New Radical Democrats Turn Congress Into A Joke

Congressional Democrats needed only a matter of hours to renege on their campaign promises to do the people’s work as radicals took center stage and turned the 116th U.S. Congress into a joke.

Despite the incredible gains working Americans made under Pres. Donald J. Trump’s landmark legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, radical, upstart Democrats are already calling for regressive taxes that would thrust low-income people into abject poverty. The newly anointed extremist left quickly demonstrated they suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” by putting forward some of the most ridiculous policy ideas and targeting, arguably, the most successful economic agenda ever by a U.S. president.

To say the new class of Democrats is devolving Washington into an international embarrassment would be something of an understatement. These are just some of the not-so-funny games Democrats are wasting time and taxpayer resources pushing.

AOC Pushes 70-Percent Tax On Wealthy

Widely regarded as the most incompetent and uninformed person in the new Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez floated the idea of taxing the rich at a rate of 70 percent to pay for her “Green New Deal” fantasy. She has been enjoying a rehabilitation tour on TV with the left’s Anderson Cooper tossing her softball questions in hopes that she will not appears as silly as she did during the campaign.

“What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent possible?” Ocasio-Cortez said. “There’s an element where yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes.”

The top 1 percent earners currently pay more than 70 percent of U.S. income taxes, despite the Congresswoman’s claims.

On “60 Minutes,” Cooper helped her liken her radicalism to presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. While the propaganda was obvious to all but the cult-like liberal extremists, the CNN-star of “Anderson Cooper 360” steered clear of the reality that the super-rich would be inclined to take up residence in another country if taxed to the hilt. President Donald Trump has already proven that excessive taxation inhibits the U.S. economy and is a leading cause of unemployment.

Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Calls President a “Mother&^%$##”

Democrats may have given up on claiming the moral high ground after Rep. Rashida Tlaib made a series of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish remarks and referred to the president by the above expletive. She is one of two Muslim women elected to the 116th Congress, and has already affirmed the concern of many Jewish-Americans that radical Muslim extremism could take hold in the U.S. With plenty of self-congratulating bravado, Rep. Tlaid shows a stunning lack of etiquette.

“I’ve always been this way. No one expects me to be anything but myself. The girl from Southwest Detroit. The little sass and attitude,” the Michigan Democrat said.

Actually, people who elect someone to represent them in Washington, D.C., generally expect more than curse words and hate speech. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be wrestling with the reality that she has inherited a circus with these new radical novices in her party.

“I don’t like that language. I wouldn’t use that language,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly said of the profanity.

Democrats Try To Impeach Pres. Trump, Again

Despite Leader Nancy Pelosi asking fellow Democrats to keep their powder dry, the lunatics are apparently running the asylum.

California Rep. Brad Sherman immediately re-introduced a resolution to impeach the president as the new Congress opened for business, so to speak. In 2017, he was joined by Texas Rep. Al Green and Steve Cohen of Tennessee in a futile attempt to oust the president.

The U.S. Constitution says that a president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but Democrat extremists seem to believe the standard should be “just because we don’t like you.” What makes this particularly comical is that even if they got enough angry Democrats together to hold a trial in the U.S. House, they could never get a conviction through a Senate vote.

Crazed Democrats are wasting time, resources and American taxpayer dollars on personal vendettas rather than doing the people’s work of securing the southern border and passing an infrastructure package to fix the roads.

~ Conservative Zone

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50 thoughts on “New Radical Democrats Turn Congress Into A Joke”

  1. Is it time to just end this sickness, just throw them out, for this riechstag mentality of ignoramacy of Hitlers hate and Hajj El-Hussienini Amins 1929 hate massacre in Hebron. It just takes words and the killing begins. Remember the Churches in Europe and Russia, it just takes a sermon, go get them, the jews. How could the American people allow this, particularly, the jews themselves.

    1. Anyone who EVER votes for ANY DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party candidate or politician has already proven that they are anti-American and want the further destruction of the US. Why would ANYONE with brains want things such as transgender bathrooms, unions, criminals voting, illegal aliens, higher taxes, frivolous lawsuits, more government control, Muslim terrorism, less law enforcement, release of prisoners, total gun control and confiscation, teenage voters, LGBTQ power, BLM, AntiFa, increased racism, punishing the wealthy, a single political party forever, gay marriage, climate control and ridiculous environmental restrictions, banishment of all religions except for Islam ( and of course, Jews want Judaism which completely CONFLICTS with Islam, but go figure…..), destruction of American culture in order to push TURD WORLD cultures, reduction of private businesses to promote government owned businesses, punishment of White males, increased feminism, support for socialist governments of the world, increased support of homelessness, revoking of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, sanctuary cities, allowing more drugs and government funding of drug usage, government paid abortions on demand and many more examples of the dissembling of the US done by anti-American brainless idiots? Can ANY DemonCRAP dispute or discuss any of their party platform points, as listed above, intelligently, and without hostility?

      1. very well said, I pray Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy for this country, We need a miracle deperately, i love this country the way it is, not with the way it is going, God bless Trump and Trump for 2020, gotta pray hard, Don;t think there is a country we can move to, unless this country splits, I know a lot of people that hate Trump and want the country the way it is going, sad

    2. What does a 70% tax on the ultra wealthy have to do with Krystalnacht?

      Impeachment is an action described in detail in the Constitution. What is the connection in your mind to massacres in Hebron in 1929.

      Are you or someone you know going to start killing people because The Fat Boy was called a mother*cker? How about all the times that he was called far worse than that and with justification. Here’s a worse one. He’s a traitor. Is someone going to kill me now?

  2. To the Supreme Court, put a stop to the Congress(Pelosi) and the Senate(Schumer) when the elected officils are doing Anti-Semitism 24/7. Where is Norman Siegal and Harold Simon of the ACLU. They say free-speech. Hitler and Hussieni Amin did their free speech and look what happened. 129 died in Hebron in 1929, 6 million dissappered in 1945.

  3. Our government has become a complete joke to anyone with common sense. People are elected because they are of a particular party, or they get people to believe they will “help” them. They use racist tactics to get people fired up. But they work for us and should be held accountable to do their jobs as would anyone else. If we voted based on the job they have done instead of the party they belong to, may would long be gone. It’s time for Congress to do what is best for the country and not for the next election. It’s time for them to secure our country and do the best for all not just certain groups. Most of all, Hollywood shouldn’t own Congress.

  4. The idea to put a 70% tax increase on the wealthy is totally absurd. These wealthy people (for the most part) are business people. They employ many people, and those people may not see pay increases with that kind of tax. It takes money to run a business. I’m only a middle income American who is smart enough to figure that out. She has a lot of growing up to do and to learn.

    1. You are correct. I am in the tax bracket that is at 37% but then with additional 4% for Obamacare ad 4% for Social Security/Medicare tacked on as well because of my income bracket then that is 45% to Federal Government. Then we have State taxes so now I am at 50%. I am 65 and still working so I am contributing not taking. At 70% I will retire and then I become non contributing and taking social security at that time. There are millions of baby boomers my age that will do the same thing. When does it get to be more takers then contributors to pay her 70%? I for one am not going to work everyday to pay for this stupidity.

      1. You will be lucky to get half of your money back and when you die the Government will keep the balance, not your estate.

      2. they will probably lessen your social security benefits to pay for their stupidity, My husband and I are in your posiition, my hubby is 67 and has to work until Sept of this year when i can get medicare, I have medical problems, and i wonder if we will ever get social security, wouldn’t be surprised if they take social security away so people have to work and pay taxes to pay for their stupidity.

  5. They say the voting system in America needs to be fixed. Maybe it is time to get it done. Possibility they flood the ballets to bring these loonies in just to have the seat be Democratic. Nothing would surprise me these days.

  6. For the life of me I cannot understand why the new Democrats were elected when we saw how they behaved when President Trump was elected. The Democrats have gone totally totally insane and their way of handling business is a disgrace to all Americans. Who ever heard of texting 70% of a person’s income it is utterly impossible because they are the bosses of the workforce how can they keep the company running if they’re only making 30% on the dollar that’s crazy. And the talks about impeachment you cannot impeach a president unless there is positive reasons to do it, Donald Trump has not done one illegal thing to become president and while he was in office. The blame for the illegal Galaxy belongs to the Democrats specifically Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I find it trouble song that we have people in Congress that really doesn’t even know the first thing about being in Congress they don’t really know the Constitution of the United States of America and they are other Lee useless you are paying them to go into Congress a hundred and some thousand dollars a year to do nothing it’s a come up with idiotic ideas to get rid of trump. Have you not learned yet get the Democrats want one world order they want to control you they want all nations to have to go by the same rules with that is not going to work for the United States of America because we are the only democracy that allows capitalism so people can get a head if they only apply themselves but you are trying to teach them to remain down on the bottom is no need for them even go to school as far as you’re concerned because they going to remain on the bottom that’s where Democrats want them

  7. Congress is a JOKE! that’s not funny. Low approval rating and they all are listening to AOC and her crazy agenda that she really doesn’t know anything about percentages etc.
    I will never address anything House of Representatives does again except with the following remark:


    I hope some of you will help me remind congress that their JOB and Paycheck comes from all Citizens of the
    United States and not just those who have a D or R behind their name.

    1. Here’s a little rid bit that proves congress has been passing illegal laws. Congress shall make no laws that apply to the citizenery that does not apply to congress equally. In other words they must take and pay into Obamacare the same as us. They cannot exempt themselves legally.

  8. I have learned that Congress doesn’t care one bit about our country or it’s people. They are doing their best to run us into the ground. Remember all Hitler did and all the killing that took place. Further more Obama let everyone one do wat they wanted plus forking out wads of money to other countries. Trump tries to bo something good and the left wing liberals no what ever they can to cause problems even enciting civil unrest. Go help us all

    1. I left the Dem’s years ago when they became so radical. I will Never, Never vote for a Demo again. They had better leave the current election system alone or three states will make all the elections. Look how “rich” they all have become. Under the table. TERM LIMITS NOW.

  9. The Democrat Party is a joke. These new radical members make it only more so. This was blocked by the PC Nazis that run Facebook.

  10. No questions left, We can no longer coexist wit the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life forms. There is only one answer to dealing with them, talk isn’t it.

  11. HEIL HITLARY!!!! Can you all imagine what life would be like if “DER FUHRER-WANNABE” had been able to STEAL the 2016 presidential election from Donald J. Trump? I wonder if ANY of these leftwing loonies that the American people were foolish enough to even elect to the position of DOG CATCHER would have the chutzpah to attack “DER FUHRER-WANNABE” in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM? She’d probably have her so philandering so called “husband???? lead leftwing hit squads to take them all out at her behest. Would we have some jerk like Robert Mueller DARING to even TRY TO SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATE ALL OF THE CRIMES THAT “DER FUHRER-WANNABE” has committed over the past 30 years. He’d die from the exhaustion that came from just even trying to COUNT how many crimes that she was directly involved in, or at least COUILD have stopped them from having been committed. It’s amazing how these people swear up and down how much they detest the Nazis, yet they go out and ACT JUST LIKE THOSE HIDEOUS MONSTERS OF YESTERYEAR!!!

    1. Yes, and now they are trying to change areas of the Constitution. They are taking our free speech with “political correctness.” They are indoctrinating our young children by not allowing personal pronouns (he, she, girl, boy) they are trying to make it okay to be trans-sexual. Also teaching the children that abortion is okay. The Democrats want to do away with the second amendment, our right to bare arms. The Democrats are right now trying to dismantle our way of government. As someone said “ Watch our, it’s going to be a night.” Actually it’s going to be hell on earth.

  12. I for one do not want my hard earned taxpayer dollars spent on frivolous investigations against the man I elected to be President of the United States. They can personally fund their spiteful, unwarranted, unnecessary, un-American investigations and leave We The People out of their vindictive actions.

  13. The consistent anti-Trump attacks by the media almost 24/7 definitely has poisoned the brains of many people who do not go beyond what they hear in trying to find out great things Pres. Trump has done: lower unemployment for African Americans, etc., tax cuts that increased available money for the average American, higher wages and bonuses given by corporations including Amazon, Walmart, etc. The working reasonable minded Americans need to rebel against the persistent anti-Trump
    Liberals and Democrats and the media bias. However, I realize it takes money to pay for people to demonstrate like the awful demonstrators that have destroyed so many properties at Universities and historical figures. If I had the money that George Siri’s has and the super rich Liberal Democrats, I would do it! Republicans and Independents who believe in what is best for this country
    should support the building of the barrier wall for illegals. I am a naturalized US citizen and when I came to the US, I was required to present documentation that I would not be a burden to this country. This requirement should be part of Immigration reform. Concerned Americans should be more engaged in what really is going on instead of just listening to CNN, the bias press, to preserve a country that used to be a place for peace, happiness, and prosperity instead of just doing what they are doing without regard for the future of the younger generations!

  14. My my! They have done soooo much for our countty! What a bunch of incompetent morons! Pushing their vile agenda on us! Welcoming two vile quoran bitches in office that only swears to uphold their fithy muslim crap in complete opposition to our constitution! Calling our POTUS a mother fucker while those ignorant mongrels cheer for her! Laughinglt thinls she’s going to not only take out our POTUS, but dares to think she’s going to destroy Israel?! I’m willing to bet God was laughing at this fool! Says we are the ones who raped & killed her people?! Check out the thousands of christians, babies, children they have slaughtered because of their vile beliefs! IMPEACH THESE DEVILS!

  15. They were voted in. The democrats took the election seriously. The republicans thought that since we had President Trump in office we would automatically win. We were lazy. The dens had all there kids as soon as they became voting age register. We didn’t. Congress terms are every two years. We have to vote in 2020 so we can get control again. Also there was a lot of fraud. We have to register our kidsz we actually have more conservative voters registered than the Dems do. So as you can see we were LAZY. Vote in 2020. Thank youz

    1. The tax plan proposed by AOC is actually in compliance with those set out by well recognized economists across the country. What is not said in this article is that the 70% proposed tax rate is on marginal income in excess of $10,000,000. This is on net income. Capital gains income is not included as it is subject to its own tax rate. The number of tax payers who would be effected, based on last year’s tax returns submitted to the IRS is about .05% of the population and that is based on gross rather than net figures. The claim that Democrats are going to take 70% of your income is totally bogus and meant to scare and disillusion.
      If a billionaire wants to move to another country then we’ll all wave goodbye knowing that his tax rate in any other industrialized country will be at least equal to what he would be paying here and most likely considerably more.
      Every economist that does not work for Faux Snooze knows that the Trump Tax Fraud bill was simply a gift to the rich at the expense of the middle and lower classes. The “conservative financially responsible” repuglickins simply added $1,500,000,000 to the national debt at the stroke of a pen and gave 83% of to the people who needed it the very least.
      Rashida Tlaib was simply calling a spade a spade. Why is this such a cause of bleeding hemorrhoids with repugs after listening to the Fat Boy talk about grabbing pussy and paying off porn stars after screwing them to shut them up? Double Standard maybe??
      Bill to impeach? Just letting the Fat Boy know that his fat ass is on the chopping block and both Mueller and the House Judiciary Committee have a well sharpened axe.

  16. Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  17. I think for the few pieces of silver, and the protection of White Supremacy,supporters of this present Administrations anti Democratic policies, have abandoned the real tenants of the countries founding leaders. It does’t take a rocket scientist, to see, that this President is out of touch with reality along with the overwhelming number of Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelicals and Neo-Cons. We are a country of a diverse ethnic, racial, and economic mixture, that is what is great about the hope this country offers, as an example to the world. Yet to protect this lunacy, they have deposited their morals, ethics, and beliefs to this President, who could care less about their well being. He only cares about lining his pockets, and those of his family, and immediate circle of friends. Yes there are some in the Democratic Party who have to share in the dismantling of our democracy, but we the citizens must not allow our elected officials to take away the progress, which has been made to bring us closer to that more perfect union, or shinning city on the hill. May God bless America!

  18. Tennessee – Steve Cohen , Kudos To You !!! , Go And Get That Fool Out Of The White House … There Are Poor Women , Whom Cannot Affored Or Get The Proper Healthcare in Tennessee , So Why Not Bring Back Legalized BINGO , To Help Pay For The State To Operate And Place A Program To Help Find It , Until … Universal Healthcare In Tennessee Kicks In … We Need This Program NOW !!! …

    1. You’ve got that right. When the new governor of Maine took office she simply signed her name and 70,000 citizens of Maine instantaneously received health coverage. I guess the governor of Tennessee doesn’t think that your citizens either want or need health care. I’ll bet he has some.

  19. Can we please fence off Dearborn Michigan? It is no longer part of America, it obeys sharia law and not ours. I pity the women and children there but I fear for us more. That foul mouth fake Muslim pitched a fit about demanding congress change it’s rules so she could wear her habib on the floor of congress, but doesn’t wear it in public while giving a foul language speech.

  20. Ms.Nancy & Cryin Chuck are pushing the Crazed “New” DEMS on the Stage to attempt “Frightening” American Voters.
    It has worked before, but NO DICE, this time.
    The Puerto Rican Puke, Ocasio Hyphen Cortez & the Two Muslim Thugs are just “Following the Orders” of the DEM Establishment. This is the REAL FACE of the Evil Democrat Party, so don’t be Afraid, we just Have To Defeat Them, at all costs! DEMS have declared a Kind of War On America & are showing-off their
    Brutal Shock Troops!

  21. The mental illness of the lefty Democrats is really showing now. I simply cannot understand how anyone with an IQ higher that 80 can vote them in, unless of course they are dead or illegal..

  22. Trump has made the presidency a tragic comedy. Being beseeched with numerous lies on a daily bases by trump has become a comedy and his amoral stance is a tragedy.

  23. All these Democrats have a rude of awakening coming to them come the 2020 elections and you can bet all the new ones in our Congress will be gone for they are one term and done bunch!!!! The old guard in the Democratic party will also be done, and the rhinos on the Republican side will also be gone!!! For I am sure that the American people are sick and tired of all the division between the two parties!!! For we need 100% constitutional politicians not radical idiots that are trying to destroy this nation!!! For their should not be any illegals in our country and their should not be any sanctuary cities and states for this is unconstitutional, and no illegals should be getting getting any kind of benefits, these illegal should deported soon as caught!!! Fighting over illegals is insane for we have laws and everyone of these politicians took an oath to uphold our laws and or constitution!!! The price that Americans are paying for is nothing but unlawful, for illegals shouldn’t be getting anything period except getting deported for there is a right way and a wrong way to enter and the Democrats are choosing to let these illegals to come in the wrong way and giving them everything that they can which is costing us Americans a fortune that these illegals have no right to get and it is in the trillions of dollars not billions, but even billions or just millions is outrageous!!! Even the legal immigrants should not be getting
    any kind of welfare for over 3 months which is plenty of time for them to get a job and contribute to our country, we must also get seek out American that are cheating our government in getting welfare!!! We need to get back to law and order in our country and be 100% constitutional no ifs and buts about it!!! Our constitution and our laws have served this country very well and have made us the envy of the world!!! Why in the hell would anyone want to give up there freedom that so many of our military have bleed and died for!!!! Let’s face the facts no country divided can ever stand and it is the politicians that have given us this great divide and the bias and media are just as much to blame as the politicians!!!! It is up to all Americans to stand up to all this crap and with a very loud voice saying enough is enough, and it is our votes that they are going to hear the most!!! We must also put an end to all the illegal voting and corruption in our voting system by passing very strict punishment given if they get caught and I mean not just a slap on the hands but some very serious prison time, not less than 30 years given to anyone that gets caught for it is treasonist to taint our election system!!!!

    1. Tom, have you heard about the election fraud in North Carolina? It involves Republicans. Because of it, the people in Bladen county do not have a representative in this session of congress. Finally, after so many claims of voter fraud, with never any evidence provided to support those claims (you did hear that Trump’s commission to investigate voter fraud was disbanded, right?) we finally have some evidence. It’s the republicans. Go get ’em, Tom.

  24. AOC seems to forget that most of the media elites (CEOs, CFOs, main liner “reporters, ….) are in the top 10% of the “wealthy” class. So, yeah, bring it on. If all of the tax “loop holes” were closed, it still wouldn’t be enough to serve her agenda. Famous MT quote: Socialism is just fine until other peoples money runs out. Other peoples money = taxpayers.

  25. If you are a Libertarian, this situation is perfect. As long as both sides maintain the gridlock, they can’t pass anything that will make the government bigger. If they can’t pass any bills, they can’t harm the People of America. We shouldn’t donate any money to the parties or any of the candidates until they actually decide to do their jobs.

  26. Thedeprav d scumbocrats are being allowed to destroy our country because they don’t “like” Trump. He has improved the lives if mist Americans innthe first teo years since his election. He has done what he promised us he would do: Fix our country. Scumbocrats were allfor building a wall until Trump said he would build a wall. They don’t like him because he can’t be bought like Hillary and Obama and rhe rest of the derp state Soros puppets. They fear him because he has exposed them for the criminal traitors they are. WE MUST STAND STRONG BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR DEMOCRACY OR WE WILL LOSE BOTH VERY QUICKLY. SCUMBOCRATS ARE OUT TO STEAL OUR FIRST AND SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, TO CRUCIFY OUT ECONOMY AND VOTING RIGHTS AND THEY WILL OPE N OUR COUNTRY UP TO THE WORST CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS AND MAKE MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS PAY FOR ALL OF IT WITH HIGHER TAXES. WAKE UP AMERICANS!

  27. OK so the story is cortex has a degree in economics and she was working as a bartender, what’s wrong with that picture!
    Also with that degree she could not figure out how to pay rent in DC! Should have stuck with bartending!

  28. The American citizen should realize that a BIG MAJORITY of BLACKS are MUSILMS. Just keep trying to pushing these people down our Throats until they get control and you will be the FIRST to get your head chopped of, because you are a trouble maker.

  29. Yes they are a clear and present danger to America . Joke is mild word to use fir the children of Satan who do his will to destroy . Their ignorance is astounding . But the stupidity of it all is there are people who actuy voted for them . I suspect it was mostly illegal Muslims and Mexicans and the other radical illegals. All of whom are here to replace and destroy . We have watched the 3 vile Muslim women whose behavior in our congress is outrageous beyond belief . All of the democrats are vile and really are a disgrace to our republic . And the worst part is people are ignorant of what Muslim women are . They are allowed only to have their face uncovered if they are about the business of death to those they are conning .

  30. AOC & MF’ER MOUTH TLAIB have not even been in the USA an entire generation and know only that the land of opportunity their parents so desired needs to be changed to suit their Marxist dogma. I find them truly offensive and they are demonstrating their total IGNORANCE of our constitution and our political system. They have no respect for anyone except their own tribes. I can only hope that after 2 years of perservering their foul mouth ignorance they will soon be relegated to the dust bin of history.

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