Joe Biden is Letting Foreign Saboteurs Destroy American Infrastructure

Massive large blaze fire in the city, brick factory building on fire, hell major fire explosion flame blast,  with firefighters team firemen on duty, arson, burning house destruction

There are signs all around us that foreign saboteurs are destroying critical American infrastructure in suspicious fires, explosions, train derailments, bridge collisions, and other unprecedented disasters. You’d think that the US government might be slightly concerned about this, but the Biden regime doesn’t seem to care at all.

We first noticed this a couple of years ago after Joe Biden told us we were going to have food shortages in America because of his war with Russia. Food processing plants all over the country started randomly exploding or catching fire. It got a lot of attention at the time, but these bizarre “accidents” have never stopped.

On Monday, a peanut processing plant in Portales, News Mexico caught on fire and burned to the ground in suspicious circumstances. The day before that, the Hampton Farms peanut butter factory in Franklin, Virginia burned down. On March 20, a National Beef meat processing plant in the town of Liberal, Kansas caught on fire. These were just the incidents in the past month.

There were also dozens of suspicious food plant fires across the US in 2023. The Associated Press, PolitiFact, and other “news” outlets will call you a conspiracy theorist for noticing this.


Eight people were injured in an explosion at the Archer Daniels Midland plant in Decatur, Illinois last September. That same day, the H.B. Reese Candy Factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania caught fire. 100,000 chickens at an egg plant in Connecticut died in a fire last year, along with 18,000 dairy cows that were killed in an explosion at a dairy farm in Texas. Seven people were killed with the RM Palmer Company chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvania exploded. There were at least a dozen additional explosions or fires at food processing plants across the US last year.

These are just things that happen in America now. Like soccer players in their 20s who keep having heart attacks every week. It’s just our new normal.

If you take a bird’s-eye view of this, there are an awful lot of these industrial-scale accidents happening with our critical infrastructure over the past two years. It’s impossible to think that our wide-open southern border didn’t have something to do with this. If you were a hostile foreign power and you wanted to slip teams of commandos into the US to carry out acts of sabotage, this would be the time to do it. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas would just let them march right in.

When was the last time we had a catastrophic “accident” in America like the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse? I can’t remember one in my lifetime. Multiple bridges have been struck by ships or barges since then. The Sewickley Bridge in Pennsylvania was struck by a barge this past weekend, although it fortunately didn’t collapse.

Let’s not forget all the train derailments that have been happening ever since that devastating crash in East Palestine, Ohio. These are probably all just coincidences, right?

A more likely scenario is that someone is destroying America slowly and through subtle methods. A dairy farm explosion here, a train derailment there, and before you know it, America has suffered a death by 10,000 cuts.

The country ought to be on a war footing right now, but the Biden regime is asleep at the switch. We should be hardening our critical infrastructure and protecting vulnerable targets. That’s what smart leaders would have the country doing right now, especially if they were trying to wage wars against Russia, Iran, Yemen, and China all at once. How many times have we had major internet outages in the past six months? Is anyone looking at that?

Someone is slowly degrading our capacities to produce things that are vital to prosperity or even survival. The fact that we don’t even know who it is because our leaders are idiots should be terrifying to people. Other countries are pointing this out about us right now, but we just get called conspiracy theorists for noticing.

Other countries are openly saying that the Baltimore bridge collapse was an act of industrial sabotage and hacking that was carried out by the Communist Chinese Party. We don’t even have a single Member of Congress that will pose a question about that.

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14 thoughts on “Joe Biden is Letting Foreign Saboteurs Destroy American Infrastructure”

  1. And the cowardly populace in our country just keeps turning a blind eye, tucking tail and fantasizing about Tyrants stopping Tyranny, all while our once great Nation continues to fall to communism.

  2. It aint just the present walking around with his head up his a**It’s the majority of the people who think woke.Ideology is a good way for this country to go.Quit being stupid America before you find yourself in handcuff.S ladyguards and working on a ditch and a cane chain gang somewhere against your will the next exactly what’s going to happen?You better Arm yourself with weapons. Ammunition and stockpile is much retainable, food and water. As you can, the world is coming after us and if you don’t wake up. It’s gonna be too late and when it happens. Don’t come knocking on my door cause. I wish you’re starving and you sure aint gonna break into my house and take what I own go. Biden is a complete brain dead moron, and when you go after Biden, you gotta go after Barack Obama, he’s the one who started all this c*** Thinking he was gonna save the black population.Nobody can say that population but themselves and they’re not doing Anything in a good American way to help themselves? They don’t go to school. They don’t pay attention. They don’t try to improve themselves. They don’t learn trades to become qualified. Craftsman, now I’m not saying all of them because I have worked beside with a bunch of them but there are quite a few young kids that think showing dope on the street corners a way to get rich quick will wake up Fred Flintstone, if you haven’t watched that cartoon. That situation never works. Even Republican politicians are allowed government agencies to spy on us. That is a constitutional violation. And if you get you catch them doing it soothe the s*** out of them. Childreno no Chota, mint chord. Get yourself on the national news and scream from the mountain tops. The dishes on constitutional is corruption. It’s treason and that goes for the judges sitting on benches And members of our national government congress the white house ruling With their d*** personal opinions and beliefs. You are elected to be where you are. Because we want you to vote and make changes. We want not the minority of this country. Is ruled by the g****** majority. Wake up and smell the coffee because you’re going to force a Civil War in this country to like you’re gonna hate and it’s never gonna be seen again. And that’s why the Communist and Joe Biden wants to take our guns away because they’re trying to push the American people to appoint. They’re gonna stand up and they’re gonna revolt, revolt.. The government knows they cannot stand up against 7080 a 100 million angry citizens all at 1 time. So ladies and gentlemen, get your head out of your a**, wake up. Think with the good Lord brandy gave you instead of letting them tell you what you should believe. The government is not to be believed. It’s lying to us it’s time we open up all the files. All the books see IAD OJ FBI the White House. What the hell of these people been lying about and gettin the way with? We’re a big boys and girls and I know we can Take the bad with the good and that allows us to put these criminals in jail or better.Yet convict them with treason and give them the death penalty.That’s the punishment for this crime because they’re definitely attempting to overthrow the government of this country

  3. biden is controlled by the globalists, the swamp, those behind this hater of America are doing everything they can to destroy the American people! The covid agenda to murder people, the destruction of infrastructure, the government with its nose in everyones business, we are now in a nation literally like a communistic or marxist nation!

  4. Read God’s Word in the Bible. The rise and fall of Nations is clearly set forth. Man has no hope outside of faith in Jesus Christ!

  5. None of any of this makes logical sense to anyone who has “common sense”. Now today we have had 4 states who yesterday that the 911 service was unavailable. Please need everyone to really think about what the heck is going on right now in this country and who, what and how this is happening.!!!

  6. Democrats are running at a fast pace to destroy anything and everything this country stands for and men and women who have fought for. Start with judicial puppets first. Then just go up the ladder to stop these full blown terrorist in our own government. Time to grab your Bible and faith it will be our saving grace.

  7. Samson & Craig, I agree with you totally. Amanda you said a hell of a lot, and you are right, people need to wake up to what is going on in this country. Like that bridge that fell in and Biden said the tax payers will pay to replace it, I DON’T THINK SO. That shipping company needs to pay. I am tired of Biden wasting tax payer dollars! Look at all the dollars the Democrats have wasted on trying to put President Trump in jail. They are the ones who belong in jail!!!!!

  8. Look real good at all the sh– that’s been going on since Biden took office*** an illegal immigrants invasion like never before in history ** and still illegals are coming in know border closing at all.** Are military stuff being gave away like candy to kids.*** No one wanting to join the military -falling short on enlistment *** Food plants on fire and explosing.** Candy factorys burning down**Dairy farms burning**Chicken places- egges all explosing** food places everywhere just burning.!!** Boats tearing down bridges** Train derailments** And also Bidens love of spending are tax money like its his to spend. The National debt is higher than ever in America history with no president wanting to try to fix it.** there is just so dam much ?* one would thank that ths president would be wanting to do something about all this ,But not Biden and his administration and his administration the democrats are destroysrs are they the ones behind all the infrastructure maddness going on . Would thank so cause they sure dont want to do anything about it. People stop voting for these killing machines the democrats.

  9. Truely there is something mad going on someone somewhere is slowly destroying our infrastructure. So one would thank the president and his administration would get homeland security on this…. know if its not fineing something to stop the man there so afraid of then they do notning……these dem-o-craps are so dirty i don’t know how they sleep good at night….. talk about needs replaced- all dem-o-craps needs replaced— the ones governoring are states yes needs bad. The ones over are schools yes needs bad… the one in the white house needs out more than bad … he needs run clear out of are country that he is destroying. I know the democrats hate Trump but hell are living place was so much better then…. now where over run with illegal aliens that are stupid dead brain crawl-in president want stop. And food getting so high you only get one meal a day if your lucky…. he is a one man wrecking ball in are country. We need him out and Trump in …. save our country give us a place to live in again.

  10. To me it is amazingly curious that so many of the illegal immigrants are of military age and look rather fit for “Part of the Huddled masses”!

  11. Cause they’re going to start killing off the American people. That is why there so many illegals that are military build. There here for a reason and we will be finding out sometime in the not to far off future. And it’s all Biden fault he is going to have a lot of blood on his hands. Should be hanged for treason against humanity.

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