Liberals Pounding Trump Impeachment Drum, Still No Crime

Liberal Democrats and left-wing media outlets are ramping up their impeachment cries in the wake of the Michael Cohen plea deal. The only problem is that no criminal allegation has been leveled against Pres. Donald J. Trump.

Since Special Counsel Robert Mueller coerced Cohen into taking a deal, he has copped to tax irregularities and making campaign finance technical errors. Although these are far cries from the president’s involvement in any wrongdoing, the impeachment war drum has been pounding.

In the absence of a high crime or misdemeanor, anti-Trump networks CNN and MSNBC took to television uttering the word “impeachment” a whopping 222 times in just 18 hours. According to Newsbusters, MSNBC used the word 114 times with CNN trailing at 108.

The report also indicates that every single program aired in this time frame used the word. Interestingly, only CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” and Don Lemon’s “Tonight” restricted the word to one usage. For MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show also uttered impeachment only once. But other programs dove deep into the unsustainable rhetoric.

Media Shows Left-Wing Bias

Leading the media world in left-leaning bias, CNN and MSNBC have called all things Trump bad. Often ignoring the fact that many of the president’s policies are consistent with the Obama Administration, the news cycle is a constant hit piece against Pres. Trump.

The recent news about the president’s former attorney sent several pundits into wild frenzy. Ardent never-Trumper Wolf Blitzer pressed U.S. Rep. Jim Himes on the non-issue.

“Do you think it would be appropriate to immediately begin impeachment proceedings, based on what you’ve just learned, for example, from Michael Cohen,” CNN’s Blitzer asked.

Blitzer, a once respected impartial journalist, has been a liberal hardliner for many years and appears to be suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. At every turn, Blitzer goes off the deep end.

For example, when Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul brought the issue of ex-CIA chief John Brennan monetizing his security clearance, Pres. Trump revoked it. Blitzer got in lock step with the Obama-era crony.

“That’s what John Brennan says. Treasonous. Are we talking, at least from your perspective, I assume from his perspective, impeachment,” Blitzer said.

The CNN shill has claimed a wide range of presidential actions are impeachable, from meeting with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin to private conversations the president had with disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

On New Day, potential Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked if Cohen’s plea deal was “grounds for impeachment?” Publicly-funded media resources such as NPR handled the issue in the usually covertly-biased fashion.

An article called “Democrats Not In Any Hurry To Call For Impeachment Proceedings” buoyed the idea that removing Pres. Trump was just a matter of waiting for the right time. Currently, there is no crime. But more to the point, NPR notes that Democrats simply do not have the votes. The carrot is being dangled that a Blue Wave will give liberals the votes needed to move against the president. And despite the reality Pres. Trump has not even been accused of a crime, big Democrat donors are leveraging weaker politicians to put the law aside.

Billionaire Tom Steyer has already spent millions on impeachment efforts, garnered 5 million petition signatures and continues to promote the president’s removal. It’s no secret that Democrats are influenced by large donors and some have already attempted to file articles of impeachment.

Liberals Eyed Impeachment Before Trump was Sworn In

After winning a historic upset over Hillary Clinton, Deep State operatives were hard at work in the FBI planning a bloodless coup. Fortunately, the despicable actions taken by the FBI’s Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page were swept up by congressional investigations.

With their so-called “insurance policy” in hand, Washington insiders such as Democrat John Kerry were telling world leaders Pres. Trump would be impeached with a year. In hindsight, it seems obvious that deep state Democrats had put the wheels in motion to oust the rightfully-elected president. But as inconvenient facts surfaced, desperate liberal extremists pushed for an impeachment vote as early as May 2017.

Texas Rep. Al Green pushed forward with articles of impeachment during May, 2017, as House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz subpoenaed the FBI’s Comey. Green’s move was overwhelmingly shot down and Comey was unmasked for his gross mishandling of politically-charged investigations. Green took another shot in January, 2018, only to earn 66 supporting Democrat votes.

Democrats lost the 2016 elections badly because the country wanted prosperity and opportunity for the next generation. Everyday Americans can expect the impeachment drums to keep banging until liberals get their way. After eight years of Obama, voters appear unwilling to go back to high unemployment, higher taxes, bad trade deals and open borders.

~ Conservative Zone

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27 thoughts on “Liberals Pounding Trump Impeachment Drum, Still No Crime”

  1. And to think……Billary got a way with one that was so obvious a panel of monkeys would have found him guilty.

  2. Facebook refused to let me share this. My question for Facebook is …if the positions were reversed, in this story…would the same stipulations exist and be enforced?

    1. NO they would not because Facebook is part of the Pravda media complex. Marxists can never allow for free speech because even “useless idiots” would understand how they are getting screwed by by uppity, elitist politicians AND business “leaders”.

      1. The bottom line is democrats are now a socialistic, marxist enemy against the U.S.A. created by bo’s treasonous 8 year regime & hilary’s criminal liars that are cronies of bo’s wannabe dictator whims & ways of totalitarian dictated power !The asinine media ceo’s are bought by soros & world dictators that want to destroy U.S. Constitutional Freedom along with any Patriotic U.S. Citizen that protects U.S. National Security ! These dictator minded asses have declared war on the U.S.A. with lies & conspiracy deceit instead of bombs & have to be eliminated world wide for Peace & Freedom … ! History is repeating nazi, hitler’s wannabe “world dictators” & duped dems are creating their own deserved demise !

  3. We all see where they want this to go.. A weak America, or no America at all is a strong new world order.. and verse-visa. They MUST stop the “Make America Great Again” movement or risk losing all the “progress” they have made in their world control system. However it would appear that people are waking up to this reality – hence the arming of all the departments within the federal government as well as the ordering of billions of rounds of 9 mm hollow point ammunition. They KNOW that the vast majority of Americans won’t remain willfully ignorant forever, so when they awaken and attempt to push back, it won’t be pretty for anyone.
    Lastly – I am not alone when I say that IF they succeed in overthrowing this duly elected president, there will be another civil war in this country. Interestingly enough the first one wasn’t about slavery but about states rights and the over-reach of the federal government.. The coming one, however, IS about slavery although it will appear to be about federal over-reach. Go figure-

    1. We need to start a movement to recall all of the senators and representatives that are not behind make Americas great again. in simple terms impeach the ones that are hell bent to impeach the greatest leader this country has seen since Regan. We the people need to stand up and put a stop to all this bull shite being promoted by the far left and the democraps.. I for one would like to see all of these fruit cakes striped of their citizenship and sent to a country that is being ran into the ground the same way they are trying to run us into the ground. And all of these mega money people would not be stupidly rich if it was not for the American people doing business with them or paying them for entertainment. I sick and tired of these fruit cakes using our hard earned money to turn us into slaves of their fanticy of a society. People of America we can unite and put a stop to this crap. our for fathers did, but they also got stupid and allow the wrong kind of people to move to our country and worm their way into our government.

  4. They are attempting to discredit trump by any means possible as the mid terms approach. They have no leg to stand on associated with their platform upon which they would get elected bc their nwo socialism dreams are no longer acceptable to voters since trump has turned the economy around and capitalism is working again. So, they sling sh*t from their cages in attempt to discredit.

  5. Cults tend to reach a crossroads when some people start noticing the cult leader not behaving as he talks (not walking the walk). At that time some people are awakening to flaws in the cult leader, others pounce on them as heretics and find extraordinary ways to justify the behavior of the cult leaders, who often has a standard unique to him and different than for all the followers. Take a look around and see the Elmer Gantry, David Koresh, Jim Jones political cult leader, Trump, and that his whole life is one of a con man, cult leader. He is totally selfish, betrays those who supported him, separates his followers by condemnation of everyone else, violates laws like money laundering, creating scams like Trump “university”, constantly elevating himself (can’t stop talking about how wonderful HE is and how bad everyone else is – – like McCain, Sessions, Tillerson etc.) and he has clearly violated federal laws of obstruction of justice by his own words.

      1. your ignorance of history is astounding. Nixon’s #1 charge was OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Yes, you can, and it has been upheld already by SCOTUS. You obviously do not understand or are unwilling to understand that the very basis of this country was power disbursed in THREE (3) branches because the founders saw the corruption in the European system. Of course the president can be guilty of obstruction of justice, this system is set up so that NO ONE, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT, IS ABOVE THE LAW.


  7. When will ignorant Boobus Americanus get the wake up that the Socialist/ Fascist masquerading as Democrats AND Republicans could never be elected under their true banner are moving to usurp this legitimate Democratic REPUBLIC.
    President Trump will have undying support and be legend should he be able to do away with America’s bankruptcy debt and return us to Common Law so we can be the people again not citizens, persons, or corporations ( Debt slaves ).
    Returning the courts to the people instead of enriching elected and appointed officials in the commerce/ contracting money generating Statute, Codes, and Policy fiction used under the color of law. Big difference between law and fiction( Defacto ). Also, suspend all those for profit corporations local and international masquerading as American Government and jail the perps.
    That truly will make America great again instead of another historic failed Republic returned to the Nobles and Serfs norm yearned for by the Godless of this world.

  8. Nutcakes at one time, were just Liberal Democrats, Now they are Socialist Democrats who one may assume they have never read a history book on Socialism or Communists as they all appear to be un-educated Obstructionists looking for Free Lunches, Free Schools, Free Houses, Open Borders and the Government Controlling Everyone, like Obama Tried with his Foolish Pen Adopted Regulations, now all Dead Fish in The Swamp! Trump will prevail with his Make America Great Again Program as the American Public once awake, are not stupid to buy into the
    Social Democrat Nonsense, for which we thank GOD!

  9. I think it is something of a sad but still laughable hilarity that someone with a name like Wolf Blitzer has never been much more than a poorly trained lap dog for the nation’s political left.

  10. we have been on to the dimms (democrats) for a very long time .Donald trump will be like a 45 acp when hr rids this country of dangerous Islamic partners in the democrat party,first to go will be those who shout the loudest beginning with the entire black (racist) caucus then nanzy and upchuck schumer are sur to follow,crooked as Hillary and culpable to her election(coronation) chronicles.

  11. It is not just the democrats that are pounding the drums about impeachment. In a new (8-31-18) national poll it was found
    49% of Americans BACK Trump’s impeachment — more than the 46% of Americans who are opposed. The poll also shows that Trump’s attempts to smear special counsel Robert Mueller are failing, as 63% support Mueller’s investigation, with 52% strongly supporting it. Even more, Trump’s Mueller smear campaign is backfiring, as 53% of Americans say Trump has tried to obstruct justice by meddling in Mueller’s investigation

    1. reality check ; The obstruction of justice is bo, hilary & all treasonous dem cronies that support their totalitarian wannabe dictatorship .. ! The fake polls are proven lies since the election of President Trump & the lying dems created the deceitful attacks on facts & truth … ! Special counsel mueller is also a crony liar of bo & hilary treason cover up & U.S.A.’s destruction ! Now a dems investigations are 2 years of tax theft that has proven to be a conspiracy lie to hide bo & hilary treason crimes !

  12. The reality is this they are pathological liars who believe their own lies and create their own realities. Fact and reason do NOT mean the same thing to these people. Our laws mean NOTHING to them and with a complicit supreme court and delusional congress critters they can pass illegal laws to support their delusions like this gender insanity and “hate speech” laws. They honestly believe their “feelings” trump our rights. They lie when they say they believe in our constitution as nearly everything they do in some way deconstructs and nullifys it.

  13. The more they pound the more who walk away because the businessman kick started the economy and put many back to work and wages are increasing where Obozo’s claim was “those jobs aren’t coming back”. It’s time the Democrat party is designated as a terrorist organization who’s soel purpose is the destruction of our freedoms.

  14. Conservative Zone is not allowed on Facebook by Facebook. They call it hate speech or spam. If you want to post something to Facebook you have to copy and paste the article and blot out all references to Conservative Zone in order to get it published. I note that the source can be divulged in a private message only. It’s the only way you get to post anything on Facebook from this site. Sorry conservative Zone to treat you this way but Facebook doesn’t allow you to tell the truth.

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