New California Policy Opens the Door to Illegal Immigrant Voting

As California Assembly Bill 1461 (the New Motor Voter Act) approaches a vote, two strong points of irony emerge. Designating April 1st as the effective date of this hotly contested law raises the question exactly whom is being made the fool here. Moreover, why does a state that is home to Silicon Valley, the hub of the best database management on the planet, consistently seem to mishandle the simple act of voting?

While California Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D) is quick to take exception to any suggestion of voter fraud in his state, the fact remains that a prestigious Pew poll found California ranking 49th out of possible 50 states in election administration. Only Mississippi was worse (North Dakota ranked number one). In review areas like the rate of return of absentee ballots, access to online registration and post election audit of the vote, California performs abysmally.

California is also home to the nation’s highest illegal immigrant population; a group Governor Jerry Brown is voraciously determined to protect, if not value, to the detriment of the legal citizens whom he is sworn to represent. California has the further distinction of being one of only six states to rank in the bottom 25 percent of the Pew study in all three of the years studied.

When you add to the statistical data the physical evidence uncovered in the 2016 elections: finding thousands of absentee ballots on a residential front lawn, illegal aliens heavily involved in registering voters in Latino communities in California as well as Arizona, and the ever popularly vague ‘…some instances of dead persons voting…’, there is little wonder Americans are concerned. Several years ago, California Assembly Bill 60 gave illegal aliens the right to apply for driver’s licenses in the state, and was perceived as a forerunner to this bill.

Former California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, former vice chair of the Elections and Redistricting Committee says “…different agencies in California don’t effectively communicate with each other. Cracks exist in the system.” Donnelly went on to acknowledge the state “generally does an inadequate job scrutinizing voter registration.”

“The DMV is probably sincere in trying to do its job…When we were debating AB 60 when I was in the legislature, AB 60 [Illegal alien drivers license] could not be used for federal purposes…they are being used now to board aircrafts…”. Nearly one million driver’s licenses have been issued to illegals under this bill so far. Critics of the California motor voter act claim it is just another step towards granting an illegal immigrant the same voting rights that every American citizen enjoys.

“You’re setting this state up for a disaster,” Catherine Engelbrecht, spokesperson for True the Vote says. “They don’t seem to have a process in place to verify that people are who they say they are. It’s a free-for-all…a process that can be manipulated.”

DMV Assistant Deputy Director Jessica Gonzalez flatly denies the possibility. “The driver’s license application program prevents undocumented Californians (does she mean illegal immigrants?) from being able to register to vote,” Gonzalez explains. “Automatic programming will not let them go to the voter registration section. It will be grayed out and can not be bypassed.”

Somehow the reassurances of a representative of a government agency who refers to illegal aliens as ‘undocumented Californians’ leaves many taxpaying citizens of the state mildly terrified about what may be coming next.

Linda Paine of the non-partisan Election Integrity Project of California says her organization has actually visited DMV offices to observe how workers handle undocumented immigrants. She also says she was left with little confidence about any safeguards to prevent the registration of illegal voters. “There are thousands and thousands of DMV workers across our huge state,” Ms Paine said in a statement to Fox News. “They are not all trained…It’s not even that people who are ineligible want to be registered. They may not know that they have to select ‘opt out.’”

Perhaps the best argument against the likelihood of an illegal registering to vote comes from Kathay Feng of California Common Cause. Feng argues that most immigrants would not want to risk their chances of legalizing their status or becoming naturalized.

They have too much to lose.

~ Conservative Zone

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58 thoughts on “New California Policy Opens the Door to Illegal Immigrant Voting”

  1. Some where some how the Federal Government needs to get a hold of California, it certainly is out of control, and the rest of America should not have to pay for California’s reckless acts.

    1. Just maybe, We need a “special prosecutor” to determine if California voting did more harm than the alleged Russians.I’m certain that there were more Calif/voters (not legal) votes than Russian influence …

    2. That’s Easy the Federal should just Void all the California Votes to hard to sort them with all the unmarked Illegal Drivers Licenses cannot be counted in a Federal Election I am willing to give up my Vote it would not make a difference in a two to one Contest anyway..!!

    3. In my view, the Feds need to send in the troops or tanks and take it over. What California is doing is unconstitutional and this rogue state has overstepped its authority which flaunts Federal law. The entire liberal establishment must be arrested and taken straight to jail.

      This state has proven itself incapable of governing except by giving in to every aspect of liberal thought. The very idea of declaring itself a sanctuary state is unconstitutional and this state is aiding and abetting lawlessness, unprecedented crime and subjectings its law-abiding citizens to crime and finding every excuse to overlook the underlying cause of this completely avoidable crime spree.
      Arrest the liberal leadership, deport all illegals regardless of status in that state and restore the rule of law and order in a state that has clearly shown itself to be ungovernable.

    4. Yes it should, I think that the Federal Government should with the other 38 or so rational states with hold all money’s for the CA. Also it should invalidate all Federal elections from CA.

    5. That’s true, but unfortunately right now California is run by a bunch of Socialistic, open borders, One World Order Democrats wo don’t care about it’s citizens, only Democraps agenda. We need to vote them all out during the next election cycle that we can. They have ruined California over the past 8 years. Also we need to start enforcing our immigration laws, start deporting them. Why also need to stop providing welfare to illegal immigrants (law Breakers) We do not owe them anything. Los Angeles alone spent 1.3 billion dollars on Welfare to illegal immigrants (law breakers) and then you have governor Brown raising gas tax and DMV fees, supposedly for infrastructure repairs that we have already been taxed for. We need to adopt Mexico’s immigration Laws (Can’t be Racist!!). They jail illegal immigrants for 6 months and then ship them back to their country. No Welfare payments go to illegal immigrants. If illegal immigrants try to interfere in politics they go to jail. America has turned into a dumping ground for immigrants who want to suck off the American Taxpayers funds.

  2. It was already PROVEN, ILLEGALS were not only “allowed” but “ENCOURAGED” to vote in the last Presidential election, the same as they were in COMMUNIST N.Y. State by “kings” cuomo and deblasio. OSCUMBAG ALSO told illegals they could vote on NATIONAL TV. (with no “consequences if “caught”)

    1. These rogue politicians need to be immediately arrested and brought to trial on charges of High Treason again The Constitution and legal Citizens of The United States Of America.

  3. What else is new? They have been voting for many years. They pay anybody $10 to vote for their crooked candidates every time there is a election. I have seen them drive up to a unemployment office in a bus and transport them to a voting booth many times in one day.

  4. Liberal logic: The baseless accusations of Russian interference in our elections is a impeachable offense, But obama sticking his nose and money into Israeli and British elections are not. As planned from the beginning of this debate to give voting rights given to illegals won’t influence California elections? These idiots in Sacramento are there to represent Californians and they are doing a poor job of it. I don’t get it. This crap will all but eliminate my vote meaning anything. In this state it’s almost that way now. If the illegals were never going to be allowed to vote these fools in Sacramento wouldn’t give a pinch of rat crap about them. Split the state. LA, SF and Sac are one state and the remainder creates the state of common sense.

    1. That sounds good, I know that at least half of CA is sane, the other part should be left on its own to fester and spoil. However you will have to build a wall to separate the two or all the lunatics from the festering state will try and enter your state.

  5. Rapid degeneration into a continental replica of the paralyzed government of Puerto Rico.
    The graft and corruption in that location has prevented restoration of electricity to many of its citizens.
    California is falling apart culturally and financially, third world conditions are on the horizon for it’s residents.

  6. This has been the case but on a smaller level until 2016. The power brokers can easily manipulate the politicians in CA with cash. Trump along withe the Supreme Court will nullify all CA votes so let them play their infantil game.

  7. My husband and I were both native Californians but left in 2004. Loved the weather but it was becoming a dumping ground for every person wanting to enter the United States. Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern and illegal Hispanics. Not to mention those individuals who migrated from the colder climates who were homeless. The traffic was (and I guess, still is) a horror. We left before the people of Kaliforna voted for “Moonbeam” again. If this dumb A$$ idea of allowing illegals to vote becomes a reality, hopefully the Federal Government will declare their votes null and void, and anyone elected will not be allowed to serve in either the House or the Senate in D.C. That is one way to get rid of some of the Stupid Dimms in Congress. Just think…NO NANCY P.!!!!!! That’s a WIN-WIN.

  8. All their elections have been fraudulant in Calif. And the U.S. needs not to acknowledge any votes out there period. Let Mexico have Calif.and cut them off ..from rest of USA..They don’t pay taxes and companies are moving out of Calif.


  10. This is illegal as all get out! Why aren’t these mayors & city councils being prosecuted for harboring, aiding, & abetting? Why hasn’t some Federal court declared what the State of California to unconstitutional, as it clearly is?

  11. As far as I know THEY have already VOTED, in 2008, 2012 and 2016, as they were told by Obama to go and VOTE as it would make them LEGAL, and we shouldn’t forget how they were BUSED around from State to State to VOTE for the so called “democrats”……!!! Obama was and NEVER will be a DULY elected former president to me…..!!!!!

  12. This is very disappointing, our government wants tax payers to pay for this. Isn’t this taxation with out representation?

  13. This must be stopped at all levels. District, County, State & Federal.
    It is very illegal and very unfair to all Legal American tax-paying Citizen’s.
    Petions in your Districts at every grocery store, gas station, movie theatre, anywhere you can legal post a Petition.
    Do want to keep this Corruption going, then do nothing.
    It Matters How You Stand !

  14. All Votes From California Should now be Null and Void Period. How long is America going to put up with this Rouge State.

  15. Kick California out of the United States and let them take care of themselves. And no leaving without a passport.

  16. If California secedes and becomes their own country, then they can make these destructive decisions, but as long as they are still part of the U.S. the Federal Government needs to step in and stop this insanity now.

  17. Total Bull Shit……That has to be stopped and the politicians involved needs to be tried for treaason………

  18. why is California still part of America? they like to make their own rules and then let everyone else pay for them.
    if illegals vote in California (why aren’t they sent back to home country when they register to vote they are in this country illegally. they are “law” breakers!) then it seems as if everything they vote on is null and void!
    There needs to be a second California! they should break away from the socialists that are controlling the good people that are being overcome with “illegals”! Lord help them JESUS!

  19. Listen, we “ALL” know what this is about. It’s about and ONLY about the Democrats getting more votes. If it were not for the fact they would be getting all those illegal new voters they wouldn’t give a damn about DACA or any of the illegals. They (Democrats) have NOTHING to offer American Citizens so the Democrats are now forced to look for voters elsewhere. Everyone knows exactly what this is about.
    The willingness of the Democrats to poop on the American people has doomed them and they cannot seem to grasp that.
    When California gives Illegal aliens the right to vote, the USA should give California back to Mexico.


    1. It is up to the voters of California to get rid of Gov. Brown. They voted him into office, and only they can vote him out of office. Those who are opposed to him must have an organized campaign ready to go when he is next up for reelection.
      I and the other good conservatives wish you all the luck in the world!

  21. The need for FINGERPRINTING FOR VOTER REGISTRATION, INTO A NATIONAL DATA BASE. Then the PHONEY, ILLEGAL VOTES will be kicked out and not counted!

    1. I think the governor and sanctuary city mayors should be thrown in jail until law is changed in California

  22. The only logical policy is to DECERIFY all CA votes for any Federal election.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA$

  23. What a crock! Anything to ‘scare’ folks. This is so much B/S that it just OOZES all over the place! I suggest that everyone who believes this crap about ‘illegal voters’ just take time out of their Facebook postings to sign up to be a worke at the polls every single election. Then they can see if there are REALLY any illegals voting or not. But no, those people who holler the loudest won’t get off their ‘devices’ long enough to find out the truth! SHEEP!!! BAA BAA BAA BAA

    1. Do some actual research it is not B/S they even had people bragging in social media about their ILLEGAL VOTE during the elections for obama.

      The people at the polls in states that require ID do two things CHECK THE ID and CHECK that the name is registered to vote if an illegal is put on the rolls and has a STATE ID that does not SAY ON THE ID that they are ILLEGALLY in this nation there is not one thing a POLL WORKER can do to legally prevent them from voting because the state gave them all the REQUIREMENTS to get a ballot allowing them to register somewhere and a STATE ID that only proves they are the name they used to register.

      In states that do not require ID it is even worse as all they need do is CLAIM to be the name REGISTERED to vote and get a ballot that is why so many people filed complaints about SOMEONE ELSE USING THEIR NAME AND STEALING THEIR VOTES in the past several elections.

      Let us never forget that in NY that one WORKER even tried to register SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS to vote because they were PAID a fee based on how many people they register thus eliminating any inclination to keep someone from registering despite not being eligible to vote.

      In fact even LEGAL visitors who are not US citizens are prohibited from voting in PRESIDENTIAL elections no matter what some STATE says while they can allow a LEGAL visitor to this nation to vote in their LOCAL elections due to court rulings they can not allow them to vote in FEDERAL ELECTIONS such as the one for PRESIDENT.

      There have been MILLIONS of illegal votes revealed during the investigations into the roles these include DEAD people who somehow voted to ILLEGALS in fact in that PROTEST where they held signs CONFESSING to breaking the laws of the US some even admitted to voting during their arguing against the LAWS OF THE US being enforced.

      Why do you think they fight so hard to prevent the SIMPLE ID CHECK to vote the same check done to get into a bar, cash a check, BUY CERTAIN ITEMS that the people they CLAIM would be prevented from voting seem to be able to do on a daily bases yet the liberals argue that just requiring that same state ID selectively prevents just minorities from voting. Now this state is setting it up where they can give ILLEGALS a way to get ID that will let them register and vote.

      “DMV Assistant Deputy Director Jessica Gonzalez flatly denies the possibility. “The driver’s license application program prevents undocumented Californians (does she mean illegal immigrants?) from being able to register to vote,” Gonzalez explains. “Automatic programming will not let them go to the voter registration section. It will be grayed out and can not be bypassed.” ”

      What MIND READING device do they have that can tell if someone has FAKE PAPERS provided by some POLITICAL ACTIVIST GROUP so they can illegally register do they have in place to prevent this?

  24. I believe that if californication passes the law allowing illegals to vote, then all votes from ca should be made null and void and not count in any election. It is time for solid legal citizens to take back their country. Imagine if we were illegal in some other country and want to vote how we would be punished and thrown out for interfering with their nation ????? I hope that the people of New California are able to separate themselves from the crazies along the coast.


  26. well that does not make them legalized citizens and certainly does not give them the legal right to vote. If the bill passes and it becomes law in California the Congress shall by taxpayer demand cease all Federal funding that goes to California. By their allowing this travesty they allow themselves to become a segregated state that does not conform with the tenets established by our Constitution and previous methods of becoming voting citizens of the United States. That being said and true, the State of California must cede all of it’s National parks and reservations to the United States and cease receiving any monies from them of any kind. That means no trade with the facilities nor any of their personnel. If one wants to circumvent the established legal system to become legalized voters, spell that citizens, then the consequences are total departure from the rest of the states to include financial support. One move begets another counter move. It is no longer fair for the rest of the country to pay for the illegals of California, or any illegal for that mater, when they are illegally made voting members of our society in a manner not accredited by the majority. Good bye California, take Pelosi and Schiff with you. G’day. You might try joining up with North Korea, they have a form of government matching yours.

  27. Illegal, period. Amendment 26 of the US Constitution says that a person must be a citizen to vote. Hey, Kommifornia! Try reading the Constitution, if your Common Core “education” permits…

  28. Face reality, folks! In order to restore the Constitutional republic in Mexifornia it’s going to take either “the Big One” or some similar cataclysm. Hopefully, all the American citizens there will be gone before that happens.

  29. Bet your ass the liberal assholes in California are beating the drums about “Russian” election fixing, while the hypocrites are inviting foreign electing fixing in the state. That lump of shit SHOULD break off and sink in the Pacific!

  30. California has been talking about succeeding from the Union. I think it might be necessary to just kick California out of the Union and not counting any votes from California. You might say that would keep lawful citizens from being able to vote, but If they don’t have sense enough to vote out their liberal state officials they also don’t have sense enough to vote in other elections.

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