MSNBC is Completely Re-Writing History with COVID-19 Coverage

Left-wing extremists and their conduits in the fake news media have already begun rewriting true facts about the COVID-19 crisis. One might call it Monday-morning quarterbacking, except the country has not gotten to halftime yet. That’s largely because far-left Democrats and anti-Trump forces aren’t engaged in second-guessing decisions. They are determined to politicize the pandemic response by creating another phony narrative.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe show — one of the infamous purveyors of false and biased propaganda — has already begun rolling out its retrospective of everything the Trump Administration did incorrectly.

“Everybody saw this coming in January,” Joe Scarborough said on the air one morning.

The only problem with his premature revisionist history is that neither Joe, nor any member of the MSNBC network, ran stories that a once-in-a-century pandemic was about to descend. No stories about social distancing, no CDC protocols about sanitization, no alerts about banning travel — nothing. In fact, left-leaning media outlets were busy pushing back on President Donald Trump’s executive orders that banned travel from China in January.

“The only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media. The media has not treated it fairly. I will tell you how prepared I was, I called for a ban from people coming in from China long before anybody thought it was — in fact, it was your network, I believe they called me a racist because I did that,” President Trump said to an NBC correspondent at a White House press conference. “It was many of the people in the room. They called me racist and other words because I did that, because I went so early.”

“So, when you say that I wasn’t prepared, I was the first want to do the ban. No other countries are following what I did, but the media doesn’t acknowledge that. They know it’s true. They know it’s true, but they don’t want to write about it,” the president added.

That piece of self-reflection by the obstruct-and-resist media won’t be highlighted in future broadcasts or the inevitable COVID-19 witch hunt being whipped up by the likes of Adam Schiff in Congress.

California Rep. Schiff has reportedly already drafted documents to launch a 911-type investigation into the COVID-19 strategy implemented by the White House. The move ranks among the most despicable by a member of Congress. While the people are dying and the Trump Administration works around the clock to stem the virus’ spread, Adam “pencil neck” Schiff works to undermine the effort to save American lives. His narrative will, in all likelihood, will be that the president is guilty of malfeasance, and Schiff will repeat that lie regardless of facts. It’s the Russia Hoax all over again.

Schiff will have plenty of falsehoods floated by liberal extremists to fall back on. Former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill was more than willing to go live on MSNBC and add to the left-wing propaganda that the president has allowed pandemic “profiteering” and “price gouging.”

The only problem with the former senator’s statement is that President Trump issued an executive order that forbids price gouging and empowered U.S. Attorney General William Barr to crack down on the unethical practice. All 93 U.S. Attorney offices have reportedly tapped a lead person to prosecute offenders.

For the radicalized left, facts are simply an inconvenient truth that does not fit into their fictitious narrative.

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23 thoughts on “MSNBC is Completely Re-Writing History with COVID-19 Coverage”

  1. What does anyone expect from a media that supports the Dems who talk and talk but do nothing. These people have nothing of accomplishment to be proud of so all they have is to negatively spin what the President and the Coved team are doing. Scarborough and Mika and Maddow in particular have NOTHING positive to add to the entire narrative. In reality, they are truly pitiful parasites incapable of objective reporting because it exposes their viewpoint that is counter to the sense of get it done mentality America is known for. They are disgusting hateful humans.

  2. I turned on the television for 5 min on the Today show and watched and heard Savannah Guthrie so obviously taking shots at the President as they steer the narrative to their view point by quoting the New York Times story about the smoking Covid19 memo in January. Even as they bashed the President that same month for wanting to block travel from China. The video from a couple of State governors that just happen to be Democrats whining that they are some how not getting what they deserve in the way of supplies it just sickening. Nothing positive just garbage.

  3. The left has not done anything beneficial for the US since JFK. Every policy they support is to the detriment of American citizens. Open borders. Amnesty for illegals. Giveaway programs benefitting illegal aliens. Massive programs to eliminate student debt which will be paid for by American taxpayers. Increasing federal income tax. Increasing capital gains tax. Increasing all business taxes which does nothing but drive companies and jobs to foreign countries. The MSM spews nothing but socialist/communist propaganda. That is why their ratings tanked a long time ago! Americans who have critical thinking skills along with good old-fashioned Common Sense see through their leftist bias and understand that hatred is their motivator.

  4. We have power over the remote
    Nielsen looks apt the number of hits per show
    When the numbers are low that is where the programs get pulled
    Here is our power with the remote
    We have the choices to support that program or not
    That is where our power is
    Low ratings, cancellations required
    Then shut down the fake new by our remotes
    Power to the tax paying viewers!!!!

  5. How ironic . . . Before the first Republican primary, Morning Joe took calls from Donald Trump on the air! They gave Trump a couple million dollars of free-publicity-air time.
    Claire McCaskill is now making several times her Senate pay as a mouthpiece for MSNBC. ( Do these ‘ pundits ‘ receive free office space and services from MSNBC ? )

    Th bottom line is that the ‘ big three 24 hour cable news(?) operations ‘ are locked in a death spiral for viewers. Ever conscious of their comparative ‘ ratings ‘, they each ramp up the intensity of their misleading messages, attempting to capture the greatest number of eyes and ears which translates into $$$. This is NOT news . . it’s merely propaganda.

  6. God help us I pray God intercedes and stops the corruption in our Government and the media They will be stopped Gods will be done Praise God amen

    1. Have you ever thought that God intervened to get Trump elected? Everyone, even his own Party, expected him to lose. God might have even saved the nation physically. Could Hillary have done the job Trump is doing to stop this pandemic? If Hillary kept our borders open and bowed down to the Globalists, the death toll would be off the charts. Think about it. Now the Democrat Socialists want Biden to be the President. Can you think of any politician who is less qualified to be US President? The poor man is not only old and confused, he has trouble forming sentences people can understand. Trump may not be the average political correct President, but he clearly speaks so people can understand him. He speaks so well that the Trump Haters have to misquote him or actually put words in Trumps mouth by implying Trump’s intentions. Adam Schiff did this before our sitting Congress and no one objected. This does not say much about the integrity of our Congress. If rank and file Democrat Party Members do not by now see the hypocrisy of their Party, they never will. The Parties all proclaim the voters must vote for the person of their choice, but when that person does not come from the ranks of career politicians they go ballistic. When, since Lincoln, did our US Congress declare the elected President was not their President. This is a insult to all voting US Citizens, including the Democrats who had to have crossed over Party lines to elect Trump. The Bible has many examples of God creating hardships to regain the respect and glory God deserves. This pandemic is one such hardship, but believers know this will not be the end of the world. Revelations of the Christian Bible speaks of many hardships before God regains control and Jesus returns in his glory to create heaven on earth. Innocents will suffer, but those who die as believers will be reunited with their loved ones in a world where the Glory of God shines throughout our nation and the world.

  7. Most likely MSNBC, CBS and ABC. These three seem to support any false propaganda that is put out by the left. Their day will come when those folks figure out what will happen if they fall prey to the left’s lies and other comments. The right will rise again!!!

  8. Your revisionist history will also be noted. YOUR president tries to rewrite history on a daily basis. The same one who said the US had covid-19 under control; the same one who said it was just the flu and people were fine and going to work with it; the same one who let in Americans and business people in China continue to come in without restrictions. American people are not as stupid as you think. God bless us all.

    1. Every comment you made was incorrect. All people from China were banned from entering the US last January, except for family members. All the others are BS, as well. Don’t be a fool. Watch the daily briefings and get your info first hand.

    2. You obviously watch the fake news. Nothing you said is true. Do your research. Listen to the briefings and you will see the truth.

    3. Wow, Fran. you are just another liberal lemming running stupidly off the cliff in your game of follow the Socialist leader.

  9. these dumbocrats and media are just so desperate. they will do and say anything against TRUMP. why? so they can put puppet biden in office.american people are smart enough to see thru all of this. maybe if TRUMP was a king or dictator this bullshit would stop

  10. We now know that the Nov. election will be Biden Vs Trump. Every Republican + any one with half a brain needs to vote straight Republican so the GOP controls Congress & the White House. The ideas the Dumbocrats now support will turn this country into a third class country. We do NOT want Socialism nor the idiotic ideas that AOC & her squad promote & Pelosi seems to agree with. We do NOT need the endless investigations the likes Liberals from the House foster. We do NOT need people like Schiff, Nadler, nor Schumer in the Congress.

  11. Trump needs to emphasis how the DNC wasted billions of $$$ on their witch hunt with Mueller, Kavanaugh and the impeachment, and stress that they did it to make him look bad so he wouldn’t win 2020, Also the $$$ they waste on illegal immigration and what it cost the taxpayer. Also, the items and how much $$$ they wasted on the things they wanted in the stimulus bill stating they were more interested in pushing their agenda and helping the people and being to dumb to realize they were wasting money and that another stimulus might be necessary. I can’t believe Trump can’t issue an executive order that the stimulus would be used only to help the people and not the DNC agenda which is irrelevant during the epidemic. I hope all that support these useless things aren’t going to be around to see it come to being. It would serve them right for being selfish and not thinking about the people first.

  12. Our Founding Fathers would be hanging these terrorists who are in office in our country. How do they get voted in. Those voters need hanging too. If you don’t think that’s the answer then leave the bad apples in the basket!

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