Judge McAfee Suggests He’s Going to Boot Fani Willis and Nathan Wade

A couple of weeks ago, many of us (present company included) wondered why Georgia Judge Scott McAfee didn’t just bang his gavel and instantly kick Fani Willis and Nathan Wade off the RICO case against President Trump. Why was it taking this judge so long to disqualify these buffoons who had clearly perjured themselves on the witness stand?

We suspected at the time that the judge was going to let them off the hook, but we may have gotten that wrong. After closing arguments took place on Friday, Judge McAfee said he would render a decision in two weeks. Here’s why that is significant.

If we lived in a perfect world, Judge McAfee could have just given Fani and Nathan the boot after the first couple of days of testimony. They lied about when their sexual relationship began. Eyewitnesses countered their testimony. Their lies about Fani paying Nathan back with cash for the luxury vacations he took her on, so there was no paper trail, were childishly transparent.

We don’t live in that perfect world, however. We live in a world where the Democrat Party has captured every mainstream media outlet, every college campus, all of Hollywood, every intelligence agency in Washington, DC, and so on.

Now put yourself in Judge McAfee’s shoes for a second. Do you see what this guy is up against? He’s about to get the Brett Kavanaugh treatment.


Now that the closing arguments have happened, the totality of evidence revealed proves that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade lied. They were in an undisclosed sexual relationship long before Fani appointed Wade to lead the Trump prosecution. She hired Wade for an exorbitant hourly rate and then Wade spent that taxpayer money to take Fani on lavish trips, even though he was married to another woman. They broke all sorts of ethical rules and laws through their conduct, and then committed perjury on the witness stand about it.

Trump’s legal team hired a private investigator to geo-track Nathan Wade’s phone. He visited Fani Willis’s condo dozens of times in the middle of the night in the months prior to when they claimed their relationship started. In the 11 months before Fani appointed Nathan, they called each other on the phone 2,000 times—or about six times per day. They also sent each other approximately 2,500 text messages during that same period, when they were supposedly “just friends.”

You don’t call a work colleague six times a day when you’re just a friend or acquaintance. You call them that often when you’re in a heart-thumping romance for the ages with them. Fani and Nathan obviously lied about when their relationship started.

After closing arguments wrapped up on Friday, Judge McAfee announced that he would need about two weeks to render a decision. If McAfee was going to allow Fani Willis and Nathan Wade to stay on the case, he could have just said that in a bench ruling on Friday. No explanation would have been necessary for that decision, because the entire mainstream media would have rushed to his defense and declared him to be the second coming of Moses.

Judge McAfee needs two weeks to render a decision because he’s probably going to kick these two black attorneys off the case. He needs to get all of his ducks in a row, and he needs to write an incredibly detailed brief explaining his decision.

Everything about this decision is going to be placed under a microscope. Democrats in the Georgia legislature may try to impeach him. The state bar association might try to take away his law license.

Imagine the first thing that will happen, within moments of Judge McAfee firing this black woman and recommending her for prosecution (we hope). Joe Scarborough on MSNBC will put on his squinty constipation face and declare that McAfee needs to trade in his black judge’s robes for a white Klan robe. The Atlantic will publish a front-page article about why white judges should not be allowed to rule on cases involving black people. The level of discourse will go downhill from there.

This poor judge is about to have his entire life ripped apart. The media will dig up his high school yearbooks. This could be the flashpoint that the Democrats use to have BLM start up riots for the run-up to the 2024 election.

If Judge McAfee renders a fair and just decision in this case, he’ll probably need to move his family to a secure location. The Democrat Party is going to go bananas when he kicks Fani and Nathan off the case.

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58 responses to “Judge McAfee Suggests He’s Going to Boot Fani Willis and Nathan Wade”

  1. How many times have we seen Judges play partisan politics. At almost 86 years old, it has been an ongoing problem for the last two decades or so. When will we ever take politics out of electing Judges. They are supposed to be honest and not biased but that is no longer true. It is interesting that where used car salesmen used to be the most untrustworthy, now it is politicians, next will be Judges. May God help us all.

    • Do the right thing Judge, kick both them off and revoke their law license. Don’t allow them to practice law ever again. They both should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  2. Amen. Sick and tired of the politizations of every government office. They have rules for a reason. Abide by them and you harm no one or have cause to worry.

    • When is going to come to the forefront the data from recent years, re Fani losing two elections in a row and ANGRY. First one she called for RIOTS for a FRAUD ELECTION. The second time she lost, even angrier, called fraud again and called for VIOLENCE AND RIOTS.
      Then teamed up with Stacy Abrams, scrubbed her social media posts and went after TRUMP for saying there was fraud in the elections, as SHE HAD.
      THE WHOLE CASE of this corrupt AG is a joke, but a nasty, destructive, hateful prosecution.

  3. I feel for this judge, if he follows the law he will be chastised his life dissected and his family harrassed, if he makes the political decision he will be called a hero and put on a pedestal and heralded as a good judge. The problem is can he live with his decision, with the oath he took to follow the law, and what will it do to his health.

  4. You actually make sense. That’s how it would end up for this judge, Judge McFee I feel bad for him. Democrat or not. No one should have to be in that spot. Hope he makes the right decision.

  5. I can’t help but wonder how a black judge would rule on these obviously guilty parties….McAfee had better do some consulting of his own, AFTER he moves his family to safetu!

  6. So it’s not about justice or rules of law a ordinary t to this article les it looks more like what political consecuences would arise out of this judges decision..and that is what is wrong in this country , politics is involved even in the beans you have for a meal nowadays…ABSOLUTELY KILLER OF A REAL DEMOCRACY AND TRANSPERANCY AND IMPARTIALITY OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM..

  7. I hope he’s strong enough to make what America knows what the truth is. There criminals and should be charged guilty.

  8. In my opinion, any case that has this type of impact is best delayed for a cooling down period of the parties involved as well as the public and media following it. Regardless of the decision, this judge will want to have a clearly written decision. The delay does not necessarily point to an outcome.

  9. I wonder if this is how innocent prisoners feel just before they are shot. Praying for the judge to render a fair decision and stop this madness. He knows the facts and he is a judge that has morals and goes by the law. I hope he not only boots her off but recommend her and lover be disbarred. Trump needs the charges to be dropped; there is no place he will get a fair trial under these circumstances.

  10. I just read all the comments, I do agree with them. I am curious about the date and time they were sent. They say March 5, 2024, all the times listed with each date shows pm, that is after noon today, shouldn’t it be am, if all of these comment are real. It is 8:45 am right now on 3/5/2024!

  11. If he is worried about throwing the DA and her lover off of this case, whether or not they are black or if they were white, would be the right to do, but if he If he is worried about being labeled as a racist just because they are black, that would be wrong also. So do the right thing, that is all you need to do.

  12. I agree with all your comments! It’s time for all to stand up for the law& constitution! They are guilty of perjury and should be removed from the case and it be dismissed! They also should be disbarred for lying and conflict of interest! No one is Above the Law! I pray the Judge does the right thing by the law and don’t let anyone intimidate his decision!! USA Law & Order

    Save our Democracy Save our Country

  13. It’s incredible to me how you’re guilty even if proven to be innocent and innocent even if proven to be guilty. This happens when the ends justify the means used to gain the desired end!! The United States of America leadership has lost it’s moral compass!! People with no moral compass wander around in confusion and eventually lose their way and souls!!

  14. And still the collusion with the White House goes unattended. Fani visited on February 28th 2023 Months prior to Trumps indictment. Something sure is smelling to high heaven!

  15. The Democrats scream No one is above the law, Even though Fani was this Judge’s mentor, I hope he does the right thing, color of skin should not be an issue!!

  16. .. Collusion with WH why..if case was cut and dry why need Village Idiot’s input..oh yeah, extra bonus if DJT put in prison, lying under oath and disbarred will be pardoned by Idiot, adulterer who gives a crap Fani’s fanny would say to name some things..

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  18. Everyone knows the democrats will do whatever to destroy law and justice. This judge McAfee. And the Lawabiding Citizen’s knows they are guilty. And what to expect. Don’t let evil get in the way of true justice. White is white. Brown is brown. Same as black is black. Skin color has nothing to do with crime. If you do the crime u should be held liable. Period

    • McAfraid is a pussy! He’s worried about the dumb, illiterate ni66er vote when he runs for reelection. This wimp would do well to remember what happened to crooked DA, Michael Nifong, when he blocked exculpatory evidence in the Duke Lacrosse farce rape case!

  19. Omg all that just to get a crook !! It should not be like that in the USA but things has change so much that if the judge rules right he may be hanged!!!. That is the crime.** that is why so many people get shoved into prison when there not guilty. And so many idiots that needs locked up still walking around.** And all this has gotten worst since Biden crawl-in to office.** also why Trump can’t get a fair trail.** the USA is done gone to hell in a hand basket.**we need all these dirty sorry pieces of horse shit out of all offices and agencies and out from being a judge and law, the democrats all have to go.**the worse things in are country is democrats, there tearing down everything that stands for America. **we need to get rid of them all of them so America can breathe again.

  20. Two consenting adults may or may not have a relationship tell us how that’s a crime or the business of any courts. PEOPLE FOR DECADES HAVE MET ON THEIR JOBS AND THEN DATED! If we condemn every man or woman meeting in a workplace gets an attraction not many people who be going to work. We don’t know the circumstances we are quick to judge. When I was young I went on trips with friends and some separated from others. That’s life! It’s not the business of the courts. Leave Fani alone? Tell that Snitch to he a life. And I am in my eighties!

    • Not the point Evelyn. The point is she is a public official and her use of taxpayer money to enrich him and herself is a crime. He and her making false statements to the court is also illegal. Case closed!

  21. People for decades have been arrested for perjury and illegally using campaign funds.Time to disbar and arrest these two lawyers for their crimes.

  22. Hey judge McAfee, tell willis and malcolm x/wade that I have two tickets to paradise Island they haven’t visited yet , everything is inclusive

  23. Can’t believe some of the things ppl are saying in these replys. This judge has a lot of common sense. She came in and wasn’t even subpeoned and took the stand and tried her best to completely TAKE OVER that Court room, and the Attorneys. Talk about BOLD and Controlling. WOW! Never seen anything like it. She needs kicked out.

  24. I never realized what the judges desicion will cost him and his family. It’s very hard to do the right thing in America today. The countries media and politicians should be ashamed of their selves. This is not the America I grew up in. God be with us and help us change back to the America I knew.

  25. Judge McAfee will make the correct decision. He will take these 2 weeks to carefully study all the facts and will deliver an incredible and impartial decision that will likely have serious implications for parties on both sides of this case. We should accept whatever decision is rendered. Not everyone will agree, but this judge was put in office by people who placed their trust in him to make lawful and just decisions, and we should trust him to do just that.

  26. There is no racisim in this decision weather they are black or white they lied under oath to the judge and the court and they basically stoled the taxpayers money to go on trips together while he was married. They did this to themselves and deserve to get kicked off case and disbarred. And punishment if he decides that too. Nothing racist about that. If it was anybody else that’s what would happen.

  27. Not only should they be disbarred , The trial that they put Trump through should be closed and never be able to start again. Disgraceful attempt at election interface by the democrats…

    • I agree. Plus, Trump should be well compensated for the trouble they’ve put him through, the effects it’s had on public perception of him, the time it’s stolen from his campaign, and the ugliness his family has had to deal with.

  28. Well, the two weeks gives the judge time to open a few off-shore bank accounts!! Then he can get the DNC to deposit the 10’s of thousands of dollars into them before he makes his decision!! Surprise, “Not Disqualified”!!!

    • McAfraid is a pussy! He’s worried about the dumb, illiterate ni66er vote when he runs for reelection. This wimp would do well to remember what happened to crooked DA, Michael Nifong, when he blocked exculpatory evidence in the Duke Lacrosse farce rape case!

  29. DON

  30. It is really a shame, that this Judge, needs Two weeks to come up with the verdict. We all know they are guilty. I can understand why he is doing this. He needs this much time to find the right way way to come up with how he is going to say what his decision is . No matter what he says he
    Is going to be attacked. He knows this. Maybe he is moving his family to a safe place? I would think that is a wise decision. Or perhaps it will just take him that long to find the words he wants to use.
    I have noticed that on these cases so far that the judgements have been political. There is no doubt about this when there is no evidence to convict the defendant and yet they are convicted
    Or the judge say he is guilty before the trial starts. These are the judges that need to be removed from the court. Everyone knows that the verdict is political. But no matter that this has happened before, there are honest and fair people and judges who no matter what political party they belong are fair and honest. I think this
    Judge may well be this type of person. No matter what he has decided about this case. But like I said he is in a no win situation. What ever happens one side or the other will be mad at him
    . It’s almost like judges should not belong to any political party. Or maybe everyone should be an independent. But even if he were they would still go after him.

  31. I truly believe weather they are black or white. The judge needs to do the right thing. I believe he is paid and bought by Soros and the laughing Jesible imposter VP. That Fanny pack met with the VP weeks before she indicated President Donald Trump the real President everyone knows the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. Now she wants to play the race card!!! What do you think she is doing to a white man the race card. Her and latitty James the big ox. You know sand well Biden and his mobster gang did this to President Trump. If this judge rules for Fanny pack and her liver wade then he is as crucked as all the dems and elites. He should not be on the bench if he lets them off the hook. If wades divorce lawyer should be disbarred for luring under oath. God knows everything yeah they are adults but wade was a married man in Gods eyes they committed adultery. People need to remember you can’t fool God he sees everything and asked pictures and she stands behind a holy pulpit. She should be shaken in her Fanny panties you don’t Mock God.

  32. why did wade visit white house 20 times. who carries 4000 in cash around what are they hiding? why did she hire him with no experience. how could they take so many vacations who was minding the store? and getting paid to do so.

  33. Well I hope the reporters right about this one but I don’t know the judge donated to Fanny Willis when she was running on getting Trump so he’s just doing this delay tactic so he can write down a good reason why they can stay on the case. If he does not rule to kick them off then my faith in the judicial system is totally gone it’s gone anyways can come back with the Supreme Court ruling 9-0 still all these judges that are corrupt and weaponized if George Washington was here they would have already been publicly hung and that’s what needs to happen to all of them public hangings with them all and put Joe Biden right along in the middle of them and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and George Bush right along in the middle of those public hangings oh and don’t forget camel toe

  34. Especially that freaks smeagol looking judge Enron that civil judge from New York that tried to say Trump’s properties only worth 18 million the hell is he he’s no realtor he’s a freak of nature look at him he looks like smeagol from The Lord of the rings he’s disgusting he’s a vile he should not be on the bench and the nine justices should already disrobe that son of a b****

  35. He better do the right thing and fired her hot little crooked ass. She is know better than any other American on trial. So dont cave in and let her go ** how un- fare that would be to every other citizen. Hope true justice can prevail for once in this horrible place that the dam democrats got us in. Pray for a strong America again.

  36. Looks like we have two black grifters working in concert and participation to use the excuse of charging Donald Trump to make hay while the sun shines in Georgia and have a fun time doing it with lavish resultsl. This is a simple case of taking advantage of a phoney system in Fulton County Georgia to make a financial killing off the prosecution of Donald Trump who was selected by virtue of his standing with the Democrat National Committee to discredit Trump in the eyes of the voters. Too bad their scheme backfired and now they look like a bunch of shake down artists on a trip to nowhere.

  37. Mainstream media needs to be held responsible for their part in trying to destroy our country with their blatant lies and attacks on the conservative right.

  38. I feel the Judge will let them slide, then he will be popular for the crooks. If he doesn’t know how to take notes of all the wrong they did, just ask everybody who has kept up with this crap and easy to see what The People’s decision is.

  39. If the Judge lets them slide, he will be discredited by all Judges. We know, all Judges have kept up with this, and can plainly see they should get the punishment like they dish out to others. The race card was in the deck and, I feel, they dealt it at the beginning.

  40. These are sad days when a judge or anyone has to fear telling the truth and doing their jobs honestly and competently. Reading all the above post, it is too obvious this is a divided nation. And that blame does fit on the politicians. the fake news, the all too arrogant rich who want this free nation to END!

    I would relocate the family and board up the house before making the decision public. God bless this judge and may he survive the left’s horrible tactics unscathed.

  41. When you have the facts, there should be little doubt on the conclusion for the Judge. When you don’t get adequate answers to the questions presented, very obvious those being judged knew the correct answers but instead answered with “I don’t recall, I was speculating and I repaid-in cash and no receipts available.
    Spending time at the White House, what was that about! Biden involved for sure!
    Yes, the Judge is caught in a no win situation for him but pray that he can do the right thing kick them to the curb. They are both lawyers and yet selected to do fraudulent activities with the taxpayers dollar.

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