Professor Who Wished for “White Genocide” Resigns

George Ciccariello-Maher raised eyebrows and infuriated many when he announced his disturbing Christmas wish on December 24, 2016. On this Christmas Eve, while other people were making happy memories with their families, the then associate professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia was tweeting, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

After deleting the tweet, the liberal professor returned to Twitter the next day in a failed attempt to explain himself. Ciccareillo-Maher’s Christmas Day tweet said, “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian Revolution, that was a good thing indeed.” Ironically, Ciccariello-Maher is a white man himself.

While some radical leftists likely applauded his tweets, Ciccarielo-Maher’s employer was none too pleased with him. In a statement to the Daily Caller, Drexel responded, “While the University recognizes the right of its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions in public debate, Professor Ciccariello-Maher’s comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in any way reflect the values of the University.”

The university went on to say it was arranging a meeting with the professor to discuss the issue more thoroughly. A year after Ciccariello-Maher’s initial firestorm, the embattled professor announced his resignation from Drexel University on December 28, 2017. He stated that he would no longer be an employee of the Philadelphia school after December 31, 2017. Parents of both current and prospective students at Drexel University likely experienced a huge sigh of relief.

Not one to step aside quietly, the bombastic professor said, “after nearly a year of harassment by right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and internet mobs, after death threats and threats of violence directed against me and my family, my situation has become unsustainable.”

He also stated, “In the past year, the forces of resurgent white supremacy have tasted blood and are howling for more…in the face of aggression from the racist Right and impending global catastrophe, we must defend our universities, our students, and ourselves by defending the most vulnerable among us and by making our campuses unsafe spaces for white supremacists.”

Sane minds would think the off-the-wall comments Ciccareillo-Maher made over the 2016 Christmas holidays would be enough to warrant him losing his prestigious job. Unfortunately, those tweets only crack the surface of the maddening things he has said. On October 1, 2017 madman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured another 546 more when he fired shots into a crowd of concert goers on the busy Las Vegas strip from his high-rise hotel room. While the country mourned the tragedy, Ciccareillo-Maher was blaming white people for the heinous crime.

On the morning after the shooting, the tactless former professor tweeted, “white people and men are told that they are entitled to everything. This is what happens when they don’t get what they want.”

He also implied that the shooter, and those like him, feel they should own the world and believe it’s being taken from them. During this particular diatribe, even the left wasn’t safe from Ciccareillo-Maher’s ramblings. Attacking gun control supporters, the professor tweeted, “to believe that someone who would shoot down 50 people wouldn’t circumvent any gun law you pass is the height of delusion.”

Even the brave men and women who serve in the United States military haven’t been spared from Ciccareillo-Maher’s pointed assaults. In March 2017, the former professor boarded a plane where he witnessed an event that sickened him. Ciccareillo-Maher saw a kind first-class passenger give his seat to a uniformed soldier. Instead of applauding the selfless act, the leftist tweeted, “I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.”

In October of 2017, Drexel University placed Ciccareillo-Maher on administrative leave citing campus safety concerns after the resigned professor’s tweets about the Las Vegas massacre went public. Before he was placed on administrative leave, Drexel University formed a special committee of inquiry to look into Ciccareillo-Maher’s excessively damaging behavior.

Conservative, independent, and even some left-leaning Americans probably won’t bemoan the unabashedly outspoken professor’s departure from higher education. Unfortunately, with the liberal bias so prevalent at colleges and universities across the country, Ciccareillo-Maher could quite possibly be replaced with someone who closely mirrors his outrageous beliefs.

~ Conservative Zone

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41 thoughts on “Professor Who Wished for “White Genocide” Resigns”

  1. His facial expression tells all. He is probably an idiot. It is worrysome that our youngsters are submitted to that kind of bad influence in the national educational system. What kind of future can we expect from the future generations being brainwashed by professors like that junkie?

    1. Probably? Understated but your post is on the mark. This particular geek looks young enough to be recently indoctrinated. Only a weak minded follower could evolve with no rational, objective opinions of his own. His father missed the sink when he was conceived….

  2. If one wants to improve the US then, although I don’t want genocide (or is it professorcide?) I suppose it would work, we should remove the liberal white hating, racist professors from the universities.

      1. When he does he’ll probably go to Berkley, liberal heaven. Although calling him a liberal is an insult to some liberals..

    1. All you need to know about NYU is the first two letters (NY). Definitely NOT the New York I grew up in. Rather it is, in many ways, ruined in the same way that the Rockefellers ruin, for a profit of course, most things that they get involved in.

  3. if he wanted white genocide, why didn’t he start with himself? he also NEEDED 2 start b4 he reproduced! ques: 1- if he is married, what race is his wife? 2- is he white or some sort of albino?

  4. The “white genocide” should start with this worthless, mouth breathing, grease eating puny little pantie wearing COWARD!!!!!

  5. I can’t start to imagine what has made this man be such an idiot. He must be the most biased human being that I have ever heard of. To be able to make the statement that he did after families lost loved ones in the massacre at Las Vegas, he is past being called a repulsive person. He should never be allowed to teach young people again.

  6. He needs to visit Dauchau in Germany or maybe Auchwitz. See what the Jewish people and Russian and Belgian and French and on and on and on……..endured. Expel him from any civilized country in the world. He is a teacher ??????????

  7. This man is clearly disturbed. The University was right to force him out and be assured he WAS forced out. Now he won’t have our youth as captive audience to force feed his disturbing ideological rhetoric to.

  8. Ironic that this madman is complaining about death threats (proof?) when he’s wishing for white genocide.

  9. This guy is certifiable by any mental health Dr’s diagnosis! He should be a person of interest with the local, state, police and FBI. As soon as the words:
    Entitlement, racist, bigot, homophobic, islamaphobe, safe places on campus, only freedom of speech for everyone except whites, and universities allowing professors/teachers to spew their own political agenda and insanity instead of teaching what their suppose to get paid for, academics, as soon as a higher force says THIS is NOT allowed ever again to be used to undermine our kids, a force says all this crap is no longer a tool to use to these looney liberals mental decline..then we can start the road back to healthy minded students which then leads to a healthy, civil, normal country.

  10. Well, Professor, welcome to the world you on the progressive left have created for the devoutly religious who dare to express opposition to homosexual weddings and other politically incorrect views. You reap what you sow.

  11. You left out half of what happened. Professor Ciccareillo-Maher resigned from Drexel University but was hired by a major NYC university, unfortunately I can’t remember which. According to the article I read, it was considered a step up for his carrier. You can’t say much for our education system these days for keeping someone like this around and I’m an old graduate of Drexel.

  12. How someone that extreme & lacking in sense could ever be a teacher of anything is what is shocking = & scary. Sick person, teaching young folks. Universities need to clean house. Repulsive

  13. This useless excuse of a human being is EXACTLY why parents need to be very vigilent of where “junior” goes to school. Even at the college level, where you would think that they have no control because the child is over 18, they can still exert the power of the “purse”. If Mom and Dad are financing their child’s education, they have EVERY right to see where their money is going. If Junior doesn’t like his/her parents putting their foot down … well, he/she has a couple of choices … a) Get into classes that are going to actually be useful someday or, B) pony up YOUR OWN money to keep doing what you are doing!

    Not only are clowns like this vile and rotten to the core, he is actually what is called a “self-loather”. Anybody that takes down a segment of the population that HE IS A PART OF, definitely needs to be examed to see what makes him tick.

  14. Wow – So, this asshole, who wants my entire family, many friends, many associates, an entire race and me MURDERED for no reason, thinks he and his family are being “mistreated” and deserve sympathy or a break? I’ll offer him a break – of a major bone!! He supposedly now has a job at NYU. I hope he causes severe unrest at NYU and they fire him.

    It is unfathomable that this obviously deranged idiot actually teaches anyone except terrorist groups. He is DISGUSTING!!

  15. This sad human being, or whatever he is, is so full of self-loathing that he projects his hatred of self onto others, in this case whites. Perhaps his biggest problem is parent issues, mommy didn’t let him do everything he wanted, or maybe daddy didn’t let him do what he wanted. Anyway, snowflake, get over yourself – get a real job, and maybe take a punch in the nose so you can taste the real world. Most of us have at some time!

  16. What a hypocritical coward. Or did he mean all whites should go but him? Why be afraid of threats from others that would only follow his advice. Well, the best teacher is one who leads by example so why not start his movement with himself. With his Jim Jones mentality he’s a threat to all humanity and it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

  17. This pathetic lump has created enough self desired attention to satisfy the average addled oaf for several life times. Unfortunately, it is of the “wrong way Corrigan” variety and is derisional and ludicrous. But then a good many “educators” today wear those same identifiers.

  18. This is one sick being, and the University lets him influence naive minds. This demonstrates the inadequacies of the ivory tower. He is for white genocide, He should walk the streets of far west Phila. or North Phila,, at night and the genocide will be his.

  19. Simple test if we replace the word “WHITE” with the word “BLACK” and it suddenly becomes an unthinkable crime then that is what it was to start with as the law states EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW not SPECIAL TREATMENT IF YOU ARE X replacing the x with the PC term for whatever group certain liberals think are above the law.

    From a legal standpoint someone claiming they want “white genocide” is not any different than them stating they want a “black genocide”.

    Until people understand this fact the RACISTS wanting to punish all whites for actions done HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO that they gained nothing from and did not participate in any way with will continue to be allowed to push and teach their RACE BASED hatred in our schools.

  20. When I hear/read white people say such things it makes me wonder if they are threatening to commit suicide, and maybe they should be checked in for a psychological evaluation.

  21. The one thing that stands out after reading this article is that unless he takes a stand and starts with himself, he really is going to look like a hypocritical moron any time that he steps out in public for the rest of his life. Another “Libtard” going off the rails. Bring on the straight jacket.

  22. Reminds me of a fellow who came up to Alaska for years, during the summer, on his self appointed mission to protect the bears in the wilderness from ‘evil humans’. He bragged that his preferred way to exit the planet was to be killed by a bear….he got his wish. Too bad the coward took out his girlfriend in the process as his delusions had infected her – she was camped out in bear territory with him when the wish came true.
    Kool-aid – drink the kool-aid.

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