Ocasio-Cortez Calls on Progressives to Push out Moderate Democrats

Liberal media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling on progressive young people to follow in her footsteps and push out moderate Democratic politicians in future primary challenges.

The appeal, made to a group of seven hundred young activists, is backed by Justice Democrats, a left-wing organization that has made it a priority to promote Democratic candidates who are willing to push for Medicare for All, racial justice, a “Green New Deal” and a Federal jobs guarantee.

There are several reasons why Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is just now calling on fellow young people to push out Democrats that she and other progressives deem to be “too conservative”. Upon arriving in Washington, DC and learning more about how the House of Representatives actually works, many progressive candidates have been discouraged about the fact that seniority plays an outsize role in determining who gets to sit on and chair important committees. Progressive candidates that won their races have little to no chance of taking part in making important decisions, as most of the power still resides with older, more experienced representatives who do not share progressive candidates’ point of view. What is more, many of these experienced representatives are far more concerned with using their new-found power to harass President Trump and members of his cabinet than actually implementing a progressive agenda.

Climate change is one particularly thorny issue as Representative-elect Ocasio-Cortez, along with several other progressive candidates, is calling on the House of Representatives to create a committee that would implement a “Green New Deal”. This set of policies, which is endorsed by scientists who strongly believe in climate change, is said to be the only one that can avert deadly consequences brought about by a changing climate and includes a plan for the United States to fully transition to renewable energy by 2035.

While plenty of Democrat politicians naturally believe in climate change, few have been willing to back the “Green New Deal” policies proposed by Democratic newcomers to the House of Representatives. In fact, only three sitting representatives have come out in favor of the resolution to create a brand new committee to address the issue. In response, a number of progressive activists, along with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, protested in front of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office. Not surprisingly, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has also come out against Rep. Pelosi’s aspirations to become Speaker of the House yet again.

Demographics is yet another reason why progressives are pushing for new faces in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Justice Democrats’ website makes it clear that candidates it supports must be “demographically aligned” with the constituencies they seek to represent. In other words, the organization and its progressive political candidates want to replace white, male Democrat politicians who represent areas with a diverse demographics.

The move to replace white, male Democrats isn’t just about the policies and positions that the replaced candidate holds, as is evidenced by the fact that Justice Democrats successfully backed Ayanna Pressley’s bid to replace progressive Democrat representative Michael Capuano in a recent primary election.

Given the fact that the mid-term elections are finally over, it would seem that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ call to replace incumbent Democrats will have little to no effect. However, the truth is that the call makes it clear to the entire nation that there are deep divisions in the Democratic Party that would be extremely difficult if not impossible to heal. It is also sure to worry Democrat leaders who will need the new members to support the party’s official agenda rather than their own policy goals.

These progressives aren’t even sworn in yet, and they already have their eyes set on 2020. Say what you want about their policy goals — and there is plenty to say about Ocasio-Cortez’s economic illiteracy — they’re far more shrewd politicians than many of us have been willing to give them credit for. This isn’t just a threat to the Democratic establishment — it’s a threat to the very system that makes America great.

~ Conservative Zone

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25 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez Calls on Progressives to Push out Moderate Democrats”

  1. what a wack job she is all I can say is she will get the indoctrinated youth to go along with her radical agenda. She wants free health care free college etc etc I would have one question for her who does she think is going to pay for all this frr stuff. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. if the American people, conservative republicans have no idea how to fix these ignorant, young democrat wanna-bes then they need an individual like me to help lead the ongoing fight for the true republic way of life;meaning if not addressed properly ,the dems will tear down the constitution, the most important document ever written; it holds this united states together, gives the people something to rely, believe on, without it, this country would turn ito a killing field;if the people want peace in this country, they have to keep the constitution in place, in whole, not just the articles that benefit them, ALL; you remove the 2nd amendment, you may as well remove the 4th, 6th 14 amendments you do all that and then you can get ready for war/b/cause its headed your way; the second amendment was created for the people to have a way to control gov. to not let the gov try to take our rights away, to keep gov from overstepping its bounds; each article of the constitution has its own special place and you can’t dissect it piece by piece as some democrats think they can; the young dems, socialists and what ever their political beliefs have no right, no place in the usa, they need sent back to their own country and no if or ifs, they don’t belong here, you don’t come here and try to change things; eventually the people will open their eyes and take a firm stand against te heathens trying to erode our const

    1. The damned dems are trying to create a dictatorship & a “killing field” civil war to advance their commie socialistic agenda that will let U.S. enemies attack & defeat the U.S.A. for total tyranny power in a NWO with other dictators ! The dems are worthless scum that does nothing to “Make the U.S.A. Great Again” after 8 years of bo’s & hilary’s TREASONOUS violations of U.S. Constitutional Laws … ! The dems want illegal foreigners as slaves to eliminate U.S. Patriots Constitutional Freedom & Rights ! The dems proved they’re U.S.A.’s #1 enemy to eliminate ! Treason !

      1. They should be prosecuted for treason. Cortez doesn’t understand she can’t push out the moderate Democrats… they are elected by their constituents and only the constituents can vote against the moderate Democrats. We definitely need conservative/moderate Democrats to bring under control the radically socialists democrats who are destroying our country.

  3. crazy days–republicans failure to show the wonderful socialist nations that exist–venezuela, argentina, brazil, and the central american countries that are sending their non-workers to us to help

  4. Fret not! Our Founders wrote protective barriers within the Constitution that imped the imposition of radicalism. Though not part of this supposed ‘new wave’ of Dems, the the way San Fran Feces Fran has handled Rep Marcia Fudge’s challenge should be a wake up call for the likes of Ocasio-Cortez. Pelosi will not waste any time with her, leaving the ‘way things work’ explantion to Hoyer and Clyburn. Basement offices, low level committee assignments, staff commmunication issues and the lack of re-election assistance have a tendency to alter passionate radicalism. Remember, Reps have about 10 months of free reign before energy has to start being directed to re-election efforts. They probably utilized her as ‘click bait’ trying to goad POTUS Trump.

  5. Maybe we need a silent civil war…let the progressive Dems keep CA and NY. They can break off into their own separate Utopian country and leave the rest of us hard working, self reliant, independent people alone

  6. “The Justice Democrats’ website makes it clear that candidates it supports must be ‘demographically aligned’ with the constituencies they seek to represent. ” This part of the statement from this article is an idea that has rather fallen out of favor with our current politicians as they seek to maintain their office while lining their own pockets. We The People need to remind them that they are there to represent US, their constituents, while in Washington and represent OUR best interests and not theirs. Replacing white, male politicians of either party just so we can have wildly progressive idiots in their stead is not the answer either. We need people who can work for the areas they represent and work with each other instead of against each other. By the way, protesting in front of the speaker’s office before you are sworn in – great move. That will help you go far.

  7. I have several thoughts about this. 1st I don’t think this new group of Democrats are as slick as the author gives them credit for being. I believe their is some one behind the scenes who is manipulating them and telling them what to say, along with funding them. 2nd, I believe the only way to save our republic is to not support or fund colleges and universities who have radical professors. I have no problem teaching all the different types of governing, but lets keep it to historical facts, not to some professor’s own agenda. And as Mr. Wiggins stated, we must make sure we do not lose the 2nd Amendment or the 1st Amendment will be soon to follow. We should however put an end to the birthright citizenship or at the very least amend it, it is now being used as a way for foreigners to gain access to our country and rather than assimilating to be Americans are demanding we change to accept their culture and beliefs.

  8. I would be willing to bet both my eyes that the so-called ‘Justice Democrats’ are just another front organization for communism. They say ‘Green Deal’ but what they really mean is more government oversight and Red tape, sans China’s policies. Federal jobs, you mean, forced labor? Again, this should all be sounding familiar with anyone who can remember or was taught about communism’s lethal policies and ‘free stuff’ just means higher taxes and more government oversight. Sure sounds like communism to me. I would like to say I hope people wake up to the truth, but this new generation is indoctrinated so well into hating free market capitalism and loving entitlements, open borders (no national sovereignty means no Constitutional rights and a New One World Order) and the genocide of white Europeans (racial appropriation only ever applies to white people, never any other race). This is all communism and these idiots will eventually get the utopian nightmare they so richly deserve unless those who remember push back with everything in our arsenal, the way CIA led and backed Antifa has been trained to do

  9. Prophesy fulfilled. Classic good versus evil in full. Evil will control a short time, will be defeated. We were all given freewill and a choice to make. Choose wisely friends. Lake of fire is real and created for evil to inhabit.

  10. Their tactics have followed those of old dead and buried socialist Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals (1971) that were tailored from another long gone socialist, Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto (1840s). The commies have been trying to take over the US of A ever since V. Lenin and the Ruskie Revolution (late 1910s). By 1940 our FBI had a list of some 200 to 300 commie spies within our fed bureaucracy but FDR, Truman and even Ike refused to acknowledge. When JFK took over and purged them, they had him murdered (1962). Yet, they were back at it in the mid to late 1960s with their commie enabled and financed riots and protest of the Vietnam commie war. Remember Woodstock (1968). Woodstock, LSD, cocaine, marijuana, ODs, DOAs, mush-for-brains, commies, hipsters, utopia, unicorns, rose colored eye glasses, flower children, free love, STDs, …. And today many of those mush-for-brains hipsters and their offspring are in the fed bureaucracy, again.
    Are we ready for the USSA ?!?! I’m NOT. It’s time to ammo up. When it happens, the local authorities are only minutes away, while old Betsy, a WWI bolt action .30-06 (with scope), a Remington 6 mm bolt action (with scope), my fathers Army .45 Colt semi and a .38 service revolver, a Henry .30 lever action (with scope) and a Remington 12 gauge pump action (doesn’t need a scope), are all seconds away.
    Regards, retired engineer, Texan and US Navy vet 1966-1969; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; Freedom is NOT Free, It must be Bought and Paid for with Service, Sacrifice, Blood, Pain, Sweat and Tears.

    When Ronald Reagan gave his inaugural address as governor of California on January 5, 1967, he warned the people of his state – and also every American – that liberty should not be taken for granted:
    “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”
    “We who live in free market societies believe that growth, prosperity and ultimately human fulfillment, are created from the bottom up, not the government down.”
    – Ronald Reagan​

  11. Just another Marxist agitator.. Probably second generation off the boat. Once a commie always a commie.. If she has an economics degree from Boston U.–then they need to investigate what the H–those profs are teaching cause it sure is not Capitalism. Maybe Fed Funds needs to pull the Grant $ and the alumunni assoc needs to pull back donations if Marxism is being taught in place of Capitalistic economics.. She is just another Marxist agitator looking for freebies

  12. Let them follow her and her kind Hitler did the same thing remember
    it was called Nazism. If the Commie Socialist Demo-Rat party
    let’s her get her way they will be the party of the past. Because
    the average American would see the light except for the Liberal
    media and all the late night TV hosts. She wants to destroy America
    and the American Way. If she likes Socialism let her move to Venezuela
    and get the hell out of America she is one dumb BIMBO. Bimbo the
    elephant has more brains than her. VOTE VOTE TRUMP 2020

  13. Democratic Party elected Leaders, you would not be in this mess if you only did what you were supposed to have done. Getting what you deserve, nothing learned!

  14. Accassio Cortez is the reason why big mouths like Crowley are the cause and symptoms of voter irrationality. Bernie Sanders should no, remember Lenin, give people enough of their own rope, what happens, they hang themselves, useful idiots, plenty of them.

  15. Of course she does, she’s an avowed Socialist, and wants to turn the US into the USSR (United States Socialist Republics).

  16. Time for the Conservatives and true believers of the American Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision of America to put their feet on the ground and start kicking some asses and take a page out of maxie pads waters play book, if she wants a war then a WAR she will get. Time to take antifa and the demoncraps out of this Country with all means possible.

  17. These kids is need to grow up and look at the real world. Extremism gains nothing. It just pisses people off. Suggestions, negotiation and votes, will win out in the end.

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