Rep. John Lewis’ Funeral Exposed Democrat Hypocrisy in a Powerful Way

The late Rep. John Lewis’ funeral has gotten national attention for many reasons. Mainstream news outlets have praised former President Barack Obama’s speech at the event while denigrating President Trump for refusing to show up. Conservative journalists, on the other hand, have lambasted the former President for using the funeral as a platform for a political speech that included calls to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

However, one glaring fact that has gotten little attention is this: While Democrats have expressly forbidden believers from worshipping together in church due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they themselves had no problem packing out a church and failing to observe any form of social distancing.

The move was not just hypocritical, but heartbreaking for families who haven’t been able to have their friends and loved ones attend funerals due to pandemic restrictions. It’s also infuriating for Christians who have taken measures to make group worship safe, including social distancing in church, holding “drive-in” or open-air services, and wearing masks.

Democrat elites didn’t seem to feel the need to abide by the same restrictions they placed on communities of faith throughout the nation. They stood together and sang even though the mainstream media has been telling churches since May that singers tend to unintentionally spit while performing, thus posing a danger to everyone around them.

Some state governors, such as Governor Pritzker in Illinois, limited church services to a mere ten people. Other governors, such as Governor Newsom from California, dictated that churches can’t have more than 25% capacity or 100 people. While Georgia, where Rep. John Lewis’ funeral was held, doesn’t have such stringent restrictions, the state’s laws do require social distancing when worshipping indoors, a requirement that Democrat attendees naturally couldn’t be bothered with.

Perhaps those at the funeral believe that one cannot get infected at a “woke” or “politically correct” event. After all, many of the politicians in attendance are the same ones who have justified the ongoing protests and even riots.

Democrats and their allies in the media are continually dumping on anyone who dares to question COVID-19 restrictions. However, as Rep. John Lewis’ funeral makes apparent, they are themselves unwilling to abide by the same rules they imposed on ordinary Americans.

In other words, it was just another example of progressives crafting rules for some, and different rules for themselves. You may have had a death in the family during the pandemic, but the left’s heroes get special treatment.

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32 responses to “Rep. John Lewis’ Funeral Exposed Democrat Hypocrisy in a Powerful Way”

  1. Democratic double standard ” do as I say, not as I do, because the rules apply to you, but not to me.”


  2. Yes this is an atrocity, but no one is surprised. What my question is “Why do some of the smart people we know stay with this evil, felonious, hypocritical party?” That is what I, for the life of me, cannot understand. God help us if the democrats get in office is all I can say.

    • They stay because the fake media has brainwashed them all into believing that the Democratic party is the next and only best thing next to baked Alaska. Just look at some of these posts on different sites; when a Democrat/leftist comments they invariably spew out old disproven rhetoric that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, etc…has been feeding them. The media only reports good hyped-up stories about the Dems, don’t report on their corrupt behavior or illegal activities, but trash talk Trump and Republicans at every opportunity. The Dems were truthful about one thing; “You tell a lie long enough, make it seem true long enough, then people will believe it’s true.”

      • The House COULD NOT WORK at Congress because 0f the COVID-19 for weeks/months, but they could attend J. Lewis’ funeral with out any social distancing, no singing, overcrowding, packed together like sardines. Even MLK,JR.’S sister decried the politicizing of the funeral by go ole Barack Obama.

  3. Hypocrites every one of them! As Cathy Floyd pointed out, the motto of the demon party truly is ” Do as I say, not as I do”.
    It may not be proper to speak ill of the dead, BUT, Lewis was also a bigot himself .Also a Democratic puppet. I mourn the death of Mr. Evers. A TRUE civil rights leader and a true gentleman…

  4. John Lewis was not a known name to me except he was written a glowing, honorable Democratic obituary, having received a “NO RESTRICTION APPLY” send off. The purposes of Speakers at a funeral are to talk about the person and refer to Scripture. Interesting to not, that Lewis’ was a platform for politics, condemnation and legislating. Obama is said to have delivered an outstanding speech: SPEECH, not a commentary on Lewis’ life. Anything Obama does is righteous and superb. He is a criminal and anyone who relies on him for his ideology is a deaf, blind and dumb follower who possesses no intelligence and is acting out of hatred for our country and Americans. Lewis does not rank in status like Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt or Muhammed Ali or other notable persons. This is an example of “DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO.” President Trump had a right to choose whose funerals or inaugurations he will attend just as Lewis did.

  5. The reason the hypocrites disregarded all restrictions for the covid-19 hoax is because they all know very well that it’s not real. They only reason for the plandemic is to control and manipulate the unsuspecting masses.

  6. It was just another stage for dems to beat their lips and dump on the American way of life. Election day cannot get here fast enough, or these misguided fascists will lose the one marble remaining.

  7. This is no longer the Democratic Party. This is a Socialist Communist party and they have unleashed an army of anarchists to reign hell on America. The 2020 Election is not an ordinary election it is a fight of Our American Life.

  8. Pelosi was doing what she normally does, division, upstaging herself. They would have disrespected Potus of he had gone and given a speech. With those people you’re damned if you do & you’re damned if you don’t. 2nd term for POTUS Trump. We need stability 4 years more, so we can put the dems nonsense on the back burner for a while although it will show itself up again.
    Prayers for Trump, his administration and our nation as the enemy attacks seeking to destroy. We pray for God’s hand in everything for “no good thing does He withhold.”

  9. This man in his later years turned into a lying racist anti white anti American who lost any credibility as a representative of the people or as an American. He sided and joined the party that fought to keep his ancestors in slavery, hung and killed many freed blacks, fought to prevent the freed slaves from having rights, formed and was the KKK, kept the blacks on a plantation to prevent them from getting ahead, and fell victim to supporting the blacks for their continuous support of the party to keep the blacks on the plantation. He when Pelosi and her bunch of cronies signed the Obamacare in that ruined our healthcare system, sided with bald face liars that the Tea Party yelled slang statements and spat on them. His cronies stepped on Americans by having a funeral with no requirements when Americans funerals could have only 10 people. He was no American and spit on our Constitution.

    • Danny L., John Lewis was the same man with the same attitude and beliefs his entire life! Some of us have been around long enough to know the REAL story, facts and truth about Martin Luther King, John Lewis, and the entire group involved with them from the beginning who have been elevated by Dems and people who don’t know better to the realm of deities! Trust me there are things about them you don’t want to know about! I am absolutely not a racist, I just hate to see people whose motives and actions were not pure as driven snow promoted as saints! The best thing I can say about MLK is he at least promoted his agenda be done in a peaceful way.
      It was a disgrace that the black m e s s i a h BHO turned the Lewis funeral into a political rally! That was definitely a mistake, political and otherwise, as I am sure he knows based on the backlash from his speech! I would expect COVID-19 was contracted by some who attended the funeral, they were packed in and for a very long time! Time will tell.

  10. Unfortunately it probably won’t happen they’ll be here tomorrow, the “virus” is WAY over blown the true numbers show it isn’t as prevalent as claimed, and I know of deaths here in FL that were claimed to be due to the virus but we causes not even close one that I read of that the doctor who treated the motorcycle accident victim knew to have died from his injuries.

    • Exactly Martha, why are we putting up with all the restrictions? What they are calling a virus are the exosomes that poisoned cells excrete. Listen to Dr. Andrew Kaufmann’s videos or read What Really Makes You Ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker. Was it Nebraska where they didn’t have lockdowns or other restrictions? Yet no deaths. We’ve all heard about some hospitals being empty or that doctors and hospitals being paid $39,000 to use a ventilator on a patient who doesn’t need it. People dying in motorcycle accidents, heart failure, pneumonia, etc, and having Covid-19 listed as the cause of death on the death certificate?

  11. This is just more proof that the demoncrat party is trying to usher in the NWO and take away our rights! Remember this kind of stuff on November 3, 2020! We The People need to remind the Pelosi-Schumer Cartel that THEY WORK FOR US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

  12. people better wake up mostly the middle of the road liberal’s and conservatives that are thinking of voting for any dem for office including Biden. they will make sure that anybody who does not agree with them will be their enemy and must comply with them or else.L

  13. Certainly Obama made what could only be called a “hate” speech and nothing like a eulogy for Lewis. The way people have talked about the congressman and his experiences at the Selma bridge are so profound; hell, as great as he was, he could have just walked across the river a la Jesus.

  14. The leftist evil machine of the DNC (deamon’s, neocons, communist’s) will try to do anything they can to circumvent our Constitution, our God given rights, and bring about a total destruction of our way of life. Damn Obama, The Clinton’s, all those of the BLM, and the LGBTQ crowd of idiots. God tells us what to do to these evil people in Lev. chapter 21 and 22.
    Why isn’t it being done by our police, sheriffs, and federal government. The Oath of office says, “to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. No one is above the laws!!!

  15. #1 Why in the name of God would Trump go to the funeral of a person who viciously attacked him with lies. #2 The TRUE insult was the disgusting political speech by Obama #3 The Democrats just lost another million votes by their egotistical behavior.

  16. Same thing happened with George Floyd…He was in and out of prison his whole life and got a funeral fit for a king…
    I just can’t believe that anyone would take a chance to attend that funeral when George was POSITIVE FOR COVID…
    How stupid is that? Most of the people attending didn’t even know him; he was a dead beat Dad, and had meth and
    cocaine in his system as well which is probably what let to his early demise…….God haS sorted him out….GOD ALWAYS HAS THE FINAL WORD AND JUDGMENT OF ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. It was not right that they had this funeral when many have not be able to have the same for their family and of all thing antichrist Obama had to run his trash from his mouth. When is this POS going to be arrested for treason, Obama spy on Trump and we all know it. Obama is racist and he doesn’t hide it, he is for muslims and muslim only, he never helped the blacks, only sent billions to muslims countries, can not stand this demon.

  18. I have said it before and I will say it again. The best thing we can do to proclaim our fundamental values and make a strong statement about injustices rendered by the Demos is to change the TV channel. Do not watch or support the media. It will send our message loud and clear to the sponsors of the Cancel Culture. They don’t deserve an audience.

  19. What one sows they also reap! Dems have NO common sense whatsoever, they run totally on emotion not on facts and reality. Their HATE for President Trump runs so deep in their hearts that that’s the only thing they can think about. They’re pathetic, they hate President Trump for his personality not for what he’s done for America! He’s actually accomplished more for the American people than any previous president in my lifetime. God have mercy on the democratic party, they know not what they do…

  20. I always thought that the president, the VP and Pelosi could NEVER be together at one location for security reasons. So how can they rag on Trump not being there. If he went, Pelosi would bitch and moan that she would be forced to stay away!!!

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