Polls Point To Broke Democrat Demise In 2018

In 2016, Democrats touted their Big Blue Wall — you know, the one President Donald Trump annihilated in the November election. In late 2017, the left was crowing about a Big Blue Wave cresting the 2018 mid-term elections. But, based on issue-related voter polls and the fact that the Democratic National Committee is dead broke, the Red Sea won’t be parted anytime soon. In fact, the demise of national Democrats appears to be at hand.

In what mirrors the run-up to the 2016 elections, Real Clear Politics’ “poll of polls” showed Democrats leading in the “generic” ballot. Those numbers indicated a landslide Hillary win. Now, even those misleading and left-leaning stats have scrolled back from double digits to just 6 points. But, just like in the 2016 election cycle, the devil is in the details. A Morning Consult poll has culled out import issue-based polling data. These numbers show a real clear picture of Democrat candidates trending far behind on actual voter issues. They include the following:

  • The Economy: Republicans gained 7 percentage points from June 2017 to February 2018.
  • Job Creation: Republicans gained 4 percentage points from June 2017 to February 2018.
  • National Security: Republicans gained 7 percentage points from June 2017 to February 2018.
  • Immigration: Republicans gained 3 percentage points from June 2017 to February 2018.
  • Energy: Republicans gained 6 percentage points from June 2017 to February 2018. With tax cuts in place and a long-term budget signed by Pres. Trump, Democrats now face a DACA deal in which the White House has boxed them into a no-win situation.
  • DACA Deal Spells Dem Doom

    There radical left base has pressured congressional Democrats to “resist” and “obstruct” any and all policy touted by the president, cowing to the extreme part of their base has resulted in embarrassing losses.

    It may have been advantageous for the left to keep the DACA or “Dreamer” issue as an election rallying cry and kick a fix down the road. That would allow Dems to continue their identity politics strategy. But, Pres. Trump took DACA off the table by rescinding the unlawful Obama Administration policy and creating a deadline.

    During the State of the Union address, the president put nearly triple the number of Dreamers on the table that Dems sought. The president has offer 3.6 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for “The Wall.” Dems who fund the wall will likely be rejected by the far left. Those that don’t will feel the anger from immigrant voters as Dreamers begin to get deported. The Democrats now face a crossroads and cannot afford to lose a single donor. Basically, they are doomed if the do, and doomed if they don’t.

    The Dems Are Dead Broke

    The country has heard the tale about the tangled Hillary takeover of the DNC based on money. Many now realize that the party may have had little choice because the base was simply not donating to the leftists.

    Under the profanity-laced leadership of Tom Perez, what it means to be a Dem has also shifted radically. He’s on the record claiming that only pro-choice people can be Democrats along with other divisive rhetoric. This has not inspired donations and recent reports show a DNC hurtling toward a financial bankruptcy. Even a cursory look at the latest 2017 numbers shows a sharp trend to the bottom.

  • The DNC received $5.21 million and spent $4.98 million.
  • The 2017 year-ending books shows the DNC had only $6.53 million and $6.1 million worth of impending debt, leaving just $422,582 cash on hand.
  • Last year, the DNC raised $65.5 million and spent $69.9 million.
  • A recent news media report stated that the Democratic National Committee was forced to borrow money to meet its payroll and lacked the ability to meet other obligations. For all intensive purposes, the DNC has been operating in the “red,” pun intended.

    By contrast, their Republican counterparts are making record hauls, and 2017 was a banner year based in part on the president’s fundraising leadership. At the end of 2017, the party enjoyed $38.7 million in cash on hand and faced zero outstanding debt.

    Why The Dems Appear Done

    Polling numbers can certainly change and may be misleading. That became abundantly clear after Hillary was overwhelmingly defeated despite reports that now-Pres. Trump had no pathway to the White House.

    The cash-depleted Dems could also rally their donors. But the primary reason Dems are dead in the water is because they are likely to lose even more support regardless of how a DACA deal comes down. African-American and Hispanic jobs are at an all-time high, the middle class got a tax cut and the war is basically over.

    It’s time to stick a fork in the Democratic turkey, it’s done.

    ~ Conservative Zone

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    These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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    35 thoughts on “Polls Point To Broke Democrat Demise In 2018”

    1. No DACA, not now, not ever! Apparently many, if not all of these so called dreamers weren’t raised to respect any form of authority as they show by demonstrating in the streets like heathens, demanding that America bow to their demands! Those that aren’t demonstrating aren’t speaking out and telling those that do, that this is not the way to get what they want! Anyone that is not part of the solution, is part of the problem!
      DACA has cost American taxpayers more than 80 billion dollars and that is not why we pay taxes just as we don’t pay taxes so the government can give our money to countries around the world, we pay taxes to enhance and rebuild our own country!
      We have over 50,000 bridges in the U.S. that need to be repaired before they collapse like the nearly 40 year old, I-35W Mississippi river bridge did in 2007 in Minnesota, killing 13 people and injuring 145!
      This was an absolute avoidable tragedy that happened because the people that are supposed to be running our country are worrying more about foreigners than America and the American people!
      Thank GOD for President Trump, the only one in the last election that ever said America first! That is the way it should be here and everywhere, every country should put their own country and their own citizens first!
      All illegal alien criminals (Illegal = Criminal) need to be found and deported, starting with the ones freeloading on our welfare system and don’t tell me it can’t be done, saying that is like saying the illegal alien criminals are now running the country and congress is helpless!

    2. I agree with your comments regarding the Dems in 2018 +. With “leaders” like Crummy Nancy, Crazy Chuck and Nasty Talking Tom, only fools will vote for the Dems. I`m sure there are lots of fools who will vote for the Dems but will come up short of victory.

    3. The corrupt FISA Warrant scandal which keeps getting worse day by day will be a major factor in the 2018 election especially with President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party trying to overthrow President Trump without an election and the American people will not stand for that!!! The American voters will bring the Democrat Party to justice by defeating every Democrat candidate for office in the 2018 election as a result for their lawbreaking and FISA scandal!!……

    4. Interesting analysis. You might want to consider double-checking the spelling & grammar next time. (“Their” vs. “There”, “Intents & purposes” vs. ” intensive purposes”)

      1. Mark Anyone that needs to focus on other people’s grammar and spelling has nothing to add to the topic at hand and really should keep quiet. As America is an amalgam of folks from other nations American English (as opposed to the Original United Kingdom variety) might not be the person who is posting their native tongue. Then again the one dimensional regressive lieberal indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools have done an absolute fabulous job at teaching our children haven’t they?? (please note the sarcasm)

        A word of advice for you, It is far better to remain silent and be thought a foll than to open one’s pie hole as you have done and remove all doubt!!!

        1. Semper fi!
          I will do an “answer” for him. The DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” is INDEED dying, SO I believe it is time for us to “rush things along” and bury the dead. They are indeed the “party of criminals” and and obstructionists, and should be GONE…PERIOD.


    5. Ordinary people are finally starting to realize who the Democrats are and what they really stand for. The fact that they refused to stand & applaud during the State of the Union was very revealing.


    7. The democratic party is being run by socialist traitors. It hasn’t always been against the people they were elected to serve,but now they are out for themselves at the peoples exspense.Bruce Atkins

    8. I fear the blinders are up for both sides. We’ve all become blinded by our belief system…be it Republican, Dem, Independent, liberal, et al. I think it’s important to gather information from everyone to truly see what is happening. It would be a shame to assume as the Dems did that they had it all wrapped up and not do what was needed to secure the future of the party. A very important saying that is often forgotten, “There are two sides to every story, and then there’s the truth.” The truth can only be discovered with an open mind and more research than what is offered on Fox News. As a Patriot, I am very concerned by the Russia involvement. They have been the enemy for all of my life. Too many of Trump’s inner circle have made contact to not believe something is going on. I do not buy it is nothing, and do not want interference in my democracy. It is a privilege to live in this free country, and we are not free if any other country is trying to mess with us…especially Russia. Wake up before it’s too late.

      1. You do realize, of course, that far more contact with “the Russians” was made by members of the Democratic party, right? Heck, Adam Schiff was pranked by a couple of Ukrainian comedians, and he was recorded on the telephone with them preparing to give these “Russian spies” $100,000 (of our money, no doubt!) for “naked pictures” of President Trump. Let’s face it — if “the Russians” wanted to hurt or destroy the United States, it is obvious to the most casual observer that they would be “colluding” with the Democrats, just as they have for nearly a century.

    9. No, not to my way of thinking, the War is Not Basically Over; don’t count your chickens until the egg hatches as Anything can happen. We Still Do Not Have The Southern Border Wall which was promised back in 1983-86 by Congress. Congress has a Horrible Reputation in not going through on the Promises they make to the Public, Taxpayers. Our Infracture will not change until We the People get a grip on Immigration, whether Legal or Illegal. Our Tax Dollars just continue to go down the Drain. Yes, Americans are Dreamers too and being Citizens of the U.S. of A. We The People Need To Come First, First, First.

    10. I will be glad when all this crap is over and people are put in jail. It will not be until then that our current GREAT President can completely focus on MAGA

    11. I was going to circulate this article to my conservative friends, but didn’t when I saw the a big mistake in the DACA section. The number Trump offered in 1.8 million, not 3.6 million. Overall, I do believe that democrats will take a big hit in November, just like in 2002.

    12. The problem that many conservative are missing is this: If the Democratic party is done, over with and dead” what, who or whom will take its place?” What will this replacement political party look like; what will be its core values; or will the Democratic party abandon its name entirely and replace it with something more akin to a party that represents the socialist movement currently in America, possibly: “US of America” (United Socialists of America).

      In keeping up with news of Millennial’s, many are for Socialism and against a Constitutional Republic that supports Capitalism. A large number of Millennial’s supported Bernie Sanders and voted for Hillary because they thought she would carry Sanders’s ideals into the White House. Although she lost many of the current Anti-Trump, BlackLivesMatters and Antifa members are ardent supports of Socialism.

      Be careful what you wish for, “the death of the Democratic Party” sounds nice as a political statement, but its replacement may we worse, much worse than what we current face politically. Recognize that our Founding Father had core principles that esteemed freedoms found no where else in the world. The Bill of Rights, specifically the first 10 Amendments in force since 1791, clearly stipulated these core principles. Socialists, being the Democratic party or whatever else may come in it place, will continue to abhor these rights taking full advantage of them so they can spew forth, via the First Amendment, the propaganda that is clearly reflected and supported in the MSM of today.

      I agree that the Democratic party is in deep trouble and that the MSM is toe-to-toe supporting their ideology, but can our Constitutional Republic we call America, as established by the Founding Fathers, truly have a fair election with only one party to vote for? Although the Democratic Party is currently in trouble, don’t be fooled, whomever is now pulling the strings that someone will insure that the $$$ needed to support Democratic candidates will be available in for the mid-term elections in November (remember the stimulus package Obama passed just after being elected in 2008, there has been no accounting of that $$$ by anyone).

      1. On a national office election, the Democratic party had ceased to exist by the time Obama was “chosen” to be president, although many who were true Dems at heart were unaware of it. The Socialist and Communist parties were both doing their best to quietly take the top position of the now defunct party. The fact that the American Communist party hasn’t run a candidate for 3 terms shows that they thought the so called Democratic candidate would sufficiently meet their agenda. Their leader even stated that back in early August 2016. Not so sure of the socialist party, however, at the time of the election there were lover 60 members of congress who openly admitted they were Socialists , not Dems or Independents as they were supposed to be. No need to be concerned about having multiple parties running for office, there will always be new parties arising. That is UNLESS, a Socialist or Communist candidate wins. Lastly, remember this, Democracy, which is nothing more than “mob rule”,has always turned to dictatorship, read your history. That’s why our founding fathers made us a republic not a democracy. Peace !! Just sayin’

      2. “…but its replacement may we worse, much worse than what we current face politically.”

        “How what?”
        “How could it be worse?”
        “Well…It could be raining!”

        (With apologies to Mel Brooks!)

    13. I certainly hope that the socialist democrat party is on a downhill slide. Their chant is resist, resist, resist. But exactly what are they resisting? They appear to be resisting anything that President Trump proposes or supports. They are resisting an improved economy, higher employment, fewer people on welfare, better national security measures with improved boarder security, overhaul of a broken immigration system, and lower federal spending.

    14. Soros is pulling the demos strings. He is waiting until he can get more melm commies to run. Don’t count the commies out. Remember Cuba. See many of the signs of deceit are present. Nothing new in this world. History always has a example. Those who do not learn from mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them in the future.

    15. Do you all NOT use spell checker? Or a proof reader before publishing articles? It’s ridiculous that people get paid to write articles that are barely understandable

    16. I would venture a better projection on November if I had seen the IG Horowitz report, due out in a few months. If legal actions follow what I expect the report reveals, there will be American voters who may well add to the 2016 result with more Congressional control by Republicans. DACA may be dead on March 5. What follows will also effect voters. Many want no DACA, but if illegals become legal and without ever getting to vote, those hoping for compassion will like the result. Some plan to get DACA’s off welfare still needs to happen, before November. Digesting posts here and elsewhere indicate to me that there are diehards who will never become realists about Hillary, Obama, and Democrats [socialists] because they believe the American tax base can afford benefits for the poor, lazy, and unfortunates among us, and have not the foresight to realize that OPM [other peoples’ money] can run out. Maybe the ‘broke’ party can be an example for some to the contrary. Hope so. And I believe Donald Trump needs to continue to announce more progress and plans to follow his campaign promises. MAGA needs to continue and be accepted by lots more Americans.

    17. Look at their “brain trust” – Chuck Schumer – Nancy Pelosi – “Faux-ca -haunt us” Warren – Maxine Waters – then theres Ellison and Perez busily tanking the DNC – it’s a complete recipe for failure. Their only agenda is anything that is opposed to anything that President Trump proposes. Other than that they have NOTHING. And they’re not even smart enough to realize that their ranks have been noticing that and jumping ship.

    18. but you have to consider those blind allegiants to the Democrats – all the Jews I know are still solid democrats – even though it was apparent that Obama hated them. and even though Trump is more pro-Israel than any president in the last 50 years.
      the labor leaders in the back-water state of Pennsylvania where I live ensure that their Obama jobless cadres remain faithful – and that’s the multi-millionaire labor leaders who got immensely wealthy off the ideology of their struggling lower classes. and then you have the Catholic church, of which I am one. they blindly lead their parishioners to the democratic side in spite of the dem platform being pro-abortion. that’s hypocrisy of the first class. There were 10 governorships up for election the last cycle – 9 republicans won and 1 democrat – Pennsylvania. Tom Corbett, the republican governor was voted out, even though he brought a cracker plant to western Pa. which will create easily 20,000 jobs. but these fools put a democratic asshole in whose only claim to fame was skyrocketing taxes. and they are actually trying to credit him for the cracker plant. Point I am trying to make is – Pennsylvania, which finally went republican and voted for trump in 2016 has already regressed back to the back-water piece of crap it has always been – with brain-dead democrats everywhere. so don’t count them out yet. the democrats have too many women, anarchists criminals, liars and general population with i.q. below 90 registered to them. and now they have every newspaper and college professor touting them too.

    19. Every time a Democrat flips a seat its big news with the Liberal News Media. But, I wonder how many seats are being flipped the other way? With the Presidents numbers going up, many raises, good job numbers, etc. its hard to believe folks that would be stupid enough to vote for slavery and poverty!

    20. I want some action, and less talk, I want to see some people arrested and go to Prison, like Hillary and O’Bama, Loretta Lynch, Maxine Waters. Schumer, and pelosi needs to retire, they have been there way too long, also, I want to see Term limits soon, they don’t need to make a career out of it. They are useless! Also, take the big pensions away, they don’t deserve those big pensions. Would love to see Trey Gowdy elected Attorney General. Sessions needs to go as he has done nothing to help. They all need to show respect for our President! God Bless President Trump, he is doing things he said he would do, the best President we have had since President Regan. Trump 2020!

    21. Some of the principle dangers the Framers feared from political parties were these:
      They would have a divisive influence among the people and would tend toward disharmony and the effect of putting ambitious, power seeking people in office because these would be the sort of persons who would seek office through building party organizations and fighting their way into situations of power and influence. Unsound laws would be passed as people with ambition and drive, but without soundness of judgement and integrity, influence laws in order to reward those who have supported them. The competition for public support would result in deception and fomentation of antagonisms and would weaken the government itself.
      George Washington made this comment on what he called the “Spirit of Party'”
      “It serves always to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public administration. It agitates the community with ill founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. —
      It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”
      Political parties are a grave danger to freedom itself!

    22. Yay!!
      Let the CommieCrat party die!
      They can then try to be honest and reform to be called the Communist party. At least we then know their pure ideologies!

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