them beholden to those governments. In other words, the Chinese, and the Ukranians, own them, which means they control them. And the Dems are worried about collusion with Russia?


  12. Our MAIN problem in the US is massive immigration from TURD WORLD SH!THOLES , illegally and legally, promoted by the DemonCRAP Party. These disloyal, unpatriotic, selfish, greedy immigrants are destroying the US.
    Idiotic A-Holes like Biden Nasty Piglousy, A Damn Schitt, Jeri GONADler, Schmuck U Shyster, Dick BlewMyBalls, Steve Cohen, BurnMe Slanders, AOC, the 2 Muslim B!TCHES, and many other dangerous socialists are PURPOSELY doing their best to change the population of the US to become a minority dominated dump because they know that these immigrants will always vote for them in exchange for the promise of freebies


  14. The corruption of the DNC is becoming more obvious. Even former Democrats are shifting to the right! They would like to believe no one is noticing that they are no longer patriotic or promoting freedom. They are only interested in forcefully imposing their particular brand of tolerance.

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