3 Radical Democrats Tearing Their Own Party Apart

When Democrats regained a majority in the U.S. House following the 2016 elections, they hailed their accomplishments and promised a new direction. Unfortunately for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, three radical upstart Congresswomen have brought nothing but division and disgrace.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as “AOC,” Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar are taking heavy fire as they tear the very fabric of the Democratic Party apart. The trio has managed to attack America’s closest allies, perpetuate anti-Semitism, destroy high paying jobs and allegedly broken campaign finance and worker compensation laws. The three progressive extremists have done more to warrant being removed from Congress in two months than any politician in recent history.

Cortez Deprives Constituents of Jobs

AOC, the former New York bartender and socialist, has quickly emerged as the new face of the Democratic Party. That face has already been fined for failing to provide her campaign staff members with workers’ compensation insurance. This is particularly hypocritical for a politician who claims to be an advocate of the $15 minimum wage movement and workers rights. Apparently, she is on board as long as she doesn’t get a bill.

That being said, New York City is seeing what AOC means by helping working people. She was instrumental in Amazon pulling the plug on its proposed Big Apple headquarters that would have provided 25,000 New Yorkers with high paying jobs. The Jobs Creators Network has taken out a series of billboards taking AOC to task for her working-class treachery. Among the billboard slogans are things such as “Thanks for Nothing.”

“That’s why we’ve started a GoFundMe — to kick up more dirt and really take the fight all across the country. We must publicly call out and shame these anti-job socialists for their malicious assault on capitalism and the American people,” a Job Creators Network statement said. “History tells the facts: Socialism ALWAYS fails. We can’t risk becoming the next victim.”

Amazon offered an average salary of $150,000 in the extremist’s own district. That’s a far above $15 per hour and the meager $52,000 the socialist promised to pay staffers in the super-expensive Washington, D.C., area. But, the money trail doesn’t stop there.

The Federal Election Commission recently filed a criminal complaint alleging that AOC and her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti used two PACs he created to siphon off approximately $1 million to private companies he owned. The FEC complaint reportedly states that “an elaborate scheme to avoid proper disclosure of campaign expenditures” was used by AOC and her chief of staff. Other so-called “Dark Money” allegations have also surfaced that AOC’s boyfriend may also be involved in campaign finance schemes.

Tlaib Accused of Campaign Finance Theft

The firebrand from Detroit made her presence known by using profanity after taking the oath of Congress. Since then, she has done nothing to further the needs of her voting district. Detroit remains a high crime, low-income area. Despite that, Tlaib has put her focus on whims such as the Green New Deal with AOC and others that would bankrupt the country at a cost of nearly $100 trillion.

But like AOC, Tlaib also appears to have played fast and loose with campaign money. After winning a seat in the mid-terms, Tlaib reportedly kept paying herself as if she were still a candidate. Campaign finance rules make it a criminal offense to continue taking money after an election has been completed — win or lose.

“If the candidate loses the primary, withdraws from the race, or otherwise ceases to be a candidate, no salary payments may be paid beyond the date he or she is no longer a candidate,” campaign finance rules state.

Tlaib had been allotting herself a $4,000 per month salary up until the 2016 election. After the votes were counted, she took another $2,000 almost immediately and then snatched $15,000 on Dec. 1. The question everyday Americans want to know is: will she and AOC be prosecuted like Michael Cohen, or do Democrats play by a different set of elitist rules?

Minnesota Rep. Omar Reprimanded for Anti-Semitism

Although AOC and Tlaib are under fire for hurting working Americans and money schemes, Rep. Omar is the very embodiment of radical Islamic anti-Semitism. In under two months, she has already been rebuked by her own party for hate speech against the Jewish State and faith.

A resolution has been drafted after organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League were outraged by the upstart’s repeated bashing of Jews and Israel. Muslim leaders have called for Omar to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee after attacking America’s most loyal ally in the Middle East.

“Resolutions are all well and good, but Speaker Pelosi is clearly afraid to stand up to Rep. Omar if she continues to reward her with a plum spot on the Foreign Affairs Committee,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise reportedly tweeted.

While most have been steering away from questions about their colleague’s remarks, California Democrat Rep. Juan Vargas called out Omar to apologize, again, for pushing “hurtful anti-Semitic stereotypes.”

To date, Omar has never truly taken full responsibility for her hate speech. Instead, the radical trio is threatening moderate Democrats who are voting their constituents best interest over left-wing extremism. Washington’s insiders are saying that Speaker Pelosi has already lost control of her rank and file Democrats.

~ Conservative Zone

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42 thoughts on “3 Radical Democrats Tearing Their Own Party Apart”

    1. I would ask that same Question why are they getting bye with all this crap I never thought I would live to see Muslim terrorist and a socialist bartender in our government there faith or religion is not a problem its there unamerican attitudes that is so hurtful these women should go we will fight there unamerican attitudes until the end or until they are gone

  1. OAC these days is at her all-time BEST. I marvel how she continually tries to ONE-UP herself, from the day before. This is a terrific article talking about her and her female brethren of democraps. Bottom line? They are the greatest shot in the arm the TRUMP re-election committee could have imagined … Because of their bad choices and arrogance, POTUS is firmly in the driver’s seat. THE WALL is going up, in case you haven’t noticed — meaning DOWN go the chances of the democrapic party in 2020. This is a self-destruction story that is the greatest in politcal history….. LOL

    1. I guess we will just have to let the Self Damaging Democrats just Rant and Rave until they are replaced by Republicans with SANITY: The dem’s are on Self Destruct FOR SURE:

    2. She belongs to the Socialist Sorority. The best thing that can happen with this overly ambitious, arrogant, under talented, B!TCH , Alexandria Occasionally-Cortex, is for her to be voted out of office by the rest of the anti-American minority voters in her district who might finally wake up to her childish, selfish, attention-grabbing antics. But, sadly, they are too interested in getting freebies and voting for anyone, especially those of their own ethnic group or gender, who promise freebies in exchange for votes. Minorities have already destroyed the US, gleefully aided by the DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party which knows that massive invasions of anti-American minorities are their only hopes of keeping power in the future, until their evil stupidity causes the entire system to collapse within a short period of time.



  3. Between Nancy & the Muslim from Michigan I have denounced my Democratic Party because They are against anything the president is trying to accomplish, besides I think Nancy is against the Americans way of life . Remember I’mno longer a DUMACRAT. I’m a conservative.David

  4. Thats what those two idiots palosi and scummer get for lettung these damm muslims places of power obams had the whole whitehouse full of them theres fixing to be a civil war we the people are fed up with these demcrats and there criminal freinds

    1. Nancy Pelosi is Mrs. Adolph Hitler, Reps. Omar, Tlaib and AOC are the Himmler’s Eichmann’s and the Joseph Mengele’s of our time in the new era of Nationalist Socialism, Bernie is the Jewish self G-dliness of a man who believes in Hitler and Stalin and Hajj El Hussainni Mohammad Amin.

  5. These 3 woman will eventually destroy the democratic party if they are not stopped. Fully agree this is great for the Republicans and will help President Trump win the elections in 2020. Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib should be prosecuted for misappropiation of campaign funds and Omar should resign for her rabid attacks of antisemitism.

  6. I am a conservative independent who has always voted asplit ticket until 2016 when I did not vote for any corrupt rhino or democrat .I will not vote for any democat or Rhino, So All I can dois vote for Trump and any conservative that loves america not illegals.

  7. It looks to me that Pelosi needs to leave the liquor bottle at home. Probably higher than a GA Pine…lol, hmm, maybe that’s why she’s slurring her words and having Brain Farts. As Hannady said, AOC is running the Congress and not Pelosi.

  8. They were brought in by a bigger power and Pelosi has no say she is owned. She stands with them and open boarders. Bought and paid off

  9. I Pray that GOD will send down fire on the walls of Satan and Destroy all fenced FORTIFIED FORTRESSES GATES FOUNDATIONS SYSTEMS DEFENSES CONSPIRACIES PLOTS UNSEEN SNARES SCHEMES that are operating in these politicians and all who are connected to them. ” Did you not make Israel the object of your Ridicule? Was she not caught in the company of thieves that you despise her as you do? (Jeremiah 48) I loose GOD’FIRE to expose and utterly consume all evil powers that are working against GOD’ PLANS-AGENDA FOR AMERICA and this earth. We are one nation under GOD. “I have a plan for the whole earth, for MY MIGHTY POWER REACHES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. THE LORD ALMIGHTY has spoken, who can change HIS plans? When HIS hand moves, who can stop HIM? (ISAIAH 14). I and other genuine loyal AMERICANS, and GOD’ people do agree with GOD’PLANS-AGENDA. I renounce, rebuke, resist all evil powers of Socialism Communism, MUSLIMISM and all that is the opposite of ALMIGHTY GOD. I loose GOD’ CLENCHED FIST to crush, strike, uproot, DISMANTLE and Destroy all these and all that had Magnified themselves against GOD, quickly. No Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE.

  10. Pelousy is too busy hating Trump and conservatives to effectively do the job for one. Second, two of those three shouoldn’t be in the country let alone the government since they’re anti-constitution and Cortez can be added to that also. She hasn’t the sense given an amoeba.

  11. Forgot to add the senile old power mongering drunk has zero respect for this country and it’s taxpayers and is solely interested in ruling it instead of representing Americans.

  12. If all you people that are venting would take your opinions to your duly elected representatives (and today it is so easy with email etc…) something just might change for the better. As of now all the people you are complaining about are laughing at you.

  13. Of course Pelosi travels with liquor, she has land in “Wine Country” but thought she had a touch of Alzheimers when she spoke but maybe she is drunk!
    And forgot which one of the other three refused to take her oath of office on the Bible. Wake up people!
    This is a Christian country founded on the belief of God.. You don’t have to believe the same because it is a free county to go to the church (or not) of your choice. Just because President Obama said we are no longer a Christian country doesn’t make it so,,

  14. Check out AOC’s chief-of-staff. His name is Saikat Chakrabarti, and he has big plans. A.Ocasio-Cortez is merely a willing puppet. She isn’t very intelligent, but she spouts off about everything. As to the other two new
    Congresswomen, they just hate this country; and every voter should take note of this fact.
    Liberals love chaos because they believe more of it will enable them to achieve their goal of socialism and complete government control. That’s why they want open borders.

  15. They are also exposing the democrat party for what it is. The bigger problem is the fact that these people are not only being supported or elected into Federal and State positions becasue the Millinials favor what they are saying. The Parents for that generation were and are part of that population because they were impowerd and have successfully entered the government.

    Add to the billionares like Soros, and ????? sponsoring all the groups that allow these millinials to not only enter the government taking it away from party leaders like Pelosi or Schumer, or McConnell. These millinals have not experience major wars, hardships. Unlike their parents who were coddled, the younger millinials have no patiotism toward this country. Racists, Sexists, Islamic means nothing, and they have had everything handed to them with any resonsibility, respect or anything. The do not realize Freedom is not Free, and most things they receive are received because they are entitled. Progressives believe; “EXPERTS should be empowerd to make all the decision concerning social issues regardless of what anyone else wants or our rights under the Constitution.” Look who is educating them, look at the lack of family, loot at what they believe.

  16. Three MISCHEVIOUS DEMOC – RATS DEMONS, THEY WILL COST YOU BIG TIME, not just them there is Group of people who should not be in this RATS congress, when you look at Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Cummings, Booker, Kamala, and others like Beto and Pocahontas, my goodness me! WHICH DIRECTION AMERICA IS TAKING? I PREDICT DISATER with this house of Dems, BECAUSE THE ONLY THING I SEE IS HILARY AND OBAMA BEHIND THE SCENE. I was watching the whole MICHAEL COHEN HEARING and then, behind him was a guy who worked for HILLARY and they are still good friends, then I said, wait a minute that was COHEN Lawyer…. Only then, I said to myself this is the CHEAPEST ATTEMPT OF THEM ALL. Now one these 3 mischievous Democ-rats from Palestine said that she is introducing articles of impeachment. My question is this; WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WORKING FOR, America, Palestine or Somalia?

  17. Yes, Nancy Pelosi, is damaging her own Party. Those 3 persons mention are the ones corrupting their Party. But, since Pelosi, is old timer, should have more sense , on leading . But, she is more fighting against the Wall, is also corrupting Our Country. In other words, she needs to be remove, also. And with her three corrupt Friends.

  18. This election and what is happening shows just how corrupt the democrat socialist party has become. That can be haters and racists but thats ok. They can have all the dems gang up on Trump and it makes them look pathetic. If the democrats win everything in 2020 our country will be torn apart with hate and socialism. The deep state has done more to destroy congress credibility. Nancy Pelosi gets everything she deserves. Keep her in place.Schumer is nothing more than a supporter of the socialist party now bordering on communism. Thank you democrat party

  19. MAGA
    Make Alexandria GoAway.
    Do both these Muslem women have green cards?
    Both Muslims were sworn in using the Koran. What is that all about? How can you swore allegiance to our country with your hand on a Koran? What national secrets would you trust these two bone heads having access too. From my point of view [NONE]? These 3 people are a waste of congressional seats.

    1. MABA – Make Alexandria Bartend Again . C’mon you entrepreneurs out there ; make the hats .I’ve got my credit card ready to go .

  20. The three “amigos” rose out of the Democrats open border and mass immigration/refugee ideology so for Conservatives, the thought that comes to mind is, “be careful what you wish for”. Or, “you reap what you sow” But now the Democrat party candidates are being asked, are you a socialist, democrat socialist, or something else. Additional questions like, are you anti-Semitic, do you support America’s foreign policy in Muslim countries should also be on the list. If the Democrat party does not begin to carve out the three amigos as party outliers, the party will lose it’s “American” political image. Ceding credibility to factions that refuse to adopt western culture attempt to impose religious culture and laws that violate our Constitution, local and federal laws and western civil and human rights erodes the core stability of America. Everyone is watching the Democrat party leadership……….are you with us…………..or them?

    1. Everyone is watching the Democrat party leadership……….are you with us…………..or them?
      Us is the Republican party i guess you were not referring to the Bernie socialist party. The three amigos is a total waste and just in office and already stealing money. They should all be put out of office and not on retirement, just run off!

  21. If ever a party needed to be destroyed, the DemonRAT party would lead the list. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  22. They are ALL RADICAL RACIST , BIGOT , MORON’S and TREE HUGGER’S ! They think they are RIGHT and everyone else is WRONG.
    And they ALL believe that ISLAM is the only TRUE Religion !

  23. These three morons need to be removed and hopefully the people who voted them in see the huge mistake they have made and will correct it in 2020. Regardless of how much money Soros gives them the people are the ones who vote and they all have shown just how much damage even new people can do.

  24. They should have kept charley and through’n tuna fish pelosi back. aoc 5 year old as-hole out of control. The other 2 scum bags send to china.

  25. Is there something like a conservative democrat??????. The democrats/communist/socialist/liberalist/far leftist, have from the beginning wanting to overturn the American Republic to get it in the one World government/one world banking system a.k.a. 666/implanting of the chip. Now they are using the “Radical” Muslim society to do it. Open the borders and more skunking is coming in. Watch us then being taxed for even breathing (what’s being discussed now in European circles under the heading “The new green deal”). 2020 voting will be a war for power all over this globe. That’s why the radical Muslim migration has been pushed ahead in Europe and the Europeans are already caught in their nets. They are called refugees, and everyone of them has a smartphone in their hands. It happen in the time of the crusaders that the Moors (as they were called in those days) were pushed back into the olden days Turkey. Turkey about slaughtered the Armenians Christians. They say history repeats itself. The present question is now “will America let it happen to themselves” If you look at the chaotic democratic Congress. One might think it is happening to America. The Republicans better grow spine and balls. No how to vote come November 2020

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