More Than 11,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered To Vote in Pennsylvania

Only U.S. citizens should be able to vote. That goes without saying. But someone in Pennsylvania apparently didn’t get the memo.

It has come to light that in Pennsylvania, more than 11,000 people who are not citizens managed to register to vote. Even worse, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania used legal tricks to block that information from being released.

“Pennsylvania officials have admitted to finding names of 11,198 non-citizens registered to vote on the state’s rolls — though top lawmakers suspect the number could still be higher,” the Washington Times reported.

Some in Pennsylvania are speaking out against the problem.

“I believe that we need to take action and have those people removed immediately from the tolls. They were never eligible to vote,” Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said.

And the problem isn’t just that so many people who were not citizens were registered to vote. It’s also a serious issue that the governor was so deceptive that he withheld the information from the public, and did so until after the 2018 midterm elections.

“Making this problem worse isn’t the fact that there are that many non-citizens registered to vote, but that the Governor fought tooth and nail to prevent this information from going public until after the election,” Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw said. “The original investigation took place in plenty of time for the news to be released last year, but the Governor dragged his feet until a hearing was scheduled for December. Once the election was safely out of the way, the Governor withdrew his objections.”

Many might be wondering how in the world a “non-citizen” could manage to register to vote. It’s a good question. What happens is that in many states, people who are not citizens are allowed to get driver’s licenses. And voter registration is often tied to getting a vehicle registration or a driver’s license. So, people who are citizens might register to vote when they get their vehicle registration or driver’s license.

If those numbers of “non-citizens” voting in Pennsylvania seem bad, and they are, they are even worse in Texas, where an investigation discovered that 95,000 people who are not citizens are on the voter rolls, and 58,000 of those voted using those registrations.

“Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “Nothing is more vital to preserving our Constitution than the integrity of our voting process, and my office will do everything within its abilities to solidify trust in every election in the state of Texas.”

It really makes no sense that people who are not citizens of the United States could be permitted to vote. Voting is a privilege, and in this country, it’s a privilege that only citizens should have.

~ Conservative Zone

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75 thoughts on “More Than 11,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered To Vote in Pennsylvania”

  1. The Democrats are lying to us in order to get power. Throw them out. We the people need to prosecute them and strip their citizenship from them.

    1. The proof that dems condone illegal foreigners to enter the U.S.A. for their own vote power is in every STATE but the DOJ does nothing to prosecute the instigating asses that are internally destroying the U.S.A.’s Citizens vote Rights ! This is treason from the word crime that has to be squelched ! The 8 years of bo’s wannabe dictatorship is a #1 example that proves the destruction of vote fraud in th U.S.A. … ! Anyone question the results of a dem take over of the house in 2018 ..? Florida was a #1 fraud example but all other states were ignored, like AZ & the dem invasion ?

    2. Voter ID is an absolute necessity. Dems oppose it because they engage in voter fraud, with dead voters, illegal voters and multiple voters. They make it an issue of racism when it is not. I had to show proof in a drug store to buy cold medication. Yet Dems want us to vote with no ID whatsoever. Proves they’re up to committing fraud.

    3. Amen, I couldn’t agree more John. Starting first with those nut cases Pelosi and the communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex de la inceptcion cardinale.

      1. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these treasonous traitor s need to be impeached and jailed for their immoral acts against the United States of America and its citizens.

      2. I strongly agree. Send them back to where ever they came from. they are breaking our one of our very important laws. I would say put them in jail but then we would have to take care of them.

      3. Is Amerika corrupt enough for you yet ? IF the republic is not restored, we will fail. Many will die. Socialism usually ends in mass murder. History proves it.

    4. This is the BLUE WAVE that Pelosi and Chucky are waiting for, BUILD THE WALL, and tear down the “Motor Voter” laws that enables most of the illegals to vote. When Officials state they have no evidence that illegals are voting, You ask them, “when do you ever check?” Remind them that you can’t recall when you were ever asked for any more evidence of eligibility than the voter card you received in the mail.

    5. Not only Pennsylvania!check out Arkansas! When you register for food stamps they let you vote without any legal identification
      All you have to do is check the citizen box. Real??

    6. Illegal Voting is a crime that is not being punished and that does not bode well for Our Country. If We lose America to ballot “stuffing” , graveyard votes and non citizen (voting themselves a free lunch) voting it will be due to good men doing nothing about it. The Governors in Sanctuary states need to be arrested and booked for undermining America’s sovereign state—-stealing elections and passing unfriendly laws—for the Legal Citizens to lose representation to keep criminals in office is the highest sort of crime.
      In California an obscene tax on fuel was past by such fraud—-40 cents a gallon added to diesel has raised the price of food and all goods——–no one I know voted yes for this bill——Sanctuary Cities bring : disease (Thypus is on the rise in Los Angles) , drugs and ,yes, slavery.

  2. I agree with John. I am an American combat veteran. I can tell you straight out that no combat veteran fought for this. Democrats are cheating our county to its core. We fought for American citizens. We didn’t fight for illegals to cheat our government. This goes against everything we stand for. Telling a commander a lie could get you killed, fired or put in jail. Where is the punishment for illegals and people allowing this adhorent behavior????? Incidentally, we pay our government employees for “A”s in many cases we are receiving “D”s. In the case of people responsible for these illegals voting, Those that allow illegal voting are receiving a pension and they are not doing there job allowing illegals to register. They should be fired. We are paying top dollar for “F”s. Not many people these days receive pensions these days?

    1. The dems since bo’s treasonous 8 years of deceit & duping that proved vote fraud conspirators helped many illegal foreigners into the U.S.A. and secured their illegal vote registration ! Treason is the crime & execution is the justice ! Why else do dems want illegal foreigners ? Sure as hell not humanity but proves dem’s are wannabe dictators !

    2. The governor and his staff are traitors to the country. Hold and prosecute as the traitors they are. And if the DOJ cannot do its job then we need to stand up and do ours and prosecute those in the DOJ that is log jamming the justice system in favor of DEMs. War is coming and the DEMs must believe they will prevail. They are setting the ground work. Its up to us to stop them

  3. It is worse than what they say, just look a little more to the west. But those involved should be prosecuted not deported. And this major problem does not affect just the individual states where it is taking place, it affects us all. The problem I have with making voting easier like the Democrats want is because it makes it easier from voter fraud, and quite frankly we have too much of that going on now.

    We should have a life sentence, not 20 years life, for those who assist, devise, or use voter fraud, zero tolerance, to protect our voting.

    1. Socialism that dems want is a 1st step to a dictatorship & illegal foreigners are the libtards to establish abused power the far left wannabe dictators need for slaves in their NWO with other totalitarian world dictators ! Hang ’em all High !

  4. I’m an elected Judge of Elections in Franklin, PA and I can assure you that even though automatic voter registration may occur with some driver license cases, if a person is a non citizen, they are also automatically rejected. I have a friend who married a Filipino. She was automatically registered to vote when she got her DL, but she never appeared on voting rolls until she achieved citizenship in 2009.

    1. Sorry Gerald, I’m not buying your defense for the rotten Democratic Socialist! Here in Iowa, there were reports all over the place of people outraged that Democrats at the polls handed “special ballots” to the illegals, especially those who couldn’t speak English, the D’s were filled out for them, all they had to do was cast their ballot! This was reported by several people, but one was from Argentina, married an American, and was an American citizen but had a very strong accent. He was OUTRAGED because he was anxious to vote in his first legal election and he was voting R! Trust me, here in Iowa there is no way our House Representative would have lost had there not been cheating and I am tired of it! God intervened in the 2016 election or we would already be under Socialism and the dictatorship of Killary, with the Deep State controlling every thing we did and said. God would be out, Government and Killary would be the new God, and we would not even be able to own a Bible because that is the way it is in Socialist countries! I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT! “THIS IS NOT A SOCIALIST COUNTRY AND NEVER WILL BE A. SOCIALIST COUNTRY! “Millions of illegal votes were found to be cast for Killary, I know God heard prayers of millions of Christians, if I were you, I would quit making excuses for the Party of Satan! BTW, there is no way Pelosi should be head of the House, she is evil and hated. She is committing TREASON for refusing to protect the American People from the invasion that floods the borders for Dems selfish reason just to import more D votes from indigents, illiterates, criminals, Gang members, rapist and murderers and those cast out of their own countries! Thank you for protecting the Constitution and our right to have a fair election! NOT!!

  5. I think the officials in PA and Texas should be prosecuted for letting this happen and taken out of office. Who knows what other illegal things they have done . The people of these states should take action and get these people out of office before it gets worse.

  6. I’m in favor of the DEATH PENALTY for any politician or government employee that is involved in ANY MANNER to enable illegals, dead people or multiple votes by a single person.

    Ensure the ENABLERS HAVE NO FUTURE and the problem will completely disappear when the trap doors pops open and the “Danglin’ and Stranglin’ ” begins.

    1. “Hang ’em High” is a proven justice for all traitors that conspire to destroy the U.S. Constitution, like dems are trying to do every day ! Start with the instigators like bo & hitlery then continue with all their libtard dem ass cronies … !

    2. I am too, because they are committing treason by aiding the enemy to vote in our elections! Mexico, are you kidding, this would NEVER HAPPEN! I don’t believe illegals should be allowed any rights in our country including driver’s license! Haven’t we learned our lessons with illegals involved in drunken driving killing innocent Americans. How about Officer Singh? A legal Citizen cut down by an illegal driver! Why are we allowing them to be able go get drivers licenses?

  7. If President Trump (I still love saying that) gets our voting fiasco taken care of, we wont ever have to worry about democrats again and THAT is what they fear most. This country does not want the left.

    1. I honestly thought he would have done this by the mid term elections, now we are stuck with a bunch of Socialist who fight our President in every thing he tries to do to improve this country, the worst, refusing to fund the WALL. I could care less if he orders the Wall to be built, it is his right, it has to be done, there is an invasion, there aren’t just 5 million illegals, the numbers are up in the 20 million illegals getting who they want elected, receiving money from the Dems that our citizens worked hard and had to pay their taxes at the tune of 116 Billion ANNUALLY that amounts to $1,600.00 for each taxpayer that could go to their families instead of people who hate us but love the benefits while still flying the flags from their country, refusing to speak English and killing our citizens. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

      1. I’m hoping it was a setup to take pelosi down. I believe our marines are running the show for the most part and I have to believe they know what they are doing to end this mess. Trump said that he was asked by the marines years ago if he would do this and he said he always knew he would have to do this one day to save the country he actually loves.

  8. All those who worked to register those illegal voters and who deceived the citizens of their state should be charged with voter fraud, from the governor to supervisor of elections. But you know justice will not prevail. Rarely do we see justice these days.

  9. It’s all tied to the “Motor Voter” law. When you have a drivers license, you are sent voter registration in the mail, when you are a citizen or not. Obama went on National TV and told “people” that they should go and vote, further stating “immigration will not show up on your doorstep”. Who would be afraid of immigration showing up at their doorstep? Probably illegals, because it is expected that legal citizens vote.
    This “Blue Wave” attitude from those claiming to be Democrats, will actually cause the destruction of our Republic. The last to migration wave was large, but small compared to the migration wave approaching as I type. Pelosi and Chucky do not see that as a crisis, they see it as a “Blue Wave”.

    1. We need a grassroots organization to organize protest Nation wide to call for the ouster of every DemoCommunist /Demoislamist Party of America Politician Nation wide they are guilty of widespread voter Fraud, treason against the President and the people. And various other crimes against the People of the United States of America the whole Party is ripe with Fraud, and corruption!!!

  10. My best friend in CO was outraged when her illegal neighbor received a ballot in the mail to vote in our elections. Now this woman happened to be Canadian, Val wanted the ballot and letter, but she threw it away and said she never votes in our elections because she is illegal. I don’t know if she did or didn’t, but Val was going to take that right to the news, the news papers, and she was going to fight this tooth and nail and to Washington D.C. if she had to. We all know that is the only reason BO won the second election. People who voted for him for because they thought the “CHANGE” would be for the better, not Communism/Islamic invasion of which BO was both, including a Kenyan! Millions of illegals vote at every election, but for the GRACE OF GOD, and DIVINE INTERVENTION, we wouldn’t have the great leader of this country that was elected in 2016. Why do you think the radical Dems have thrown a tantrum ever since he was elected? Why do you think they really hate President Trump, because they know the election was rigged for Killary, so we, on the Right must have had to cheat in order to get President Trump elected. Remember, the left is nothing but lies, spin and complete hypocrisy, do as we say, not as we do!

  11. If everybody knew the truth about illegals getting tax returns go to The Internet and look at illegals getting tax returns there’s one Illegal on YouTube his face is covered so you can’t see Who he is hey so he’s got $20,000 checks $10,000 checks and he says it’s easy so how will this country survive with illegals getting free healthcare and free schoolingGood luck America grand

  12. It has always been that to be a citizen of the United States both conferred privileges and also duties that did not apply to non-citizens. The longstanding Liberal/Progressive attack on this distinction is bearing fruit in the chaos, declining standards of living, and general anomie that are becoming epidemic in our land. Indeed, the Liberal/Progressive agenda has been to destroy all distinctions made between people of any kind and in any way, in blatant denial of all scientific and cultural truths. The idea, supposedly, was that by eliminating all discriminating elements between people, all people would partake of the better life and prosperity that America had largely achieved. But this has been proven to be utterly fallacious. Take education: in the ’60s, busing minority students into more affluent areas was supposed to bring low-performing students up to a more scholastically adept level. Well, after fifty years, rather than elevating low-performing students to higher performance levels, this has actually brought abut the opposite: lowering once-high-achieving populations to ever poorer performance. Instead of improving the education levels of minorities, it has brought about the Dumbing-Down of America: by holding students to lower and lower standards, a practice supposedly intended to open educational opportunity to lower-skilled or “underprivileged” classes, it has debased the entire population. The old adage “bad money drives out good” thus applies in many ways. Now this attempt to remove all strictures on he privileges of citizenship is liable to destroy those privileges for everyone.

  13. The only way to stop illegals from voting is VOTER ID and any illegals caught voting should be immediately deported along with their immediate family. Voting is for U.S. Citizens only in FEDERAL ELECTIONS and you have to put anyone doing illegal voting for dead people or others should be put in prison or better yet work details for one year and no early release and make it work so they will never do it again. We also need to get all the dead people off the voting rolls.

  14. That’s it, only 11000, California has to clean up 1,500,000 in Los Angeles alone. No one is talking about Sacramento or San Francisco just Los Angeles.

    1. 11000 is what wolf is releasing, you can bank that if he is admitting this many that that number is only a drop in the bucket.


  16. I have tried several times to share this on Facebook and they block it as against their community standards and/or hate speech. They are once again trying to block conservative content or content that proves their claims of no voter fraud.

  17. I tried to pass this along and the message read that it was blocked because people objected to it. We don’t have a voice, only the liberals get to pass along things they want known.

  18. Voter ID law becomes a very important issue. One that all legislators must address and set straight now. Anyone caught voting that is not an eligible American citizen must be held to account with very stiff penalties. The sanctity and survival of our Nation, our culture, and our justice system depends on it. KAG

  19. This is why the Democrats are against voter ID. They’d lose more often. They don’t care if illegals vote for them as long as they get elected. Voter ID is an absolute MUST. Everyone should notify their Republican representatives and tell them that we need to pass this law, because you can bet that NOT ONE of these illegal votes was for a Republican.

  20. Just let those poor folks in, after all they only kill our citizens, vote illegally, break other laws, just like us law abiding citizens. Yeah! right! you know when you let in the rabble, they will eventually take over the system, and ruin it. so much for AOC and her ilk. do we know if her family is legal? probably not! if so only through an amnesty program. you know those help the poor folks Democrat/socialist/communist programs. shut the door until the system stabilizes. let in only those who apply legally. no birth right citizenship, no chain migration, no special visa’s. just a straight forward system.

  21. Here in MD, illegals can obtain drivers licenses. At the MVA, they is a booth with a sign saying “To vote democrat, register here”. One cannot legally ask a person their citizenship status. Connect the dots!

  22. The DOJ, The RINOS, some Conservative Idiots and the whole Left Wingers and even The Supreme Court, The Hypocrite, Chief Roberts the other 4 sickening Liberals are all in cahoots to destroy our way of living, etc.,

  23. This illegals coming in and getting amnesty to become citizen has been the plan since the early 1970’s as there was an article I recall reading that said this and the Dem’s went ballistic! This is before the internet. The person who blew the whistle was a Democrat and had copied an internal memo and taken it home and released it. There plan has been to subvert the legal system by letting them in (encouraging and helping them register and vote through the Amnesty Program) and the Constitutional requirements for citizenship to gain absolute power as you saw with Johnson, Carter, Clinton and then Obama. We have not been reading and listening, observing the facts and reality, and certainly not connecting the dots. The GOP politician for the most part are history, real facts and evidence ignorant. If they can say the right thing to our poorly educated citizenry (liberal indoctrination of our younger generation), then they can get elected. I still work on the premise of, “If it sounds to good to be true, then it needs immediate research and validation”. The Dems have been re-writing the history so when one does research for the facts the history has been altered to be a lie by the Democrats. Remember the American Socialist Party merged with the DNC back in the early 1940’s and the American Communist party did the same in the early 1960’s (Remember Johnson’s Great Society Program and mantra). So for one to think the DNC is “democratic” is an immediate lie and now we see after Obama, the socialist and communist are coming out from under their rocks. Hillary’s masters thesis was on making America socialistic. Wake up Democrats! If you think it is the old DNC, you are ignorant, lazy, extremely foolish and being lied to everyday. Smell the roses of America! Not the Sewers of the sedition and treason coming from the Democrats!

  24. We need an immediate law, any illegal caught voting will be immediately deported if trying to vote in a federal election and his immediate family is deported also. We need voter ID in Federal Elections any one caught voting illegally will have to show up for a work detail for one year or spend one year in jail

  25. It looks like the USA needs to have every citizen reregister to vote, start with clean slate. This would weed out illegals.

  26. Isn’t it amazing that Facebook wouldn’t let me post this article, “because there is some content that may be offensive to some people”?

    How about this illegal voting that is offensive to most people?

  27. Open borders will bring in 500,000 more. We need legislation that will #1 close the borders to the south, #2 show birth certificate or naturalization papers at the voting booths. #3 Shut down voting by mail unless these two papers are submitted with the mail-in vote.
    There is a 4th way to assure the voter is naturalized or born to the US. Require our citizens to have a passport. Plain and simple.

  28. We need to place signs at all voting centers, at the door and at signup desk stating “Any non-citizen voting will not only never receive citizenship, but the whole family will be picked up and deported.” IT IS ILLEGAL FOR NON-CITIZENS TO VOTE!

    PS. America and it’s citizens welcome all immigrants who enter legally, as our’s who preceded us.

  29. Voter ID works. That is why the demoRats are against it. They can’t win a fair and legal election. The vote harvesting that was used to steal votes in Commiefornia has to be investigated too. They practically stole control of the U.S. House of Representatives with it.

  30. Illegals should not be permitted to vote. Voting is a right reserved for registered citizens only. This is the reason why we need Voter ID now!

  31. Anyone involved in voter fraud should be prosecuted and have all of their property and wealth seized. If they are prosecuted and jailed, this would help pay for their stay in our penal institutions instead of putting this burden on the taxpayers. This should include all politicians. Never happen but a fair thought. Why have laws if they are ignored by special interest groups?

  32. Nancy Pelosi, and Beto, who are fighting to keep open borders, are photographed in Mexico standing alongside with the x-president of Mexico, who is accused of taking money form the Cartel, El Chapo, to keep our borders OPEN. Please investigate Pelosi and Beto

  33. There is only one way to resolve this. We have talked to the liberal dem bloodsuckers long enough, it is time to solve that problem once and for all.
    Talk isn’t it.

  34. In Las Vegas I was a personal witness of this voting crime. Arrivals of tourist buses and planes from Mexico are met by casino workers union representatives who instruct them to go to the union building in downtown Las Vegas. There they are issued union cards which are accepted in lieu of citizenship papers for voting purposes and as the documents giving them the right to work.

  35. The Texas story has already been de-bunked by Texas. False information was provided and then the story was written using this false information.

  36. In EVERY country it is a privilege that ONLY CITIZENS have! I am a US citizen who lives in Canada (legally, by the way), and I do not vote in Canada! I do however, vote absentee in the US. At a great expense to me, I might add. Because I must have my “envelop” notarized and in Canada the only people who can notarize are lawyers, so the last time I voted it cost me approximately $109.00 between the notarizing and the registered mail to ensure it got there in time! So, to think that my vote could be basically discounted because of a non-citizen voting, it really infuriates me. And to those who say, well if they didn’t want people to vote, they shouldn’t register them. I say BS! I was registered in Canada by the same stupid system that registered all the non-citizens in the US. But I took the time to research and find out IF I was eligible to vote, which I was not, so I didn’t. SO for all you non-citizens out there, now here this: YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO VOTE – AND IT IS A FELONY WHICH IS A DEPORTABLE OFFENSE! So unless you want to be deported over voting, I suggest you don’t

  37. All voter rolls need to be authenticated and id’s stating citizenship issued. And i am an immigrant who agrees with this being implemented.

  38. They are negating the citizens choice of who they vote for and they are voting as a block for their needs not the needs of the country or what the citizens of this country really want. They make the citizens vote not count. That is dangerous for the survival of this country and our citizens needs to continue
    For this country’s benefit not out siders benefit.

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