Liberal Journalist Calls Conservatives a “Public Health Hazard”

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the globe, yet Ryan Cooper from The Week seems to think that it is conservatives who pose a huge hazard to public health.

In a recent rant, Cooper demonizes a wide range of conservative individuals and companies and ends with an implied wish that conservatives would suffer thousands of casualties as a result of the current pandemic. The hate is both palpable and totally hypocritical coming from someone who professes to believe in “tolerance.”

“Compared to what is needed to combat the crisis, Trump has done basically nothing,” Cooper wrote. “Meanwhile, he and his allies in conservative media have pushed an avalanche of misinformation that will only accelerate the spread of the disease. This is what the conservative movement has become: a gigantic public health hazard for America and the world.”

Even a quick look at the facts makes it clear that Cooper’s rant is far from accurate. Yes, the GOP doesn’t believe in regulating businesses as much as the Democratic Party does. But that has nothing to do with fighting the Coronavirus epidemic. While it is true that President Trump didn’t take drastic measures to combat COVID-19 when the pandemic was in its early stages, the same thing can be said of a large number of world leaders on both sides of the aisle.

European leaders, for instance, were recklessly allowing people to travel to and from Italy even as the number of infected there rose into the tens of thousands. Many nations didn’t even bother drastically limiting travel from China as President Trump did, a move that earned him liberal ridicule and accusations of being “racist.” Even the WHO failed to grasp the seriousness of the situation, and continually urged nations to allow people to travel the globe freely up until it too late.

While some right-wing media personalities wrongly downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic, many others were warning about how dangerous it was long before the mainstream media caught on. Zero Hedge, for instance, warned that COVID-19 could be spread from person to person before the WHO acknowledged that this was the case. Other conservative sources who warned their readers even before the left-wing media did include Michael Snyder, Tucker Carlson, and Michael Savage. They aren’t “outliers”, as Cooper claims. A huge number of conservatives knew what was going on and tried to warn others.

The fact that President Trump is doing everything in his power to combat the coronavirus while providing assistance to those who have lost jobs due to the pandemic is beyond dispute. Even far-left liberals such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have praised the president for the way he is handling the current crisis. Granted, his response may not be perfect, but it’s hard to imagine a Democratic president doing better.

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58 thoughts on “Liberal Journalist Calls Conservatives a “Public Health Hazard””

  1. Who the check is Ryan Cooper ? Is he just trying to make a name for himself by slandering others. Must be a democrat. Is about the only thing their weak minds can do.

    1. Democrats are the ones that are a Public Health Hazard! DemocRATS are the biggest enemy of the country we call USA! If you want to live in a communist country, go to Cuba! No one is trying to get into Venezuela or Cuba! Does that not tell you something you mental midgets!

    2. Another body dropped into the murky pool of liberal journalism. Never heard of him but the message is the same. Ever notice the difference between fake news and real news? Fake news is hateful and full of innuendos, made up stories and unchecked rumors. There is Raving Rubin, who’s last urges for the “Burning down of the conservatives, all of them!” must have earned her a month’s leave to cool down. What else explains her disappearance after her TDS had over performed. The Washing Times depicting conservative congress members as rats. Whining Will, still whining, AOC on the evening squawk demanding a list of names so conservatives never work again and some liberal idiot reporter wants all conservatives deprogrammed? Since when do these overestimated copy boys have a valid opinion on the outcome of a fake election.
      Real News, sorry, I haven’t found any of late.

  2. Mr. Cooper why don’t you take your money and put it where the sun don’t shine. You must really hate yourself, that you can’t find anything good to say about President Trump. Where the hell were you when so many people got sick and died from the swine (H1N1) and BH???? Obama did absolutely nothing. I hope you don’t get the virus, because you are already one.

    1. I agree. Never heard of this scum bag. Part of the problem is conservatives are way too docile, no riots, Burning or looting. It’s the socialist dems that foster burn, Loot, murder and spew hate by the blm marxists.

  3. We all know what is our greatest Pandemic and it isn’t the Covid19. Its the Demon Rats and their socialist goal to destroy us. They have lost all the last battles to beat Trump and they have lost, yet i will give them credit on trying..This virus that “just accidentally go out in China in just time” right after the Demon Rats made fools out of themselves again. How many times do these subhumans have to run their head into a brick wall before they learn?? WE are AMERICANS. we live in one of the greatest countries on earth. AND if you don’t think so , as soon as the Covid 19 , who we all know the DNC and China worked together on to destroy Trumps chance of winning in 2020…lol back fired AGAIN. He is doing better now then before..So you pathetic losers that want to give MY SOCIAL SECURITY money to some loser that never paid a dime into it..KMA…its for AMERICANS…LEARN THAT WORD…its the country that has given you everything you have…your education, your ability to work your job, make money and live a good life…NO not for all..but i didn’t bust my ass to give my money away to someone that sneaks over the border…YOU GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THEM, YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR SITTING ON YOUR ASS IN A ROOM MAKING LIFE DECISIONS FOR ME AND ALL OF US FOR FOUR MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR….THEN WE PAY FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE, YOUR RETIREMENT ECT…soooookeep your greedy evil dirty hands off of our money….

    1. To Donna. Thank you for a perfect comment. Very much appreciated.
      This Cooper person and others who think they are real journalists have been spewing fake news since President Trump was elected. Who listens to any of them? What we the people need to know is what has been removed from this Stimulus package that included the Green Communist New Deal. I hope that Palosie ‘s destructive demands were taken out. There is no longer a Democratic party. The last Democrat that loved our country was JFK.

    2. Donna—I’ll not comment on your spelling and grammatical errors but I do wonder about your worried implication that socialism will destroy us. Why, then, do you accept your Social Security payments. Soc Soc is the epitome of socialism. Medicare, if you’re benefiting from that, is also socialism. Further, the annual happiness index again shows that the Scandinavian countries, way more socialistic than we, have the happiest people in the world. It ain’t because of their warm, balmy climate.

        1. It is run, administered and operationally funded by the government–the essence of socialism. Additionally, employers are government mandated to contribute an amount equal to the payroll tax. Instead of name-calling try educating yourself.

      1. Hey norman i hope you like rat .that is what full blown socialism does. To elect a Democrat president is like having a fox in charge of the hen house. Maga 2020

      2. You haven’t a clue what your talking about. First of all please excuse any word errors as we cant all be as tolerant and perfect as you. Your a typical dem turned commie running around judging everyone else and showing your hypocrisy to all. This is America and we the people like it just the way it is. Should you care for communism than that’s up to you and perhaps you should find another country to live in considering your craving for communism. one thing I can guarantee is that the majority of true Americans will never let you commies take our freedom however give it your best shot.

      3. Bagdad Bob? or Norman ? or whatever name you are using this time.
        I don’t know where you get your disinformation but Social Security payments are similar to having a savings account . We (the people who work) are mandated to pay into the Social Security fund (like a TAX) a specified percentage of our wages into this fund. The original idea was so we would receive a monetary benefit in our old age. The Social Security Fund originally was supposed to be used to basically help retiree’s and disabled it would have been a self sustaining fund. But the Democrats in power at the time saw it was a giant “piggybank” and passed legislation so they could dip into the fund. Over the years different legislation has been passed to allow other government entities to dip into our Social Security pool of money. Our government has taken money from the fund but have you ever heard of them putting it back? If the SS fund was not used as a “piggybank” by the liberals and allowed to collect interest on it’s funds it would be completely self sustaining and there would be no crisis with Social Security for the future.

        Social Security money belongs to the working people and their families who contributed to it. It was not meant to be given out to illegal immigrants who have never contributed a dime or used as welfare benefits for them.

      4. Try again norman! But don’t single out one country! How about VENEZUELA? Use to be a Rich country in South America! But now a poor country thank to SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT! You can single out other people grammer. Better check your own! I’m not sure you every been to SCANDINAVIAN? Reading on it doesn’t show the TRUTH! When the Government control the media, and free speech you can not speak the truth AGAINST them! China is a COMMUNIST SOCIALIST COUNTRY AND THEY kill you if you speak out against their leader!

        1. Venezuela is still rich, it is just that Maduro has all the money, and the people are just socialist slaves. That is the kind of life our young people want, communist socialist chains around their necks. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    3. That is exactly how I see it. It was all orchestrated by Soros, Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the swamp. Biden gets elected, Harris, and Obama will be in charge because Biden who was a puppet and brown nosed VP will be take orders from Obama who is in his third term. I hope that you sick liberals who voted for Biden and his whore of Babylon are proud of yourselves. You have brought communist China right into our country and our homes. We will never see freedom for many years! You are all a bunch of misfits, who went along with the likes of Hunter Biden the meth addict, and his father the corrupt and senile fool! This pandemic was unleashed on all of us, to make sure that Trump did not get in! So now you know how it all went, so please stop blaming Trump for ” crimes ” that he he did not commit and blame the crimes on the vile, Demon RATS!

  4. maybe if this country had a KING, a lot of this BS will stop. i will never vote democrat again. GO TRUMP

    1. I would never vote for a Demon RAT! If we all did out homework, we would not have Corrupt DemocRATS running and ruining this country!

  5. You say “…Trump didn’t take drastic measures to combat COVID-19 when the pandemic was in its early stages….” Drastic? He took no measures at all. He ignored warnings that this was coming to our shores back in January, then denied it, followed by dismissing and minimizing it , eg., we’re down to 15 cases and will be at zero very quickly, and that shows what a great job I’ve done (paraphrased). The one drastic step he did take was to totally eliminate the pandemic response team that he inherited from Obama.
    Also, “…Trump doing everything in his power to combat the coronavirus”…”is beyond dispute.” Nonsense. He has the power via the Defense Protection Act to order manufacturers to produce needed supplies, eg., N95 masks, ventilators, for which the companies will be fairly compensated. Recall that FDR quickly had our manufacturing sector converted to the war effort, eg instead of producing autos, producing tanks and airplanes. Gov. Cuomo and others are pleading with Trump to make this happen, while people are dying from this disease, and Trump continues to ignore this.
    I recognize that your readership is largely composed of folks who are easily taken in, but don’t you think that you have a responsibility to our country to be fair and accurate?

    1. If Trump initiated the Defense Protection Act it would basically “Nationalize” our industries which the government does not want to do at this time. He is calling on the industries to voluntarily “step up” to manufacture the needed supplies which they have started producing.
      You are so critical of Trump’s efforts why not show the same outrage with your friends the Socialist/Democrats with their efforts at delaying the needed passage of the Corona virus aid bill??

    2. Unnormal. Actually YOU are a member of Communist pigs that HATE America. Did you know Trump was the FIRST leader of a country to ban China flights in America. Europe followed TWO WEEKS later! Braying jackazzes like you called him a racist. Several PROMENENT doctors said that was a WISE move. Trump is NOT ignoring ANY PHASE of this Pandemic but jackazzes are. You obviously watch MSM. GM and Ford are both geared up to make ventilators. Masks, gloves, health uniforms, etc. are being produced by companies who can gear up to those products. These companies came together willingly to do what ever they can do. Being a Communist you don’t understand Americans. Yes we bicker (leftists have bowed out of the American family they are out for blood) BUT when all heII breaks loose WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. Did you know Cuomo told his people to go ahead with their routine, no problem. di Blasio told NYC’ers the same AND two of his Health Dept. officials told them the Chinese Lunar New Year parade was coming up and everyone should attend. They did and you see the results. In 2015 Cuomo had a committee to discuss a Pandemic situation. He could have purchased 36,000 ventilators BUT he invested millions in a company that failed. He DEMANDED Trump give him 40,000 ventilators. What about OTHER states? Oh and by the way Nordic countries are NOT Socialist. Google “Sweden is not socialist” AND Finland went broke with Universal Healthcare. Venezuela went broke with dictator.

    3. Hey dope fried, Trump did everything possible to stop the virus. Dope heads like you must love the virus because you idiots vote for democrats that believe that every country can send their worst criminals and disease infested, disease spreading citizens to America ad we should take them in, give them every government handout and have them vote illegally.

    4. Dec. 31,2019: China announces they are investigating a “pneumonia outbreak” in Wuhan, China

      Jan 14, 2020 — World Health Organization (WHO) put out a post stating that there is NO EVIDENCE that the virus can spread person to person.

      Jan. 15 — Pelosi names impeachment managers, and the Democrat House marches impeachment paperwork over to the Senate after one month delay following earlier 6 months of “investigation” and one month hearing where Trump was denied defense, and Pelosi signs the articles using 20 gold pens which she gave away to others as souvenirs of the occasion.

      Jan. 16 — Impeachment trial in the Senate began

      Jan 21 — Dr. Fauci makes this statement about the Coronavirus: ““This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now”

      Jan. 29 — Trump forms the Presidential Coronavirus Task Force with health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar as chair, to help monitor and contain the spread of the virus. CDC, NIH, FEMA, FDA, HHS, the DOD, and other agencies started working on creating a vaccine.

      Jan. 31 — Trump bans travel from China , and gets excoriated by the left as “Racist!” and “xenophobic”.
      — VOX tweets, “Is this going to be a deadly pandemic? No.”
      — The Washington Post: “How Our Brains Make Coronavirus Scarier Than It Is”
      — Trump issues quarantine rules, and declares a public health emergency for the country.

      Feb 1 – The Mayor of Florence, Italy holds “Hug a Chinese Person Day”, to encourage Italians to stand against racism, and Italy would later be forced to quarantine its entire country.
      — The Washington Post: “Get A Grippe, America. The Flu Is A Much Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus, For Now”

      Feb . 3 — Democrats push for more time to bring in more witnesses in the Impeachment trial of the president.

      Feb. 4 — During his State of Union Address, Trump discusses how the U.S. is coordinating with China to protect the American people from Coronavirus. Nancy Pelosi tears up her copy of this address on national television.

      Feb 5th — Trump acquitted of impeachment charges.

      Feb. 9 — New York City Mayor DeBlasio allows city to have Chinese New Year parade and festival, and assures people there is no danger.
      — NYC Health Commissioner Oxiis Barbot tweeted, “Today our city is celebrating the Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown, a beautiful cultural tradition with a rich history in our city. I want to remind everyone to enjoy the parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading
      about Coronavirus”.
      — Chuck Schumer tweets: “So proud to join the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade today in New York City! Wishing everyone health, happiness, and good fortune.”

      Feb. 10 — The New York Times: “In Europe Fear Spreads Faster Than The Coronavirus Itself”

      Feb. 11 — WHO officially begins referring to the virus as the COVID-19 virus.

      Feb. 21 — The New York Times: “What’s Spreading Faster Than The Coronavirus In The US? Racist Assaults And Ignorant Attacks Against Asians”

      Feb 24 — Pelosi says to shop more: “‘Come to Chinatown … come join us”

      Feb, 25 — Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell allows Mardi Gras to go on even though news outlets and government agencies are already warning against large group gatherings.

      Feb. 26 — President Trump appointed VP Mike Pence to head the whole of government response.

      Feb. 27 — Nancy Pelosi encourages people to attend a street fair in San Francisco.

      Mar. 3 — NYC mayor encourages New Yorkers to go to the movies.

      Mar. 5 — Mayor de Blasio says that coronavirus fears should not keep New Yorkers off the subway, riding from Fulton Street to High Street in a public press attempt to demonstrate the subway’s safety.

      Mar. 9 — Mayor DeBlasio of New York refuses to shut down the public schools as he felt the Wuhan Virus was not that significant.

      Mar 11 — WHO declares COVID-19 to be a global “pandemic.”

      Mar. 12 — Joe Biden attacks Trump for travel restrictions Trump put on China, Iran and parts of Europe.

      Mar. 13 — President Trump declares a National Emergency for COVID-19 which changes rules that agencies operate under.

      Mar. 16 — New York City Mayor DeBlasio orders public schools to be shut down after much pressure was applied.
      — President Trump activates the Defense Production Act to order companies to manufacture needed health and medical materials to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Mar. 22 – After a bipartisan emergency aid agreement was reached in the senate by members who had not taken their vacations in order to get the bill accomplished for the American workers, Pelosi returns from her vacation, and with Chuck Schumer, scuttles the entire bill.

      Mar. 23 – Pelosi submits her own gigantic bill filled with leftist communist wish list items that had nothing at all to do with the Corona Virus relief (such as airlines carbon emissions mandates, mandating the forcing of all states to allow early voting, and diversity.

    5. Where was your master Obama when he failed replenish all of the supplies that he used up during H1N1. Such a great leader that he failed that, and he destroyed the military, put 8 Million unemployment 13 million on the beggar roles, tried to destroy the industrial base, by sending it to China. Your master was a socialist just like Maduro, he would make slaves out of you even if you are a democrat. Your master was not doing what was good for the people be you black white pink or purple, he was not doing what was good for the country, like Maduro he was doing what was good for his pocket. He wanted to be the king. Your master does not belief in God, only money and power, but he needs all the help that God will give him.

  6. Mr. Du Pont
    I will only say that if you like the Scandinavian country so much move there. I will stay in the best country and collect my SS which i paid for when I was young and working. If don’t want yours there are plenty of people who could use the help.

    1. You kinda missed the point, Donna.
      I love my social security…and my Medicare coverage. I also like that Medicaid (also Socialism) is available to many of those who need it. All countries have greater or lesser degrees of socialism, eg., Scandinavian countries have quite a bit, other European countries not as much, and the US even less…tho we do have some. Government programs and institutions, funded and operated by the government, are by definition, socialistic. So, even police, fire, libraries, and much more are more or less socialistic.
      This kind of benign, beneficial socialism, unlike the more malevolent kind, eg Venezuela, has nevertheless been demonized by the right-wing so that it’s become a frightening, despised word. This serves their interest in concentrating power and wealth in the hands of large corporations and the rich, while folks like you and me are left to struggle and often fend for ourselves. And no, I’m not a socialist.

      1. The JERKS that run this site let you have your lie about the Scandinavian economics, but everyone can look for themselves and see that you’re lying. I posted a link and these clowns deleted it. They can’t stand Bernie Sanders or liars like you. They ALL have market economies. LOOK IT UP! Venezuela is Socialist and American-Venezuelans are saying NOT to vote Socialist. You need to quit pushing Liberal LIES!

      2. You missed the point norman du pont! You are a socialist/communist if yo voted for anyone else but Trump! The writing was on the wall for many months how Soros/Obama/ Pelosi/ and he gang of swamp dwellers were going to turn this country into a communist country. Listen to what AOC, Omar, and Nadler, Adam Schiff, and the impeachment machine, the lies, the corruption of the Biden Family. He was a corrupt politician long before he was running for office of the president. You all did not do your homework! And you say you are not a socialist! No you are now a communist!
        You listened to the mainstream media, and like a sheep, you could not make up your own mind! Educate yourself on the people you voted for, and now you say yo are not a socialist! You are! BLM, Soros, Obama, the President that did everything to sick this country in the eight years he was in office, and his VP the corrupt Joe Biden and the Corrupt Biden Family, Pelosi and her gang are just a few of the swamp and squad that we have been forced to deal with. Shame on you! fool!

      3. Venezuela Timeline
        1992 Became the 3rd richest country in the hemisphere
        1997 became the largest purchaser of the F-150
        2001 Voted for Socialist president
        2004 Private healthcare is completely socialized
        2007 All higher education becomes “free”
        2009 Socialist banned private ownership of guns
        2012 Bernie Sanders praises their “American Dream”
        2014 Opposition leaders are imprisoned
        2016 Food/healthcare shortages become wide spread
        2017 Constitution and elections are suspended
        2019 Unarmed citizens are massacred by own government
        It took only one generation of progressive leadership to plunge this country into civil war.
        DON’T ever believe that it can’t happen here in the United States!

        1. I don’t won’t can’t believe that socialism, is a good thing when I see all around the world the harm that it has done.
          I don’t know who ever came up with the idea that socialism is progressive, it has been around a lot longer than capitalism, and has been a disaster for the people that lived under it, it was wonderful for the kings and queens, who owned everything in the kingdom including the people that were only slaves. serfs, peasants, If this is what you call progressive, you can keep it. Socialism could be an ideal form of government, but like so many things that don’t work, because of the people that run it. They are separate from the people and don’t care for the people. To them the people are to serve them, so the people become slaves. They tell you that everyone is the same, that is because everyone is a slave except the elite and the politicians.

  7. Cooper’s rant is laughable at all levels. Can you imagine Joe Biden in Trump’s shoes? He and Pelosi and the rest of the clowns could not manage the tiny Iowa caucus and I would not put them in charge of a lemonade stand. All they do is push their evil and corrupt agenda on all Americans.

  8. Hey Ryan Cooper,why is it then,the most cases of covid-19 are in democrat controlled cities and states?How do you explain that?

    1. Hey Cooper don’t you know that these lockdowns and masks are what is spreading this crap. I know that Fauci knows it, Cuomo knows it, Newsom knows it, but they won’t tell you. They might lose some of their slaves, Keeping people locked up in close quarters and breathing the same air only increases the spreading of this crap. and masks are not any better. A mask traps carbon dioxide so you breath it instead oxygen with weaken the body and slows the bodies response to an infection. So all of this BS is just that it is BS. Lock downs and masks don’t work. Somebody tell that stupid Fauci so he will know what not to do. Oh! the science will back this up. It won’t how ever back Fauci up. To know the truth just look at N.Y. and Ca. says it all.

  9. The libs are anti god..anti Jewish…pro socialism…open borders zealots…pro abortion…pro controlling free speech….pro high taxes…and yet they think conservatives are dangerous…

  10. If Democrats are considered part of the public, then conservatives are in fact a threat to that portion of public health. We wish them nothing but Ill health, failure, and their ultimate demise under their own rule.

  11. President Trump provided everything short of being the physician himself in closing port entry from people coming from China & from Europe when needed. Tracking, evaluating, diagnosing and medical plan of action Birx and Fauci were assigned those responsible and immediate funds were given. POTUS provided massive ships with medical personnel, 1 for each US coast, PPE, ventilators, medication, VACCINE plan implemented with vaccine in less than a year and much more. Christian organizations provided separate quarters for sick patients too. Ryan Cooper should stop parroting what liberals do “FAKE NEWS”. STOP YAPPING AND HELP.
    Of all the people mocking Pelosi–walking in China town without a mask, hair salon no mask, Newsome–The French Laundry no mask, Chris Cuomo with Covid 19 no mask, Cuomo NY Governor sends covid 19 positive elderly patients to nursing home killing even more residents and many more Democrats doing the same thing. COVID 19 AN AIRBORNE VIRUS CAPABLE OF ENTERRING CREVICES THROUGH & AROUND MASKS, DROPLET NUCLEI THAT CONTAMINATES SURFACES TOO, THAT’S WHY YOU MUST WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY 20 SEC SCRUB, CLEAN SURFACES ETC, Tired of Democrats and liberal media talking points when they AREN’T SCIENTIFIC AT ALL. All they want to do is tear down this President. DESPITE Democrats, deep state, liberal media and others, POTUS Trump was able to stay on point and achieve his goals. Must have 4 more years, if not they will destroy this country because SOROS & China say so. They are incapable of governing properly because of being so compromised themselves.

    1. Why didn’t Cuomo stop people from Europe, he know that the virus was spreading from Italy very rapidly, and he could have stop it. Instead he let it get to N.Y., I think that Cuomo was negligent, because he did nothing to stop it when he could have.

  12. I agree that people who take risks should be personally responsible for the consequences of their risk taking. That is why I think Antifa and BLM should get the Covid-19 virus for their irresponsible behavior during the rioting they initiated. It would also be justified if they were held accountable for the public and private property they destroyed. It would be justified if the phony DAs who refuse to follow the law were held accountable for their lawless actions. Crooked politicians who incited rioting and physical harm by their remarks also need to be held accountable. Journalist who use their platforms to spread propaganda against those who hold opposing views should be held accountable. Big Tech and other public companies should be held accountable for the wreckless actions they have pushed on over 50% of the population.

    Trump for 2020 and 2024

  13. I don’t know if dems, rinos, non-Trumpers, etc have realized it yet but they have “poked a lot of sleeping bears” and we are not happy about it one bit! If they think we are just going to complain for a bit and then say “oh well, we tried,” and then accept this disgrace to our legal President and country they don’t know jack about patriots! All one has to do is compare how the former administration handled things and how the people’s administration handles them. The truth is out there, you just have to be willing to see it!


  15. Fact-the dems wanted Trump to fail so they could say ” I told you so” then they will try take credit anything good that comes from Trump”s policies. the dems are useless, brainless, and only good to steel other people’s good ideas.

    1. If the democrats could think they would be dangerous. As it is they are just a nuisance, the only ones that they hurt is themselves. Take BLM and Antifuka, that claim to be for black people. So what do they do, they burn down black communities, and kill little black children. They hurt the very people that they want to back their cause, really makes sense. But that is what you get with the under educated that do not understand that left means slavery, and right means freedom. Get an education.

  16. Ryan Cooper is a communist that lives in this country, and enjoys it’s freedom. However he will not be happy until he is wearing a communist chain around his neck. He has been in this country so long he has forgot what it is like in his homeland ( mother country ). That is where everyone has a chain around their neck, and he can’t wait to join them. Journalists are idiots, they see this all the time, and yet they see nothing.

  17. I hear that the regular dems want to start a new party. With out the radical leftists. They want a democratic party that they recognize. They don’t like all of this social BS that the communists are trying to shove down their throat. They think that the communists should have started their own party instead of trying to hi-jack theirs. They think people like AOC and the squids are not democrats they are commies that have use the democrat party to conceal what their real agenda is, and get democrats to support them before they know what they are. Now the democrats must reorganize a new party, and leave the radicals to rot on the vine.

  18. when one deals with socialism there is no incentive to work or to really care about anyone you become a slave to the government. When we look at Social Security we need to see that for over 30 years 3hundred Million was taken by the government each year. That money was for those who retired not illegals or government officials to line their pockets. When there is no incentive to make yourself a better person by growing in a true work ethic you have what you have today in this nation and that will only become worse if it is not corrected soon.

  19. Just like they did with the Hunter Biden scandal, the fake news and the media, are covering up what states are doing to hide the evidence of the voter fraud that the officials in the states committed. It is not only in the so-called battle ground states. The governors and judges, and election officials in these states, are violating the law and the constitution of the United States, by making laws illegally, and suppressing the evidence, by refusing to allow ballots, and machines to be investigated. As much as I hate to say this the Supreme Court is condoning this behavior, by not enforcing the constitution. This is their job, to protect the constitution by enforcing it. The Supreme Courts job of over site does not end because a case is not filed in a lower court. There is nothing in the constitution that says the Supreme Court it’s self cannot call on the DOJ or Superior Court to take action and investigate such matters, and for it not to do so is negligence.

    As I have said before and will repeat.
    The constitution was not put there to protect the legislature, the administration, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, from the government, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow.
    U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

  20. The left is a danger in itself. You don’t panic because a disease is going around. You don’t wear masks which are known to be killing people. We have the plague in this country and nobody is panicking over that. We have leprosy. Where is the concern over it? What about the different strains of TB? Where is the concern over that? Or the childhood diseases brought in by the illegals? Those disease are deadly to adults yet the left wants to open the borders. Then we have the flu where far more people die than of corona. The left needs a reality check. The democrats/liberals/socialist/communists are controlling these people with fear. Not all democrats/liberals are bad people but get a grip on your lives before you lose it entirely.

  21. Communistic Journalist Calls Conservatives a “Public Health Hazard” which is LIES, under the Communist democrats of the Harris/Biden reign many American will die, 100,000 or more will lose their homes and these communist demo pad the money to the Illegals, terrorists, criminals and other communistic countries. Harris/Biden were brought and paid for by the Communist who control the voting machines, the heat IT tech. is a member of the Communist Chinese Party and living in America, china has agents working in congress and the Communist Democrats will not condone it and congress is doing nothing about it.

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