Minnesota Democrat: Bring Republicans to ‘Guillotines’

“Off with their heads” may seem like something you’d read in a book or perhaps hear about in a documentary about the French Revolution, but it has new meaning for one Democrat today.

A member of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor party recently shares a post on Facebook suggesting that Republicans be led “to the guillotines” the day after November’s midterm elections. According to the Associated Press, William Davis, a spokesman for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party posted a to-do list, that included: “11.7 — bring them to the guillotines.”

Corey Day, executive director of the progressive group said the past was later deleted and that it was part of an inside joke. Not surprisingly, the Republican targets of the joke failed to see the humor. Davis received a “working suspension” for a week to chastise him for the death threats and call for violence to others in the opposing party.

The post was part of a longer diatribe about getting rid of Republicans (legally, via voting) on Facebook; Davis’s post about the guillotines has since been deleted.

What did the proposed targets of the post have to say? Most were not thrilled – while no one expects guillotines to be erected anytime soon, this type of post could lead to violence against GOP candidates and even Republican voters at the polls this November. Fear of violence could even keep voters from turning out in these key races – so the “joke” could have a lasting and significant impact to the state of Minnesota.

According to local television station KAAL-TV, the candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Doug Wardlow had this to say about the “joke”:

“That kind of incendiary rhetoric is completely inappropriate. It’s disgusting. It debases our public discourse and it’s the kind of language that could even insight violence. It’s completely inappropriate. We called on the DFL to terminate Mr. Davis’ employment. We need to make sure we aren’t engaging in any of this back and forth in civil discourse. It’s inappropriate.”

This progressive group is about 85 years old and is focused on electing “progressive leaders” and promoting the progressive agenda in Minnesota. Formed in the 1920s, the DFL site states a goal of electing strong progressive leaders to Minnesota’s state legislature and to other key roles in the state.

While the DFL took steps to sanction Davis, they also avoided commenting on their Facebook page or apologizing to the GOP candidates or the public for the incendiary remarks. The current Facebook page is a steady stream of accusations and profiles of the “bad guys and girls ” of the Republican Party — basically those running against progressives this November. Davis returns to work next week.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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44 thoughts on “Minnesota Democrat: Bring Republicans to ‘Guillotines’”

  1. As the midterms approach, more and more we see the true colors
    of the left.
    Inciting violence is their true mission.
    We can thank obama and mad maxine for starting this call to violence.

  2. Face Book has blocked posting bad stuff on Democrats . They have violated our rights to free speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We can always count on Dimocrats proudly to reveal their lack of ethics, morality, and standards. Perhaps not all of them sink to these depths, but the majority of them do. Some may assume that I don’t know how to spell the name of their party, but I do; I just think “Dimocrat” is more reflective of their average IQ.

  4. The Dems are so stupid they would put their own heads on the chopping block thinking they were going to get one up on the conservatives!

  5. With attitudes like this, how can the democrats continue to claim to be democratic? Apparently, democracy can only be a good thing if they win. They are poor sports at best, but whiny losers is more accurate.

  6. We can thank Donald Trump for the divisiveness we’re now seeing in our political discourse. His repeated derogatory comments regarding his opponents during the republican primary campaign were bad. You also have his defense of various hate groups such as the KKK, neo-Nazi groups and various white supremacy groups. Then, you have all his racist, bigoted and misogynistic rhetoric. It’s no wonder this kind of hate speech has become so common.

    1. Since you apparently know it all then maybe you can enlighten us as to who the hell is calling for all the VIOLENCE. Show me one instance where a Republican has called for Violence or keep your YAPPER PIE HOLE SHUT.

        1. Better fix google then as there are no results showing TRUMP actually calling for any violence there are lots where the MEDIA or others have claimed this however the only footage of ANY politician actually calling for violence I have found have been DEMOCRATS demanding their followers attack people for anything from voting for Trump to pointing out FACTS that irrefutably contradict the democrats propaganda about events.

          Like the fact that the US has never imprisoned children just to KEEP them together with their “parents” regardless of what crime they committed.

          Yet democrats and the media continue blaming Trump for this as if it was some kind of SPECIAL ORDER he gave even when they had to FAKE their proof by using children later proven to have never been separated from their parents by the US immigration department and photos of OBAMA era purchased equipment which they failed to hide the DATE it was taken on a date clearly displayed in the photo.

          1. You are dealing with a “low information voter”….the type that sucked up Laura Bush’s almost tearful complaint about the separation of children from their “illegal immigrant” parents that was splashed all over the corrupted biased mainstream media, the latter just inadvertently NEVER pointed out to Laura that it was HER hubby that signed the “bill”….but to add insult to injury, the selfsame mainstream media went on to report on the President’s rescinding of that law as if he was responsible for the original???? Common sense and cognition is definitely not the forte of the Democrap liberal progressive left…Pray for your country and VOTE RED next month….

    2. First he did not SUPPORT the KKK the media CLAIMED this based on the fact he did not issue a BIASED against them only statement when calling out ALL SIDES who were involved in the violence at ONE incident for their acts of violence.

      The DEMOCRATS are the only ones who have been calling for violence REFUSING to cave to the demands of DOMESTIC TERRORIST who feel VIOLENT attacks against people for not blindly believing everything the democrats spout is somehow acceptable while blaming those who DEFEND themselves against them when attacked for the attack.

      The media has been complicit in this by falsely calling the ATTACKS and VIOLENCE done in an effort to FORCE the democratic political agenda upon the Citizens of the US despite their overwhelming NO VOTE in 2016 is simply PROTESTS.

      Like it or not the second they break one window or hit one person because they are UPSET they did not get what they wanted in the election it ceased being a protest and became a CRIME.

    3. “His repeated derogatory comments regarding his opponents during the republican primary campaign were bad.”
      speaking the truth is only ‘derogatory’ to the guilty, for the rest of humanity it is merely speaking the truth

      “You also have his defense of various hate groups such as the KKK, neo-Nazi groups and various white supremacy groups”
      the KKK? the same KKK founded by the Democrats? neo-nazi groups like ANTIFA? White supremacy groups? when antifa attacked a ‘white supremacy group’ and they DEFENDED themselves, Trump supported that SELF DEFENSE and so he should

      “Then, you have all his racist, bigoted and misogynistic rhetoric.”
      what racist, bigoted, misogynistic rhetoric? you must be thinking of Democrats, because i’ve not seen a SINGLE example from Trump

      you have been diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome Stage 4 – unrecoverable

      i look forward to your Blue River Of Tears next month

      1. It is pitiful is it not….common sense and cognition is not the forte of the liberal progressive left who make up the majority of Democrats. They are incapable of recognizing innuendo, which Obama and Clinton revelled in or transposition which the eunuchs in the corrupt mainstream media adeptly carried out on behalf of those two liars….

    4. We can thank ohbummer, holder and the ‘crat sewer. They began the divisiveness in 2007-8…the ineligible marxist/muslim/homosexual traitor was calling for violence during his first campaign (the fact that he was probably drugged out of his mind 90% of the time is no excuse)
      President Trump, nor ANY Republican has EVER called for violence…President Trump’s ‘derogatory’ comments are only in answer to the lies and the fake, phony garbage continually spewed up by the fascistcrats…
      His defense of hate groups??? President Trump did NOT defend the KKK…why on earth would he defend a democrat party organization? Various ‘white supremacy groups’ please name one…How about the criminalcrat’s defense of a TOTAL fascist gang, the so-called antifa fascist organization, TOTALLY owned, operated and funded by soros and the ‘crat sewer…soros himself is the EPITOME of ‘hate’ as is eric holder, ohbummer and the entire cbc….the ‘crat sewer has yet to denounce ANY of the violent rhetoric spewed daily by the unhinged, psychotic ‘cratscum….and and the ‘crats defending the fascist black-supremacy thugs of ohbummers brown-shirts…the so-called blm…responsible for murdering police officers, all at the behest of the mentally defective holder and ohbummer.
      Misogynistic rhetoric…??…that began with the rapist clinton and his corrupt traitorous ‘spouse’…bigoted…??? the 24/7 drumbeat of hate/violence/intimidation hurled, by the filthycrats, at whites, Christians and Republicans…began with the clinton criminals and ramped up by the ohbummer terrorist organization….THAT’S bigoted…
      And people like you…indoctrinated, brainwashed, IGNORANT without a SHRED of integrity and a total disregard for truth and facts…YOU are why this kind of hate speech is so common…you are devoid of common sense, common decency and have not an iota of critical thinking skills…you are a total disgrace…

    5. What defense of hate groups he condemnedthe K. K. K. and B. L. M. The Nazi’s and AntiFA, he has never defended them and sent their Political Donation nack at every turn you are only Partoting what the Secular Progressive Humanist Intelligentsia is saying this is all Bull Manute. The Democrats have been using vicious Rhetoric as a political tool for the last 200 years. It was Democrats that compared Abraham Lincoln to a Baboon, and used racial epitaphs rumors that he was a Mulatto. The Democrats founded the K. K. K., and introduced the Jim Crow laws, Democratsvoted against Emancipation, the 14th and 15th Ammendments, the K. K. K. Rallied in support of Democrats all the way to John Kennedy they supported the Racist agendauntil 1970, and then switched to the new Social Engineering program that subtly chained millions of Americans of African dedcent topoverty, and Ignorance of the truth. You have been fed their Bull Manure in the Public Schools, the Free Leftist Mainstream Media, and through Hollywood since the end of W. W. II. It is thecFemocrats supporting
      M. S. -13, B. l. M., and AntiFA. Trump stated nothing but commonsense immigration reforms on Refugees, and Illegal Immigrant who are crimminals because they broke American Laws. Racism is the Second grearest tool they have the First is Character Assassination, and the Third is Educational Ignorance, the Fourth is Histlrical Revisionism, or errassier of True History. No sir Trump is not the problem the hatefilled Democrat Leadership, and George Soros are!

  7. When somebody from the Republican gets killed, these true inciters of hate and violence will run like the dirty rotten rat scum they are. These sleezebags like Homey Holder, Mad Max Whiner, Nancy Paloozer, Hilldebeast and others of their like minded ilk, need to be kept from retaining public office. There have been no Republicans that have promoted anything like what they are doing. If they would, the media would be shouting from the rooftops about the inhumanity and injustice for weeks on. Yet the turn a blind eye to this dangerous behavior.

    Everyone please get out and vote this scum OUT!!! Send a very clear message to the demoscum party.

  8. And, we’re the ones the democrats and the media are calling us NAZI and fascist. I beg to differ. This is why the WALKWAY movement is exploding. This kind of rhetoric is very dangerous. I read last week that Brandon Straka said 3 times more former democrats tripled in size after the Kavanaugh hearings. The numbers continue to increase every week, as the democrats continue to be oblivious to how many people are totally disgusted by the rhetoric, their anti-American bs and their encouragement for creating violence. ELECTION HAVE CONSEQUENCES and they’re about to get a dose of reality.

    1. Nothing deters the idiots…..maybe they believe if you do enough wrong somehow a “right” will appear….so far Kavanaugh, the caravan cum invasion – which due to the logistics involved is a well orchestrated and financed piece of work, the “bomb” scare….which the fools had to overdo like everything else and you’e still a couple of weeks shy of voting day…wonder what they will come up with next….surprise us!!!

  9. If the democrats want to get violent bring it on. The republicans in the house and senate may just be starting to grow a spine but us out here in the heartland always had one and will defend out rights and freedoms from these mentally ill people.

  10. Fortunately for me, I escaped Minni-so-cold many years ago (1978) and have not been subjected to the radical far-left wing politics the DFL espouses. Sounds about right as the mob tactics they are degenerating into is indicative of the panic they are showing, tells me that’s all they’ve got….

  11. Lets see how the DEMONCRAPS handle LOSING the midterms too, I’ll bet the are going to hit the streets calling for reCounts and that the vote was rigged and then start tearing up Private property at which time it will be ok to defend yourself and your property from destruction by the likes of antifa and radical leftests. Be ready and meet them on the streets and tear off their masks and expose them for who they are then beat them down. VOTE FOR THE GOP and lets take our Country away from those DEMONCRAPTIC SOCIALISTS.

  12. I’d take this crazy man and fly him over Syria and throw him off the plane in a parachute to see how he likes a society that is in complete breakdown. I’d love to see how that works out for him. These Democratic-Communists especially talking about cutting off Republican heads does not deserve the courtesy of what America allows a person like him to do. He’s a tragic view of how the hate has consumed him and possibly will lead to further violence. Republicans own guns, let him try and cut my head off, he’ll not make it to my front door step.

    1. he doesn’t incite violence against journalists 1) you can hardly call MSM parrots ‘journalists’ & 2 saying ‘he’s my kinda man’ is not inciting violence – oh, and if you don’t leave my house/office when i ask you to, i too will physically throw you out

      ALL the violence is coming from the left, because that’s all they’ve got

      you have been diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome Stage 3 – recoverable with ongoing TRUTH treatment

    2. Salley McMillan stop spewing the regurgitated Secular Progressive Humanist Bolshevik fiction. Wake up and she that you are like lambs being lead to slaughter pens.

  13. so lets get this straight we are supposed to believe.

    1) Suggesting existing constitutional laws put in place to protect US citizens are enforced and obeyed.
    2) Putting the interests of the US first when negotiating with other nations.
    3) Demanding the CONSTITUTION actually be followed and all treated EQUALLY instead of elevating certain groups above others for POLITICAL GAIN.
    4) That the government stay within the Constitutional restrictions of powers granted to the government.

    Are bad things for this nation and that people calling for them are the same as hitler (who was responsible for the deaths of millions who did not support his political agenda)

    and the outright calls for violence or death against those for nothing more than opposing the democratic political agenda when democrats have openly stated their agenda includes.

    1) Support of the use of FOREIGN laws in our courts, laws that VIOLATE the constitutional provision against government dictated religion such as sharia law that several democrats called “progressive”.
    2) Have OPENLY supported blatant violations of both immigration and election laws so long as the result is political support for them.
    3) Have dozens or more members who have had ACTUAL evidence of guilt shown when accused of recent abuse but have yet to be arrested much less prosecuted while hypocritically demanding Republicans should be GUILTY just by being accused with NO EVIDENCE of supposedly doing the same thing 30+ years ago.
    4) Have continually promised to DESTROY THIS NATION and replace it with a fascist or socialist state where the government controls every aspect of a persons private life and no one has a right to defend themselves, protect their loved ones, or have any say in their own medical care.
    5) As well as the long list of other crimes etc. their is evidence they have done in the name of their political agenda.

    Are supposedly the GOOD GUYS?

  14. The democrat/communist that made such a statement should be very careful about what he says, because what goes around
    comes around. Such statements will have a negative impact on those that issues them. It will in time, bite them big time.

  15. Mike, the hyphen (-) and demanding diversity are what is dividing this country not President Trump. Please remove your head from it’s current location and you will see what is happening.

  16. This proves liberals are technically INSANE and dangerous!!! Remember what the Bolsheviks did during the Russian revolution? They shot and hacked people to death, raped and disemboweled women and children. These liberals are the same kind of people, psychopathically violent, unpredictable and unstable. This is not politics but psychopathic pathology. Let’s hope it remains all words, the rantings of a frustrated mind too afraid to act. My fear is that, one day, one of these nut jobs will cross the line. We don’t need another professed communist revolutionary such as Lee Harvey Oswald. There is enough animosity in this country today. Let rational minds prevail.

    Id est quod id est

  17. These democrats are nothing but a bunch of sick FREAKS ! They all need to be in a mental institution in strait jackets !

  18. His brain has obviously frozen to death or he never had one. Haven’t met a Dem who could think on their own anymore.

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