MAJOR SCANDAL: Georgia Voting Machines Hacked in REAL TIME to Prove How Easily Democrats Can Steal ANOTHER Election

Man voting on a new touch screen machine in Florida.

Dominion voting machines played a massive role in Joe Biden’s 2020 election heist and one group is fighting to ensure that never happens again – revealing just how susceptible to fraud these machines really are in the process.

After 2020 Dominion desperately tried to convince people that their machines were completely above board and should be viewed as the “standard” for election integrity. A massive successful lawsuit against Fox News helped them pull that off – but it was a lie the WHOLE TIME.

While in court, election expert J. Alex Halderman exposed EXACTLY how the Dominion machines can be hacked and have their vote counts altered.

Asking U.S District Judge Amy Totenberg to order the state of Georgia to immediately stop using the Dominion machines in, Halderman hacked into one of the machines in real time – USING ONLY A PEN!


Upon hacking into the machine, he was able to vote the tabulation right in front of the judge and PROVE TO HER how exactly the Democrats have been “mysteriously” flipping Republican votes in their favor.

This comes after Halderman, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan, partnered with Security Researcher and Assistant Professor at Auburn University Drew Sringall to produce a report back in July 2021 which detailed several easily exploitable vulnerabilities in these supposed “ultra-secure” Dominion voting machines.

Halderman wrote about the report’s findings warning that Dominion machines could easily be exploited again in future elections in Georgia and anywhere else the machines are used.

“The most critical problem we found is an arbitrary-code-execution vulnerability that can be exploited to spread malware from a county’s central election management system (EMS) to every BMD (ballot marking device) in the jurisdiction. This makes it possible to attack the BMDs at scale, over a wide area, without needing physical access to any of them,” he said.

What that means one single bad actor could attack ALL Dominion machines.

Halderman added, “Our report explains how attackers could exploit the flaws we found to change votes or potentially even affect election outcomes in Georgia…”

But for some reason Judge Totenberg – appointed by Barack Obama – SEALED and BURIED the results of that report in an effort to cover up the TRUTH… until last week.

Unfortunately, the powers at be in Georgia are very blatantly trying to GUARANTEE that the Democrats in the state have a chance to tilt the results of the election in their favor.

Halderman warned that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (who has exposed himself as a Trump-hating RINO) has been aware of the findings for two years but has decided NOT to fix the glaring vulnerabilities until AFTER the 2024 presidential election.


Halderman and the others fighting to ensure Georgia’s election is actually FAIR are simply asking for the state to use much more secure paper ballots rather than these proven flawed Dominion machines but that’s apparently a tall ask.

Judge Totenberg has admitted to having “concerns” about the “state’s election system and its implementation” but she claims she can’t just order the state to switch to a system that used hand-marked paper ballots.

IF these faulty Dominion voting machines are allowed to remain in play in critical states like Georgia – the election could be over before its even begun and we could be looking at ANOTHER stolen election which delivers four more years of Joe Biden.

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42 thoughts on “MAJOR SCANDAL: Georgia Voting Machines Hacked in REAL TIME to Prove How Easily Democrats Can Steal ANOTHER Election”

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  2. It is a disgrace to this Country that the Democrats and liberals use these machines to alter an election. They should be destroyed and only paper ballots used. The people defending these atrocities should be prosecuted.

    1. Paper ballots can be abused under the current system… My personal experience in the 2020 election is one example. I live and vote in a Democrat-majority municipality. My paper ballot was refused/rejected three times before i went to the proctor for help. The proctor reviewed my paper ballot and found all boxes properly filled a legible. The proctor resubmitted my ballot and it was again refused/rejected. The proctor was astounded. The proctor then correctly made my ballot and electronic copy including my vote for Trump. That ballot was again refused/rejected. the proctor resubmitted that electronically completed ballot and it was accepted. BUT THE REQUIRED CONFRIMATION I WAS TO MAKE WAS NOT SENT. THAT ADVISED ME THAT THE VOTING SYSTEM WAS RIGGED (AT MINIMUM IT WAS FLAWED). We also have mail-in ballots that are a problem and are easily abused. There is ballot harvesting that is easily abused. I expect massive cheating by many Democrats in the coming election.


  3. Can we vote all states that use these machines have their votes invalidated? The people who have the power have chosen to use it against the will of the people. Remove that power from them. Arrest and try them for their crimes and put them away for a very long time.

    1. Unfortunately, we would need district attorneys will a set of nuts, and we haven’t had that for decades.

  4. I disagree that anyone allowing the use of these machines and have seen the proof of the machines flaws should be prosecuted; they should be arrested, tried and then publicly EXECUTED for treason against their country. And the execution should be televised nation wide to show ALL citizens what happens to treasonist individuals in America

    1. Cee, fully agree with destroying these machines,because with present Administration proscuetion of electoral personnel doubtful. I would also like to see that each STATE’s voter reisters be gone through aand updated

      1. Why not ask to be richest man on earth with looks to attract all most gorgeous women. Probably a better chance getting that to happen, than fair election.

      2. Totally agree. If by chance Biden wins we all know it was fixed. No one in their right mind could vote for that crooked bastard. I believe more pressure should be placed on the judge. The judge knows the system is broken but does nothing about it????? why not it’s too complicated?this judge could qualify for the penalty for treason!!


  6. Now do the people who lost lawsuits against these rigged machines get their money back? Do people get their reputation restored over this? Now can these people sue the owners of the machines for all they went through? How many years have the people had their votes stolen? Who actually owns and has stock in these machines? What other countries use these machines? Accountability for all involved including the ones at the bottom doing dirty work for democrats. Do you like the fact that you have been voting and it not counting? Every state should ban machines period and all paper ballots be under protection from time you cast your ballot until counted then under lock and key with alarms and cameras for certain amount of years. All these corrupt people should never be allowed to vote again and never be able to hold even a school board position let alone work in any local, state or government position ever again either. New laws and punishment should be put on the books so no one will ever do this to the American people again. Legal citizenship and age requirements need to be looked at also. I don’t know about anyone else but I want my vote to count the way I vote. Just shows you that democrats can’t win unless they cheat. Know you understand why they are attacking President Trump and anyone else who are in their way. I wish someone would inform illegals and democrats puppets they are being played for fools by democrats. Wise up people swamp and elites are only in it for themselves and just using you fools to do their dirty work so they get off scott free with power and money. We all know you puppets are not going to get your free money for long. Remember swamp attack their own when threw with you. Look what they did to you people who voted for them all these years? We’re you safe when they began their attacks on the American people? No no one got a pass but swamp, elite and a few puppets. Remember swamp will take down anyone and everyone like they did with Covid. They won’t protect their puppets for much longer. When they destroy evidence and hide evidence they are desperate and no one will stand in their way. Hollywood and elites will not even be spared right Obama? You all walked right into a trap and still don’t know it. Obama thinks we are all stupid, really who is stupid? Loyalty lays with our country, flag, God, family and constitution not illegals who think they can take it from us by lying, cheating, stealing and weaponizing our own government against us. Treason and traitor are things We The People don’t tolerate. When you go to vote from now on remember those who have attacked you over the last four years and why? It wasn’t just republicans who have been attacked and died at the hands of these traitors. Think about why they attacked a man who supposedly lost the 2020 election? Why would you attack someone who lost fair and square? Who killed millions of innocent Americans with a so called deadly virus? Who did the swamps dirty work and who got paid and who got cushy new jobs not to mention Illegals who are all free loader’s off of us. No one is above the law right Pelosi?

    1. Hi Pat!
      I admire your post of collective specifics, excellent job!! But let me bluntly ask you an honest question, if it’s okay with you. Would you cling to someone who “violently abuses” you–24/7? All of these “pile of crap” (excuse me) that we are going through are “OLD FASHONED ABUSES by a “Corrupt Government.” Just because such abuses are happening all the time…DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO TOLERATE THEM!! “We, the People” are not pieces of trash. God created us in his image–blessed us with intelligence, talent, and conscience–to help us decipher truth from wrong. We must speak up, and do what is right–NOT just for our selves but for innocent children, all law-abiding American citizens, and for our Country! AMEN!!!!!

      1. The head of the “SNAKE”-who is telling the candidate, the person who couldn’t draw a crowd big enough to fill your garage to “stay in your basement and shut up” is the person or persons who should be tried for treason and HUNG in front of the Capital Building they claim was attacked on J 6!!!

        The person who said “give me a 100 thousand men” and I will fundamentally transform this Country”!
        Could that be the 87 thousand IRS Agents that the Communist Pelosi and her minions voted for?

  7. and yet Georgia is still going after President Trump when they themselves know the election was stolen and everything Trump said about our elections is true , and this judge covered it up along with other judges across this country who were in on the 2020 steal by not taking election fraud cases and saying that we the American voters had no standing when we knew our votes were stolen for fear of their Democrat friends who have committed treason against their country by stealing our vites

  8. We shouldn’t forget what part the Supreme Court played in this debacle. Same crime same punishment.

  9. The folks who are responsible for the past election fraud should be jailed. Anyone in the future caught rigging an election should be prosecuted, and all mechanical processes should be certified as meeting federal specifications before elections.

    Changing the votes removes my right to vote and have a trusted result.

  10. If it happens again people should know that it is a stolen election cause old Biden is so far down in the polls already that him winning against anyone would be an outrage. These voting machines should be outlawed but ” Look” An Obama appointed judge hur-rey going go get results–KNOW !! Why can’t these judges be fair to all . And it looks like the state of Georgia is getting to be A state of lieing, cheating, awful misguided people . The number one county making the state of Georgia look bad — Fulton county A hot bed of wronge doings goes on here. Alot of election fraud and the home of the worlds most famous Prosecutor “Hot pants ” who takes Luxury Vacations at the expense of her county “Fulton” help making it the worse Georgia county. I bet also that old Pelosi loves these voting machines she gets all juice-up just thanking how she can cheat !!!. The America people deserve a fare vote so hope and pray that the democrats will be fare this time. ( A cold day in hell before that will happen from these chesting democrats. )

    1. Hi Mike!
      I fully agree with you–those committing treasonous crimes against our nation should be “EXECUTED!” Stealing elections, selling Uranium to Russia in exchange for several millions of dollars, selling long range missile technology to Communist China for several millions of dollars, leaving our Southern borders open–so criminals, and terrorist can flood into our country–like a ‘Tsunami”–everyday!! These are “treasonous crimes” that “Satanic Democrats” have shamelessly committed–24/7–their entire “D.C. Swamp Tenure!!” President Trump has “NEVER” committed “NONE” of these crimes!! The “Satanic Democrat lawyers” should “FOCUS” on investigating , and executing themselves–BECAUSE THEY ARE THE “TRUE
      CRIMINALS!!” DUH…by doing so, these pieces of shits will be doing a “Patriotic Duty” to our country!!! DUH…

      1. Trump tweets were mean lol.! People are still gonna vote against him because they Dont like him. They would rather have America implode then put a mean TWEETER in office! Talk about stupid, it’s true though. These people and who represent them are an embarrassment to those who want a decent life for themselves and their children!

    2. Hi Cat!
      You “…hope and pray that the Democrats will be fair this time?” Excuse me, but…are you kidding me? Since when the Democrats have been fair? Just look at what the “Satanic Democrats” are doing to President Trump, are these “Crooks” being fair, honest and just to President Trump? “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” All their litigations are “Fabricated Democrat Lies”–in their “Desperate Efforts” to sabotage his bid for the 2024 Presidential election!! The Democrats are the “Sons and Daughters” of the “DEVIL”–they are “EVIL to the BONE!!!” Okay??

  11. There is a way to stop this madness. If we can push Congress to remove Biden right this minute. If not, we may end up with another civil war on our hands. None of us want that. Please, Congress. act now.

  12. Another corrupt Judge who would have thought. This information has to get out to the American people. The scared right to vote has been compromised. This is a fine example, that power corrupts.
    So, discussing

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    C­­h­­e­­c­­k­­ It…………………..

  14. We Need to Get Rid of all the Crooked Judges and people in Government who have been proven to Hide Crimes first of all and put them in Jail and disbar them from ever judging again – and get rid of all the Machines and go back to paper Voting – No mail in Ballots – No Ballott Boxes period and no machines

  15. ONE and ONE makes TWO…information was not known about who was behind the production of ballot counting devices. After Obama was elected – information surfaced about SOROS being involved with ballot counting machine manufacturing. Knowing Soros was causing trouble world wide….getting his people into office in many places, I believe his ballot counting devices could have been used in helping the dictator Maduro become president in Venezuela….and Obama’s election here in America in 2009. PAUL PELOSI had a large vested interest in ballot counting devices, too. With Nancy Pelosi’s insane hatred of President Trump…It made me greatly concerned about the outcome of the 2020 election. Now it’s validated that these ballot devices can be altered . Every state must go back to hand counting of the ballots. I contacted my state representatives and every American must do the same. In addition, any representative who is advocating for: permittting ilegals to vote, lack of a photo I.D., mail-in or drop box voting should lose his position immediately. Plus, any judge who is financially influenced and controlled by any Party does not deserve to hold the position of judge. If Americans don’t take action now…we will lose everything we have. Didn’t people in-the-know have concern about these TWO : SOROS and PELOSI who were connected to ballot counting machines?

  16. Donald Trump didn’t lose the last election. He was treasonously cheated out of it because of fraud by the Democratic party.
    If Joe Biden is alive to run for reelection and is actually reelected I’m not going to move like I hope all the Trump haters do when he gets elected. Where are they going to move to Mexico?
    St Helena would be nice. I bet most Democrats don’t have a clue where Saint Helena is.
    God bless the Democrats and all of their insane ideas and policies!!!!!

  17. It doesn’t matter if you vote for Trump or if you vote for biden. It doesn’t matter whether you vote by machine. It doesn’t matter if you vote by paper. It doesn’t matter if you vote by mail in. It doesn’t matter if you vote by raising your hand. The world’s biggest idiot will still be elected. I’ll bet on the fact that the Democrats are already trying to fix it. Especially with their aliens. Joe Biden knows he’s not going to win so he’s going to try to screw things up as much as he can so that Donald Trump can move in and reverse have the insanity that the Democrats have plagued on the American public.
    God bless America!
    God bless veterans

  18. You have to really ask yourself why would anybody want to use a machine that can be easily manipulated I wonder why LOL same reason they’re trying so hard to keep Trump off the ballot in one sentence they say how easily he is to beat and they’re happy he’s running and then the next sentence they’re trying to stop him from being on the ballot I see a bunch of people peeing down their legs afraid of a single man

  19. They tried using the Dominion machines in numerous countries overseas and every one of them had problems and has gotten rid of the machines and yet America supposedly the greatest country on Earth is too stupid to get rid of them. No we’d rather go ahead and be a cheating country and have the rest of the world laughing at us.

  20. You know its gunna be fixed again. Especially since the old kid sniifing pedophile has shown he hasnt a chance in hell to beat TRUMP.And honestly even though none of us want a civil war. That is exactly the only way we will be able to get rid of those demonRats. AND SAVE THIS GREAT NATION. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP !! TRUMP 2024!!


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  23. Judicial system will not do anything about it like everything else. Highest Judical System with Justices just proved they are under swamp control with boarder. Now with witch hunt on President Trump. After hearing bribery plan to Lake I am very scared like Lake. The swamp and all will see President Trump and others are nowhere to be found. They will not stop till complete control because they have no choice anymore. WHO, WEF and others are collecting on these peoples debts they owe them including Fauci, Gates and others. We have been lied to by our government for years so these people can be the only white people left in the end.

  24. I proved the ease with which electronic voting could be altered in the early 80s before a Federal Court in Kanawha County, Charleston, West Virginia. This report is not a surprise. Wayne Nunn, PhD.

  25. I just don’t understand why, with all the evidence
    On Bribery and Treason on Biden Congress can’t
    Impeach him NOW Along with all the Democratic
    Party, they are all guilty!!!

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