Leftists Furious that Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Want to be “Inclusive”

Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer, sparked an uproar on social media when he stated in a recent interview that Victoria’s Secret focuses on a specific target audience, and doesn’t include models in its show that would not appeal to them.

When addressing the question of why Victoria’s Secret entertainment show doesn’t include models of diverse sizes and backgrounds, Mr. Razek noted that Victoria’s Secret’s audience wasn’t interested in viewing plus size or transsexual models. He noted that the enormously popular show, which is viewed by over one billion people in nearly two hundred countries, is a one of a kind entertainment special that is meant to glamorize a fantasy image of women and that, if Victoria’s Secret were to include different types of models in the show, the show would not be as popular as it currently is.

Activists were furious for a number of reasons. First of all, Mr. Razek had dared to use the term “transsexual” instead of the more commonly utilized term “transgender”. Transgender activists across the nation were furious that such a politically incorrect term was utilized to describe those who don’t want to view themselves as “cis-gender.” Second, the fact that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t want to have men dressed up as women parading on its show was apparently too much for many progressives to handle.

Some claimed that transgender models were the fantasy for many people, and that it is transphobic of Victoria’s Secret to exclude them. Others encouraged like-minded individuals to shop at lingerie outlets that support a progressive agenda. Left-leaning news outlets settled for denigrating Mr. Razek for his point of view. Mic.com compared him to President Donald Trump, while Jezebel said he was out of touch and even used foul language to describe him. A few took issue with Mr. Razek for refusing to include plus size models when other large, well-known brand names are happy to feature them. However, most of the ire was focused on the exclusion of transgender individuals from the show.

The end result of the hoopla was pretty predictable. Ed Razek issued an apology, stating that he was sorry his remarks came across as insensitive. He noted that transgender models have taken part in Victoria’s Secret show castings in the past, and while they didn’t make it to the show the reason they were not given a spot had nothing to do with gender identity.

In an email statement sent to various companies, Mr. Razek stated that he hoped a transgender model would one day win a spot on the show; however, he was careful not to promise such a spot. What is more, it is clear that he is not entirely repentant as he later pointed out that the complaints against his comments were personal in nature, highlighting the hurt feelings of those who hold to a progressive agenda rather than presenting genuine, business-based reasons why Victoria’s Secret should include transgender and plus-size models on its show.

Transgender individuals make up a minuscule portion of the population, but seem to feel that everyone else should go out of their way to accommodate their feelings and preferences. Victoria’s Secret, like any other large, sensible company, is a profit-driven enterprise that is going to focus on providing what its target audience wants to see, and the overwhelming majority of Victoria’s Secret’s viewers want to see fit, cis-gender women walking the runway in scanty lingerie.

There are plenty of other large companies that cater to plus-size and transgender women and individuals from these groups who want to work in modeling should have no problem finding work from such employers. Unfortunately, progressive activists don’t see things in such a clear-cut manner, and continue insisting that those who do not embrace their point of view are intolerant or worse. Given this fact, it is not surprising that the transgender agenda remains deeply unpopular as regular people resent being forced to give up privacy and even their own personal safety in order to please transgender individuals and their supporters.

~ Conservative Zone

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43 thoughts on “Leftists Furious that Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Want to be “Inclusive””

      1. AGREE with you++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    1. talking about fairness, even now the sporting world caved to tyranny. how would you like to get into a boxing match with a male gorilla dressed as tyranny against a female boxer? someone should get DNA sample on the two black tennis tyranny players. my oh my, these two either on sterol or born with male gene y chromosome. by the way what about this tyranny michael moos with that canine teeth whenever he yipping his jaw opens??????

    2. Amen if you wanna be a freak there’s plenty of companies that will sell to you no point in a class company like vc to stoop to your lower level

  1. Normal people owe a duty to themselves, to their children, and to society as a whole to stop reinforcing these trends by participating in the delusions of the so-called trans-sexuals. People who accept other people’s delusions as reality are in fact delusional themselves.

    1. I totally agree. The people with deviant sexual behavior should shut up and be glad for what they have and can use for their own preferences. The ‘normal ‘ people need to stand up for their rights and protect children.

      1. Totally agree! These “politically correct” lunatics are absolutely ruining so many aspects of our society that people as a whole once enjoyed. It is not right to penalize the General public with their fringe theories and pushing this insanity on Society to accommodate a small segment of their delusional culture.
        None of what I just said is politically correct, therefore I will be highly criticized because there is no room in the PC crowd for an opposing opinion. They are guilty of indiscriminately handing out “labels” with little regard for how their narrow views are crippling a once precariously balanced society.

        1. Not from me. We are supposed to have the right to own a business, advertise our merchandise, and display that merchandise in any way we want al long as it is handled in a decent manner. I don’t buy from Victoria Secret because they don’t make suitable wear for 89 years olds but I stand up for their right to not make their things in my size. That is their right. I might add I don’t watch their show either. I don’t enjoy seeing women in their skimpies. I know, I have created some new words here so put away your Dictionary.

  2. The bottom line is that Victoria’s Secret is a private business. The way they conduct that business is determined by what sells and what their customers ask for. They will rise or fall based on how well they do that. They are not obligated to toe some imaginary line in the sand just because a very small group decides they’ve gotten their knickers in a twist. They’ve been extremely successful and have legions of fans the way they do it now. More power to them.

  3. Mr. Razek kinda said that his critics should take a long walk off a short pier which is exactly right. This ” logic ” the left uses is the same logic all of these sniveling bed-wetters apply when talking about illegal immigration. If we don’t conform to their way of thinking they will by God sue us/ protest, break windows/ ( pick one ) till we do. How many men want to see extra large women in sexy clothes? Brrrrr not me.

  4. Within 30 days, Razek is going to be out of a job, VS is going to kowtow & frontline Trannies, queers, etc. and will promise to be inclusive to include trannie g – strings, padded bras, “extra” sized bikinis, etc.
    Keep eyes open…

    1. Must Vehemently Disagree. The Liberal front is a bunch of crazed morally destitute idiots. Those of us with a moral understanding of the Rule of Law will tell them to piss off or they will get tossed in Jail where the inmates will have a lot of fun with them.

  5. “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile”…..Why fight it? With so many stupid demotard voters, we are a lost Republic.

  6. Sorry folks but I don’t want to see a lump in my undies. Unless Victoria Secrets turns to Victor Secrets and starts selling boxers, then you can hire the men to model.

  7. To Hell with the trannies, the queers/faggots/dykes they are ALL going to “ROT IN HELL” for there sins anyway. No one cares what they think, ESPECIALLY demonrats.

  8. I say HOORAY for Mr. Razek. Finally someone with clout has come out and said what most of us feel. Transsexuals do not run the business world and at such a small percentage it’s not worth it to change marketing strategies that have worked for so long.
    I don’t care if they’re if transsexual or paint themselves purple, I am NOT changing my world to accommodate them.

  9. More products of the American Baby boomers that have loosened from their loins, that have now become American Neurotics just like their parents…..Meanwhile the rest of the world is just trying to survive….Shameless little PUNKS

  10. I agree that they should not be able to force VS to cater to the desires of of the “lunatic fringe”. Unfortunately, if they operate under license from State or Federal agencies then the MUST do as they are told as they have accepted the contract. They took the privilege and therefore must pay the price as they are considered to operate in the public. Better to operate in the “private”.

    1. When Someone with a real clue Bats them in the head with a brick. Saying “That is a real Hurt, anything less is whining and you can shut up”

  11. why should the country bend over backwards to accommodate 0.03 percent of the population? They should not be able to dictate what happens in this country.

  12. I agree. This small percentage of the population has, thus far, been able to ram down everyone’s throats their wishes. Schools are allowing them to shower with members of the opposite sex. They use dressing rooms and store bathrooms of the opposite sex. They’re allowed to compete in sports such as wrestling, which gives them an unfair advantage. They’re crazy enough already; now they’re trying to force private businesses to bend to their will. People need to wake up and realize that you’re allowing less than 0.02% of the population tell the rest of the people what to do. Fight back, America! We’ve had enough! You can’t take away the rights of one person (in this case, straight people) and give it to someone else (transgenders) and call it fair and equal. It’s NEVER fair, it’s NEVER equal. People need to totally ignore anyone who’s ‘offended’, otherwise THEY’LL be running the country instead of the normal people.

  13. “one cannot give offense, one can merely take offense”

    they’re like 5 yr olds in adult bodies, whinge, cry, rant and throw a tanty if they don’t get everything their way and like a 5 yr old they need a good spanking to wake them up to reality

    less than 2% of the population are not straight, you don’t celebrate disease, you CURE IT – the insane are running the asylum!

  14. I admit it – I am not a Victoria’s Secret “size”. One time I tried to find something there to titillate my hubby and could not find anything I really felt comfortable wearing. But, they actually had my size so I bought something wore it once to show hubby then never wore again. It may have titillated him but not me. However, I actually enjoy watching the VS models proudly strutting their stuff on the runway in all that seductive lingerie. Used to worry I was bi-sexual. LOL But, then I realized, I don’t have to be a painter to like to go to museums; I don’t have to be a world renowned chef to savor a great meal at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants; I don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to watch the games every four years.

  15. I must live in ignorant land. I didn’t even know there was a “Victoria’s Secret” TV show. Sheesh. Personnally I’ve seen some of the V.S. models and they don’t impress me. In my humble opinion, most models are way to skinny. Hugging a skinny woman is like hugging a bundle of sticks. With that very clear –
    If they don’t like Mr. Razek’s show, they should change the channel. If they Like the show but not the models then maybe they should start themselves their own show like Mr. Razek’s but with the models they prefer. If people really want to see the models the leftists are pushing, their show will be a big success. If not, it won’t. It’s as simple as that. If they don’t want to do that then they should shut the heck up and quit bothering people.

    1. You are proposing a very good alternative. Too bad 0.02% of the population will watch that show and it will go broke in a month or less. Why? Simple, Fringe elements cannot control anything unless we let them. Time to tell them to STFU !

      If you don’t know the acronym email me.

  16. I don’t believe that “transsexual” or “transgender” should have a place in the modeling industry, at all! Our kids are exposed to enough sexual deviance as it is. We have men dressed as women getting into women/girls restrooms and locker rooms and hanging their penis out for all to see. They are sexual predators of the worst kind and we’re supposed to put up with them! If these guys want to be women, they should have their dicks surgically removed, then they would have nothing to hang out. The same goes for Michael Obama!

  17. These IDIOTS need to be happy with their dozen or so media shows/programs they have with gay, queer, lesbian, homo, cross dressing, … It’s the US of A and it’s their Constitutional Right. Whenever we are offended, just change the channel. They even have a TV ad promoting their AIDS/HIV drugs. This was envisioned by old long gone socialist Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto (~1840s), which old dead and buried Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals (1971) put the Manifesto on steroids.
    Now, if we could just rid our primary and secondary schools of this fecal matter. Are we ready for the USSA ?!?! I’m NOT. It’s time to ammo up and get ready for the coming of the New American Revolution, the one against communism. Move over Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Alinsky, you are gonna need more room in Hell for these minions.

  18. Mr. Razek should have stood proud and not have apologized. As a heterosexual male I do not want to see some sleeze-balls package bouncing around in a thong. Nor do I want to see some overweight woman bouncing around like she’s hot, NOT!! They cater to their bread and butter clientele and that is what they as a business are SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! Just get over it and find something else to bitch about!!

    How about this, homosexuality and other deviant behavior is causing global warming and will soon cause the Yellowstone caldera to explode!!

  19. Victory Secret as with any other business is not under the dictates of these lunatics. This is no different that any other product being marketed to a particular segment of the buying public. Why are there shampoos for men and women? Hair is hair what difference does gender make on a soap to wash your hair? Do we now need a Trans-Shampoo or a Trans-Hair Color or a Trans-soap? This crap has gone beyond ridiculous, First Victory Secrets and next the Radio City Music Hall Rockets, can you imagine the ticket sales if half the Rockets were replaced with a bunch of Fat Guys who think they are Females and join the dance line in those form fitting outfits doing those high kicks; I’m sure every parent wants their child traumatized watching a penis and a set of testicles being squished out of the crotch of His custom.

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