Kate Steinle, Murdered by Illegal Immigrant, is Now a Posthumous “Racist”

In yet another outrage perpetrated and allowed by the liberal university system, a beautiful, young American student is unjustly held up as a poster child for hatred. In perhaps a new low, however, this student is being insulted after her death — her murder, actually.

Former University of California San Diego (USCD) student Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2015. The person who did this was acquitted on both murder and manslaughter charges. His argument? The shooting was an “accident.” The story doesn’t end there – actually, the incident would have received no attention in mainstream media were not for the heinous politicization that occurred after.

Conservative USCD students, recognizing the grave injustice that had befallen their classmate and friend, chose to honor her memory as best they possibly could. They began to put up posters of Kate around campus, adorned with the caption, “She had dreams, too.” You would be hard pressed to find a political message on either side of the spectrum from the innocent message, “She had dreams, too.”

Keep in mind this was a girl who was unjustly murdered, and her killer completely acquitted of all charges.

These posters were placed around campus on December 7th. By the next day, all of the posters had disappeared.

Activists soon found out who the culprits were — other students. Not surprisingly, these students were found to be left-leaning, race-baiting extremists who took it upon themselves to take offense at an innocuous picture with an innocuous caption of a girl who had been murdered in the street. On December 11th, the terrorists took full credit for their actions. The UCSD College Democrats issued an official statement declaring the posters of Kate “racist propaganda.”

Racist propaganda?

Is the pronoun “she” racist?

Is the verb “had” racist?

Is the noun “dreams” racist?

What is “too,” an adverb? Is it racist?

By the way, the Steinle family stated expressly that they were against any politicization of Kate’s death on either side, for any skeptic who thought that they somehow meant to deliver some message through the poster campaign.

There is really nothing else to say to conservatives about this. A beautiful young girl is dead, and liberals somehow turned that into racism. It’s time to speak to our left-leaning American brothers and sisters. We need to come to some sort of agreement about reality before blind political extremism takes this country beyond the point of no return.

Liberals, when will you realize that the stated talking points of your chosen political alliance do not trump the lives of your political opponents? What do you gain by allowing a murderer to walk free, and what do you gain by stifling the understandable outpouring of grief for a daughter, friend and student?

Here is the answer — you gain nothing, but you create something: anger.

There is no coming back from death. When you politicize it, then you open the doors to tragedy. When an ally of yours is taken in an “accident,” you will receive no mercy or pity. You will suffer in your grief for that much longer knowing that you started the descent of our shared human consciousness into this all out political war.

When politics becomes the primary and only goal, America loses. After all, the purpose of our political structure is to determine how to best disseminate resources to our shared benefit. All of us partake in the same system. We drink from the same well. Right now, that well is filled with the blood of one of our best and brightest young people.

Kate represents all of us. She represents you. The respect that you give her is the respect that you can expect to receive.

~ Conservative Zone

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44 thoughts on “Kate Steinle, Murdered by Illegal Immigrant, is Now a Posthumous “Racist””

    1. Liberalism= first Socialism (We’re already there) next remove the second amendment ( They’re working on that one) Finally (you are totally right ) Communism !!!

      1. No. If that was MY daughter, I would not accidentally kill him… I would INTENTIONALLY kill him and anyone that tried to stop me. I would do it publically to let all know that I, as a parent and US citizen will not tolerate the several types of justice that seems to be the general rule of law – one set of laws for illegals, immigrants, refugees [who obviously can do no wrong] – another set for “people of color” [who want all to be “color-blind” until it suits their purpose], and another set of laws for whites, who’s biggest crime they have commited is the one that they have no control over – being born white and therefore a beneficiary of “white priviledge”. If these liberals are so stupid that they let him go – “accident” or not, – they are a bigger problem then the scum they are releasing [defending, supporting, etc].

    2. How long does America have to put up with these Commie leftist
      Trump-Hating Scum? If I had my way, every stinking illegal immigrant would be sent back to the country they came to avoid letting people like this SCUM OF THE EARTH to ever set foot in America. It is time for these stupid, ignorant politicians to DROP THE HAMMER !!

  1. Why is it that those in authority choose to protect the pig ignorant assholes that enter the country illegally rather than their own countrymen and women, what is wrong with these jerks they are not fit to hold a position of responsibility but what can be expected from corrupt democrat shitheads. Get this judge arrested and jailed for the rest of his miserable life and if the illegal has been caught hang the bastard.

      1. Truthfully, the DNC was “bought and paid for”, in the 60’s, by CPUSA- – better known as “communist party USA. We should, hereafter, refer to that party as “communist DNC”. In case you were not award, just prior to being selected Speaker of the House, nutty nan from SF was a “spokesperson” for CPUSA–she had to resign that position prior to taking the gavel and proceeded to deny any association with that group. At one time you could access the membership list for the commie group and we could count 80-plus members of our US Congress who also belonged to that nefarious bunch. The list has, since that time, been removed from public view.

  2. To call those posters of Kate “racist propaganda” is an atrocity. The USCD College Democrat “Perps” who tore those posters of Kate down should be booted from college, and never be allowed to return to any college in the United States of America. What a bunch of sick pieces of low life, stinking trash. The USDC College Democrats organization has shown itself to be a racist, race baiting cesspool of scum with their actions, and should likewise be banned from campus just like the KKK.

  3. The leftists cannot really be classified as part of the human race any longer. Send them to Saudi Arabia where they will fit right in.

    1. Just be sure you duct tape Bibles to them and have them wear shirts & hats that say “Jesus is Lord!” and ” Jesus, The Son of God!”

  4. These left wing Marxist/Liberal/Democratic Traitors along with their likewise Anti-American Teachers/Instructors in the educational system from Kindergarten to the Universities that are responsible for this…will eventually get what they deserve……. ??

  5. I would like to sum up shortly, most things that I have been
    Reading and hearing, that occured in America, last year.
    Let start from recently : NewsWeek came with a headline:
    This headline makes Newsweek – A Criminal against human race.
    When Leftist Media complaints for Trump attitude to them – they
    Had better be advised, to thank the “wood and stones” they
    Worship (cause there is no way they believe in God) , thank it
    For not getting sued by Mr. Donald Trump and many other good American people, who are being abused for a long time by them and the incited mob that follows them, and follows Obama.
    Eight years of Obama as President -were totaly destructive for
    The American Nation.
    BECAUSE – since than, there was only one issue in America – the
    issue of the RACE. Wow. How much can a sane person absorb
    Of that shit ???!!
    Stupid retarded Michell Obama, when she entered the White House
    Instead of seeing that, and passing the message to the American
    Nation – that Afro-American had become not only equal, but on
    A higher position than the average American, and thus raise the
    Spirit of a large part of the population – instead of that, she began
    Immedialty, to whine and complaint everyday, that “She cannot
    Relax, knowing that slaves had buiilt the White House”.
    She had been spreading grudge and hate over the sky of USA.
    The Former Presidential coupple, did not behave as that.
    But as a part of scheme team. Obama secretly supported
    American Muslims Brotherhood – a gang which is to my knowledge,
    Banned in USA. Oh Yes, He would look nice in photograph
    With children and pets. What more is needed to drool upon, by
    But, Cunning Obama, is nowadays, organizing in Chicago,
    Global conventions “for young leaders” (so he called the stupid
    Flattered person from many countries which are invited to have
    Some brainwash from from an Iranian regime supporter, Obama).
    The Democratic Party is a greenhouse to many evildoers – like
    Keath Elisson and others.
    It also encourages the stalinist spirit that grips the academy.
    The leftists behaviour, as shown in the universities, is violent, but
    It is almost impossible to get justice these days in USA courts.
    No wonder, those students had no brakes,
    And a defamation of a young womans reputation, is somthing
    They used to do – if they suspect that she is not a narrow minded
    leftist like them.

    1. This is ALL the result of hippies and flower power children aging, reproducing, but NOT having progeny that lived – brain dead liberals – now reproducing with brain dead reproductions of themselves and grandparents…runs in cycles, what goes around comes around, and the UP SIDE of it all is that NONE of them have ANY CLUE, and the party and [bowel] movement is cannibalizing itself into total destruction.
      Democratic Party – party of southern slave owners – party of KKK – SOON to be a party of NONE!!

  6. I would like to add one more fact : under the dark reign of the
    Obamas, a new word had come up : White Supremacist.
    I love the singer Johnny Cash.
    One day I hear, that he was labled as “white suoremacist”.
    And I read the urgent letter that his family published to the press.
    Are you not ashamed of yourself? Bloody lefstist?
    You are worse than Islamic Taliban in Afganistan. The creatures
    That your dear soldiers have been fighting for years.
    By destroying American History, you contribute to ignorance.
    By reducing, diminutive, your rival, you wish to add to your
    Self esteem. You leftist are so miserable.

  7. The day of reckoning is coming. And all the wrongs and wrong doing will be held in judgment. The Devil tongues and forked tongued leftist will be responsible for all of their undoings. I believe in helping people out but this has gotten way out of hand. The Left truly has no morals or values. They believe in nothing sacred or Country bounding. Its like they want everything to be a free for all. We all know what a country with no order would be like. Until it comes to their own. Then its like, how dare you do this to meeeee. Unbelievable. And their sorry ass champion Obama is the worst of them all. Thank God they didn’t have anything to do with this Country back during the revolution. We wouldn’t be writing our opinions. No spine, no soul, no glory. They just don’t get it. Very sad sad thing

  8. It is difficult to comprehend the actions of anyone who would stoop so low as to denigrate and slander someone they do not personally know. I would be willing to bet that the despicable individuals who committed theses acts do not have the courage to stand in front of a microphone and tv camera and admit that they are responsible for removing the pictures of Kate and claiming that her picture represents a racist program.

  9. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Department issued a shocking report showing 124 illegal immigrant criminals have been charged with murder AFTER the Obama administration released them from jail. That figure didn’t even account for illegal immigrants released from over 300 “sanctuary cities” such as San Francisco, where Kate Steinle was gunned down by a criminal who had already been deported five times. That murderer was caught again – but San Francisco intellectual jury liberated that murderer after another trial.
    In 2014 alone, over 30,000 criminal aliens freed from jail had been convicted for a total of 92,347 crimes. Only 3% of those criminal aliens were deported. Thank you B. Hussein Obama and the SF intellectual elite!
    Marc Jeric

  10. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Department issued a shocking report showing 124 illegal immigrant criminals have been charged with murder AFTER the Obama administration released them from jail. That figure didn’t even account for illegal immigrants released from over 300 “sanctuary cities” such as San Francisco, where Kate Steinle was gunned down by a criminal who had already been deported five times. That murderer escaped by recently returned; San Francisco intellectual jury liberated him!
    In 2014 alone, over 30,000 criminal aliens freed from jail had been convicted for a total of 92,347 crimes. Only 3% of those criminal aliens were deported.

  11. “It’s time to speak to our left-leaning American brothers and sisters. We need to come to some sort of agreement about reality before blind political extremism takes this country beyond the point of no return.”

    Perhaps that point has already been reached. Personally, I have no “left-leaning brothers and sisters”. I’m just locked and loaded and eager for the little communist scum to make the first move. Semper Fi!!

    1. You cant reason with these people in order to reason with someone they have to be sane,resonable people leftist are not,they driven onward and downward (blindly I might add)by there hellish agenda that defines who or what they are.

  12. As I see it this was the Muslim FRAUD’S main agenda.Divide and destroy all according to his “manual” Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.The FRAUD and his Crime Syndicate Democrat party are all in on destroying America so Muslims ans Illegals can be their permanent voter base.EVIL has reared it’s ugly head since 2008 fraudulent election

  13. My only comment is that we show ourselves to be no better than the people we are complaining about who are on the left, when we stoop to their level by using filthy language and denigrating them as you are doing. This is also not the American Way and the ones who have responded in this fashion are to me, no better in their behavior than the ones they are commenting upon. Either side, when they stoop this low, are showing a complete lack regard for this country and how it was founded, which includes our founding fathers, and also show themselves to be just as evil as the ones they are trying to comment upon. If we “cannot speak with love we are as an empty cymbal or a clanging gong” – ! Corinthians 13. We are not to show hatred in return for hatred, or evil in return for evil. That is what Jesus taught. God is the one who will do the punishing when it needs to be done, and He will not allow anyone to get away with anything that is wrong, one way or another, even if we may not personally see it for ourselves. I always ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”

    1. What would all these morons on the left and black racist do if all the people they call racist decided to act like them, killing in cold blood defending the illegals who kills their family members, oops almost forgot hate groups like “Black Lives Matters” only cares when a black criminal is shot by police, they have yet to give a crap about the hundreds, even thousands of blacks killed by blacks, black thugs in Chicago have killed babies in drive by shootings, killed mothers walking to the store with their children, etc. Blacks are killing blacks in Memphis, Atlanta, L.A., etc. But where’s “Black Lives Matters”, where’s Obama’s pal, the former White House staff member, who was sent back to Chicago to become Mayor, he and his followers have done nothing. Like his puppet master, Obama, the Mayor called for the U.N. troops to come to Chicago to help with the crime, like Obama, he wants foreign troops controlled by the U.N. to enter the U.S. to help them destroy our Constitutional Republic, remember Obama tried to get the U.N. to come in and take our weapons, remember Obama called our veterans and troops returning from Afghanistan, the real terrorist in America, which he was commenting treason arming Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Remember, Hamas declared war against the U.S. and said they will destroy Israel, the corrupt members of the Senate and Congress allowed Obama to arm our enemies, while U.S. Navy SEALS didn’t have enough arms for each SEAL team member!! Many career U.S. Navy SEALS, officers and enlisted were leaving the Navy, many of the officers were resigning their commissions, why???? Well, has one Lt. Commander and SEAL Team Commander who resigned replied when asked why they were leaving the military, he said, “BECAUSE THEY COULD NO LONGER TRUST THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” MEANING BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, the Islamic enemies man in the White House, Mr. Obama and his followers claimed he was an African-American, the first African-American President how so?? He’s 50% WHITE on his mothers side, almost 50% ARABIC and less than 7% AFRICAN-NEGRO on his fathers side of family. He say’s his name is from an African tribe, wrong, it’s 100% ARABIC. Concerning his WHITE 50%, his two books he wrote, tells how he hates his mothers race, he hates all White nations who created WHITE colonies around the world, one reason he hates the United Kingdom, plus the British put his grandfather in prison for being a radical criminal. Between his books and 8 years as President, he proved who his loyalties are really with, Islam and our Islamic enemies. When running for President he said his poor ole father was just a poor goat herder, wrong, he had been highly educated and went to work in one of Kenya’s worse past governments. Obama’s cousin ran for President of Kenya in 2007 to make Kenya an Islamic and Sharia Law government, with Barack Hussein Obama’s blessings. The people in Kenya weren’t fooled by Obama’s cousin, he was defeated, but his followers went through the Kenyan country side burning Christian villages as pay backs.
      Obama only used blacks for his goals and the black racist groups used him. Many of his so called black followers, such as the black Ministers of Hate, knew his past, that his Obama ancestors were slave traders in the Sudan, before moving to Kenya. Yet he would always bring up slavery and trying to put blame on todays South and Whites. Obama before leaving office gave Black Lives Matters 1 million dollars, Obama pal, another hate America moron, George Soros, gave Black Lives Matters a few million, why so much money to a small group of racist? To recruit and purchase arms. Remember, Soros gives millions to groups such as hate groups, anti Constitutional Republic groups, etc. such as NAACP, ACLU, Southern Law Center, over 70+ such groups. As long as Black hate ministers, racist black politicians, corrupt White and black Marxist, etc. can call people racist and it works the Marxist will win. Look at the huge TEA PARTY rally in Washington, DC several years ago, it was shoulder room only, people wanting America back, then the New Democrat Party, aka Progressives, started calling those attending racist and bigots and people scared to death being called racist and bigots. Thank God the Nazi’s and Japanese didn’t call Americans racist, or the USSR didn’t call Americans racist, the Nazi’s, Communist, etc. would have taken the U.S. without firing a shot. And Americans needs to quit worshipping Hollywood and Sports figures. They are helping to destroy our Republic, most knows nothing about Islam, their to stupid to release if Communism takes over, they will lose all their money and property. If they protest against Islam or Communism, if they take over and these fools see they messed up and protest, the Islamic or Communist will kill them, no free speech. These fools like to call loyal Americans Nazi’s or Communist, to take the facts they are from being known. The liberals have no morals, supports sexual perverts, anti family values, anti Constitution, thinks all one has to say is that their a man or woman, even if their not, they should be called what their not. Every politician who allowed Obama and Clinton to violate laws, comment treason, etc. needs to be voted out of office. Not one member of Congress or the Senate said or did anything knowing Obama was arming Islamic terrorist. Hillary Clinton and Obama lied about Benghazi, covered up the facts, called back troops going to rescue the Americans being attacked by a large Islamic force. Why was Ambassador Smith the real target of the Islamic killers. Did it have anything to do more gun running from the White House and slavery in Libya, was the White House afraid Smith found out and going public that week? Why did Obama call back Delta Force from saving him? Why was a General and Admiral relieved of command for getting soldiers and marines ready to go into Benghazi. It’s no wonder, Pelosi, Waters, Cummings, Wilson and other Democrats and some Republicans supported Clinton and hated Trump, are they afraid of being caught for letting all the treason going on for 8 years. And their lower than snake cramp calling a girl racist who was killed by one of Obama’s illegal aliens!!!!! If our Republic falls, it won’t be due to an invading army, it will be from within by traitors!!

      1. Well put. I was called a racist because I did not vote for Obama. I knew then that there was no hope for the liberals.

    2. Barb, the Lord did not teach us to be stupid. And stupid people do not foresee a take down of a free nation. If you wait until it’s too late for a free nation to recover as a free nation, then you’d deserve all that is coming. To the good people that stand up for freedom is what has made this nation so great. It’s when these liberal people do things underhandedly, get caught doing it, then never held accountable is what will bring a great nation down, just what is happening this very second. America could start by holding a boy named barry soetoro accountable, then work your way down the line holding all accountable for putting a kenya born muslim in America’s highest office for the progression of all the lie’s to help turn this into a damned nation. My father always taught me to find the truth myself, then act upon it and because America does not follow that law’s on our books is the very reason this beautiful girl named Kate was shot in the first place. What happened to Kate is exactly what is going to happen to America if we sit on the side lines and do nothing. Pull your head out of the sand and realize what is going on.

  14. Wow, the libraries hit rock bottom. Then they broke out the blasting equipment to go even lower. If that were my friend or sister, the libraries who took down the posters would learn a little about justice. Where is the ACLU, the right to free speech was infringed upon. Oops, the victim was white, so the ACLU doesn’t care about this.

  15. I believe that this article has missed the main point of what’s going on in America now. The Demonrats are in full anti-Constitutional mode now. Americans don’t have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness any more. Only illegal alien invaders do. The borders should be open, they say, and anyone should come in that wants to. Forget learning to speak English. They won’t be bothered with that and you have to learn their language to communicate with them. Nothing they do should be considered a crime. Driving drunk and killing people is OK. Murder, rape, burglary, assault, child molestation? No problem if you’re an illegal alien invader. Americans deserve to have crimes committed against them, they seem to think, because we are a racist nation that wants border control and to have our immigration laws obeyed. And their children and Dreamers are more precious than ours because we abort a million American babies each year and they bring theirs over the border secretly often under cover of darkness for us to take care of at taxpayer’s expense for all their lives. And they say that they pay taxes, too. And what taxes are those? Sales taxes. Now that’s a real contribution to national operations, isn’t it?

  16. Get these leftist swine out of this country, before they’ll be able to create the same havoc the bolsheviks did by creating the Stalinist nightmare that lasted over 70 years, leading to millions of murdered.

  17. It’s time to stop being nice and SLAP the snot out of some people. I’m getting impatient waiting for an illegal to kill a leftist idol so we can see how they really feel.

  18. Why in the world would a court of law believe the shooting of this American young woman as an accident. Liberal lawyers and judges would rather believe the words of a liar than the words of the family of this woman. I would say it’s interesting how idiots believe anything but the truth, but it’s not interesting, it’s sickening and just dead wrong and should not be tolerated by any American, espically the courts of our land and the people within these courts. God help us when we call evil good and good evil.

  19. The progressive liberal democrats including Senators Gillibrand, Schumer, Warren, Durbin, Sanders, the Clintons and the Obamas are nothing but lying, manipulating, self serving American haters. None of them speak of liberty or freedom and not one of them came out to condemn the murder of Kate Steinle by an Illegal, however, Gillibrand always says “if this is an immigration issue call immediately this number”. Senator Gillibrand is nothing but a liar with her own agenda and unfortunately the MSM protects her butt, listen to the lies she and Schumer spew every day. I will be leaving NY as it has been ruined by the democrats who over tax, overspend, have sanctuary cities which the federal government must close down to protect our children who belong here and have dreams of a better life without the illegals being given special treatment which is what the democrats want, more dumb voters for them. Every city that is in trouble is run by democrats and they blame everyone except themselves. Senator Schumer stood by while Obama sent operatives to through the Israel election from Benjamin Netanyahu to someone Obama could control, Schumer you are a putz and liar all in one along with Gillibrand, Sanders, Warren and Durbin.

  20. How was this racist it does not even include the ANTI GUN message used in posters they DID allow in the past when other victims of crime were actually politicized BY LIBERALS trying to blame the TOOL the criminal misused instead of the ACTUAL perpetrator of the crime.

    The posters did not identify the criminal they did not even give details of the crime it simply pointed out the TRUTH that she like all people have dreams of what they want to accomplish with their lives.

    If these posters are racist then so is every newspaper, politician, etc. that uses any similar wording especially when in support of VIOLATING US LAW by specific races.

    Remember those so vehemently opposed to US LAWS concerning immigration FALSELY think that only one race is crossing the border and that they only do so to ACHIEVE their DREAMS.

    basically ignoring the smuggling, the crime, the terrorists and even gangs who use that same unprotected border who have HARMED even KILLED US citizens. Just like the one that had already been deported repeatedly and committed numerous other crimes before he MURDERED the woman.

    Apparently they feel it is RACIST to point out she was a HUMAN BEING WITH DREAMS when she was not ILLEGALLY in this nation.

  21. Ever notice that these illegals usually dark haired and dark eyes and short usually South American kill young blonds with blue eyes and equal to or taller than the killers. Pure jealousy and they know they don’t stand a chance with these girls so they kill them in one way or other to assuage their anger and jealousy of American girls. And have you noticed that these female activists are usually dark haired with dark eyes and short. Their jealousy is showing through. Perhaps if they paid more attention to their homework they hearts wouldn’t be so dark with jealousy with nice looking people. Personally I like looking at pretty people as I figure God gave us good looking people to look at and I Thank God for that. Why be jealous and laying these people’s jealousy on racism when you can enjoy what God has made. She was a young girl hoping to get a job, meet a good husband and raise a family and a hating jealous man from a culture that uses their male anger to subdue in one way or another the women the male is after without any remorse deliberately took this girls dreams from her and a judge for his own pissy reasons let the killer off. The culture of democrats and activists seems to becoming exactly like the culture the killer came from. Jealous, pissed at someone, good enough reason to kill them.

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