Mike Pence Lies to an Audience about January 6, the 2020 Election, and Donald Trump

  • In the clearest sign yet that Mike Pence the Betrayer plans to run against his former boss in the 2024 election, he delivered a weepy speech to a roomful of donors and MSM reporters over the weekend. Pence’s speech was at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington, DC. This is a total establishment event that Donald Trump wouldn’t be caught dead attending, unless it was to rip the DC insiders and elites right to their faces. Naturally, Pence’s sobbing crybaby speech was filled with lies about President Trump and January 6.

Showing a complete lack of honor, loyalty, honesty or Christian faith, Pence bleated to the crowd:

“President Trump was wrong; I had no right to overturn the election. And his reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable.”


That is such a bald-faced lie.

No one was telling Mike Pence to “overturn the election.” The legal and constitutional strategy from President Trump’s team was to have Pence, as the President of the Senate, return the slates of contested electors back to Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was following black-letter law when he proposed pausing the certification of the 2020 election. A team of Representatives, Senators and Supreme Court Justices was supposed to be assigned – UNDER THE LAW – to investigate the widespread allegations of fraud.

January 6 was not about “overturning” anything. It was about reassuring the people that it was a fair election, or, if widespread fraud was uncovered (as we know it would have been in a real investigation), then the swing states would hold do-over elections with much tighter controls and scrutiny.

And there’s no way Mike Pence’s family was in danger that day. Partly because Mike was running away as fast as he could, to avoid having to speak to the ordinary citizens who were trying to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

No one had any intention of injuring Mike Pence that day, and none of the peaceful protesters would have even considered harming anyone in the Pence family. That’s just a stupid lie.

And the lies continued:

“It was not, as some would have you believe, tourists visiting the Capitol [lie]. Tourists don’t injure 140 police officers [lie] by sightseeing. Tourists don’t break down doors to get to the Speaker of the House [lie].”

Every establishment figure in Washington, DC was having a snit-fit because Tucker Carlson finally exposed the truth about January 6. It wasn’t a violent insurrection. The vast majority of people who got swept inside the Capitol on that day were in fact tourists. The video proved that.

There were not 140 cops injured that day as Pence lied. The Government Accountability Office says it was 114, which was a lot fewer than the 180 cops and Secret Service agents hurt in the George Floyd terrorist attack at the White House the previous summer.

And as for “breaking down doors to get to the Speaker of the House,” that’s such garbage. In a worst-case scenario, Granny Winebox would have had some American citizens vigorously explain to her that they didn’t believe it was a fair election. And by the way, the only elected official who “called for violence” on January 6 was Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump told the faithful crowd who had traveled to DC on a weekday in January to “peacefully and patriotically” march to the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to “punch him [Trump] out.” We know this because the fake Liz Cheney Committee released some of the footage from the film crew that Nancy Pelosi brought to the Capitol to follow her around that day. It’s almost as if certain things that happened on J6 were scripted!

Anyway, the pack of lies that Mike Pence is spewing is certain to do nothing for his already-doomed campaign for president in 2024. Most voters simply don’t care about January 6, as was proven by the disastrous ratings of the Liz Cheney Committee’s hearings. Nobody watched, because nobody cares.

Even President Trump is campaigning on forward-thinking ideas, to rescue the American economy, get us out of the war with Russia (which crybaby Pence supports), and put us back on the path to prosperity. The only time Trump looks back to January 6 is when he voices support for the protesters who are still being jailed as political prisoners. Those poor people get no sympathy from establishment figures like Mike Pence.

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39 thoughts on “Mike Pence Lies to an Audience about January 6, the 2020 Election, and Donald Trump”

  1. Pence, just prove he a fake Christian! Nowhere did he stand up to the evil democrats or globalist! He sold out to them. Hopefully they’ll help him become the next president.

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      1. gloriavanderbilt,

        Stop posting such garbage as everyone know you are a bot and a scammer. go away. please.

  2. It’s fueled not so much by the desire to see Trump in trouble as it is desperation to win the GOP primary spot, and this is the top way to achieve it. Politics is a dirty game for mostly sleezy people.

  3. Pence is a traitor anyway and everybody knows it he has no chance in hell for president in 2024

  4. He was a weak Governor in Indiana, and while he may be Christian, he sure isn’t acting like one…

  5. Pence turned out to be saccharine, more soft and weak than we thought. He was NEVER ASKED TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION . He was encouraged to LEGALLY not certify that day and LEGALLY allow an investigation to take place which would have declared Trump re-elected.
    We would still be energy independent and selling fuel to Europe, maintained the great economy and security. Finished wall and border closed and secure. No war in Ukraine. Saudi Arabia still in Abraham Accord and our ally, instead of China brokering the deal for Saudi Arabia to join with China, Russia, Iran, and likely soon N Korea. Nor belonging to world organizations that demand money from us, even to pay CHINA millions per year. Not joining WHO PLAN to control all countries that join it; we’ll be having over total control of any aspects of America. Biden is all for it.

    We CANNOT continue to survive under this Biden/Harris regime. They and handlers are treacherous, devious. TREASONOUS. CHARGETHEM, remove them, render highest punishments possible.

    1. Thank you Vic. There is so much that ‘wouldn’t be occurring’ that is ruining our country through Biden and so much more positive, good and patriotic movement if Trump would have prevailed. Like he always said, “It’s not me they are after, it’s you…I’m just in the way.” And he was trying to prevent all of this by asking for fair election and letting America express their distrust for what the Dem’s did. We are feeling the hurt big time, yet there are so many that still don’t know the truth as they have been so brainwashed by the ‘fake media.’ I like your comparisons here, and there is so much more that could be included – it would take up the entire page.

  6. Pence said he was following the Constitution, but the Constitution doesn’t address fraudulent/challenged electoral college votes. There is a law on the books for that and Pence violated it. Tucker should show the picture of Mike Pence smiling, high-fiving with Dems AND ACCEPTING GIFTS FROM THEM AFTER THE PROTEST.

  7. Say Mr. Penskie, you are a Bushskyite, Who Happens To A Traitor To The US Constitution, you must have been Compromised (Financially) By That Communistic Chinese Co-Conspirator’s Named Mr. Soros and Gates! Who wants to Destroy The USA and We The Legal People Of The USA’s Way Of Life, You Commie RINO!!!

    1. You rinos are dead wrong…. Traitor Pence knew what he should have done and refused to do it, so the decrepit state of our country is his fault, because he collaborated with the devil n the dems (same difference). He is a horrible person, just do some hard research on this guy…. He helped fast track the evil, illegal nincompoop into the WH and cooperated with the traitors all the way, and completed his treacherous actions with that elbow bump with the witch Pelousy. He’ll never be president … and Trump Did NOT cause the insurrection, I think you are trolls, because the majority of comments don’t agree with you.

  8. what Pence said was not a lie Donald Trump caused the insurrection he knows it the country knows it and even his cult members know it they just don’t want to own up to it

    1. Its something how anti-Trumpers use the word “cult”.

      How about the Socialist Party Bidenite Cult?? An actual D.C. Deep State Swamp Snake 50 yrs career crook along with his bros Jim and Frank, son Hunter e.g. etc!!

      Donald J. Trump knows what Biden is all about and that’s why he owned his arse in that debate!! He knew puppet Joe would do anything to bring down and bury our country into a shit pit of Socialism!!

  9. I too, feel that Trump “worked hard” to fuel the insurrection on Jan 6th and is still trying to stir the pot. He THINKS he is supposed to be the Supreme Leader of America.. not just an elected leader.. giving him TOTAL control over every aspect of the (was) United States.
    Just remember, (in his mind), he can do NO wrong.
    This is NOT a political issue.. It is a National Safety issue.. Just think of all the “OTHERS” that would expect to be able to get away with anything they can think of, and just claim being “NOT RESOPNSIBLE” for the damage/distruction/disruptions caused by their actions.

  10. If penny sense runs he might get 3 votes…his own, his mother, and his wife(and I’m not sure about her). 3 votes will get you out of the running quite quickly…lol

  11. In fairness the Jan 6th committee was a sham ! I try my best to be objective. Had Mr Pence followed through as Mr Trump asked the investigation that we are seeing here and there in the past several months ( had it occured then) may have changed the outcome. One thing is clear , Mr Pence is waisting his time if he thinks he would have a successful run against Mr. Trump.

    1. Kenneth Hall, I couldn’t have said it better if I was reading a script! I hope that he doesn’t leave a note though, maybe Hillary would be implicated in it and both of those Traitors will be where they belong! Pence BLEW IT for a run at 2024 when he failed our Country by NOT doing his only job and saving America from what’s in the office now! By not certifying the 2020 election until a proper investigation was done to either prove or disprove the claims of widespread fraud Pence committed political suicide! I don’t know how much he was paid but it must have been quite a large amount for the fool to give up 4 more years in office as V.P. and quite PROBABLY 8 years as President of the United States Of America! Trump would’ve been done in 2024 leaving a VERY PROSPEROUS COUNTRY that would have beyond a doubt elected Pence for at least 1 term to see if he learned anything from his old boss and would continue to follow Trumps lead! And if anyone want’s to see what actually happened inside the Capitol Bldg on J6 just watch the footage Tucker Carlson just released from the security cameras INSIDE the Capitol Bldg that PROVE there was no violence going on while the cops & security were taking the Viking and a few others on a guided tour letting them into other rooms and talking and laughing with them VERY PEACEFULLY! Anyone that damaged anything was arrested and the windows were broken for no reason since the doors were NOT locked! Almost all of the violence that was committed was done by Democrats dressed in MAGA gear that were paid to rev up the crowd in hope’s that they would smash through the front doors! When that didn’t happen the paid Democrat agitators attacked the front doors and windows, and it’s ALL ON FILM!

  12. This man had the chance to stand next to the President of the United States of America, and make history for standing against Election corruption! Instead, he turned into a Coward!!! After all that he witness President Trump endure, this Coward could execute the one presidential duty he had as vice president. TO MAKE SURE THE NUMBERS WERE ACCURATE FROM SEVERAL STATES, WHERE EVIDENCE SAID CORRUPTION! HE SHOULD BE QUIET AND STEP DOWN. PENCE, YOU FAILED THIS COUNTRY!!! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT! IT IS YOUR LAST ACT OF HONOR TO WE THE PEOPLE! MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A NOTE!!!

  13. For those of you who have yet to see the “sham” results from this 2020 election I sincerely feel sorry for you, but our country can’t wait much longer, if it is to survive, for you to examine the facts and come to your senses!

  14. The capital protest was not an insurrection and it turned into a riot after the instigators in the crowd stirred up protesters. There are videos out there showing the authorities firing projectiles into a peaceful crowd and shoving a man off the railing from quite a ways up. Plants in the crowd changing clothes behind shrubs, it was a total setup . Pence knew the election was stolen because they hired a private investigator who said he seen enough fraud to change the election. This was not an insurrection just because Democrats use it as a talking point. All the videos that show people entangled with the cops, they had people behind them shoving them into the capitol , they were probably plants to stir up the crowd and keep the chaos going. The BLM & Antifa riots were way worse.

  15. I find it insane that people still don’t see all the damage that has been done to the United States by this so called administration. If you a elite or evil you are the ones who stand to be afraid when proof starts coming out. As we are slowly seeing bits and pieces. Of it now. STAND WITH GOD SAY YOUR PRAYERS AND GOD WILL SURELY BLESS US AND THE USA.

  16. Don’t know why he would want to run, he doesn’t have Trumps coat tail to ride on LOSER just like Biden and Harry Ass Harris. Needs to quit being a cry-baby and acting like the DUMOCRATS. At least their iconic party symbol match’s their attitudes a Jackass. I think most got what they deserve. They all stood by and did nothing to help first responders and law enforcement during all the riots they even repeated the comments can you hear us now. Well Trump supporters were just wanting to be heard. only difference regular law enforcement got no help and capital police got the National Guard for help and now they have quadrupled their department while taking away from other local departments cause they were scared, how about all those who were scared during the riots? If that would have been a white cop shooting a black girl in the riots there would have been much more done to the white cop, but black capital police shots white girl in the back and it doesnt even get put on the news. signed Trump2024 Supporter

  17. Someone should remind Pence that liars are as much in need of repentance as sexually deviant perverts.



  19. The whole thing was a set up deal by the Democrats to try and frame Trump !!! Pence was never a vice president only in name only !!! Shouldn’t have ever been in as one !!! I think the Country has alot bigger set of problems now then to keep on this Jan 6th lie like our President we have now who can’t hold a candle to Reagan !!! Or Trump

  20. As for those like William Brown and Don Ward e.g. ~~ ENJOY YOUR SOCIALISM!! >:(


    My 3 great uncles didn’t sacrifice for nothing in WWII in THE NAME OF OUR COUNTRY’S FREEDOM when they fought against the Fascist German Nazis and the Imperial Japanese!!

  21. You know, it’s all very clear to me. We have a ‘deep state’ that is now very well defined. Before President Trump, we thought that was just a theory and we weren’t really sure who or what it all entailed. After 2 years+ of the lifelong political, Biden (who has changed his beliefs/focus so many times in his political career; I am not sure if he knows what he stands for now,) we are where President Trump warned us about, actually worse. We lost our chance to save our America when the last man that could have prevented this, Pence, did not take the stand he was elected for. Being a planner myself, and seeing how things can be undermined, I often think if President Trump would have done this differently and nixed the peaceful protest march to the Capitol and had it where they were gathered for his speech; it would’ve, once again, foiled the dirty Dem’s plans. Knowing that Pelosi would have set this up as an insurrection, which anyone following what was going on would suspect her of, President Trump could have pulled a switch on her and the other conspirators. It was obvious to me this was being set up as these Dem’s didn’t and won’t give up on destroying him. It’s backfiring on them though, as these Demoncrats used these banks that failed as their own ATM machines and these institutions put too much ‘faith’ in these dirty Dem’s. Just like the COVID CCP Virus is being proven as a deliberate attack on the world to ruin economies so they’d be the richest economy in the world, that didn’t work out as planned either as their population is dying by the thousands. But I believe this is all crumbling down as evil will not prevail if we keep our faith and revivals continue to happen across the nation. The Lord is lifting the veil on them. Just maybe, we won’t be forced to speak Chinese in the US after all…

  22. Mike Pence titled his memoirs book “So Help Me God.”
    It sure wasn’t God who had him go against everything that our Founding Fathers ever intended for the United States of America by certifying for the former Dems Party now Socialist Party.

    I’ll always remember that SOTU address where Nancy Pelosi snickered when Pres Trump declared that ” We can never let Socialism ever happen here in our country.” And then she had the audacity to rip up her copy of his SOTU outline!

  23. Pence is a sorry a__! His pretense of being a Christian is beyond the pale! He needs to go back to Indiana and live out his traitor life keeping out of the public eye!! Trump gave him a position where he could have certainly excelled in the party, but he chose to go the Rhino route (big mistake)!!

  24. This Guy is phony, sleazy, lying, piece of garbage RINO!
    This guy couldn’t wear TRUMPS jockstrap let alone lead OUR Country… He hasn’t got the Balls to be REAL, SINCERE, or GENUINE…GO BACK HOME AND STAY WHERE YOU BELONG…SELLOUT CHUMP!

  25. I’ve been saying this since that very day, that no one was asking anyone to overturn any damn thing. Just a matter of saying “In order to ensure the American public that the outcome of this election is 100% legitimate we, in the House of Congress, have a sacred duty to pause certification for a ten day investigatory period, as per the United States Constitution in times like these. There are simply too many questions in too many states to arbitrarily, in a vacuum, rubber stamp certification, and we will do our level best for the American people to get to the bottom of this as expeditiously as humanly possible”.

    It was that simple.

    No judge of any court ever said that there was no evidence of voter fraud. They all said it was a procedural issue, and it was, in that this was unprecedented in a way that rendered the courts null. The procedure was in the House of Congress. That device in the US Constitution, the one that the full tilt constitutional law expert, Ted Cruz, invoked, is there for a reason. Over 100 members of Congress wanted to look into the dozens and dozens of serious allegations. And it is not even up for debate; of course they stole the election. No one really believes that Joe Biden legitimately won. So they can just drop the pretense. All the are doing is lying, which is what they do about everything.

    So the question, now, is whether Mike Pence is actually that obtuse, as to not see something this obvious, or if he was told by a deep state member to stand down, certify immediately, and he politely obeyed.




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