Obama Finally Joins Hollywood Elite Pals With Netflix Deal

Barack and Michelle Obama have finally realized a lifelong dream, they are about to be both Washington and Hollywood elitists after signing a lucrative Netflix deal.

According to a statement released by the streaming giant, “President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for the streaming platform. Potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.”

Apparently spending eight years in the D.C. swamp as one of the most polarizing figures in politics, sending thousands of American jobs overseas, increasing racial tensions and groveling in front of foreign leaders earns you a deal experts speculate could be worth upwards of $300 million. Only in America, well, only in liberal America that is. The Obamas already have a book deal in place with Penguin Random House worth approximately $65 million.

“One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience,” Pres. Obama reportedly said. “That’s why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix.”

To say that Obama engaged with people of “all walks of life” would be a quite a stretch. The far-left former president consistently favored the company of Hollywood performers to the hard-working men and women that labor through straight jobs and struggle to raise children. That reality is more than apparent from the seemingly endless stream of liberal elites he entertained while in office. Now, he and Michelle get to join their ranks.

Obama Favors Only Liberal Hollywood Elites

The star-studded rank and file that the Obamas courted includes dozens and dozens of Hollywood liberals. Consider this extreme-left partial list.

Beyoncé: The A-list artists attended the ex-president’s first inaugural ball and sang at his second.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: The formerly married couple performed at the 2009 inaugural ball.

Fergie: Sang the National Anthem at the White House during the Easter Egg Roll in 2009. Obama appeared more occupied with her presence than the children.

Whoopi Goldberg: The conservative-hating “The View” host was an Obama mainstay who performed for a DNC fundraiser on Broadway.

Jennifer Hudson: Was on the Hollywood-rich guest list at Obama’s 50th birthday celebration in Chicago.

George Clooney: The entertainer with no government experience enjoyed sit-down policy meetings with Obama in 2010 and was invited to a 2012 State Dinner.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Had a climate change policy meeting with Obama. DiCaprio was quoted saying that “If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts, or science, or imperial truths.” Apparently, he doesn’t know what the word “imperial” means.

Justin Bieber: Performed for Obama in 2011 at a Christmas in Washington event.

Oprah Winfrey: The popular TV show host was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 after endorsing Obama. Seriously!

Meryl Streep: Also given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama in 2014 for no apparent reason.

Kim Kardashian: Met Obama but was not given the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hmm.

Kanye West: Met Obama, made anti-liberal statements. Obama publicly called him an “idiot.” He currently appears to support Pres. Trump.

After hobnobbing with Hollywood liberals for eight years, the Obamas should have no shortage of show guests and resources. But being a household-name liberal doesn’t necessarily ensure ratings success. Already, conservatives have begun tuning out liberal entertainers for what many consider to be anti-family and anti-American statements.

Will Obamas Be a Netflix Bust?

Since Obama’s exit from the White House, the liberal elite have gone on an anti-conservative, anti-Pres. Trump tear that has caused massive fan loss.

For example, Kathy Griffin has never recovered her comedic career after posting a hate-laden pic of her holding the president’s severed head. CNN, dubbed fake news by the president, has suffered dramatic ratings losses and its recent stint with porn star Stormy Daniel’s lawyer precipitated a 20-point dip.

On the big screen, Oprah’s “A Wrinkle in Time” movie suffered at the box office after left-leaning writers cut out the Christian and conservative elements from the original novel. George Clooney has suffered a significant decline at the box office with the recent “Suburbicon” ranking among Paramount Pictures’ all-time worst flops. Recent appearances in “Hail, Caesar!” and “Money Monster” largly underperformed as well.

On television, top rated shows are widely watched by conservative audiences, with “Roseanne” enjoying almost astonishing success and right-leaning “Last Man Standing” moving to Fox after oddly being cancelled by ABC despite top-level ratings. So, where does that leave the Obamas?

In all likelihood, the Obamas will enjoy novelty success out of the gate. It will probably be like slowing down to look at a car crash. But there’s little doubt the ardent liberals will infuse any project with preachy, left-wing extremism. Expect secular, identity politics and take-away-your-guns narratives. Ultimately, Obama will shoot himself in the foot.

~ Conservative Zone

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65 thoughts on “Obama Finally Joins Hollywood Elite Pals With Netflix Deal”

  1. Obama was all propaganda always. This will be no exception. The propaganda will continue to brainwash a gullible zombie base. But that “progressive” collectivist movement is over. It will die a slow death because it offers nothing new. In fact it offer lies and hate and little else. So the zombies will whither and crumble to dust.

    It is sort of fun to watch the smug delusional know-it-alls as they bounce around in their echo chamber thinking doubling down on the tactics they used to lose the last election is going to work.

    Really pitiful. I canceled my Netflix subscription. I was going to do it after watch the Disney disaster “Bill Nye the science fraud so the children in his peanut an animated film which featured a chocolate ice cream cone trying to convince a vanilla cone to strip down and join the rainbow gender assortment ice-ream flavor into a symbolic hot tub for some “fun”. Season 1 episode 9.

    Then the insulting condescending production of “Dear White people.”

    But the Obama propaganda fest was the final straw. Cancelled.

    1. canceled my netflix will obamas do shows on how to make money child traffcing? thisis how they made their millions on the pain and abuse of children as clintons did

    2. I wish I could cancel my Netflix account …. but already did after about 6 months. A waste of money that now has become offensive as well. Lots of better programming out there without the left wing propaganda.

    3. I will watch the coming season of Longmire and then cancel my Netflix subscription! I’ll try a different one like Hulu?

  2. It is very sad that our first Mulatto President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, disruptive and divisive President ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

    1. Philip, my man…. you speak the truth and are saying what many probably think, but are or were afraid to come right out and say about that preppy college pantywaist of a man.
      I feel the same way you in regards to the whole race issue. Instead of being an inspiring role model, he acted and behaved like a prejudiced and inept, bungling fool with two left feet and the inability to say anything intellectually meaningful.
      I hope to see him crash and burn just like those celebrities he gave awards to and hired for events in exchange for them kissing his butt and are now becoming some of the biggest losers in entertainment history.

  3. If I had to make a guess I would say he was near to be the anti–Christ he is corrupt and has a following of millions which he is leading the fiery pits of hell with him where they will reign with Satan himself never to see the light of day again, nor water but of hard work without any rewards for their labor. Obama’s whole presidency was a LIE, wrong birth certificate, treason acts giving billions of money (tax payers money) to his terrorist friends etc. he is a very corrupt man evil to the core. Now Obama wants to, continue to brainwash our children, gr children, great gr children with his series on Netflix BEWARE cancel your subscription to Netflix, it will be filled with more lies and ways of defiling American as a free nation, he is still trying to infiltrate our country with socialism-communism….. But that “progressive” collectivist movement is over. It will die a slow death because it offers nothing new. In fact it offer lies and hate and little else. So the zombies will whither and crumble to dust. WAKE UP AMERICA WE NEED TO STOP THIS EVIL MAN and HIS WIFE TOO. TREASON is death penalty, and he has committed treason.

    1. you are correct obama is the anti-Christ in Hebrew his name means like lighting fell from sky in jesus own words describing the anti-Christ- Jesus said he would fall like lightening from the sky and he did with no proven background with deceiving the nations WITH MAKING A LAW OF ABOMINATION AGAINST GOD SAME SEX MARRIAGE and fact he is gay with americas first male tranny first lady in all the obamas are an abomination in eyes of God and man

  4. The crypto muslim is not the President any longer. Just call him Obama or Hussein Obama but not President Obama.

      1. You really shouldn’t say that, don’t put yourself on his level. He is a terrible person…and maybe not good enough for even that word.

    1. Like Joe said, although he is totally unworthy of being referred to as President, he not only retains the title, but personal protection by the Secret Service and $400,000.00 a year. Now he gets to sell his lies and play the role of a well meaning guy who was an innocent victim of a racist government. He surrounds himself with sell outs and self absorbed celebrities which is a reflection of his insecurities and his desire for fame and fortune.

      Look at that list. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and company. A Diva, a sell out, and a self destructive brat who killed his own career. Most border on being labelled as “has beens”. And neither Oprah or “What a Mess Whoopi Goldberg”, or even the 50+ year old teenager Meryl Streep of “Mama Mia” bring any dignity to that group.

  5. I thought we had a make believe channel in “The Disney Channel” or maybe the “SYFY Channel”. I wish the press would seriously bring up the real election interference and show these people for the dishonest, multi-lawbreaking people they really are. I don’t have netflux so I can’t boycott them and discontinue my service, or in this case disservice.

  6. Now that good old Barrack O’bama is raking in even more bucks with Netflix, ya think he’ll forfeit his government pension, and give it back to the hard working tax payers? Trump is rich, and the first President to not take a salary. O’bama and Clinton shouldn’t be taking a pension !!

    1. He owes big time amounts that the Judge says he has to pay…..hahahaha for the 400.000.000 million that was not oked by congress! With Obumers on Netflix ..he will mostly tell everyone the good of Isis….and how they should convert! goodness what an awful thought.

  7. As soon as we saw this Obama/Netflix deal was made, we cancelled our membership with Netflix after 23 years! This is where our voices count and are heard!!!! Their pocket books will become less deeper as the far left pushes their garbage down our throats.

  8. I liken liberals to that strange food kept in the back of the fridge. You want to ignore it but can’t help knowing it’s still there and rotting. Then everyone’s just to scared to look at it and refuse to touch it or throw it out.
    The reality of liberalizm is in time everything they touch turns bad and pretending it’s ok eventually stills up everything.

  9. Well they’re good at making everything else fail maybe the Obama’s will screw up Netflix like they did with Obamacare and a lot of the other mess they left behind.

  10. These obama’s are nothing but LEECHES, Haven’t they stolen enough of our Tax paying dollars while they were in the white house? They left I heard withover 24 million dollars each, now they are getting Obamas pension that “WE THE PEOPLE are paying for and also now with these millions of dollars with NETFLIX. ” GIVE ME A BREAK “. This is total BULL CRAP. Obama is a TRAITOR of AMERICA and should be locked up for life in Prison and all his assets taken away and BANKRUPTED. Really though he should be brought up on CHARGES of TREASON and found GUILTY as CHARGED and then EXECUTED like we used to do to TREASONIST TRAITORS..

  11. Don’t have Netflix and now I have a reason to not even think about it. These two Commie’s will fail as they are both boring. Acting like Commie’s and living high on the hog . What have they done for Venezuela as yet, probably as much as Sean Penn and Danny Glover two other big talking Commies.
    The Obama’s are the biggest disgrace to America since Teddy Kennedy. America is ashamed of them all,

  12. He should make an episode on how he obtained a deceased Connecticut man’s social security number as his own…..

  13. JFK did not take a salary while he was President. But then again he might have received his compensation in another form with all the woman he was having affairs with. Let’s not forget that Susan Rice now sits on the board of Netflix’s and Netflix’s is owned by a far left wing liberal who supported HRC. So maybe at the end of the day it’s one big liberal love fest.

  14. Netflix will decline so fast and lose all credibility by joining with these two horror show freaks to produce propaganda laced crapumentaries. Netflix deserves the fall out from their piss poor decision.

  15. Maybe the time has come to stop going to the movies and shows that have the so called stars in them seem to be against what’s really good for the American people, rather than the world elite. For the American people made them the elite which they are for now.

  16. In Texas they have a good saying about people like former POTUS Barry….”He’s all hat and no cows’. Well, maybe except for Moochelle. We shall see. There maybe a niche for a former street hustling, community organizer like him and his scowling, perpetually angry wife. The market place will decide if they’ve got what it takes. This time, people will have a choice on whether or not to tune in.

  17. OBAMA= 666…if not then as close to being SATAN as possible w/o the title. He and “MOOCHELE” are both complete narcissists & a scourge on our great NATION. The are both despicable & disgusting to the Nth degree!

  18. His deal will be to continue the sequels to the “Planet of the Apes” movies and old T.V. series from the 1970’s. It will be sub titled “The Obama Legacy or How I destroyed America.”

  19. Is Obama continue to brainwash our country with his series on Netflix BEWARE?
    Please cancel your subscription with Netflix. Obama is a good cheating writer; He will be a good lier and know the way to defiling American as a free nation. He is still trying to convince our country with socialism/communism … . He is not an honest person. I do not know Why still have people around him. ????

  20. I cancelled my subscription when I heard about OBAMA’S…I’m hoping millions cancel on Netflix. With Susan Rice at the helm and George Soros having controlling stocks… I hope they loose millions and aren’t allowed to file for bankruptcy. Why would Netflix gamble on TRAITORS to these United States of America. If only CONGRESS would do something anything about that whole dam* mess. Maybe Benedict Obama’s Arnold… should move back to Africa. Remember his own grandfather said he was born there….liar pants on fire Hussain.

  21. I hope net flix and the publisher of the book LOSE THEIR ASSES on their deals and GO OUT OF BUSINESS. I can’t fathom some copany paying these two USELESS peice’s of HUMAN WASTE money. But the snowflakes are in a DIFFERENT WORLD

  22. Glad I don’t subscribe to Netflix and now I never will. If they sign up with Barack and Michelle they can’t be too smart. Hope all Trump supporters boycott Netflix.

  23. Tried to share to my Facebook but again this website is deemed “unsafe” by Facebook’s filters. Sorry! I tried to share truth.

  24. Will we now be able to cancel their government pension? It isn’t nearly as much as their book deals and Netflix contracts, but it would at least demonstrate their worth to us taxpayers, which is nothing.

  25. YEP,I CANCELED Netflix also,I had enough of obozo in the previous 8 years,i couldn’t see paying for the UN-PRIVELAGE again…

  26. What do the Clintons and Obama families have in common? Corruption!
    The Clintons collected millions for their foundation and the Obamas are doing the same by stealing land in Chicago from citizens to build 500 million dollars Obama’s centre .
    Boycott Netflix by cancelling your subscription NOW

  27. I can’ imagine why anyone thinks “Nigger” is racist. Look up the definition in Websters………

  28. He is always trying to con anyone he can and he is not a American Citizen,this piece of garbage was nothing but a Kenyan Immigrant from HELL out to destroy America within.And the real enemies of our country where right here all the while called the SS Democrat Nazi Party within our Government for the last 8 freaking years out to take our country down,and they are still trying like Hell to do so.

  29. Netflix is going to regret this decision. I have been a Netflix subscriber for 10 years but not anymore! Not until I hear that they canceled this deal will I even consider another Netflix subscription!

  30. I am asking All GOD fearing Americans to cancel their netflex and the hollywood elite that support obama, pack your shit and leave just as you said you would if PRESIDENT TRUMP was elected.It just shows you can’t keep your word either. you have no integrity and stoop to this muslim who wants all americans dead. don’t plan on such an easy fight. we feel like David and will win when our rock hits home.

  31. I think he is a pathetic excuse of a man. In the elections and time in the White House he relied on his race and ethnic background to avoid criticism and to scare people with the possibility of being called racists. While he didn’t call anyone out personally, his followers would cry “racists” anytime they could get away with it.

    Now he’s going to rely on his exposure to Washington and experiences as President to write books and make appearances. I am sure he’ll portray himself as the poor victim. Remember, he would have solved all the countries problems if only the Congress would have listened to him and followed his orders.

    Here was a guy, educated in a top college, with educated, qualified and experienced people available to advise him and he still screwed up everything. He provided funds to programs and companies that simply went to waste (Where is that solar technology Solindra was going to provide for Obama’s bail out money?). And he stood behind a couple of punk kids (Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown) and then condemned men and women in law enforcement. He never offered any kind words to the Zimmerman family or the police officers whose lives were turned upside down with threats of murder and several witch hunt investigations led by human turds like Eric Holder. You want to claim people were racists…. look in the mirror you bloody poser.

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