Just How Long Do Canadians Have To Wait To See A Doctor?

Vermont Senator and Democrat Bernie Sanders is a strong advocate for a single-payer healthcare model. He calls his plan “Medicare-for-All,” and he is not alone in supporting such a radical appraoch. Sixteen Senators also endorse his plan. Almost half of all Americans support a single-payer healthcare system.

Under a single-payer healthcare system, all Americans would get their health insurance from a single government plan, which is similar to how Medicare operates. While all of this might seem theoretical, we already have real-life examples of how this would actually work.

Canada’s health-care system is an example of a single-payer model. Every single person in the country has access to government-sponsored health care. They don’t pay a bill when they see a doctor, have a medical test or surgery done.

While a single-payer healthcare system sounds like a great idea, in practice it is riddled with problems. A look at Medicare shows the issues with a government-sponsored healthcare model.

Medicare was established in the 1960s for people ages 65 and older. It is a single-payer system. The government pays service providers for treatments.

Medicare is the single most significant the driver of national debt. The current taxes that are used to pay for the program don’t cover the cost of the program. With the number beneficiaries expected to grow in the coming decade, there is a lot of uncertainty over whether or not the program will even survive.

Although Sanders has proposed a 4% tax on income and a 7.5% payroll tax to pay for Medicare-for-All, it’s not clear that these taxes would even come close to covering the cost of such a program.

Also, single-payer models discourages medical innovations. With no incentive to earn back the cost of developing new treatments, it is unlikely that innovators will continue to research and fund studies into new therapies.

If you are sick, you are likely looking for prompt medical attention. Prompt, high-quality medical care can mean the difference between life and death. However, single-payer healthcare will undoubtedly lead to rationing of healthcare services as medical care isn’t an infinite resource. Doctor’s appointments will undoubtedly be rationed to cut costs.

This is evident when looking at Canada’s current healthcare system. The country has a serious problem with efficiently meeting its people’s needs for medical care under their current system.

Canada’s system is inferior when it comes to delivering medical care efficiently. Canadian residents are using the hashtag #CanadaWAITS on Twitter to describe their frustration at how long they’ve had to wait to see their family doctor, have surgery or undergo tests. The quotes that some Canadians’ have used to describe their experiences waiting for medical care include “excruciating” and “insane.” These descriptions seem to be entirely accurate. One primary care physician in Canada said that her patient had to wait more than four years to see a neurologist.

Many Canadians go to other countries, including the United States, to have health care procedures done because the way in Canada is so long. Angela Burgela, an art gallery owner in Canada, said that she decided to go to the Cayman Islands to have a hip replacement done because she could not tolerate waiting for a hip replacement in Canada — especially as she was suffering from severe pain and limited mobility from her condition. Burgela paid about $18,000 CAD for the hospital stay and cost of surgery overseas.

So, just how long do Canadians have to wait to see a doctor? In a recent survey by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Canada had the most extended wait times for non-emergency surgeries and specialists. They were dead last out of eleven developed countries, including the United States, Germany, Australia and France. The average wait time to see a specialist in Canada is just over nine weeks. Not surprisingly, emergency room wait times for the longest in Canada, as well. Twenty-nine percent of Canadians reported wait times of more than four hours for emergency room care.

A 2016 report by the Fraser Institute found that Canadian Healthcare leads to many negative consequences such as increased suffering, mental anguish and pain. It also results in poorer medical outcomes for chronic diseases and turns reversible illnesses into irreversible conditions.

Our current employer-based insurance system already works quite well. There is no need to turn it into a system that will be prohibitively expensive, ineffective and could lead to poorer health outcomes.

~ Conservative Zone

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53 thoughts on “Just How Long Do Canadians Have To Wait To See A Doctor?”

  1. That system sounds good at first but it cost lots of money to set-up system. Just think they would have to set up immediately
    for how many folk in the United States! That is not realistic, nor practical.

    1. I’d rather wait than not have access to any care at all. The reason for a wait is there are not enough doctors because instead of those who can afford care, every citizen will have care. We already have a medical system called Medicare. Expand it to include all citizens. This way we can eliminate medicaid, and the VA to this. Every citizen should pay a tax. Companies would not have to provide healthcare, but they too need to pay a tax. If people decline to use this service, then they should pay anyway.

      1. Did you read the article? Medicare is going broke. You cannot tax the workers high enough to provide “free” medical care for all.

  2. If you like single payer look at USA vet. program. Pick a number and wait in line. You could die like120 did in Arizona Vet. program. I though Bernie Sander’s health care was free, now, a 7 % tax will cover it-REALLY !!!!

      1. I have never seen such CRAP in all my days.
        I am 75.and live in Saskatchewan. I also have several close relatives in the USA. I saw with my own eyes how my daughter was charged 33,500 for 55 hours in hospital … and many tests. The exact same procedures in Canada would have cost around $12K
        I don’t know a single doctor or a single person who would trade our system for Yours. NOT ONE.!!! I have had many serious operations including open heart surgery. I was seen immediately … Only people with non serious elective surgery are forced to wait. Our system operates for about half the cost of yours. My sister is now dying of cancer… but has always recieved the best of care.
        We pay for it with a 5-7% GST…goods and services tax…the fairest tax of all. plus about 50 cents a gallon in gasoline tax. Our system does have minor flaws but NOTHING LIKE YOURS.

        1. The greatest puzzle of all for me … is that the USA has a close neighbor where about 98% are quite satisfied and still they refuse to copy… even a modified version of our system. TRULY AMAZING.
          i watch American TV almost exclusively CNN and Fox news and you poor Americans seem totally incapable of accepting the fact that somebody else in the world could have a system SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT than yours.
          Generally speaking i have a lot of admiration for the USA, especially the first amendment. But in health care you are close to the bottom

        2. My brother-in-law was a Canadian citizen who waited 6 months to see an orthopedic surgeon for a pain in his back. By the time he actually saw the specialist, his SPINAL BONE CANCER was inoperable. That bone cancer would have been diagnosed and operated on within THREE DAYS in America.

          As it was, by the time he saw the specialist it was too late. His bone cancer was inoperable. He was given sedatives and pain killers and sent home to die in agony.

          The reason why Joe Berger doesn’t know any Canadian citizens who would exchange their Canadian health system for America’s is because all of the Canadian citizens who would exchange their Canadian health system for America’s are DEAD.

      2. More right-wing propaganda that simply isn’t true. Canada’s health system is far more efficient than ours and this “waiting time” argument is a canard – a farce perpetrated on the simple-minded rubes who vote for human garbage like Donald J. Trump!

        1. Tell that to the Canadian Family Practice doctor who applied for and was granted immigrant status to move to Irving, Texas. He was our family doctor until he retired. He said the Canadian system was a farce perpetrated on simple-minded rubes who vote for anything that has the word “Free” on the label.

  3. Very Interesting and enlightening article. Thanks you for shedding light on the “Single-Payer” system.
    And you could really use a proof reader!

    1. It really was a great article. Too bad the “progressives” and the “liberals” are so deficient in mathematical computations they can’t figure out what a “single payer” system actually costs, or how the governments that have “single payer” systems actually make ends meet.

      In Sweden, the tax rate is 86%. Yeah, they expect you to pay for your life with 14% of your salary. The government takes the rest.

      In Germany, they have prisons that are run according to the Geneva Convention for the treatment of prisoners of war. Their judicial system is “majority rule”. There is no trial by jury, you are tried by a panel of judges. And there is never a “hung jury” since the panel of Judges is always an odd number. That’s to save enough money to pay for their socialized medical system. In Sweden, they claim that they have “trial by jury” because SOME of the judges are voted into office by the people. That is what they call a “jury” in Sweden. The rest of the panel of judges (just like in Germany) are appointed by the government. There is no “empanelling” the jury. You don’t get to pick.

      Or, you could just watch the Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders debate where someone who can actually do the math explains just how expensive “Medicare for everyone” would actually cost.

  4. AGREE
    There is nothing stopping Sanders,or any other socialist from moving to a socialist country. Try Venezuela or Cuba so he can see how all that works out. He shouldn’t be allowed to inflict it on us.

    1. How about try a 100% capitalist country like Nicaragua? Stop with the scare tactics those countries you mentioned are not comparable. Somewhere in the middle works, obviously, and the US is the ONLY 1st world nation that doesn’t have universal healthcare that other countries DO and love it. You don’t see them rioting for a private system for a reason. Remember, all these countries USED TO HAVE private systems. They realize that is inefficient, expensive and insurance companies shouldn’t determine your healthcare. NONE want a private system – just like military and roads and basic infrastructure, some things ARE best centrally managed.

  5. The pro Obamacare people should learn something from this but, they probably will not; because, they are a bunch of uninformed idiots who no didley about health care.

  6. Our system us what we need. Less intervention from the government not more. Medicare was developed for the elderly not those who don’t want to work. Why should we pay more for people to sit home and benefit off the taxpayers? We need to keep our current system. It works well if properly used.

  7. I am a dual (US-Canadian) citizen who has for the past 20 years lived in the United States. My experience, comparing the delivery of health care in the two countries, is that they are quite comparable. That said, I asked ten fellow Canadians, ranging in age from early 20s to 75 if their experience was as dreadful as portrayed in the story above. They all laughed and said they would dispute all of the rhetoric as just that. All reside in Canada only.

    Please understand that I donot support a universal single payer system for the United States. Medical delivery here is tort-based with medical professionals required to practice medicine defensively. This is particularly challenging in the USA where every plaintiff has the right to opt for a jury trial. Thank God Canada has not built that into its constitution.

    1. Robert, I am sure you know many more Canadians than I do, but I have worked with four people (engineers) from Canada in the last 10 years or so. They all had some complaints. The biggest complaint though was the cost… High taxes and still had to pay some out-of-pocket expenses, mainly prescription drugs.
      I also had the privilege to work with some Germans about 12 to 15 years ago, and they also complained about high taxes and extra out-of-pocket expenses. Workers in both countries pay high income taxes and out-of-pocket expenses and lack luster service.
      I prefer what we had before the So called “Affordable Care act”. I paid a lot less for my employer provided health insurance before the ACA. NO SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM!

      1. As a travel RN I worked with nurses from Canada working here in the US. They told me of long wait times no matter the emergency. The one thing they were adamant about is that we definitely do not want their healthcare system here. They were travel nursing here because nursing jobs were scarce in Canada.

    2. We are seeing the operation of a single payer system in the US – it is Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the doctors and hospitals are very reluctant to see Medicaid people because there are so many of them and they are not being paid enough to give them descent care. Medicare is a little different in that most of these people were on some form of fully funded medical insurance. The doctors are still clearly paying a significant amount of the cost of seeing these people and cringe every time that they have to give them a prescription for medication that forces them to return monthly (such as opium-like drugs). They give people almost 5 minutes of time with the Doctor, of which 2 minutes is listening to your heart and lungs – you are in there for at least an hour 30 – 40 minutes waiting and a few minutes with the nurse. This is now considered health care – they take all of their information off prescribed one-size-fits-all regulations from Medicare. Just hoping we die off before it costs them too much.

      As far as single payer in Canada, we are not by any means worse than them. Their system is perfect for those who do not get sick, but pathetic if you need something special. Where do they go if they need special services – to the US, where else? The lunacy of the concept is so mind-boggling stupid that I cannot believe that anyone even considered it as a viable alternative. OK so we need some way to supply uniform health care to the poor, so let’s make health care uniformly poor for everybody – isn’t that what they are saying? Yes, it is. In order to control the costs, they have to keep people from getting sick. The way to do that is to make sure that they go to the doctor a lot so they get sick and die. Problem solved.

      Real answer – take care of your self, stay away from the medical profession and learn how to produce your own medicines. You can find out on the internet a lot about things that work and have been proven over the years. Learn about them and how to make them, if you need a doctor for something that you can’t fix yourself, then you will have to go, but have lots of money saved up to do so. Don’t let them do a small portion of an MRI on you – do the full scan – pay the extra if you have to. The MRI’s magnetics drive out more damned little critters than any known drug, but they give you an arm shot or a leg shot so they live on elsewhere.
      If you feel that you must have insurance, get together with others and form a health benefits group like Medishare. Don’t give your money away – if you have enough people, you can negotiate a reasonable set of costs based on your groups background.

      Why in the world do you think it is that seniors are on their own single payer? The insurance companies don’t want to cover someone who is known to get sick. They were dead set against being forced to accept people with pre-existing conditions for that very reason. As soon as a person became ill, the company who insured them raised the cost to their employer who then manufactured a reason to get out of employing the person – like he could no longer do his job. Or they forced them out by raising the price so high that they could no longer pay it. So they were forced onto government insurance which is a game for con artists and the costs are exorbitant to the tax payer at that point.

      Face it, no matter which way we go, the health care is going to be government controlled peanuts for the peons and full care with bonuses for the elites. The only way you can escape it is to take care of yourself. Make like Rambo!

      1. As far as tort-based goes, that is an excuse. For some reason about 1970 the lawyers of this country suddenly discovered that everything that a doctor did was actionable and they could get huge pay offs – before that not so. I don’t think the Constitution changed, the liberals got loose – guess who made all those laws in the first place. But the reason was that somebody found that it was a good pay day. Not that the laws changed. They seem to think that insurance is a free source of income, so it is abused. It all goes back to lawyers. The lawyers make the laws and they abuse them the most. If the doctors didn’t have so much money, and so many of them weren’t quacks, they wouldn’t have any problems. In the past, people didn’t second guess their doctor. I still won’t, but I have had plenty of reason to do so.

  8. This article would have more interest and impact if someone had reviewed the writing and made the grammatical and spelling corrections. Some of these mistakes cause an unclear understanding of what is being said. Sad. I see way too much sloppy writing that has obviously not been proofed prior to print.

  9. Even when the liberals read articles similar to this one, they will never stop their desire and push for a socialist health care system. It is not about providing responsive and quality health care. It is simply how to gain more power over citizens by a socialistic government. The liberals do not want a two party system. They want a one party system. That doesn’t mean that the current US system is ideal. It has many flaws. The biggest flaw is that the federal government still wants control by being able to create winners and losers in the health care system. What the health system needs is to get government completely out of health care and to allow the sale of health insurance across state lines and thus create a system where competition thrives. The federal government also can assist to reduce costs by limiting law suits for doctors, help eliminate frivolous law suits etc.

  10. The Canadian model, and the sandercare model, will result in a clone of the current Veterans Administration health care model where waits for care are too long, and in my case, resulting in the further deterioration of health to the point of sometimes death! Bad system.

  11. What do you expect from a communist, a socialist? Low information folks have a hard time assembling fact and making rational thought. Then you have those who fell prey to “what is referred as an educator” indoctrinated into the communist manifesto and read such things as mein kampf. This disease of mind spreads like cancer.

    1. There is nothing wrong with reading mein kampf and the communist manifesto.
      It is a good idea to know your enemy.

  12. Cherry Picking.
    Can’t we really do better?
    France does. They pay 2/3 less and are rated #1 in healthcare.

    I am a disabled Vet, getting care from the VA system.
    I sometimes have to wait months to get my appointments.
    The problem has become worse under the current administration.
    I don’t blame the President, I blame the VA’s inability to provide staffing (competent physicians), and cost cutting measures that have been recently implemented.
    There is a nationwide physician shortage. Of course it has been made worse due to the ACA but that should have been expected. You can’t add people receiving healthcare and expect current physician levels to add those to their rolls.
    Care will and does suffer.
    Simple Economics is supply and demand.. the demand increased but not the supply (medical personnel). Costs naturally rise.
    Where is the plans to increase medical staffing.. silence from Trump, silence from Obama.
    Our government needs to look there.. but they are not.

    1. Obama did look there. He effectively cut doctors income providing a disincentive to enter the profession. Tort reform, such as looser pays costs or limiting payouts to reasonable amounts would reduce the cost of malpractice insurance, a major expense for doctors, and their patients.

  13. This article is misleading. Most Canadians get to see doctors promptly – and when they are in a life threatening situation, at the hospital the triage system works – and makes sure that they are being looked t immediately. Yes, there are waiting times for such procedures as hip and knee replacements about 3-6 months depending on the province and local conditions. However, the patient does not pay anything for the surgery, doctors, hospital stays {except the incremental amount, if they want a semi-private or private room] and medications – no co-payee issue. No one in Canada ever declares bankruptcy because of medical reasons.
    At any rate, the system works better than the medical system in the US. We in Canada have almost two years longer longevity than Americans, lower infant mortality rates and better preventive medical care – despite having many remote communities in the north where it is difficult to provide services. We spent some 4% less of our GDP on medical care than Americans – as we don’t have to pay for the medical insurance industry that is interested in profit making. The Canadian medical system is overwhelmingly popular in Canada – and no politician in Canada would advocate replacing it with the American system .
    Of course, in a country of some 36 million, one would find a few discontented people who might have had some most unfortunate – and exceedingly exceptional – experiences. But those are not typical experiences- and your article is misleading by highlighting those incidents and not referring to the overwhelming of the Canadian medical system with the vast majority of Canadians.
    Please post this comment, as you don’t want to appear to be a propagandist site that believes that facts are irrelevant and only ideological obsessions should be paramount .

    1. Dear One, what makes you think you aren’t paying for your healthcare??? You pay for it in taxes and any way government can think of to take our money from us. Nothing in life is free, especially from any government! When the tax you pay now isn’t covering the expense, they will raise it, and continue to raise it over and again. This lie that socialist/communist politicians put out there that we get “freebies” from them is so ludicrous and outrageous, and I have such a difficult time believing that there are so many gullible and ignorant people believing their nonsense. The government taking over every aspect of our lives is only meant to control us and give them the power to give us whatever they want. Get the government out of our lives – they are not our God or ruler! They are not smarter than we are nor know what’s best for each of us. In fact, it’s the opposite. The original creation of government was not for this reason.

      1. You already pay almost the SAME taxes in the US as you would in Canada. Why shouldn’t you actually get something for the taxes you pay?? Instead of having it all go to medicaid and administration – why not actual care for you? WHY should businesses have to pay for part of your healthcare, speaking of freedoms? Also, the amount of taxes you pay that goes towards healthcare in Canada is very small compared to what you pay in the US for healthcare outside of the tax system for most people – this is well known – see the facts. I have calculated this many times in my 10 years here and we are good wage earners. It’s always cheaper in Canada when you look at total cost.
        Plus, if you ever lose your job, have a major health issue – you won’t be bankrupt. The Gov’t has a place in SOME matters otherwise we’d have anarchy. Are you against police service? roads? I’m all for lean gov’t, believe me, but healthcare is one area that is makes 100% sense to have it available to all citizens. It’s way more efficient -and in the US system there is basically a monopoly (you really don’t get a choice -so you are owned by big business – how is that better?) where insurance companies decide your treatment and there is so much fraud and waste that YOU pay for. There is a reason why the US is the ONLY 1st world country in the west who doesn’t have healthcare universally and everyone has it and LOVES IT!!

  14. The government should not be involved in health care for one simple reason, if they can give it, they can take it from you. All about control, they don’t care about people, only at election time. If you think your congressman cares about you, ask him to show you your special bunker in case of a nuclear attack.
    Went on Medicare Dec. 1st. On the 16th they started rejecting authorizations of meds. My Dr. said they were diagnosing me from afar, not knowing my situation, still trying to get things straightened out.
    Raised part “B” 30% last year and said they may raise it again. Soon part b could be a major portion of what you get. However, it’s a great way to get rid of the Baby Boomers.

  15. I get weary about information concerning Medicare that overlooks certain facts. I received $1,000. Social Security. Out of that I pay $150 per month for Medicare premiums. The basic Medicare does not pay for many things, so most Seniors have supplemental plans, for which they pay an additional premium. My premium is $400 per month. So, out of the $1,000 of income, I pay $550 for medical insurance. Quit indicating that we Seniors are receiving our medical free. It simply is not so. And if there would be a general audit of this system, I am sure fraud is rife and there are many areas that could be changed to balance this fund.

    1. The most egregious offense in the rising cost and diminishing service of our medicare and medicaid systems is how brand new immigrants with no prior investment in either system are automatically enrolled. In previous years, immigrants had to have sponsors who became responsible for their living expenses, and could not file for any public funding benefits – welfare, housing, etc This has ballooned enrollment and driven up costs especially in states like New York who have no interest in managing costs and saving taxpayer money.

  16. I know a woman who loves on Canada. Her sister was diagnosed with gall stones 30 yrs ago. They don’t remove them there because it’s a condition that ppl can live with. She died 5 yrs. ago of gallbladder cancer. I’m sure the stones sitting in there all those yrs had nothing to do with it.

  17. My Canadian friend waited 18 months for a double hernia operation, and he is a government employee. Now he is on sick leave which will last past his retirement date. When I lived there the cost per person was $1,600 per person in taxes, or $6,400 for a family of four. My BCBS cost 50% more than when I lived in the USA. BTW, OHIP only covers you while you are “IN Hospital”, that minute you step out of the hospital, your private health insurance takes over. Doctors are Govt. employees, and their annual salary in 2000 was $97,500, PERIOD. Wonder why there are fewer studying to be one?

  18. Insurance for good healthcare is very expensive, we should make it more competitive. A law was passed years ago that was to make our policies understandable. Rule of thumb, If you don’t understand it will cost you money !!!!! We also have to set limits on compensations awarded, most tests are not necessary they do them to deter lawsuits. The problem is most Americans are looking for excuses for lawsuits, and the people that have honest cases suffer because of all the fraud !!!!

  19. After reading this, I have to disagree about Canada. I am married to a Canadian and lived in Canada for the first two years of our marriage. We never had to wait to get in to see the doctor unless it was a specialist for elective services or surgeries. I encountered another couple like us who had immigrated to the USA and when the husband got cancer, they moved back to Canada so he could get treatment, because they could not afford the insurance here. Long wait times in doctor offices and emergency rooms for Canada were cited in the article. If you live in a large city in he USA you experience the same thing. Overall, I love President Trump and what he is doing, but medicare for all is a better solution and takes the emphasis off profit for the insurance companies and puts it back on patient care. The insurance companies are inating the cost of medical care to the point of obscenity.

  20. Someone tell that lib socialist commie that nothing is free!! When half the country lives as well as the half that works, the half that works will then quit to stay home like the bums do!! Then there is no money coming into the gov’t coffers and other people’s money runs out!! done deal!!

    TO WAIT”…….We met a US DOCTOR FROM AMERICA, and any Medical Office in Canada can tell you the horrors of letting
    your complacent Congressmen and women make the decisions ” FOR THE CITIZENS, and then heap piles of benefits for
    themselves and their ‘best buddies’ in parliamentary procedures.” America’s Congress have the same problem of those
    who “borrow sums from the “U.S. Social Security System (private citizens’ private payment depository for retirement, and
    IT IS TIME FOR THE U.S. CITIZENS TO VOTE ON CONGRESS’S TERM LIMITS! Today’s Citizen voters need to meet and greet

  22. Hey Bernie how about we Americans that pay your health care get the same plan you get along with the health subsidies you get that we pay for. What is so complicated about that????? Just like all your programs what is good for us is not good for you.

  23. I have seen government run health care in countries like Norway, Germany Sweden and Denmark because I lived there for a number of years. Under their government run health care, AKA socialized medicine, rationing has been practiced for decades. I still hear from my friends there and they say it is much worse.

    In a government run health system, many have to wait months and even years to get needed procedures or care for some of their problems. Quite a few of them die before they receive that treatment. Corrupt government officials will use health care as a tool of control. Hitler did it in Germany. The Soviets did it and so do many other socialized nations.

    In my opinion, government run health care is one more step to Totalitarian Socialism in the United States. I have seen first hand what government run health care can do and trust me. If you vote in the politicians that want to implement government run one payer health care, you will be kicking yourself in the long run. Of course, Bernie Sanders thinks it is a great idea. He has even admitted to being a Socialist. Like the rest of the Democrats and RINO politicians, he will be exempt so why should he care about the people?

    1. That must be why people in these countries are rioting and protesting to go back to private systems, right? Oh wait, most have satisfaction rates in the high 90+%. Virtually 0% want to go back to a private system, only a few want improvements to the current gov’t system. ROFL – get a grip, your facts are completely false scare tactics.

  24. Health care rationing takes place in the U.S. Those who have money have access. Those lacking money lack access.

  25. WOW so much crap. I grew up in Canada and lived there 30 years. I’ve not lived in the US for 10 due to my husband’s job. We have great insurance. All of my family lives in Canada. The single payer, Canadian system is 100 times better than the US system. Last time I was home to Canada I literally WALKED IN to the doctor, had my annual ladies exam, had a mammogram THAT DAY, all for zip. My family has dealt with everything from cancer, major heart surgery, babies (you get home nurse visits, no hauling your baby in to the doctor), mental health and even weight loss (my brother is going through a program now where he gets free service from a psychologist, personal trainer, free gym membership, and nutritionist right now). All this is done more cheaply in the in the US because of the PROCESS and lack of admin. Read the stats – Canadians live in fear of the US system for obvious reasons and LOVE single payer. They USED TO HAVE the US system, a private system, before – no one wants that again, not even the doctors! Research before you spread lies. As a conservative person in many ways, I regret I’ll have to find another site since the information here cannot be trusted.

  26. Let Bernie and his buddies try the single payer system first. Maybe we send them to Canada and make them wait. It’s so easy to propose something for other people when what the slimy socialist “bern” won’t affect him at all. It would be just like Obama care. We need an amendment to the constitution that says any congressman or senator cannot make a law and exclude themselves from that law. If that was the case Obama care would have been repealed by now.

  27. We actually have two viable examples of government-run health care in the U.S. For an up-close look at either, just pay a visit to a V.A. facility or an Indian reservation… oops, I mean “a Native-American” health care/hospital. This is what we’ll have with a one-payer system very soon into it. Happy days…

  28. Talking to a resident of Scotland, he states the NHS is broke. Cannot get a blood test to analyze his problem because it is too expensive. Not sure if he can get a private test as they may not have private labs available. If you get to see a doctor after months of waiting they don’t so much to help.
    Pay attention America!!! We don’t want any part of that type of system.

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